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Android Developers Given Open Access to Mobile

Hot (warm for the impatient amongst you) on the heels of our last Android release, the Mobile team is excited to announce Mobile 1.1 for Android (cue fanfare)! Mobile 1.1 adds new Contrast and Brightness editing tools, as well as these fun photo effects:

    Vignette Blur
    Warm Vintage
    White Glow
    Soft Black & White

BTW – “Pop” refers to “pop color”, not the soda variety; and “Vignette Blur” is not an alcohol-based salad dressing. Here are some screenshots of the Vignette Blur effect in action:


Original image


Image with Vignette Blur applied

BUT WAIT – THAT’S NOT ALL!!!! We are also making our Mobile editor available to third-party android applications! What does this mean? I knew you were going to ask that. It means that any developer of an Android application can actually embed our editor into their application. Why would someone want to do something like this? Whoa – I also knew you were going to ask that! It’s almost like I’m writing this myself. Anyway – take for example a “sell-your-home-fast” application that allowed you to upload pictures and descriptions of your home to some web site that will advertise your home to millions of people all over the planet. Now imagine that this “sell-your-home-fast” application allowed you to not only snap and upload pictures – but also edit those pictures so that your home looks its very, very best. Well now that scenario is possible – all the “sell-your-home-fast” developer needs to do is use standard Android APIs to incorporate the Mobile editor into their application.

If you are a developer and are interested in learning more about using the Mobile editor in your product, please take a look at our new resource page for Android developers.

Everyone else, you can find more information on the Android product here. To get it on your Android device, launch the “Market” application and search for “”, or click here and point your phone at the barcode.

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Mike Leavy
Proprietor – Bar and Grill

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