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September 7, 2012 /Other news /

Photoshop World 2012: Behind the Scenes with “Face Off” Champion Rayce Bird

At Photoshop World, passion for photography and digital imaging are at every corner. Artist Rayce Bird isn’t just here for his interest in Photoshop, digital imaging or Wacom tablets. In preparation for a Westcott photo shoot on the show floor, Rayce gave model Thomas Williford the look of a steampunk monster with ingredients like foam latex, acrylic paint and glue.

You may remember Rayce from the second season of “Face Off,” a reality television show on the SyFy network. Rayce competed with 13 artists and went on to become the grand prize winner. That’s when Adobe Sr. Creative Director Russell Brown and his wife started following his design career. “It was clear that he had the skills in sketching and conceptual design.”

Soon after, Russell came up with the idea to integrate the theme of classic movie monsters into Adobe’s participation at Photoshop World. Brown reached out to Rayce on Facebook about three months ago. “I noticed that he was using Photoshop in combination with the Wacom tablet to do his sketches, so I contacted him.” Rayce wrote back with interest in working with Adobe, which led to his trip to Photoshop World to create a subject for attendees to photograph at the show.

Rayce says some of his makeup is inspired by movies he watched growing up like Aliens and Predator. Though he has recently been recognized for his conceptual art, Rayce considers himself an all-around artist, with skills in graphic design, makeup, tattooing, oil and acrylic painting, airbrushing, digital painting, sculpting, photography, film and more. He uses inspiration from other pieces of art to develop his concepts. “In graphic design, the way you push and pull things to make things pop out and draw your attention is similar to what we do in makeup.”

A big thanks to Rayce for taking the time to speak with us! We’ll be sharing a time lapse video of Rayce’s makeup design early next week, so stay tuned.

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