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Adobe Carousel Team Answers Your Questions

Last Wednesday, I shared the stage with Julieanne Kost at the Photoshop World keynote in Las Vegas and we had a lot of fun announcing and demonstrating Adobe Carousel. After the keynote, I spent the rest of the conference at our booth showing off Carousel to interested users. I’ve been reviewing your questions and comments on Facebook, Twitter and the blog. I’ve also personally received other inquiries from customers and wanted to address them here along with some answers.

The big idea around Adobe Carousel is that all your devices should have access to the same photos and photo editing tools. There is a Carousel desktop app, along with a tablet app, and a smartphone app. It’s up to you to decide how you want to engage with your photo library from each device. You also have a choice about which friends and family you want to team up with on a photo library.

This sounds like just another cloud service…

It’s not! Carousel is comprised of client applications that run locally on each device, and these client apps are connected to each other via a content-aware, mesh technology in the cloud. Sound scary? Well, what it essentially means is that your entire photo library is always up to date across all the devices with Carousel installed. That’s your entire library, not just the most recent 30 days of photos. And, you don’t have to worry about any manual syncing! Also, this means when you team up with friends and family on a library of photos, each person can use their own computer or devices. The mesh technology works behind the scenes to make all this possible. Carousel isn’t just a bunch of disparate apps, nor is it just a service. It’s all intertwined. That’s how we’re able to give you the connectedness of an online service and the smooth UI and powerful image editing capabilities of native apps.

So where are my files, exactly?

We’ve heard from customers that it’s really important to keep your original photos on your computer. Carousel on the desktop keeps a local copy of all these photo files. In your ~/Pictures directory there’s your Adobe Carousel Library. Your originals are also replicated to Adobe servers in the cloud and protected by your AdobeID. That way, your photos are accessible on the other devices where you have Adobe Carousel installed, and your desktop computer doesn’t have to be turned on or nearby.

On your tablet and smartphone, Carousel loads thumbnails and proxies of your photos for viewing, and only downloads an original if you edit a photo. That way, Carousel is moving the smallest bits whenever possible – meaning it doesn’t negatively impact storage or bandwidth on your device. When it’s necessary it will also grab the full res bits, enabling a full fidelity editing experience.

Since Adobe Carousel does end up copying my photos to the cloud, what are the limits on photos?

There are no limits on photos! Carousel 1.0 supports JPEGs and you can import as many as you want. No matter how many you import, we preserve your originals, and we don’t downsample them. Keep in mind that your desktop computer has copies of your originals, so you’ll need enough disk space on your computer to accommodate all your photos.

How much does Adobe Carousel cost and what do I get for my money?

Everyone gets 30 days complimentary. Carousel will be available at $5.99/month or $59.99/year.

One Adobe Carousel subscription allows you, along with up to 25 other close friends or family members, the ability to use Carousel on all of your supported devices and team up on photo libraries. In other words, the people you team up with don’t need to pay. (For more on how collaboration works, read on…)

If I team up with others, does this mean they see ALL my photos?

With a subscription, you can certainly use Adobe Carousel with your own photo library by yourself. You also have the option to give other users access to your full library OR you can choose to expose just a subset of photos you want to share and collaboratively edit. Each library is called a carousel. Ultimately, you decide what you want to grant access to and who you team up with. People you add to your carousels have full rights to add, delete, edit, and share photos.

With your Adobe Carousel subscription, you can create up to 5 carousels in total, and on each one you can add up to 5 other people to team up with, for a grand total of up to 25 people across all your carousels. None of the other people you add have to pay anything in order to collaborate with you. Collaborative editing is meant for a group that you trust and feel tightly connected to. You likely all share similar aims in what you plan to do with the photos. For instance, you might want to share a vacation carousel with your immediate family. That way, you can all see the same set of photos, edit them together from any device and each member of the family can add their photos from their individual cameras along the way.

When will Adobe Carousel be available and for what platforms?

Carousel for iOS and for Mac OS is coming soon. Carousel for Windows and for Android is coming in 2012. Sign up to be notified about availability at

How can I use Adobe Carousel with Lightroom?

For now, Carousel is meant to be an independent solution for managing and enjoying your photo library across devices, editing photos with great image processing capabilities, and teaming up with friends and family. It is a photography platform. What that means is, it’s a solution that will evolve over time. In this first iteration, we’re exposing just a bit of the Photoshop and Lightroom technology that it’s built upon. We’ve started with solving the immediate pain points. You can expect that over time, we will expose more capabilities and meet the needs of more advanced workflows. Stay tuned for more updates…

We hosted a Twitterview yesterday and addressed questions from our fans and followers. If you missed it, check out to see the complete list of questions and my corresponding tweets. Or if you would like to share your thoughts on how you think AdobeCarousel should evolve, please tell us at

Sumner Paine
Product Manager, Adobe Carousel

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  • By Henk Backer - 11:14 PM on September 16, 2011  

    Hi, Does the future development of Carousel mean that eventually Lightroom will come to an end? Best regards, Henk

    • By Sumner Paine - 6:29 PM on September 20, 2011  

      Nope, Adobe Carousel isn’t impacting Lightroom product development.

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  • By Melissa Hilton - 7:28 PM on September 21, 2011  

    I have adobe photo shop 7 and when I click on the icon it seems to start and then goes back to m home page. Please help!!!!!!!

  • By Brigid G - 7:01 AM on September 22, 2011  

    It sounds like Carousel is exactly what I need, EXCEPT for the fact that it doesn’t support all of my files. As both a photographer and graphic designer, I need access to all of my jpegs, plus all of my RAW, PSD and PNG files. And throw the few TIFFs I have in there for good measure. Any plans to add these to the service? If so, then I would gladly pay $99 per year to not have to deal with synching issues!

    • By Sumner Paine - 6:35 PM on September 27, 2011  

      This is great feedback. We’re looking to hear from customers on just these types of questions. Would you submit these feature requests via ?

      To give you some background, Adobe Carousel is built for consumers and so we started with support for JPEGs. We’re looking at adding raw support, too, as that would be a natural addition (but I can’t make any promises!). PSDs and PNGs are another story as our imaging pipeline (Adobe Photoshop Camera Raw) wasn’t built for those file types, as they are more often managed in an app like Bridge or manipulated in an app like Photoshop. So we’d have to think about the right way to handle them and fit them into Adobe Carousel workflows without turning it into a general purpose file or media browser in the process. Right now Adobe Carousel is very focused on images that come out of a camera, and that helps us focus the design and the implementation of the user experience.

  • By Chris - 6:24 AM on September 25, 2011  

    Any idea of when in 2012 Carousel will be available for Android and Windows? Sounds like exactly what I need!

  • By Jose Antonio Rosas - 6:00 PM on September 28, 2011  

    Will I have the ability to work with albums, folders or collections on Carousel? Seems difficult to keep a large collection organized only by date.

  • By quiency - 10:18 AM on October 7, 2011  

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  • By David A. Andelman - 11:26 AM on October 18, 2011  

    I am unable to download a Carousel app on my iPad2 (it says that no such app exists) … if that is the case, then how do i access Carousel from my iPad2??

  • By Steffen Urban - 5:42 AM on October 19, 2011  

    It says everywhere that Carousel will be released by the end of September. Now it’s almost end of October. Where is it?

  • By Phil Rogers - 4:54 AM on October 27, 2011  

    I’m looking for a replacement for my Mac web gallery. Is your Adobe Photo Carousel viewable to non members? In other words, can I do what I do now with web gallery….post photos and send out an email to folks of where they can go to view them?

  • By Duncan Shannon - 6:51 AM on October 27, 2011  

    Hi- I’m an iPhoto user that is dissapointed with iCloud. I want to 1) backup my photos off site 2) sync my photo library across computers 3) maintain some of the print books/calendars from iPhoto

    I’m not finding good online backup and share/sync options (dropbox, sugarsync etc) that will support backing up iPhoto AND sync’ing the photos across multiple devices (not even multiple desktops/laptops).

    I’ve considered upgrading iPhoto to Apreture – that doesnt seem to get me much.

    I’m now wondering if Adobe is the way to go. As Carousel develops past 1.0… might it meet my needs? You seem to have the sync. Can I consider it a backup too? How about print calendars and books?

    Looks great so far!

  • By tombuon - 5:31 PM on October 30, 2011  

    I’m also interested to hear if Carousel can function as a photo backup service. Would you consider enabling a “download carousel” option? So far I like what I see, but as it stands carousel is a convenience. Adding a downloadable backup option would make it a “need to have.”

  • By Ben B - 2:41 PM on November 1, 2011  

    I love the idea to have access to all my photos wherever i am, or to enable access to my family overseas. I would have signed up straight away if it would work for pc already, especially with the introductory price that will be kept for the next 2 years if we sign up this year. But will the introductory price still be available once you release it for pc?

  • By mmc - 9:25 PM on November 1, 2011  

    I have been testing Carousel and one feature that Carousel seems to lack is the inability to scroll across the screen to see more images on my iMac.

    I uploaded 43 images to Carousel the other day and on my 20″ iMac screen and I can only see the first seven images for that particular day. On my iPhone, I can swipe across the screen with my finger and the photos will move across the screen to display the other images.

    The only way I have found to view the other off-screen photos on my iMac is to select one image, which then goes from a thumbnail view to a full window view, and then cycle through the 40 or so images using the right or left arrow. Not good, unless I’m missing something on how to navigate multiple images uploaded on one day on an iMac.

    • By mmc - 6:42 PM on November 2, 2011  

      After posting my comment above, I came across the “hidden” scrollbar beneath the images in Carousel. It only appears when you move your cursor over the area beneath the images that are listed for each day.

      Prior to that, I was moving my cursor in from the sides and the scroll bar was not appearing on my iMac.

  • By Julienne - 9:49 AM on November 2, 2011  

    Will there be any syncing with Lightroom’s image catalogue at all? Seems redundant to have to keyword and tag images on two seperate platforms from the same company.

  • By jan jaap - 11:32 PM on November 2, 2011  

    How do I import from Aperture and iPhoto to Carousel?

  • By Quoc Nguyen - 9:14 AM on November 7, 2011  


    I LOVE the idea of Carousel. One thing that annoys me is when I put some pictures of my recent vacations into carousel, it just splits my vacation pictures into 2-3 rows just because I travel in 2-3 days. You know, people don’t just travel in 1 day right? My idea is maybe Carousel could have another cooler way to categorize photos like iphoto (organize them by event, date, album or maybe album combine with date eg: journey to the jungle from 20-22 August 2011) this would be super cool and i’ll be more than happy to pay $99.9 for a subscription!

  • By Dato' Md Ghazali - 3:27 PM on November 11, 2011  

    I’ve bought adobe carousel on my iPhone of the first month. now after sync with iTunes it can’t be used already. what is the problem

  • By gary bryson - 10:33 PM on November 25, 2011  

    I was downloading Lion on my IPHONE and after completed i hit carosel but i dont want it because i dont use the Iphoto much where do i cancel that download? Thank you ___GB

  • By Marry - 7:45 AM on December 23, 2011  

    Yeah I need to know the same I bought the monthly one and an hour later I find it doesn’t work for what I want it to do. I’m unsatisfied and want my money and I spent hours trying to figure out how to unsubscribe and get my money back and failed miserably… I need to know step by step how to do this. Thank you.

  • By Luke - 8:54 PM on November 30, 2012  

    Can you rotate and edit multiple photos at once, also is ther a renaming function, like sequenced # renaming?