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Designing forms for higher performance on Mobile devices

Mobile forms in Adobe Experience Manager forms offers rendering of XFA form templates in HTML5 format. This capability enables the rendering of forms on mobile devices and desktop browsers on which XFA-based PDF is not supported. As the rendition of forms … Continue reading

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LiveCycle Mobile Forms: bringing all the capabilities of XFA-based forms in HTML5

Browser PDF viewers and LiveCycle forms Browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox recently started to provide their own PDF viewers to display PDF documents. These native PDF viewers usually do not match the full capabilities provided by Adobe Reader. … Continue reading

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Optimizing Mobile Forms Performance

Optimizing Mobile Forms Performance Livecycle ES4 Mobile Forms renders forms in the HTML5 format. The resultant output could be large depending on factors like the form size and images in the form. To optimize the data transfer, the recommended approach … Continue reading

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