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Faster Uploads & Photo Sharing Improvements With 1.6

Guest Post by Mark Dahm

Halloween, for better or worse, has become a celebrated event in our household. As a young dad, I naively fed my wife’s enthusiasm for All Things Ridiculously Out Of Proportion, forking over considerable time and energy decorating my offspring in countless costumes. We greedily ransacked entire neighborhoods of anything sweet, sour or crunchy, in a wide array of disguises, ranging from Winnie the Pooh, to Starbuck’s employees, and even tornadoes (our new puppy played the part of, who else, Toto).

As you’re gearing up to celebrate, don’t forget that you have friends and family that would love to see the gang, and is the perfect way to share the experience. Today we are announcing improvements in a number of key areas, including performance, video support and online sharing, all perfectly timed to make your Halloween 2009 a story people will remember.

Faster Photo Uploads and Site Loading:
Uploading photos to is now twice as fast with the built-in Upload button, or the updated AIR Uploader. Not only can you upload multiple photos at a time, they’ll go a lot faster, too.

We dramatically improved the loading speed for users with larger accounts. If you have 4GB+ of photos, you can now take advantage of our new caching feature. Next time you log in, click Accept when prompted for this feature, wait for everything to load, then sign out and log back in.

Video Sharing and Playback:
For those of you experimenting with video on your digital camera, is gearing up to help you get videos uploaded and shared as simply as we do for photos today. Now you can include video in albums you link to or embed in other sites (like Facebook or MySpace). The videos will play back right alongside any photos.

Photo Decorate Features:
If your costumes need a little something extra, head on over to the Decorate feature to play with some of the new frames and costume artwork we’ve added: add a little more art to your works of art.

Photo Sharing Improvements:
To help you control your group albums, we simplified the privacy settings layout, making it easy to pick what’s shared publicly and what is private.

With the set of enhancements we announced today, is getting dressed up for the season.  As my youngest son schemes to go as a Blue Man (Complete with 3 miles of convoluted tubing and a mic!), it’s going to be another great set of photos to share this year, and I don’t want anyone to miss the fun.  Upload and share your holiday photos with your friends and family and let us know what you think.

Mark Dahm
Principal Product Manager

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