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New Mobile Photo Editing Features & Video Playback

All New Features Added to Mobile for iPhone 1.1 Update

Stop the presses! Well, wait – keep the presses going; I don’t want my Wall Street Journal subscription interrupted. Presses aside, I do want to briefly mention that the Mobile team released a nice little update to the Mobile iPhone application. 

Mobile Photo Editing

Version 1.1 adds some cool new editing features – including a new straighten tool, sharpen and contrast filters, as well as some nice borders that you can put around your photos. I don’t know about you, but the sharpen tool will come in quite handy for me because I cannot hold a camera still for the life of me. And putting a tripod under my iPhone just seems plain silly. Plus I can’t fit one in my pocket.

Video Playback

In addition to those exciting editing features, we’ve added the ability to playback video that you have stored on your account. That’s right – just whip out your iPhone the next time you find yourself with friends or family and regale them with your video clips from last summer’s trip to the fabulous shores of Waikiki.

So, if you find yourself in possession of an iPhone or iPod Touch, please take a quick trip to the App Store and download the 1.1 update for your iPhone by clicking this link.

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