A lot of times you have a need to extract or import the data from Excel file into LiveCycle form in a programmatic manner. To accomplish this I have written a simple component. This component makes use of Apache POI classes to extract data from the Excel file. The sample component is not generic for all Excel files, but it was written for extracting data from a specific Excel file. With little modifications you can get this code to work with any Excel file. The code creates a map of xml documents where each xml document corresponds to a row in the excel document. You can deploy this component using workbench and use it as part of your process. To build the component please follow steps mentioned below
Download the eclipse project from here Eclpse Project
Import the eclipse project into your eclipse IDE
Download the following jar file. The eclipse project depends on these jar files
Jar Files needed for the eclipse poject
Build the component and deploy it using workbench
Test it by providing the excel file which is available here as an attachment to the pdf file Parsing Excel files
Create a simple process using the component
Test the process with Excel file from the previous step

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