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When we rolled out the new one year ago today, we promised to provide cool creative content and useful resources that would encourage and energize you to be as creative as possible with your images. Showcasing outstanding images and unique stories in our Spotlights section was one way we hoped to inspire you. It also gave our team a deeper feeling for the countless ways the Photoshop family of products impacts work and play.

We got to see how Jennifer Wilkoski Glass used Lightroom to instantly turn old buildings into art. Linda Saatgast showed us how to transform a hobby into a career using Photoshop Elements. Carl Warner composited food into amazing, scenic creations while Tim Flach’s carefully composed pictures of animals gave us new perspective on our own human nature. We also showcased work from Adobe team members – including extraordinary portraits and action shots from Kelly Castro and Winston Hendrickson respectively – that demonstrate their passion for both photography and Adobe software.

Every story we heard was different. We spoke to amateur photographers and connected with industry legends. Some of them photograph weddings, others capture amazing underwater worlds. While one artist was on top of a snowy peak in Colorado, another was shooting in a rowboat on a remote river in Vietnam. But it didn’t matter what they were doing or where they were, they all kept Adobe photography solutions in their creative toolkit.

Our team puts a lot of research into selecting spotlight subjects that are one of a kind, and we work closely with them so we can provide you with insight into their creative process as well as showcase their inspirational imagery.

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the new, we want to turn the spotlight on you! Starting today, submit your images and answer questions about your own creative process in order to win a chance to be featured in the Spotlights section of

To enter, follow these simple but important rules and be ready to provide samples of your work:

  • You must use Adobe digital imaging solutions in your workflow (Photoshop Extended, Photoshop, Lightroom, Photoshop Elements or Photoshop Express).
  • All work must be original and belong to you.
  • Submissions must be received by Friday, June 24th Thursday, June 30th to qualify for the Spotlight.
  • You should include up to five original images (these will not be published or shared without your permission). You will also have the opportunity to upload video if you would like.
  • You must complete the answers to the Photoshop Spotlight questionnaire.
  • If you are selected as a finalist, you will be asked to sign an Adobe Nonexclusive License Agreement (NELA) giving Adobe permission to use your content and images for marketing purposes.

Submit your Spotlight entry.

Entries will be judged by an Adobe selection team based on your body of work in the submission, the story you tell in your answers to the questions, your use of Adobe products, and your ability to inspire others in the community.

Thanks for participating in this fun contest and we look forward to seeing your inspirational entries!

Denise Atchley
Content Manager,

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  • By Vladimir - 9:24 AM on June 8, 2011  

    Very beautiful graphics 🙂
    and really good idea on using food to create objects in that garden image.

  • By Bridgitte - 9:28 AM on June 8, 2011  

    what an amazing opportunity ! The one thing I appreciate most about using Photoshop is when altering a photo in other programs you lose detail. With photoshop your image remains intact and never distorted upon printing! I am free to do some crazy things and not worry about the printed outcome! Thanks Photoshop!

  • By BDKAMRULJAHAN - 3:26 AM on June 9, 2011  

    thinks for adobe


  • By Len Moser - 5:39 AM on June 9, 2011  

    What incredible photography. That cheese composite just blows my mind!

  • By mylin - 12:51 AM on June 10, 2011  

    what is url pls help me ?

  • By Vanessa - 2:26 PM on June 10, 2011  

    Hi i really like your work it’s really amazing !!!! and i have a question , hope you can help me .. how can i put my picture on the pictures have flowers on it? i know it’s kind of silly question , but i notice a lot of my friends uses it , the put their pics. on the cards that have diff. style:)
    wait for your reply ,
    Vanessa 🙂

  • By liane - 3:18 PM on June 11, 2011  

    to com medo de baixar e ter que pagar!!!é gratis mesmo?

  • By Francisco Antonio - 6:45 PM on June 12, 2011  

    The pictures herein are amazing, I always loved photos, and now I can see some samples of marvellous works.

    I will need some more time to get a nice picture to add here.



  • By Plop - 12:09 PM on June 14, 2011  

    Speaking of a constest, when do you plan to announce the results on this one : ?

    It’s been a while now…

  • By alicia - 12:31 PM on June 15, 2011  

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    i love the funy picture

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  • By Bryan - 10:58 AM on June 21, 2011  

    i’ll have a dig through my lightroom catalogue to see if i have any worth putting forward

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