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May 10, 2012 /Lightroom /

Lightroom 4 Available Now in Mac App Store

Lightroom 4

Today, Lightroom 4 is now available in the Mac App Store in North America.

The Mac App Store is a convenient and relatively new way to research and purchase software for your Mac computer. It’s based on an Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) method so there’s no box and no shiny disc.  Lightroom would be downloaded and installed directly from the Mac App Store. (We also have ESD offerings on and via in North America.) The Mac App Store offering is the same product offered on in terms of feature and functionality, but has been modified to comply with Mac App Store regulations.”  – Tom Hogarty, Principal Product Manager – Lightroom

Tom outlines some important information you should be aware of before you download from the Mac App Store in the Lightroom Journal blog . Check out his post to learn more about this offering!


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  • By William De Kine - 7:38 PM on May 10, 2012  

    With light room can i batch load my name on photographs?

    • By AC - 8:18 PM on May 10, 2012  

      Yes, its called a watermark. Watermarks can be automatically inserted upon export of the image.

  • By ted - 11:17 AM on May 13, 2012  

    The current status of LR 4 is confusing. It is being sold but there appear to be many posts on other blogs indicating sluggish performance and other significant glitches. The product manager seems unable to update the public. His long list of bugs, weeks later, indicates “most have been fixed”?

    I’d like to purchase an upgrade, but given the sluggish response by Adobe to queries, I am waiting for some clear indication of performance stats and fixes.

    Any definitive info?