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Introducing Six Sensational Bloggers: The Photoshop Elements Ambassadors!

“When I started Bubby and Bean, it wasn’t intended to become part of my career or something that I’d be devoting several hours a day to. I decided that Bubby and Bean should be a place for me to blog about the things that I love, and to focus on a wide variety of things that inspired me, rather than keeping it business-focused. Eventually it became its own entity, and I love it. It’s become my favorite project of all time.” – Melissa Baswell Williams, Bubby and Bean

It seems that many blogs start out this way; a “happy accident” of inspiration, followed by a personal extension of real-life experience that naturally attracts a loyal and devoted following.

Melissa is one of the many fashionistas and “next generation” crafters who’ve made DIY projects trendy. These are not your grandmother’s boutique buddies – they’re women who ooze creativity and whose posts are written like a conversation with a best friend. They are making items to sell in their own stores, or on Etsy, pinning daily inspirations, and sharing the highs, the lows and happenings in their lives and in their towns.

We recently selected six sensational bloggers from cities across the country, including San Francisco, Nashville and Chicago, who have created destinations that are truly bookmark-worthy, and whose expertise makes them perfect for the role of Photoshop Elements ambassadors. We found each one has a unique voice, posts that are spirited and full of life, and an approach that is always artistic and authentic.

Whether they use Adobe software to make a snapshot “just right,” or wrap up a day at the flea market with a story-telling picture collage, we think these bloggers have something special when it comes to photography and visual sharing.

Over the next few months these bloggers will be working on DIY projects with Photoshop Elements, providing photo editing tips and a VIP glimpse behind the scenes with the team at Adobe. Here’s a little bit more about our new ambassadors:

Melissa Baswell Williams: Bubby and Bean

Melissa B Williams

Melissa is a sustainable fashion designer, illustrator, and founder of the blog Bubby and Bean. Bubby and Bean is a lifestyle and design inspiration blog that focuses on design, fashion, home decor, DIY projects, travel, music, photography, green living, fun recipes, and other musings about life, love, and learning. Follow Melissa on Twitter and Pinterest for gorgeous nature photos fresh from Chicago.

You’ve got an interesting blog series, “Inside my Dream Home.” How did it come about?

Melissa: This isn’t actually a series, it’s just an occasional post I do every few months that highlights beautiful, well-designed homes that I see around the web.  Most of the time I’m posting original content on the blog that includes things like my own outfits, or DIY projects, or my photography, so it’s a way to get to post images that inspire me from different sources.  I live in a rented townhouse in an urban environment, and for these posts I’m able to daydream a little.  I find pictures of cool interiors and then give a “tour” of my home (with a disclaimer reminding people that it’s not actually my house of course, along with source links pointing to where the pictures were originally found).

Kaelah Bee: Little Chief Honey Bee

Kaelah Beauregard

Kaelah lives in Nashville where she owns a mobile retail shop, ‘Honey Bean’ while maintaining her blog, Little Chief Honey Bee. Follow Kaelah on her blog, Twitter and Pinterest, where she shares hopes, dreams, goals, ideas, outfits, projects, crafts, food, thrifting finds and photos of her puppies.

How did Little Chief Honeybee come about?

Kaelah: I started Little Chief Honeybee three years ago after I turned 21.  I moved to New York City from Tennessee to do graphic design for Bust Magazine, and at first it was just a way for family and friends to keep up with what I was doing.  After two summers in New York I ended up starting my own business back in Tennessee. Tennessee is just so beautiful, the landscape is really different. My fiancé is a professional photographer, so we take a lot of nature shots together. 

Tieka Dierolf: Selective Potential

Tieka Dierolf

Tieka is a Michigan-based graphic designer who is passionate about her blog, Selective Potential, where she writes about personal style, trips and adventures in life. Check out Tieka on Twitter and Pinterest for elegant fashion photos and small-town adventures on her mint green scooter.

How did Selective Potential get it’s start?

Tieka: I started Selective Potential about three years ago.  I had just lost 35 pounds so I felt like I had this brand new body and wanted to develop my own personal style.  It’s really funny actually, I even Googled “how to develop a personal style.” I started following four big fashion bloggers, I really didn’t know what direction I wanted to go in but I knew it was a passion.  Eventually I developed a niche and a style and started posting outfit shots of myself.

Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman: A Beautiful Mess

3D Layout

Elsie and Emma are sisters who founded the blog A Beautiful Mess. Based in Springfield, Missouri, they put their heart into promoting an inspired lifestyle through fashion, handmade and pretty things. From Elsie’s newly-launched clothing line, to their self-owned Red Velvet vintage shop, these women are hard at work pursuing their passion for DIY and handmade treasures. Find them on Twitter and Pinterest for morsels of fashion, crafting and beautiful photography.

What’s the latest with your Red Velvet shop?

Elsie:  When we founded Red Velvet four years ago we styled it underneath a loft, so it was really small, about the size of a bedroom.  About two years ago we expanded it, and since then we’ve released three fashion lines.

Emma:  We also added a sweet shop inside the store, which added more of a vintage feel to it.

Elsie:  It’s hilarious how many people come just for the cupcakes.

Has the blog helped get Red Velvet’s name out there?

Emma:  It has but we barely advertise our store on the blog, we mention it a few times and the readers are naturally interested.

Elsie:  We really don’t have to push it, we care more about providing content and quality for the readers…our blog takes up most of our time.

Liz Stanley: Say Yes to Hoboken

Liz Stanley

Liz lives in San Francisco with her husband and son, curating simple ideas for making your home and life more crafty and stylish. If you dig into Say Yes to Hoboken, be prepared to have a list of craft store needs and weekend DIY plans (we’re not complaining!).  Follow Liz on Twitter and Pinterest for a taste of home décor, style and drool-worthy food photography.

How did you get started blogging?

Liz: I started my blog six years ago in Hoboken, New Jersey.  At the time I was a newlywed, was working as a school counselor, and I really just used it to document my life.  Over time I began to take it more seriously and started devoting more time to it.  After my son was born I started pursuing it as a career, by writing product reviews and advertising.  The more I grew, the more I loved and appreciated the community of bloggers and the inspiration and creativity that it represented.  Images and graphics became a huge part of it.  I realized that it wasn’t just about the pretty picture, everything has to be well styled and formatted…the text needs to be perfect.  Programs like Photoshop became very important in creating an aesthetically pleasing blog.

Tune in to our Adobe blogs, FacebookTwitter and Pinterest boards to get a dose of Photoshop Elements inspiration from these savvy Photoshop Elements users.

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