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May 3, 2011 /Other news /

iPad Apps in the Works – Developers Bring Photoshop Interaction to Life…

A few weeks ago, we released the Adobe Photoshop Touch Software Development Kit (SDK), which gives developers the ability to create apps for mobile and tablet devices that interact with Photoshop CS5. The Photoshop Touch SDK has been a very popular download and we’re already seeing a lot of activity within the community of publishers, trainers and plug-in providers. Tom Ruark, senior computer scientist, says the socket protocol allows developers of all kinds to take advantage of the “open pipe” to Photoshop and leverage the software for what it does best.

All developers have to do is fill out a quick form and download the Photoshop Touch SDK with documentation and examples to get started quickly. In fact, a few apps are already appearing and it’s exciting for us to see the scenarios we had only imagined, now come to life.

Philip Andrews of DI Magazine combines digital publishing with the ability to drive Photoshop. DI Magazine is already enjoying the tablet medium which allows for a very visually rich and interactive experience for their readers. After utilizing the SDK, they created DI Direct – the first ever, fully interactive how-to digital publication, which allows you to follow step-by-step instructions on your iPad, press a button and watch those very actions performed within Photoshop on the desktop.

Shawn Welch, iOS author, designer and developer “threw together” a quick iPad app in just a few hours after downloading the SDK. He calls it Remote for Adobe Photoshop, which acts as a heads-up display for all the Photoshop installations on the local network. The dashboard gives a live thumbnail preview of each connected client while also allowing for the ability to perform global actions on all connected clients like saving open images to an iPad photo library, opening the same image on all connected computers, or sending a message to all connected computers.

These apps and our own are just the beginning of what’s possible. If you’re a Photoshop CS5 owner, you can download a free update now to prepare for the apps that will be coming soon.

We’re looking for more developers to feature on our Facebook page and this blog. So, get inspired and show us what you imagine for Photoshop…

Maria Yap
Product Management Director, Digital Imaging

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  • By Chris - 1:09 PM on May 3, 2011  

    Can’t wait. I was hoping to find them on the app store today!

  • By bobby - 1:19 PM on May 3, 2011  

    Iam photoshop designer 4 years exp in designing…….we love u all….we support u every time……..i like dis site…..
    This is helpfull 2 all

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  • By g - 1:58 PM on May 25, 2011  

    why don’t you do a android app for this to i would love that great product from the reviwes i seen about this pogram