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June 3, 2011 /Other news /

Photoshop Exchange Celebrates Over 10,000 Submissions

Where do you go to access over 10,000 unique Photoshop presets, templates, tutorials, plug-ins and more? Visit Photoshop Exchange, the Adobe hosted website for customers who want to discover and share Photoshop content with each other. We recently crossed the 10,000th item milestone, adding 600 new submissions since January. The majority of the content is free, and those few paid pieces of content average about $4.

If you’re looking for inspiration, or just want to try out some new styles, effects or practically anything else that can be customized in Photoshop, you will find Actions (51% of Exchange’s content), followed by Styles (15%) and Brushes (10%), as well as shapes, tutorials and patterns, and many elaborate and useful Templates (.PSD files, ranging from Web components and complete site designs, brochures, flyers, 3D presentation graphics, print ads and the like), which can save you time and even help you explore how advanced users build complex and beautiful files.

Quality Standards

We check compatibility of all uploaded items and verify they do what they claim to do. The quality of submissions is generally very high, and many of the more complicated items even include help files and supplemental information. Items that link to external websites, such as personal or developer sites, or other creative marketplace websites (like, are all verified for legitimacy.

Most Popular Downloads

PanosFX has the top 3 most popular downloads (all Photoshop Actions). “Big Pictures” — an Action that creates an array of Polaroids from a single image or a matrix of 25 images — has generated over 284,000 downloads since it was posted on Exchange back in November 2005, and it remains the second highest rated item. If you are not one of the many thousands that have downloaded this Action already, you can take a closer look here.

Recent Key Contributors

Several contributors have posted more than 50 free items to Exchange in the past year or so. Texturemate has shared some of the most exquisite Brushes and Textures; Brush Lovers has provided links to a vast library of Brushes; and Shelby Kate Schmitz has shared a selection of fun and practical Styles (and has been contributing since April 2006). Once posted online, the popular items can generate hundreds of downloads a week.

So, if you’re looking for a little inspiration, some great content to jazz up your creations, or have something to contribute yourself, check out Photoshop Exchange.

Mark Sangster
Photoshop Exchange Content Manager

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