Customizing LiveCycle Workspace to suppress a message notification

In LiveCycle Workspace, there are various notifications that are logged according to the operation performed. But sometime there could be a need to suppress a particular message (as happened in one of our customer scenario).

Perform the following steps to suppress a notification:

  1. Import the workspace source code in Flex Builder.
    The Workspace source code can be found at <LC_INSTALLATION_DIR>\sdk \misc\ProcessManagement\Workspace.
    For information on how to import the project, see
  2.  Make a note of the message ID you need to suppress. Place the mouse on the Info icon next to the message. See the below snapshot for example (The message ID to suppress here is : ALC-WKS-007-109).
  3. Search for this message ID in the Workspace source code. You will find some references. See the below snapshot for details:
  4. Comment out the respective code from the ActionScript and also from the .properties file.
  5.  Rebuild the code and deploy.
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