Go mobile with Adobe LiveCycle ES4

I am thrilled to be able to blog that today we announced LiveCycle ES4!!, The new release has innovations that make it easier to create, manage, and publish large numbers of forms on websites. But the biggest news is how mobile clients and workers can now actively participate in business processes, improving engagement and productivity.

To add a bit more detail, here are the highlights of the new capabilities:

Mobile forms support



LiveCycle ES4 extends self-service options to users with mobile devices and a web browser by rendering forms to HTML5, PDF, and paper from a single XFA template. LiveCycle ES4 preserves scripting logic, so you can use existing XFA templates to extend forms to mobile devices. This capability is supported in the LiveCycle ES4 Forms Pro module and the Forms Portal Solution.

Mobile Workspace application

Mobile Workspace-home

Workers with mobile devices can take tasks and forms-related processes and work on them anywhere, whether online or offline. Workers can timestamp and geotag tasks, capture electronic signatures, and attach notes, photos, and videos. The app automatically submits forms and associated data to appropriate processes when workers next connect to the network. We’re also releasing the SDK so you can build your own custom solution. The app is included in the LiveCycle Process Management ES4 module.

Forms management and publishing capabilities

The Forms Manager capability streamlines the process of updating, retiring, and managing thousands of forms. Through integration with Adobe Experience Manager (Adobe CQ), business users can rapidly publish documents and enterprise forms on your website without requiring IT support.  This makes it easier to offer self-service capabilities around mission critical, compliant forms processes via your web site.  The Forms Portal Solution leverages LiveCycle Forms Pro ES4 and Adobe Experience Manager (Adobe CQ).

HTML Workspace


LiveCycle ES4 supports a new HTML Workspace that matches the capabilities of the existing Flex Workspace, but makes it easier to integrate Workspace components with web applications. You can brand and customize the HTML Workspace, take advantage of out-of-the-box HTML reports, or use the API to extract data for analysis in third-party reporting tools. The Flex Workspace and HTML Workspace applications are both incorporated in the LiveCycle ES4 Process Management module.

Extended rights management

Protect sensitive information in the mobile realm by allowing Adobe Reader® mobile app users to access documents protected with Rights Management. Authorized users can also search rights management protected documents in Microsoft® SharePoint®.

We’ve had great feedback about these and other LiveCycle ES4 features through our prerelease program.  We are excited to be announcing the release and encourage you to reach out to your Adobe representative or solution partner for more information.

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6 Responses to Go mobile with Adobe LiveCycle ES4

  1. Carm Scaffidi says:

    Dave, this is terrific news! Congratulations to you and your team. Go Adobe Go!

  2. Raju YSN says:

    Adobe Live Cycle ES4 for mobile apps is really awesome news. . . Congrats and all the best.

  3. Dave Smith says:

    Will there be ES4 presentations at Adobe Maxx in May?

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