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Developer’s FAQ on CQ5.5

As you are aware the new cq5.5 has been released and below blog is reference to solutions of most frequently asked questions. Upgrade Path Paths for moving from an older version of CQ to CQ 5.5 is available at http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/deploying/upgrading.html API … Continue reading

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Template design 101 with Adobe CQ5

Content moved to : http://experiencedelivers.adobe.com/cemblog/en/experiencedelivers/2012/12/template-design-101.html

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CQ5 Developer tricks

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Getting to know the Externalizer

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Sanity Checks for CQ5 Installations

Content moved to : http://experiencedelivers.adobe.com/cemblog/en/experiencedelivers/2012/04/sany-check-for-adobe-cq5-installations.html  

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Beyond String – @TypeHint to the Rescue

Based on some questions from a partner I had to investigate whether it was possible to store values for widgets you define as part of your CQ5 custom component as something else than String. Guess what…. it’s possible (not that … Continue reading

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Export CQ5.4/WEM Reports to Comma Separated Values (CSV)

The new Reporting Framework in CQ5.4 allows to generate customized reports on all available information. Example to help you monitor and analyze the state of your instance, CQ provides a selection of default reports, which can be configured for your … Continue reading

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What Happens When You Click on WEM / CQ Quickstart JAR File for the First Time (till CQ5.4)

1. The Quickstart is unpacked to the /crx-quickstart directory 2. CQSE is started (this can be accessed using host:port/admin) 3. CQSE starts the CRX webapp (this can be accessed using host:port/crx) 4. The CRX webapp starts the repository 5. During … Continue reading

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Bringing Geo-Location to Web Experience Management

Written by Lars Trieloff An undisputed goal of Web Experience Management is the ability to provide meaningful experiences to web site visitors. The definition of “meaningful” is closely related to the context the vistor is operating in. With CQ5’s ClickstreamCloud, marketers and … Continue reading

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