Task Summary Page

Workspace in LiveCycle ES4 now shows a new tab called the “Summary” tab. As the name indicates this tab can be used to summarize the current task details. By default the “Summary” tab does not have any content in it. The process developer can create the content of the “Summary” tab. In general it is used to show some extra information related to the current task- such as Task Summary or display the driving directions specific to the address mentioned in the task.
The document listed hereTask Summary URL explains in detail the steps needed to display some task specific information in the summary tab. The pdf also has the necessary collateral to compete the short tutorial.
you would need the following to successfully complete the steps mentioned in the document
LiveCycle ES4 Server
Livecyle ES4 Workbench
and some experience with LiveCycle
If you have any questions- Do not hesitate to ask

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