Adobe LiveCycle – Configuration Migration Utility

If you are a LiveCycle customer who manually sets configuration settings for LCAs and DSCs when duplicating an environment or migrating from one setup to another in your Dev, Staging or Production environment, then you may find this utility helpful. It exports the service configurations of all services deployed including LCAs in an XML which can then be imported on another setup to replicate these settings. If you like to be cautious and do settings manually, the XML output can serve as a good source for comparing the settings on the setups. One can also creates an HTML report using the output XML files, that will show the difference between service configurations of two LC system.

  • Export operation extract all the LiveCycle service configurations into an XML file.
  • Import operation takes this xml file as input and replicate the service configuration in the target system.
  • Diff operation generates an HTML report that compares the service configuration of two LC systems. To use this operation-
    1. Execute export operation on LC systems for which you want to take the difference
    2. Rename the xml file, generated as output of export operation, with host name.
    3. Execute bat/sh file after providing values to required field in file.
    4. This operation generates DiffReport.html file in the directory where the ConfigurationMigrationUtility.jar is placed, as output.

Usage instructions:

  1. Set JAVA_HOME environment variable if not already set.
  2. Set PATH environment variable for java if not already set.
  3. Copy and extract the attached ConfigurationMigrationUtility.rar file.
  4. Follow the instructions provided in readme.txt file placed in lib directory.
  5. Depending upon the operation you want to execute, provide information in the file.
    • operation – This can have value as either export, import or diff
    • server_url=This variable is for server url matching this pattern <http|https>://<Host_name|IP>:<port> e.g – http://localhost:8080

    • user_id=This variable will have your LiveCycle username

    • pass=This variable will have your LiveCycle password.

    • server_type=This variable must have value as either of JBoss, Weblogic or WebSphere

    • file=This variable will have the file path where the service configuration will be stored. This variable must have complete path for xml file. e.g – c:\tmp\service.xml
    • diffFile1= This is required only for diff operation. This variable will have the path of first xml file used for diff operation.
    • diffFile2=This is required only for diff operation. This variable will have the path of second xml file used for diff operation
  6. Execute bat/sh file.



  1. lib directory and ConfigurationMigrationUtility.jar must be placed in same directory.
  2. file must be placed in the same directory as ConfigurationMigrationUtility.jar else provide its complete path in the bat/sh file.

Disclaimer:This is not an Adobe officially provided utility. This is designed just to help customers. Please test it in QE environment once before using it in production.

About Pulkit Agarwal

Pulkit Agarwal is a Lead Software Engineer at Adobe Systems. He is working for Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite. he is a team member of Foundation team. He is based out of Noida, India.
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4 Responses to Adobe LiveCycle – Configuration Migration Utility

  1. Mark says:

    Is this to be run from a Server or Workstation?

  2. Pulkit Agarwal says:

    Hi Mark.
    You can execute it from any machine which can ping your LC server.