LiveCycle ES4 now Available

In an earlier blog post we announced the upcoming release of LiveCycle ES4 . The LiveCycle team is very pleased to inform you that LiveCycle ES4 is now generally available. ES4 makes it easier to create, manage, and publish large numbers of forms on websites and allows mobile clients and workers to actively participate in business processes, improving engagement and productivity.  See LiveCycle ES4 in action and find out more about what’s new in the ES4 documentation.

LiveCycle customers with maintenance and support contracts will be able to access ES4 from the Adobe licensing website (LWS)  in the coming week.  LWS account owners will be notified by email when ES4 has been posted to their organization’s account.   A trial version of ES4 will also be made available March 31st.  If you are not a currently a LiveCycle customer we encourage you to contact your Adobe representative or solution partner for more information.

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5 Responses to LiveCycle ES4 now Available

  1. Stefano Maestri says:

    And for those who have ADEP + M&S? is this also available for them?

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  3. Michele says:

    The upgrade discount is possible only from ES3 or also from ES2?

  4. Jeff Stanier says:

    Customer who are up to date on maintenance and support payments can upgrade to ES4 from earlier versions without additional charge.