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IT Resources Page Updated and Overhauled

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The Acrobat IT Resources page has recently gone though some major changes. We’ve updated the layout and added a lot more content. This is the new hub for all thinks IT related for people who manage Acrobat installations.

Check out the new IT Resources page.


If you haven’t already taken advantage of our introductory pricing for Acrobat Pro Extended and Acrobat 3D customers, please take advantage of this low price before the 31st of March. 
For your convenience, here is a quick guide to upgrading:


Who should purchase?

Introductory Pricing

Pricing after March 31, 2011


3D PDF Converter Premium Upgrade – Includes  upgrade license of Adobe Acrobat X Pro  

Anyone who hasn’t yet upgraded to Acrobat X Pro

$ 399.00


$ 200

3D PDF Converter – Introductory upgrade pricing for Acrobat 7, 8, or 9 customers                                

Anyone who has already upgraded to Acrobat X Pro or Acrobat X Suite

$ 199.00


$ 200

3D PDF Converter – Free Upgrade                        

For Acrobat Upgrade Plan Customers*

Anyone who had a valid Adobe Upgrade Plan as of Oct. 18, 2010



$ 399

*Customers who had Adobe Upgrade plan should have received a seven digit upgrade entitlement
coupon number from Adobe like this:  24XXXX.

If you are unclear on whether you qualify, email us at 

Again, if you’ve already upgraded, thank you for your business.  If not, or if you know of anyone who might be able to take advantage of this pricing, please contact us with your
upgrade and product questions.  We can be reached at


Wow! I’ve been wanting this for a while now and it’s finally happened. Adobe Acrobat and Reader X SCUP catalogs are now available through the Microsoft SCUP Partner page. Microsoft is also adding us to the Partner Catalog Finder dialog within the SCUP application.

See Third-Party Custom Catalogs for Configuration Manager 2007 and System Center Essentials 2007

3D PDF Converter for Acrobat X Pro Available Now


Today, Tetra 4D, an Adobe partner, publicly announced the release of their 3D PDF Converter Software for Adobe Acrobat X Pro. Tetra 4D has updated the CAD formats that are supported to include CATIA V5R20 and Pro/E Wildfire 5.0, and fixed a number of bugs in the 3D PMI display. Also, this is the first plug-in to take advantage of the new user interface in Acrobat X Pro and Tetra 4D did a great job. All of the tools are much easier to find and use. Since the dialogs are nearly identical to the ones in Acrobat 9 Pro Extended, experienced users will be up and running very quickly and new users should have a shorter learning curve because of the new UI.

Read the full press release
Download the trial version of 3D PDF Converter for Acrobat X Pro

Acrobat X wins a PC Magazine Best Products of 2010 Award

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Bestof2010_V_LowRes.jpgAcrobat X, pronounced “Acrobat ten”, recently won the award for ‘Best Business App’ in PC Magazines Best Products of 2010 round-up. You can take a look at the other winners or jump directly to the Acrobat X slide at the links below.

If you want to get an idea why Acrobat X is so great, take a look at this multi-chapter tour of Acrobat X that will educate both new and seasoned users of Acrobat products. The tour was created by Donna Baker, author of several excellent books about Acrobat and other Adobe products.

Best Products of 2010 article

Direct link to Acrobat X
Take the Acrobat Grand Tour

Adobe Reader X now Available for Download

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Read Brad Arkin’s article on Adobe Reader X now with Protected Mode – otherwise known as “sandboxing”. Here’s an excerpt…

Adobe’s product security initiatives are focused on reducing both the frequency and the impact of security vulnerabilities. Adobe Reader Protected Mode represents an exciting new advancement in mitigating the impact of attempted attacks. While sandboxing is not a security silver bullet, it provides a strong additional level of defense against attacks. Even if exploitable security vulnerabilities are found by an attacker, Adobe Reader Protected Mode will help prevent the attacker from writing files or installing malware on potential victims’ computers.

Jump to Brad’s article
Download Adobe Reader X

Acrobat X and Reader X now Integrate with Microsoft SharePoint


It’s a new day for SharePoint users who need to work with PDF files. Dave Stromfeld, Acrobat Product Manager, explains what’s now possible.

In past versions, SharePoint users were required to go through multiple steps in order to check out a PDF file, make edits to that PDF file, and then check that PDF file back into SharePoint. In Acrobat and Reader X, we’ve made that workflow much easier. Below is a list of some of the new enhancements to Acrobat and Reader X with regards to the SharePoint integration.

  • Open files hosted on SharePoint: You can open SharePoint-hosted PDF files from within Acrobat or Reader. In the Open dialog, browse to a mapped drive or a WebFolder under “My Network Places” or paste in the PDF’s URL. You can also open SharePoint-hosted PDFs directly from the browser interface by clicking the PDF link.
  • Check-in and Check-out:Similar to Office, when a PDF is opened from SharePoint, you will be asked if you want to check out that file. You will also have the ability to independently check that PDF in and out via an option in
    the File Menu.
  • Open and Save Dialog integration: SharePoint is accessible from all of Acrobat or Reader’s Open and Save dialogs. E.g. If there’s a dialog which prompts you to browse for a file, you can browse to a SharePoint hosted file just like a local file. And if there’s a dialog which prompts you to save a file, you can save to SharePoint just like you can save to your local drive.
  • Version Control: If the SharePoint system requires that version information be specified when the user checks in a PDF into SharePoint, Acrobat/Reader will prompt the user to provide that information.
  • Metadata Control: If the SharePoint system requires that metadata information be specified when the user checks in a PDF into SharePoint, Acrobat/Reader will prompt the user to provide that information.

For the time being, you’ll need to be using Windows to experience SharePoint integration. You’ll also need to be using Internet Explorer as your defaul browser to use the browser integration feature. We’re exploring how to expand your options there.

Also, please let us know how you’re using PDF files with SharePoint and let us know what else we can improve in future versions.

Read the Acrobat X and Microsoft SharePoint White Paper

Adobe Acrobat X Available Now

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Acrobat X is already getting great reviews from long-term power users and first-time users across multiple customer types including financial services, government, legal, education, marketing, architecture and engineering. But don’t take my word for it…

“Acrobat X is going to be the most critical document tool we have across all of our business areas. We can clearly see how the new features and intuitive user interface will make our staff more efficient, and ultimately save our business and customers time and money,”

Kevin Wedman
National Vice President and Chief Building Officer
Bureau Veritas.

Read the press release
Download the trial version

Acrobat X and 3D PDF eSeminar

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Please join myself and Craig Trudgeon, Chief Technology Officer for Tetra 4D as we talk about what’s new with Acrobat X and 3D PDF technologies. In this eSeminar, you’ll learn how Acrobat X will save time and help you standardize your product data exchange and design review processes in manufacturing. You’ll also see a demonstration of the new 3D PDF Converter plug-in for Acrobat X Pro from Tetra 4D, with updated support for the most current versions of CAD applications such as CATIA V5R20, PRO/E Wildfire 5.0 and Siemens Parasolid 23.

This event will be repeated. You only need to sign up for one of them.

Thursday, Nov 18, 2010 at 8:00 AM Pacific Sign up
Thursday, Nov 18, 2010 at 4:00 PM Pacific Sign up

Dan Walsh on User Experience

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In this video, Dan Walsh shares his insights into Adobe’s thoughts around the redesign of the Acrobat X user experience. One of the great things we learned in the user testing labs during our prerelease program is that experienced Acrobat users found tools that have been present in Acrobat for several versions but they never knew were there. It’s definitely much easier to access the full power of Acrobat with the new user experience.

If you’re going to Adobe MAX this year, hear Dan live at the Future of Acrobat session. Click here to add it to your schedule.