Adobe Reader and Google Chrome: Revisited

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Adobe has been working closely with Google lately. The first example was our Reader sandboxing technology or “Protected Mode”. Here’s another great example of cooperation.

Google Chrome includes the Chrome PDF Viewer which does a great job at rendering basic PDF files but can’t properly display some PDF files like Dynamic Forms and PDF Portfolios. If you are using Chrome, it now displays a bar at the top of any PDF file that the Chrome PDF Viewer detects it can’t properly render.

You then have the choice of making Reader the default viewer.

If you click “Never” then change your mind at some point and want to display your PDF files in Chrome using the Adobe Reader, you can easily disable the native viewer. Just type “about:plugins” in address bar and then disable the Chrome PDF Viewer and Enable the Adobe Reader. You don’t even need to restart. It just works.

Unfortunately, there is no solution for the Mac at this time.