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March 1, 2011 /Other news /

And The Extreme Painting Winners Are…

First, I want to really thank everyone who submitted an image for this project. There were many amazing images submitted that made choosing one very difficult. In the end, I decided to chose two images!

The first image was from an artist by the name of Patrick LaMontagne. The moment I saw his photo illustration of the wolf, I knew it would work perfectly with my process of creating a laser depth map with the Pixel Bender technology.

Pixel Bender allows us to create fine flowing detail found in animal fur. After running the black and white depth map rendering through the laser, I was very pleased to see how well it turned out. As you can see from the detailed close up image above, the blending of Patrick’s original image printed over the laser engraved surface enhanced the layers and depth of his illustration.

The second image I chose for this project was of some small Japanese parasols. This colorful image was created by Rob Byron.

I was drawn to this image because of its bright primary colors and the overlapping depth created by the parasols. I thought I could combine the Oil Painting filter found in Pixel Bender with one of the RGB grayscale channels in the image to enhance the 3D depth. The finished painting offers a beautiful texture to complement the colorful patterns!

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Patrick and Rob for letting me work with their images on this project.

It’s always fun for me to work with beautiful images and enhance their character with this extreme printing process. If you thought this project was interesting, be sure and send us your comments and suggestions. I hope to return again and bring yet another extreme printing project to this site in the future.

Stay tuned for more crazy projects from the Russell Brown Show.

Russell Preston Brown
Sr. Creative Director
Adobe Systems Inc.

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  • By elroy - 9:50 AM on March 1, 2011  

    simply awesome!!

  • By Patrick :aMontagne - 10:07 AM on March 1, 2011  

    Thanks Russell! Looking forward to getting it. Incidentally, no photos were used in the wolf painting. It’s all brush work. Cheers!

  • By Rob Byron - 8:48 AM on March 2, 2011  

    Thanks so much Russell. I too am looking forward to receiving my Extreme Painting. Incidentally, no brushes were used in the cocktail umbrella picture. It’s all photography. 🙂

  • By David Centioli - 4:42 PM on March 2, 2011  

    I would love to see larger photos of the outcome. I can barely see the effect at that size. I was really excited to see the finished product.

  • By Rob Byron - 5:34 PM on March 3, 2011  

    My Extreme Painting arrived today and it is amazing. Thanks again!

  • By katerin - 5:58 PM on March 16, 2011  

    megusta decorar foto

  • By lance hitler - 1:56 AM on May 22, 2014  

    I missed your trick. To my eyes the original painting is the better: pixal bender or no.