New Study Shows Adobe Acrobat X a Strategic Choice for Enterprise Productivity

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Document creation and distribution is a core activity for knowledge workers, and an increasingly collaborative one. How can Adobe Acrobat X support this activity, especially as collaboration expands to include more people both inside and outside the organization? Adobe commissioned Crimson Consulting to undertake a study of how Adobe Acrobat X can increase knowledge worker productivity, based on live lab testing of common business workflows. These workflows were refined and validated by in-depth interviews with twelve IT decision makers in North America, Europe, and Japan.

Key Takeaways

  • In a live lab-test study of knowledge worker productivity, Crimson Consulting found that for some workflows associated with the collaborative creation, review, and distribution of documents, using Adobe Acrobat X is almost twice as fast as using Microsoft Office 2010 alone.
  • The study results indicate that the overall productivity improvement for these tasks using Adobe Acrobat X could amount to over 7 hours/week per knowledge worker out of the 20 hours per week they spend on collaborative tasks.
  • At an average burdened hourly rate of $36.00 per knowledge worker, assuming 60% effectiveness using Adobe Acrobat X, the annual savings produced by the productivity improvement could approach $13,000 per knowledge worker.
  • For an organization or department deploying Adobe Acrobat X to 500 knowledge workers, the total annual savings could approach $4 million.
  • Based on the findings of the live lab-test study and in-depth interviews of twelve IT decision-makers in North America, Europe and Japan involved with the purchase decision for broadly deployed desktop software, Crimson Consulting recommends that organizations consider making Adobe Acrobat X part of their standard desktop image.
  • Below is an interactive cost-savings model that IT decision-makers may use to estimate the cost savings possible from deploying Adobe Acrobat X to knowledge workers across their own organization.

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