PDFG ES4 with UAC enabled

Adobe Livecyle ES3 SP2 and ES4 now supports running PDFG with UAC enabled. Apart from the code changes done in PDFG some OS level settings are also required. This article describes these settings and configurations required for PDFG to work seamlessly. However please note that UAC should be disabled at the time of Livecycle installation and Configuration.

 1) Update the following settings related UAC. From the Start-> run type gpedit.msc .Go to Windows Settings ->Security Settings-> Local Policies ->  Security Options

  • User Account Control:Only elevate executables that are signed and validated should be “Disabled”.


2) Replace process level token should be turned On for the Administrators. Type gpedit.msc  Go to  Windows Settings ->Security Settings-> Local Policies -> User Rights management ->Replace Process level token.Add all the PDFG users here.

 3) Change the folder permission of the PDFG temp folder and give rw access to all the users in step#2.

Additional Information:

  • PDFG temp should be created under c:\users\<UserName>\Appdata\Local\Temp\ pdfg-<Username>.Where Username is the user running the Appserver 
  • We need to explicitly give rw permissions for all users.Assigning permissions to admin group does not work.

P.S: If any of the setting is not done correctly you will see “Connection to failed service”.


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