Five reasons to upgrade from LiveCycle to Experience Manager Forms

5reason_upgrade_2xThousands of governments, financial institutions, and other enterprises use Adobe LiveCycle to enroll clients in services, streamline form and document processes, and generate professional documents efficiently. Adobe continues to invest in this technology with Adobe Experience Manager Forms, part of Adobe Experience Cloud. If you’re a LiveCycle customer, all your existing forms and applications will still work with Experience Manager Forms. Read on for five more great reasons to upgrade to Experience Manager Forms.

#1 – Offer excellent experiences to mobile users. With many people using smartphones as their primary way to access the Internet, it’s becoming crucial to offer digital experiences that serve mobile users. Experience Manager Forms lets you leverage existing LiveCycle templates and extend them into engaging forms and documents designed for smartphone and tablet users. Users don’t have to install special software or browser plugins, and they can take advantage of device features to fill in forms using fewer keystrokes.

#2 – Access more features. All the features you’ve come to rely on in LiveCycle are available in Experience Manager Forms, and we’ve added many more over the last two years. Experience Manager Forms licenses also include all features (except document security, available as an add-on), in contrast to the very modular LiveCycle licenses. You don’t have to decide upfront which features you may use in the future, simplifying the decision-making and licensing process.

#3 – Leverage Adobe Experience Cloud. Experience Manager Forms takes advantage of other capabilities in Adobe Experience Cloud to measure and continually improve digital form and document experiences. For example, Forms works with Adobe Analytics to measure client interactions. Using the insight gained from visual reports, business users can easily test and continually improve forms and documents with Adobe Target, reducing the chance of form abandonment or calls to client support.

#4 – Upgrade without a forklift. Retain existing data, processes, and assets while upgrading to Experience Manager Forms. LiveCycle ES4 customers can upgrade to AEM Forms, while earlier LiveCycle versions must first upgrade to ES4.

#5 – It’s the way of the future. Clients are demanding more integrated digital experiences and less paper. For forms and documents, Adobe is answering that need with Experience Manager Forms. While core support for LiveCycle ES4 ends in 2018, Experience Manager Forms is the focus of our investment. Now is the time to think about upgrading.

For more information on why upgrading to Experience Manager Forms is essential:

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