Moving Over to AEM Forms – It’s Easier Than You Think

Adobe is well known for its PDF forms capabilities and the LiveCycle platform that’s made it possible to deliver and integrate enterprise forms and document solutions with our customer’s back-end systems.  While PDF form capabilities and LiveCycle have matured, many organizations find themselves facing new challenges serving an increasing mobile and web-centric world. Consumers and citizens want the same engaging experience in their business transactions that they get in their day to day e-commerce web activity.

  1. How do you seamlessly enable citizens, customers and employees to interact and transact with your organization across a huge array of devices in the market today?
  2. How do you gather and analyze data on how users access your website and forms and determine ways to better optimize that experience?
  3. How do you reduce operational costs while at the same time converting prospects and retaining existing customers?

As a market leader in Web Experience Management and Digital Marketing, Adobe clearly has the tools to address these new challenges.   Earlier this year, we released Adobe Experience Manager forms (AEM forms).   AEM forms leverages the web content management capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager and the analytics of the Adobe Marketing Cloud to help organizations easily develop, publish and manage enterprise forms and documents for desktop and mobile web.   We have had a very positive response from customers about these new capabilities — but a little bit of confusion on how they can leverage it in their own existing LiveCycle infrastructure. Do our customers have to do an expensive and time consuming technical migration from LiveCycle to AEM forms?  No, a lengthy technical migration isn’t required to take advantage of the new rich features in AEM forms.

AEM forms encompasses all of the capabilities of the LiveCycle platform and more.  Existing LiveCycle customers can seamlessly upgrade their existing applications and can start developing customized forms for web and mobile.   All of the powerful and mature capabilities of the LiveCycle platform are available to AEM forms customers.   So if you are excited about the possibilities of AEM forms (as we are), but are worried about what it will take to get there – don’t be.

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