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Protocol to Configure a Basic “Shared-Nothing” Experience Server Cluster

In the ADEP release, the Experience Server “Quickstarts” come with a Java Content Repository (JCR) called CRX. This is horizontally scalable by clustering multiple nodes and putting a load balancer in the front. TERMINOLOGY ———– You can have a farm … Continue reading

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How to Rotate the TarJournal in Shared Nothing Clustering

Problem: Your tar journal is growing and consuming a lot of space. Solution: If you are using shared clustering, Please see this. For ‘Shared Nothing’ Clustering, you need the following configuration (If you want rotation to happen after every 24 … Continue reading

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Configuring a Custom Location For The WEM Repository

When you install the CQ quickstart, or the ADEP Solutions Quickstart, the repository file structure (and initial repository contents) is created by default under drive:\quickstart installation directory\crx-quickstart\repository\ You can override this behaviour and have the repository created in a custom … Continue reading

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Configuring WEM to Use a Shared Datastore

If you use the “shared nothing” deployment model, each instance of the WEM content repository has it’s own set of data that is duplicated across all instances. The data storage is divided into three sections, Workspace Store, Journal and Data … Continue reading

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Some WEM Clustering Q&A

Assumption: The questions below assume that you are using CRX2.2 with Hotfix or greater. Question: Where does the crx.xxx file get created? Answer: On a slave node when it is first joined to the cluster. And this is current … Continue reading

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A Predictor for CRX Performance

CRX, Adobe’s new Java Content Repository (JCR) is used as the persistence mechanism in ADEP Experience Services. By default, it is a file-based, hierarchical repository using what is called the Tar Persistence Manager (TarPM). More information is available here. A … Continue reading

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Prerelease Next Week: Easily Connect from Document Services to the Content Repository in Experience Services

Prerelease announcement: Download will be available by the 14th October 2011 The Content Repository Connector DSC allows process designers to easily integrate from Document Services (with or without Process Management) to the JCR running in Experience Services. The basic use … Continue reading

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How the UK’s Daily Mail Newspaper Uses Adobe CRX

Adobe has published an interesting ‘Customer Success Story’ about how Associated Northcliff Digital, the company that handles the digital assets of the publisher of the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper uses Adobe CRX. You can get it here. They wanted to … Continue reading

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