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Announcing the Next Photoshop Evangelist Contest Winner!

Thousands participated in the voting process and now, it’s official: Nicole Dalesio is the Next Photoshop Evangelist!

Adobe Photoshop Evangelists like Russell Brown, Julieanne Kost, Bryan O’Neil Hughes and Zorana Gee travel the world “preaching the Photoshop gospel” and sharing expert tips and tricks in Photoshop. The Next Photoshop Evangelist Contest was established to uncover hidden talent in the Photoshop community and give others an opportunity to spread the good news of Photoshop with others. Last year’s winner, Gavin Hoey from the UK, was a great example of the passion and enthusiasm we look for in someone who shares Photoshop tips in a really engaging way.

The contest received over 50 submissions, which our judges narrowed down to our Final Five: Kimmy W., David R., James P., Eric R., and Nicole D. You can see the finalists’ videos on our Facebook page or you can view all the videos that were submitted in the Next Photoshop Evangelist Playlist on our Photoshop YouTube Channel. We appreciate the time, effort and energy contestants put into their videos and want to give you an opportunity to check them out and maybe learn something new in the process.

While the Next Photoshop Evangelist contest doesn’t mean you’ll become an “official Adobe employee,” it does mean the winner receives some very special privileges. Nicole will enjoy an all-expenses paid trip to Photoshop World Las Vegas, where she will hang out with the product team and have an opportunity to demonstrate her Hidden Gem live at the show. We’ll be hosting a live Twitterview for those who can’t attend Photoshop World and will share video from her experience. Nicole also wins a copy of Adobe Photoshop CS6 Design Standard.

We thought you might want to know more about the Next Photoshop Evangelist, so here’s some insight into who Nicole is and what inspired her to enter the challenge.

How long have you been using Photoshop? Which version did you start out with?

Nicole: I began in 2008 with CS3.

What’s your day job or profession?

Nicole: I’m a fifth grade teacher.

What inspired you to participate in this challenge?

Nicole: The only thing I love as much as Photoshop is teaching, so putting the two together is such a perfect combination for me. I couldn’t resist a creative challenge that involved both. The best answer, though, is more of a “who” inspired me.  I spend a lot of my time with children, so they are a big inspiration and influence. I also have a fantastic network of creative educators and ed. tech. leaders who have been very supportive and encouraging, giving me purpose. At first I started making Photoshop tutorials for my own entertainment, but now I find that nothing is more gratifying than knowing another teacher somewhere else in the world has used my videos to help teach their students too. Traditionally, teachers are often very isolated, and are limited to teaching the students sitting in their own classroom. Technology has now changed that.  If you know how to edit a photo or make a video, and then share it using social media, your classroom has suddenly gotten a lot bigger.   These skills give you the ability to make a much greater impact.

Why did you choose the Hidden Gem that you did? Or how did you go about coming up with that Hidden Gem?

Nicole: Mainly I chose this Hidden Gem because it is fun!  Even though it takes some patience, it’s actually pretty easy to do.  Most people would not have thought about using Photoshop in this way, and are surprised to find out it is even possible.  Originally I accidently scribbled on a frame of a video, but the discovery got me thinking creatively. For a long time I’d had a fascination with rotoscoping, and had wondered how it was done, so it grew from there.

Now that you’ve won, what are you most excited about?

Nicole: I’ve always believed that you are going to be most successful if you follow your heart and do what you love most. Besides being a teacher, I’m also an artist, so this is a dream come true. I’m especially excited about the people I will meet, the things I will learn, and the opportunities that this may bring. As an idealist at heart, I have always thought I could make a big difference in the world, so I think this chance will help me do that.  Photoshop is such an incredible tool for creative expression, and I can’t think of anything more exciting than being able to share about something I feel so passionate about.

Have you checked out the Photoshop CS6 beta? If so, which feature are you really “wow-ed” by?

Nicole: Yes!  You added a lot of great things such as new filters, but what I love most is how you keep making Photoshop better and better for editing video. Any edit I can make to a photo, I can also do to a video clip. Just a few examples specific to Photoshop CS6 include the ability to add audio tracks, change the speed, or create transitions between video clips.

Nearly one million have also been enjoying the beta and this week it was announced that Photoshop CS6 is now available for pre-order. Check out the new videos from our own Adobe evangelists that go in-depth on what’s new in the release.

The Photoshop team congratulates Next Photoshop Evangelist – Nicole Dalesio!

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  • By Pat F - 6:33 PM on April 27, 2012  

    It’s so neat how you people share all these neat photoshop tips!! Thank You
    Been using for many years but still learning tons of new stuff

  • By Deborah Hargroves - 4:19 AM on April 29, 2012  

    This is a fabulous tutorial, but I have used many of Nicole’s Photoshop tutorials and have loved them all. Thank you, Nicole, for sharing your expertise and talents with others! Keep those creative juices flowing – we want more!