Configuring PDF Generator ES4 on Windows for remote deployments

PDF Generator configuration batch file performs a set of configurations on the server machine which are required to successfully perform various conversions. The batch file is run as part of the LiveCycle configuration for turnkey and local deployments, but is required to be executed manually in case of remote deployments. For a clustered deployment, this needs to be run on all nodes in the cluster.

This post provides the steps to run PDFG configuration batch file manually on a remote Windows server machine.

Note: The configuration batch file needs to be run after the required software has been installed and initial dialogs dismissed (for Acrobat 11 and other required software based on the file formats you want to convert). A server restart is required in case you have already run LCM and the server is in a running state.

Steps to run the configuration batch file manually:

  1. Ensure UAC is turned off on the machine while performing this task.
  2. Log in to the remote LC server machine through which Acrobat XI was installed.
  3. Create a folder, eg: C:\LC_Config_Files
  4. From the machine where LiveCycle ES4 is installed – copy the following folders to the LC_Config_Files folder
    1. plugins
    2. pdfg_config
    3. pdfg_srt
  5. Create a folder with the name ‘configurationManager’ inside  LC_Config_Files folder
  6. On a command prompt
    1. Browse to the folder : LC_Config_Files\pdfg_config
    2. Run the batch file: Acrobat_for_PDFG_Configuration.bat
  7. Run SRT (System Readiness Tool) to verify the configuration. On a command prompt
    1. Browse to the folder : LC_Config_Files\pdfg_srt
    2. Run the command:  SystemReadinessTool.vbs out
    3. This will generate a report in LC_Config_Files\pdfg_srt\out (SystemReadinessTool.html)
    4. Review the generated report of any issues

For more information on the exciting new features introduced in Adobe LiveCycle ES4  refer to the LiveCycle ES4 documentation link: What’s new in Adobe LiveCycle ES4 .

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