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January 24, 2013 /


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  • By Jennifer - 10:19 AM on January 25, 2013   Reply

    These are incredibly powerful images. Astounding!

  • By elmir - 1:18 PM on January 27, 2013   Reply

    he like photoshop

  • By elmir - 1:18 PM on January 27, 2013   Reply

    my lke photoshop

  • By daniel - 11:28 AM on February 21, 2013   Reply


  • By Mrs.Geburt-Sprueche - 2:31 PM on February 23, 2013   Reply

    I have seen the camouflage photo on pinterest before and was wondering how they did this? It is not only the effect that impresses me, it is also the fact that someone is trying to hide his face but is seen right on his hands – like you can’t hide who you are. The model looks very serious and also proud, so it gives the picture an emotional depht. Wonderful work!

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