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My Week As the Next Photoshop Evangelist

We’re thrilled to have our guest blogger and Next Photoshop Evangelist winner, Gavin Hoey join us today on to talk about his latest trip to Photoshop World Orlando.


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My Week As the Next Photoshop Evangelist
By Gavin Hoey

Of all the amazing things that have happened to me since I won the “Next Photoshop Evangelist” competition, the number one thing on my dream list was going to Photoshop World. So let me start by saying a huge thank you to the Adobe team that made it happen.

A few short weeks ago I stepped on a plane in London and just 10 hours later I was in Orlando, Florida soaking up the Photoshop World experience. And it really was an experience of a lifetime.

Right from the word go, I knew I was in for a week to remember. Within minutes of arriving I’d met a fellow photographer whilst we waited for the elevator. We got chatting and by the time I got out of the elevator I’d made a new friend… Only Photoshop World can do that I think.

The first big event of Photoshop World week was the tweet up at the conference hotel. This was a great chance for me to meet lots of people and make some new friends. The guys from D-Town TV were also on hand, filming an episode of their show and I managed to get myself to the front of the crowd for the intro sequence. You can see the video here. I’m on the left wearing my “RAW to the Core” T-Shirt and looking jet lagged.

The following morning the convention kicked off with the keynote speech and Adobe managed to bag me a seat right at the front. Keynotes have a habit of being dull, boring affairs… not at Photoshop World. Scott Kelby and the NAPP team made it laugh out loud funny and the Adobe team made it educational. It was a real sound and light spectacular full of colour and excitement.

That set the tone for the whole Photoshop World event. The education side of the week came in the form of the countless classes on almost every Photoshop and photography topic you could think of. I sat listening to many of the world’s best trainers giving top quality demonstrations. I can honestly say that I learned at least five new tricks from every class I sat.

After the classes had finished there was the Photoshop World Expo to attend and this was my chance to give something back.

Part of the prize of winning the Next Photoshop Evangelist competition was to give a short demo on the Adobe booth. Now I love teaching Photoshop to a live audience, so when Adobe asked me to give not one but two demos over the three days of the expo, I was thrilled. Not only that but I also spent time working on the Adobe booth right along side the Adobe team. Basically It was a chance for everyone at the expo to get their Photoshop questions answered by the people who know Photoshop better then anyone else I’ve ever met. I’m happy to report I was able to stand my ground and answer every question that came my way… well OK, almost every question.

Going to Photoshop World as the winner of the Next Photoshop Evangelist competition I was given the full VIP experience. I was treated to lunch with the Photoshop product managers, dinner with Julieanne Kost plus friends and even a visit to the after hours party with the stars of the Adobe expo booth team. To top it all off I was invited to meet some of my all time photography idols at the end of the convention party. My only regret is losing the power of coherent speech when shaking hands with some of the industry greats.

So on to the big questions…

Would I recommend Photoshop World?
100% yes. It was an unforgettable experience. Not only did I learn enough new skills to last me a whole year, but I also met many fabulously friendly people, many of whom I can now say are my friends.

What was my highlight of the week?
That’s a really tough question. There were so many great experiences to take away, that I just can’t pick one. But meeting my Photography hero’s and the experience of working alongside the Adobe booth team will stay with me for a long time.

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  • By angie - 2:40 PM on April 15, 2011  

    Well done you for winning the competition and glad you had such a wonderful time, I am sure you were totally awestruck yet didnt get chance to show it due to enjoying every minute! I have only just started using photoshop elements 9, if you have any tutorials or can point me in the direction of anything that will help me along and assist me in creating wicked artwork as well as editing my photography to make it so much better than when it is sooc then I will be grateful

    Angie x

  • By Rob Sylvan - 2:45 PM on April 15, 2011  

    Great post! Photoshop World really is something to experience first hand. Hey, I was the taller guy behind you during the opening D-Town bit. 🙂 Wish I’d known who you were then so I could congratulate you on your win. Congrats!

  • By Gavin Hoey - 2:50 PM on April 15, 2011  

    Angie: Take a look at my Photoshop Elements 9 quick tip video here

    Rob: Lol. So near, yet so far.

  • By Ruth Stenson - 2:56 PM on April 15, 2011  

    Hello Gavin

    Just the funniest coincidence…..I watched ALL your videos this morning on You Tube and here you are winning such a wonderful experience from the Adobe Group….big congrats.
    Well I just have to say that you may have learned a ton from Photoshop World…..But i just learned a TON from you:)
    Thanks so much for your videos…..just wish there were more…lol!

    Best Wishes from across the “pond” in Canada!!
    ps….slightly jealous you were able to go to Photoshop World but i will get over it….ha!

  • By Daryl - 3:34 PM on April 15, 2011  

    Man I wish I was there. Just think of all the Macs I could’ve hacked. They’re soooooo easy….

  • By Kevin Bailey - 4:30 PM on April 15, 2011  

    Very chuffed for you Gavin and Proud that you come from England. I also have learned so much from you and your vids. Try coming to York one day, you’ll love it, so much to capture. Loved it at the start of Dtown, test tasting their lager lol. Very good and you are now destined to go very far.

  • By Venura Herath - 11:44 PM on April 15, 2011  

    Congrats Gavin,
    Well Deserved!

  • By Harvey Keefe - 12:34 AM on April 16, 2011  

    Well done Gavin. Great to read about your experience. Thanks

  • By Jared - 2:23 AM on April 16, 2011  

    Always loved Gavin Hoey and he’s taught me a lot! I hope he/you keep up the good work!!!


  • By Mike Hoffman - 5:42 AM on April 16, 2011  


    It was great to meet you and it was certainly well earned on your part! I hope we get to see you at future Photoshop Worlds, as I recll your comment to me, “Now I see why you keep coming back to these things!” cheers for now, and keep up the excellent work!


  • By Shirley - 11:51 AM on April 16, 2011  

    I’ve always considered you the best teacher of photography & Photoshop I’d ever found. I never feel dumb when you teach because you have an uncanny way of explaining things, not taking for granted that we know much to start with. You wouldn’t believe how bad some ‘teachers’ are. You have a wonderful way about you, a very approchable guy, that’s what I love about your lessons and it shows in your style of writing too. So, personalble you are!

    I’m so glad you got to have this experience with Photoshop World, I can’t imagine anyone who deserved it more. Congrats Gavin!

  • By Chaz - 3:05 PM on April 16, 2011  

    Well done Gavin you deserve this you are such a nice guy and always very entertaining when doing what you love to do so much.

  • By Bajar de peso abdomen - 12:10 PM on April 19, 2011  

    Thank you for sharing.Idon’t know if the correct term is evangelist but I think it illustrates well the situation hehe. I think the Photoshop world’s to be admired.

  • By Amanda Parker - 9:35 AM on April 20, 2011  

    Congrats…U rock man

  • By Carrie - 10:32 AM on April 20, 2011  


    Congrats! While I wasn’t a big winner like you, I did win a conference pass and I was blown away. It was my first time there and I plan to go from now on. The information I learned blew my mind. I wish I would have had the opportunity to listen in on one of your presentations.

    LOVE all of your videos and I learn so much from you.

    Thank you.

  • By Cathy Weatherston - 1:55 AM on April 21, 2011  

    Congratulations Gavin …well deserved….i have been watching your videos and learned so much,your tutorials are very clear and explained brilliantly and i want to take this chance to thank you…keep up the good work.

    Thanks again.Cathy

  • By mark - 3:08 PM on April 22, 2011  

    Saying you got a copy of Photoshop….Priceless…lol

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