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June 22, 2011 /Photoshop Touch /

DI Direct: First Photoshop Touch Apps by 3rd Party Developer Available on Apple App Store

In our quest to find, inform and support Photoshop developers who want to take advantage of the Photoshop Touch SDK, we found none more eager than Philip Andrews of Dark Glass Media. Already using Adobe’s Digital Publishing Suite to create an engaging iPad experience for DI Magazine, Philip was interested in taking his digital publications to the next level, “I am very excited about the Adobe Photoshop Touch SDK and the possibilities of interactive documents that actually drive Photoshop. This has the potential to be a real game changer when it comes to inspirational and educational publications for Photoshop.”

The result was DI Direct, a series of apps that drive Photoshop as users step through various techniques on their iPad. According to Philip, “With DI Direct and Photoshop Touch it is as simple as – Read It, Tap It, Do It – and the technique is performed right inside Photoshop. There is no better way to get up to speed than to see techniques in action, in Photoshop, driven from your iPad.” Give these apps a try to experience this revolutionary new paradigm in software tutorials:

DI Direct – Photoshop Touch: This FREE app is the first publication to harness the power of the Photoshop Touch technology. Simply tap the step in the tutorial and see it performed instantly in Photoshop:

DI Direct – Tint & Tone: This issue of DI Direct presents five distinct tinting and toning techniques designed to add color to monochromes quickly and easily. Using the “Read It – Tap It – Do It” approach you can work your way through each step of the tutorials using your iPad to drive Photoshop on your desktop:

DI Direct – Pro Sharpening: With the latest how to guide at your fingertips (literally!), tackle the tricky subject of sharpening to best add crispness to your digital photos without the risk of over-sharpening your image. Try it here:

We hear there are more innovative tutorials from Dark Glass Media in the works so stay tuned. You too can develop tablet apps that interact with Photoshop CS5:

· Drive Photoshop via actions
· Create interactive training experiences
· Transfer images to/from Photoshop over Wi-Fi

Learn more and download the Photoshop Touch SDK at If you have an app in development and would like engineering or marketing support from Adobe, please leave a comment and we will contact you.

Best Regards,
Jim Heiser
Sr Product Marketing Manager – Digital Imaging

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    Is It available for android?