Troubleshooting Adobe ES4 Mobile Workspace Build failure issue with xCode 5

With the upgrade of OS X to version 10.8 and above and xCode version to 5.0 onward, some build issues might come up with Adobe Mobile Workspace

MWS build error

To resolve this problem, we need to remove the weak library link flags from the Linking options. Here are the steps for the same.
1. Go to Capture build settings screen.
Build Settings
2. Move to ‘Other Linker Flags’ under Linking Section.
Other Linker Flags

3. Now remove weak_library linking of /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib from both release and debug Linker Flags.
Weak Library flags


Removed linker Flags

4. Try building the Capture project again. The build should succeed now.
Build Successful

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