Quick way to run multiple Jboss 5.x instances on single machine

Use Case:

Often times one runs into use cases where you need to run multiple Jboss instances on same machine.
E.g. If you are installing LiveCycle ES3 Correspondence Management solution.
It needs two different app server instances for author and publish instance.

Obvious problem  you may run into is port conflicts. Known way of dealing with port conflicts is by manually changing Jboss config files.

Well, not anymore.

And.. Solution:

Jboss 5.x has made life little simpler. Jboss 5 ships with 4 different pre-defined port sets. All you need to do is pass a JVM startup argument for it to know which port set should be used and you are ready to go.


Here is what I did while installing LiveCycle ES3 Correspondence Management solution. Steps are at a very high level, just to give an idea.

  • Install and configure LiveCycle ES3 Turnkey solution. It installs Jboss 5.x with it.
  • (Optional) Stop ES3 Turnkey server. Delete <Jboss Home>\server\lc_turnkey\tmp and <Jboss Home>\server\lc_turnkey\work directories.
  • Create another copy of <Jboss Home>\server\lc_turnkey in “server” directory and rename it as “lc_turnkey_pub”.
  • At the end of this you will have 2 directories – essentially 2 different jboss server profiles.
  • viz. <Jboss Home>\server\lc_turnkey and <Jboss Home>\server\lc_turnkey_pub

Please refer to this screenshot.

  • To keep lc_turnkey_pub light, delete unneeded EARs from <Jboss Home>\server\lc_turnkey_pub\deploy directory.
  • Also delete <Jboss Home>\server\lc_turnkey_pub\tmp and <Jboss Home>\server\lc_turnkey_pub\work directories.
  • Using command below, you can start “lc_turnkey_pub” with portset 2.

<Jboss Home>\bin\run.bat  -c  lc_turnkey_pub  -Djboss.service.binding.set=ports-02

  • Watch the logs and once server comes up, you can access it locally using: http://localhost:8280
  • Just to recap default Livecycle Turnkey server runs on port 8080.

About Santosh Tatke

Santosh Tatke is a Sr. Support Architect at Adobe Systems. He specializes in ADEP (formerly LiveCycle) technology stack and works closely with customers, solution consultants and partners to troubleshoot, analyze and resolve technical challenges during POC, implementation, deployment or upgrade. He is a Certified LiveCycle ES2.5 Process Management Expert.
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