Requirements and Recommendations for running LiveCycle PDF Generator ES4 on Windows 2008 server

To get the full advantage of PDF Generator features provided by LiveCycle ES4 on Windows 2008 Server, administrator needs to ensure that all the prerequisites are met for conversions to succeed. Based on the conversion formats required, some of these prerequisites may not be applicable.

This blog tries to list down these requirements with a brief description on each of them.

Run application server as a service

It is highly recommended that the LiveCycle server should be running as a Windows service. In case of turnkey installation, the service is created automatically as part of the installation, but for non-turnkey installations this needs to be done manually. Here are some helpful links (though the links may vary based on the specific version of the server you are on).

Select the user with which the application server should run

The user account used to run the application server needs to have following privileges:

  • User account should be Local System Account, or a member of the Local Administrators group on the machine
  • The user account should have ‘Replace a Process Level Token’ permission.

Local System account has this permission by default, but if the server is running with a user of Local Administrators group this permission needs to be granted explicitly. For granting this permission:

  1. In the Windows Start menu, click Run and then enter gpedit.msc.
  2. Click Local Computer Policy > Computer Configuration > Windows Settings > Security Settings > Local Policies > User Rights Assignment and edit the ‘Replace a process level token’ policy to include the Administrators group.gpedit
  3. Add the user to the Replace a Process Level Token entry.

Note: In case of a cluster, the server needs to be run as an Administrator account to allow access to a shared GDS folder.

Disable UAC (User Account Control) during installation and LCM

It is required that User access control should be disabled on the server during the installation and LiveCycle configuration.

Steps to disable UAC on Windows Server 2008 R1

  1. To access the System Configuration Utility, go to Start > Run and then enter MSCONFIG.
  2. Click the Tools tab and scroll down and select Disable UAC.
  3. Click Launch to run the command in a new window.
  4. When finished, close the command window and close the System Configuration window.
  5.  Restart your computer.

Steps to disable UAC on Windows Server 2008 R2

  1. To access the System Configuration Utility, go to Start > Run and then enter MSCONFIG.
  2. Click the Tools tab and scroll down and select Change UAC Settings.
  3. Click Launch to run the command in a new window.
  4. Adjust the slider to the Never notify level.
  5. When finished, close the command window and close the System Configuration window.
  6. Restart your computer

Run PDF Generator configuration batch file

PDF Generator configuration batch file available at: <LiveCycle Installation Directory>\pdfg_config\Acrobat_for_PDFG_Configuration.bat needs to be executed on all the nodes in the cluster. In case of turnkey and non remote installations, this step is automatically performed on the server, but in case of remote deployment this step needs to be performed manually.

For details on running the configuration batch file on remote machines, please refer to the blog post: Configuring PDF Generator ES4 on windows for remote deployments.

Add users to PDF Generator user account list

PDF Generator requires atleast 1 user to be added to the PDFG User accounts list for conversions to work. This requirement is also enforced by the LiveCycle Configuration Manager (LCM). Here are some considerations while adding users to the PDFG user accounts list:

  • The users being added should have Administrative privileges on the server machines (part of Local Administrators Group)
  • In case of a cluster, these users should be valid on all the nodes in the cluster
  • If a new user is added, or an existing user is removed, a server restart is required
  • In case a user password is updated, the same needs to be updated in user account configuration in PDFG UI under User Accounts (password change does not require a server restart).

Ensure full read/write/modify permissions on LC temp / PDFG temp folder

By default all Local Administrator Group users have full control on all the folders (read/write/modify). But at times the domain controller enforces some additional security on the servers which can cause restrictions on certain folders.

Ensure that user with which application server is running, and all the user accounts added to PDFG users accounts list should have full control on the temp folder (configured during LCM run or through AdminUI >Home > Settings > Core System Settings > Configurations).

Permission issues may be seen when instead of adding the users individually, the Administrators group is given the permission. It is recommended that user accounts should be added individually.

Note: PDFG Temp folder refers to a folder inside the LC Temp folder, created on first PDFG conversion. PDFG temp folder is created with the name: pdfg-<username> when the server is running with an Administrator role user, or with the name: pdfg-<machinename>_ when running with Local System Account.

Granting permissions

  1. Right click on the temp folder
  2. Go to the Security tab
  3. Edit the permissions and add all the required users individually with Full control option.

Disable Windows error reporting

It is recommended that Windows error reporting should be disabled on the server machine to avoid third party dialogs during PDF conversions (as it can cause intermittent failures). To disable error reporting on the server:

  1. Open Server Manager by clicking Start, pointing to Administrative Tools, and then clicking Server Manager.
  2. On the Server Manager home page, expand the Resources and Support area if it is not already open.
  3. Click Configure Windows Error Reporting.
  4. On the Windows Error Reporting Configuration dialog box, select ‘I don’t want to participate, and don’t ask me again’.

Set Adobe PDF Printer as the default printer

Various print route conversions require Adobe PDF printer to be set as the default printer. The printer is installed along with Acrobat installation and is required to be set as the default printer on the server machine.

To set the Adobe PDF printer as the default printer, right-click on the Adobe PDF printer and select ‘Set as default printer’

Note: If a remote desktop session is opened to the server machine and client has the option ‘use printers in the remote session’ enabled (default), the default printer on the server machine is modified and can result in failures. It should be ensured that the option is disabled while taking a remote desktop on the server machine.

Run System Readiness Tool (SRT)

System Readiness is run as part of LCM, and reports main configuration issues on the server. Based on the application/file types you plan to convert the report should not contain any errors/warnings. Some of the checks done by SRT include:

  • JAVA_HOME is set correctly, and is of supported version
  •  JAVA_HOME _32 is set correctly to a 32 bit JDK, and is of supported version
  • Acrobat_PATH is set correctly
  • Acrobat version is correct (Acrobat XI)
  • PDFGen.api is copied to Acrobat plugins folder
  • FrameMaker / PageMaker / OpenOffice / WordPerfect / Notepad path are set
  • Applications versions for various supported applications
  • Adobe PDF printer is set as the default printer
  • Print spooler is in a running state
  • PDFMaker DLL is registered

Verify file format specific requirements are met

For details on various application specific configuration please refer to the blog post: File Format specific PDFG configuration requirements in LiveCycle ES4.


For more information on the exciting new features introduced in Adobe LiveCycle ES4  refer to the LiveCycle ES4 documentation link: What’s new in Adobe LiveCycle ES4 .

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One Response to Requirements and Recommendations for running LiveCycle PDF Generator ES4 on Windows 2008 server

  1. Richard says:

    hello all, I followed the steps to set PDGF, but I had trouble converting MS Office files, don’t work, I hope you can help me, this is the log:

    2013-08-21 15:16:13,512 INFO [com.adobe.pdfg.BMCCaller] (http- ALC-PDG-001-024-Market Analysis.xls: Time Job Submitted: 8/21/13 3:16 PM for job = Market Analysis.xls36ae4c-c68308-6401de-92af94-5a730a-24eb28
    2013-08-21 15:16:13,512 INFO [com.adobe.pdfg.BMCCaller] (http- ALC-PDG-001-017-Market Analysis.xls: Job Submitted by User: administrator
    2013-08-21 15:16:13,512 INFO [com.adobe.pdfg.BMCCaller] (http- ALC-PDG-001-016-Market Analysis.xls: Job Type: Convert to PDF
    2013-08-21 15:16:13,535 INFO [com.adobe.pdfg.BMCCaller] (http- ALC-PDG-001-022-Market Analysis.xls: Security Settings Used: No Security
    2013-08-21 15:16:13,535 INFO [com.adobe.pdfg.BMCCaller] (http- ALC-PDG-001-023-Market Analysis.xls: FileType Settings Used: Standard
    2013-08-21 15:16:17,126 INFO [com.adobe.truststore.crypto.CryptoUtil] (http- encryptBytes: Building secret key for length: 16
    2013-08-21 15:16:17,269 INFO [com.adobe.service.ProcessResource] (http- ALC-BMC-001-505: Service ColorProfileSvc: Starting native process with command line “C:\\Adobe\\Adobe LiveCycle ES4\\jboss\\server\\lc_turnkey\\svcnative\\ColorProfileSvc\\ColorProfileService.exe”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ppServer jboss
    2013-08-21 15:16:18,236 INFO [com.adobe.service.ProcessResource] (RequestProcessor-2) ALC-BMC-001-508: Service ColorProfileSvc: Native process PID = 3640
    2013-08-21 15:16:18,347 WARN [com.adobe.service.ImpersonatedConnectionManager] (http- ALC-BMC-001-028: Service PDFMakerSvc: Reducing maximum pool size from 20 to 1 to match number of impersonation credentials.
    2013-08-21 15:16:18,356 INFO [com.adobe.pdfg.BMCCaller] (http- ALC-PDG-001-021-Market Analysis.xls: PDF Settings Used: C:\Adobe\Adobe LiveCycle ES4\temp\pdfg-WIN-1DW2XDEOS5W_7\2b1f-8676be-6e23aa-bc3ffe-65a7fb-710d7f\pdfg Standard 3188855403719139527.joboptions
    2013-08-21 15:16:18,426 INFO [com.adobe.service.ImpersonatedConnectionManager] (http- Service Native2PDFSvc: Resource ProcessResource@1028ade(name=pdfgen.exe,pid=0) acquired credential administrator
    2013-08-21 15:16:18,427 INFO [com.adobe.service.ProcessResource] (http- ALC-BMC-001-505: Service Native2PDFSvc: Starting native process with command line C:\Adobe\Adobe LiveCycle ES4\jboss\server\lc_turnkey\svcnative\ServicesNatives2\bin\ProcessLauncher.exe administrator – “C:\\Adobe\\Adobe LiveCycle ES4\\jboss\\server\\lc_turnkey\\svcnative\\Native2PDFSvc\\bin\\dll\\pdfgen.exe” True -WinStaName WinSta0 -DeskName PDF-NA7f4a50002 -beginExecutable “C:\\Adobe\\Adobe LiveCycle ES4\\Java\\jdk1.6.0_31\\jre\\bin\\javaw.exe” -endExecutable -Xmx64m -cp “C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/adobe-appmon.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/adobe-bslj.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/adobe-csa.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/adobe-generatepdf-client.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/adobe-pdfg-common-jaxb.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/adobe-pdfg-common.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/adobe-pdfg-commonbmc.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/adobe-pdfg-idl-bmc-websphere.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/adobe-pdfg-idl-bmc.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/adobe-utilities.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/comfyj-2.4.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/jaxb-api.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/jaxb-impl.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/jaxb-libs.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/jniw2.9.5_acrobat1.1.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/jniw2.9.5_autocad1.1.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/jniw2.9.5_autocad2007.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/jniw2.9.5_excel1.3.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/jniw2.9.5_pdfmapi1.0.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/jniw2.9.5_project4.4.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/jniw2.9.5_publisher1.0.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/jniw2.9.5_visio4.a.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/jniw2.9.5_word8.1.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/jniwrap-3.6.1.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/jni_wrapper_infopath10.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/namespace.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/Native2PDFConverterServer.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/Native2PDFSvc/bin/winpack-3.6.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/ServicesNatives2/jars/adobe-bslj.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/ServicesNatives2/jars/jacorb/jacorb.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/ServicesNatives2/jars/jacorb/avalon-framework-4.1.5.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/ServicesNatives2/jars/jacorb/concurrent-1.3.2.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/ServicesNatives2/jars/jacorb/logkit-1.2.jar;C:/Adobe/Adobe LiveCycle ES4/jboss/server/lc_turnkey/svcnative/ServicesNatives2/jars/jacorb/antlr-2.7.2.jar” com.adobe.native2pdf.bmc.Native2PDFConverterServer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ppServer jboss
    2013-08-21 15:16:22,092 INFO [com.adobe.service.J2EEConnectionFactoryManagerPeerImpl] (http- Service: Native2PDFSvc resource: ProcessResource@1028ade(name=pdfgen.exe,pid=0) applying queue wait adjustment of 3s to timeout of transaction: TransactionImple . Supplied timeout: 300s, Effective timeout: 297s.
    2013-08-21 15:16:22,093 INFO [com.adobe.service.J2EEConnectionFactoryManagerPeerImpl] (http- Service: Native2PDFSvc successfully scheduled an interrupt for transaction: TransactionImple after 297s.
    2013-08-21 15:16:23,170 INFO [com.adobe.native2pdf.bmc.ExcelToPdfConverter] (RequestProcessor-4) ALC-PDG-001-001-Begin processing job : C:\Adobe\Adobe LiveCycle ES4\temp\pdfg-WIN-1DW2XDEOS5W_7\2b1f-8676be-6e23aa-bc3ffe-65a7fb-710d7f\Market Analysis.xls
    2013-08-21 15:20:53,222 INFO [com.adobe.native2pdf.bmc.ExcelToPdfConverter] (RequestProcessor-4) ALC-PDG-001-000-The system cannot find the file specified.
    2013-08-21 15:21:08,289 INFO [com.adobe.native2pdf.bmc.ExcelToPdfConverter] (RequestProcessor-4) ALC-PDG-001-000-Native2Pdf BMC Conversion timed out – Shutting down JVM!
    2013-08-21 15:21:09,021 INFO [STDOUT] (ProcessResource@1028ade(name=pdfgen.exe,pid=0) Output Reader)

    ERROR: API = ReadFile(1)
    2013-08-21 15:21:09,021 INFO [STDOUT] (ProcessResource@1028ade(name=pdfgen.exe,pid=0) Output Reader) ERROR CODE =

    ERROR: API = ReadFile(2)
    2013-08-21 15:21:09,023 WARN [jacorb.giop.conn] (ClientMessageReceptor1) Abnormal connection termination. Lost 1 outstanding replie(s)!
    2013-08-21 15:21:09,052 INFO [STDOUT] (ProcessResource@1028ade(name=pdfgen.exe,pid=0) Output Reader) ERROR CODE = 109
    MESSAGE = The pipe has been ended.
    2013-08-21 15:21:09,100 WARN [com.adobe.service.ProcessResource] (ProcessResource@1028ade(name=pdfgen.exe,pid=0) Error Reader) ALC-BMC-001-024: Service Native2PDFSvc: Process ProcessResource@1028ade(name=pdfgen.exe,pid=0) terminated abnormally with error code {3}
    2013-08-21 15:21:09,102 INFO [com.adobe.service.ImpersonatedConnectionManager] (ProcessResource@1028ade(name=pdfgen.exe,pid=0) Error Reader) Service Native2PDFSvc: Resource ProcessResource@1028ade(name=pdfgen.exe,pid=0) returned credential administrator
    2013-08-21 15:21:26,076 ERROR [com.adobe.service.ProcessResource] (http- ALC-BMC-001-001: Unexpected exception while rolling back transaction