What’s New in Acrobat X, Version 10.1


In addition to Protected View, the Acrobat X, Version 10.1 update has a lot of other capabilities that IT managers will love… OK, “love” may be too strong a term but we have made some significant improvements, bug fixes, performance enhancements and updates to keep pace with the current operating systems and browsers.

PDF Portfolio Improvements

Signature Badge for Portfolios: In addition to the Application Security enhancements, now Certified or Digitally Signed PDF Portfolios will display a small Signature Badge in the Portfolio Toolbar. Previously, you could not tell if a PDF Portfolio was signed unless you knew to look at the Portfolio Cover Sheet. This is also important for the new LiveCycle Interactive Statements.

Improved Performance: We’ve improved the performance for PDF Portfolios that have a large number of attachments as well as the launch time for the Portfolio itself; faster to open and faster to browse.

Animation: Animations are smoother in general but the “Wave” layout, which relies on some pretty heavy duty math, is much snappier when animating between files.

Ordering: Reordering files inside the mini-nav is generally smoother and performance is improved.

Font Handling: Acrobat X added the ability to embed fonts for use in the Portfolio Layout but generating the font list to populate the Portfolio UI could be time consuming. We’ve improved performance for systems with many installed fonts.

Updated Application Support on Windows

Office 2010 64-bit: The 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office 2010 are now fully supported with the release of Adobe Acrobat X, Version 10.1. Previously, the Acrobat Ribbon only functioned in the 32-bit versions of Office 2010. Read more about integration with Office 2010 here.

SharePoint Improvements: SharePoint integration proved to be quite a popular feature of Acrobat X and the version 10.1 update brings some highly requested enhancements and fixes.

  • Disable Check-Out Prompt: You now have the ability to turn off the prompt to check out the SharePoint-hosted PDF file when the user is opening the PDF from the SharePoint browser interface within Adobe Reader or Acrobat or from Windows Explorer.
  • Digital Signatures: We’ve changed the behavior around digital signatures and SharePoint-hosted PDF files. Now, when digitally signing a SharePoint-hosted PDF file, it will be saved directly to SharePoint if that PDF file is already checked out. If not, the user will be prompted to check it out. When digitally signing a SharePoint-hosted PDF file in Acrobat X, Version 10.0, the user would be prompted to save that file locally and would then need to upload it separately to SharePoint as a new version.

AutoCAD 2011: You can now convert AutoCAD 2011 files from within the AutoCAD application. You can also use the Batch Conversion feature to convert many AutoCAD files in one operation. Even if you don’t have AutoCAD, you can convert AutoCAD files to PDF from Acrobat.

Support for the latest Browsers: On Windows, we’ve officially added support for Internet Explorer 9 32-bit, FireFox 4 and Google Chrome.

Note: Google Chrome 11 includes the built-in Chrome PDF Viewer which won’t properly display some PDF files like fillable forms, PDF Portfolios, PDF files that use layers, PDF files that are part of Shared Reviews or Forms Workflows, etc.. On Windows if you want to display your PDF files in the Chrome browser using the Adobe Reader or Acrobat, you need to disable the native viewer and enable the Adobe plugin. Just type “about:plugins” in the address bar and then disable the Chrome PDF Viewer and enable the Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader plugin. You don’t even need to restart.

In addition to viewing PDF files in FireFox 4 , we’ve also added the PDF Maker to allow for Web Capture from Firefox on both Mac and Windows.

Windows 7: We’ve added support for Windows 7 SP1.

Other Notable Improvements in 10.1

  • Active links in PDF/A mode: Previously, when viewing a PDF file in PDF/A mode pages were static.
  • Transparency Flattening: You now have more controls when flattening PDF files that use transparency.
  • Support the new Rupee symbol: Very important for forms in global organizations.
  • Secure iFilter: The PDF iFilter is now more secure. The iFilter allows for indexing and searching PDF files.
  • Improved Acrobat.com Integration: Send Now is faster and smoother and it’s even easier now for Reader users to create PDF files using Create PDF right from inside Reader.

For more information, read the comprehensive list of release notes for versions 8 through 10 of Adobe Acrobat and Reader.


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