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Answering Your Questions About Photoshop CC

As Chief Customer Advocate for Digital Imaging products, I monitor our forums and social media communities to help our customers get the answers, tips and tools they need to be successful with our software. I’ll be keeping an eye out for inquiries from you, but the following are some questions I thought the Photoshop community, specifically might have.

Q: I’m a photographer, I only use Photoshop and don’t really need to use any other applications in Creative Cloud. What are my options if I just want Photoshop CC?

A: A Creative Cloud single-app membership is  available at a special introductory price of $9.99 per month (with an annual commitment) for our loyal customers who currently own Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS6. Offer available until July 31st, 2013 (terms and conditions).

Be sure to choose “Required CS3+ purchase” from the pop-up to see the $9.99 price:


A Photoshop CC single-app membership includes:

All the features originally found in Photoshop Extended, including support for 3D, and other measurement and analysis tools, plus:

  • New Photoshop CC features, like – Sync settings, camera shake reduction, intelligent upsampling, editable rounded rectangles, Adobe Camera Raw 8 (ACR8) improvements – including Automatic Upright and Advanced Healing Brush, as well as regular updates throughout the year.
  • Bridge CC – Now with HiDPI support for Mac hardware with Retina displays.
  • 20GB of cloud-based storage – Storage has been doubled from 10GB originally offered with Single app membership to 20GB.
  • Multi-device access – Ability to easily access and share your work on virtually any device.
  • Behance ProSite membership – A personal portfolio site builder that transforms a public Behance portfolio into a fully customized personal portfolio on your own URL. (Note: a Behance ProSite membership is normally $99 per year by itself)
  • Access to Creative Cloud Learn – Aggregating hundred of instructional videos from Adobe and our expert training partners as well as the home of Creative Voices, a new video series from Adobe showcasing industry professionals and how they turn inspiration & experimentation into cutting edge creative work.

Q: What if I use Photoshop and Lightroom?

 A: Currently, your best option is the Creative Cloud single-app membership for Photoshop CC and you can purchase Lightroom separately as a perpetual software license. We’ve heard there’s a lot of interest in a photographer’s bundle or photography cloud solution and we’re actively exploring offerings we can potentially create for you. We welcome your feedback around what you would like to see that fits your workflow needs.

Be sure to choose “Required CS3+ purchase” from the pop-up to see the $9.99 price:


Q: What are some other things that make Photoshop CC more convenient?


  • Regular feature updates – Feature updates are made available as soon as they’re ready. No more waiting every 18-24 months for one single, huge upgrade. This makes it possible to deliver features to respond to rapidly changing technology. See “Breaking from Tradition: Photoshop CC.” 
  • No serial numbers to keep track of and remember – You simply sign-in with your Adobe ID and password to activate your software.
  • No more lost activations – If you try and log into a new computer and you have reached your 2 activation limit, you can easily reset your activations (even for systems that have died) without having to contact customer service and support.
  • One-click installation – Install the lightweight Adobe Applications Manager to quickly download, install and launch your applications.
  • Cross-platform license – Install and use Photoshop on Mac or Windows on up to two of your personal computers at the same time.
  • Multi-language license – Install applications in any supported language.
  • SyncSettingsSync preferences and settings via Creative Cloud, so that the experience across all your machines is unified.

Q: Can I still buy a boxed/perpetual version of Photoshop?

A: Photoshop CS6 is still available for purchase as a perpetual software license, via electronic download from and authorized resellers. The Photoshop team will provide bug fixes and security updates for Photoshop CS6 while it is still available for purchase. New features and all the other Creative Cloud services, however, will not be added to Photoshop CS6. 

Adobe and authorized resellers are no longer selling boxed software, as the company has moved to delivering features and services on a more continuous basis via Photoshop CC. See “Breaking from Tradition: Photoshop CC.” 

Q: Will I be able to buy a boxed/perpetual version of Lightroom 5?

A: Lightroom 5 will be available for purchase as a perpetual software license, via electronic download from and authorized resellers. A boxed version of Lightroom 5 will be available from authorized resellers.

Q: If you’re going to continue selling Photoshop CS6, will I still get Camera Raw updates?

A:  Because Adobe is still selling Photoshop CS6, those customers will continue to receive updated file format compatibility via Adobe Camera Raw 8. When we update ACR8 with new camera support, Photoshop CS6 customers can work with the new version of the Camera Raw plug-in. No new features or functionality will be available in ACR to Photoshop CS6 customers as part of those updates. See Tom Hogarty’s post on “The Future of Adobe Camera Raw” for more details.

Q: Will Lightroom 5 be available from Creative Cloud?

A: When Lightroom 5 is officially released, it will be available for download and use from your Creative Cloud membership.

Q: I don’t want to run Photoshop in a web browser.

A: Creative Cloud doesn’t mean Photoshop CC is run in a web browser.  It is downloaded, installed and run locally on your computer just like all previous versions of Photoshop.

In this highly connected world, we want to build real-world solutions that bring you, your fellow collaborators and clients together in a truly seamless and meaningful way. The Creative Cloud allows us to expose you to a valuable creative network, deliver special services and a steady stream of new feature updates throughout the year.

Q: I don’t want to have to save all my files in the cloud.

A: You don’t have to save your files in the cloud. This is just another save location option. You can choose to save them locally, just like you always have. You also have the option to save and synchronize your files to Creative Cloud for back-up, access from other computers and devices, as well as for sharing work with clients and co-workers. If you have any concerns about security, see the FAQ on Creative Cloud security or the Creative Cloud Security FAQ for IT

Q: I don’t want to have to be online constantly to use my software.

A: You only have to be online to download and activate your software. Customers with an annual membership, who have provided a credit card to be used to renew their 12-month prepaid membership, will be able to use products for 3 months (99 days) when offline. Month-to-month customers will still need to validate every 30 days. The validation process is very lightweight and can be done over dial-up, tethered/connected to a mobile device, or at a wireless access point (public library, coffee shop, etc).

Q: I just bought Photoshop CS6. Can I return it and get Photoshop CC?

A: If you purchased from Adobe, we have a 30-day return policy Adobe products purchased elsewhere may only be returned to the seller from which the product was purchased, in accordance with that seller’s return policy, if any.

Q: I’m a student or teacher. Is there a discount on Creative Cloud for Students and Teachers?

A: Yes. Students & teachers (k-12 & university and college) who meet our eligibility guidelines enjoy discounts on Adobe software including Creative Cloud Complete memberships & Lightroom software from the Adobe Education Store.

Q: You haven’t answered my questions.

A: If you don’t find your answers above or in the Creative Cloud FAQ, feel free to leave your questions here in the comments and I’ll do my best to address them

On behalf of the product team, thanks for all of your valuable input, which helped us develop this new release!


– Jeff
Product Manager – Chief Customer Advocate – Digital Imaging
@jtranber on Twitter 

Additional Information

Photoshop CC news: 

Photoshop Product Page:

Photoshop CC Learning Resources:


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  • By Kyle Plattner - 12:04 PM on May 6, 2013  

    When I upgrade to Creative Cloud will I have to uninstall CS 6 and reinstall a new version?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 12:28 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Photoshop CS6 will work side by side when Photoshop CC is released. There is no reason to uninstall CS6.

      • By Kyle Plattner - 12:29 PM on May 6, 2013  

        But it will require me to redownload Photoshop?

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:05 PM on May 6, 2013  

          When CC comes out, you’ll get an update notice to download Photoshop CC.

      • By Wayne Bennett - 3:10 PM on May 22, 2013  

        If CS6 and CC can run side by side and I don’t have to uninstall CS6 what happens if I decide to not continue the monthly payments for CC and want to just go back to my paid version of CS6. Can I do that as the paid version is mine to do as I please as far as I know?

        Thank you,

        • By Lucas Dechow - 12:43 AM on June 6, 2013  

          I think you can just install CS6 if you decide not to use CC.
          The license will not be cancelled (as far as im told).

          They will still sell the boxed versions of CS6 for those who require the previous licensing.
          This is also a real treat if you work with like 3-4 computers. You can install CS6 on some of them, and then use CC on the ones you use for daily work.
          That’s what I’ll do at least.

          It’s not against the license to use the two different software’s as they are licensed for each collection of software versions.

      • By saurav - 7:52 PM on July 30, 2013  

        my photoshop cs6 is not working it is saying to buy it so what can i do…..

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  • By Alan Hubbard - 12:24 PM on May 6, 2013  

    When I go to sign up for an annual commitment to Photoshop – I’m seeing $19.99/month. I do own Cs6. I’m not seeing the $9.99 offfer- A Creative Cloud single-app membership is available at a special introductory price of $9.99 per month (with an annual commitment) for our loyal customers who currently own Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS6.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:12 PM on May 6, 2013  

      I updated the link. Choose “Required CS3+ purchase” from the pop-up. (see screenshot in post above)

      • By game bigone - 2:45 AM on May 7, 2013  

        Jeff, the offline time needs updating – the new CC FAQ says 180 days, not 99.
        tai ibig

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  • By Benjamin Timmins - 12:43 PM on May 6, 2013  

    Im having the same problem as Alan, no offer of 9.99 for current CS6 PS users.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 1:25 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Click on the [$19.99] button, then choose “Required CS3+ purchase” from the pop-up on the next screen.

      • By Benjamin Timmins - 3:17 PM on May 6, 2013  

        Im not getting that pop up….

        • By Benjamin Timmins - 3:25 PM on May 6, 2013  

          Hmm If I go to that link with safari, I get the option, but not with chrome. Weird.

          • By David - 5:35 PM on May 6, 2013  

            I had the same issue but only in chrome and only on one machine if two. I suspect there is a cache issue.
            You can see a screenshot at

  • By Thomas - 1:02 PM on May 6, 2013  


    I have Photoshop CS6 (box version) and as a photographer thats usually all I need. However, sometimes it might be usefull to have other Adobe applications (some I own from CS3).

    As far as I understand the information provided, I’ve to options (yearly subscription):

    a) Creative Cloud single-app membership for Photoshop CC (PS + Bridge only)
    $9,99/month (frist year), $24,59/month (second year and following)
    correct ?
    Or is it $9,99/month for following years, too ?

    b) Upgrade to Comple subscription with 40% discount (all Adpve products)
    $36,89/month (first year), $61,49/month (second year and following)
    correct ?
    Or is it $36,89/month for following years, too ?

    You mentioned that Photoshop CC will be available in June.
    Until when do I have to subscribe to the Creative Cloud to get the above mentioned offers? (meaning is there a deadline)


    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:17 PM on May 6, 2013  

      That’s correct. The promo prices are for the first year only.

      The offer expires July 31st, 2013.

      • By Thomas - 4:04 PM on May 7, 2013  


        I’m confused about the pricing of new CC subscriptions in EURO.
        Based on your exchange rate $9,99 is €12,29, $19,99 is €24,59.
        But by the official exchange rate $9,99 is about €7,64 and $19,99 is about €15,28. Thats a huge difference.
        Would you mind to explain this to me?

        As a photographer I just use PS. I’m really confused that, even you’ve this new single-app offer, the costs over time are massively increased from classic 18-24m update to current yearly CC costs.
        What is the reason for that?

        • By Thomas - 12:50 PM on May 8, 2013  

          Will I get a complete answer?

          • By Ira - 12:39 AM on May 11, 2013  

            Hi Thomas,
            seems strange that you won’ get any answer of them… maybe it’s too obvious that they can’t calculate a fair price for Europeans? Very embarrassing for them.

          • By 9inchnail - 4:46 AM on July 10, 2013  

            Wow, still no answer. It’s really a joke how drastically they increased the price for Europe and don’t even bother to comment and explain themselves. 10 Euros per month, that’s 120 per year and that’s 150 dollars that Europeans have to pay more. That is ridiculous.

          • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:16 AM on July 10, 2013  

            I’m not a finance/accounting person, but I can point you to this in the Creative Cloud FAQ ( ) that I’ve referenced above:

            Why is the value-added tax (VAT) that Adobe applies to my purchase different than my local tax rate?
            For Europe, Adobe charges a consistent Europe-wide VAT of 23%. As a company incorporated in Ireland, Adobe is required to charge the Irish VAT of 23% for sales on Note that for Europe, prices on are currently displayed inclusive of VAT.

            In 2015, the regulations are expected to change, and we’ll be able to charge VAT based on the customer’s location. For example, a UK customer will pay 20% VAT, a German customer 19% VAT, and so on.

  • By Ads - 1:06 PM on May 6, 2013  

    Thanks for hanging out perpetual licence people out to dry – you are in effect charging a perpetual monthly fee just to access my own files as there’s zero copatibility with other programs – I will not be downgrading to a subscription.

    BTW – how many coffee shops with free wireless do you think there are in Africa? For real wildlife photographers the creative cloud is utterly useless.

    Adobe’s loss – you wont be seeing another cent of my cash.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:46 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Hi Ads,

      If you read the the Creative Cloud FAQ, there’s a section in there about file compatibility with older versions:

      With Photoshop, we always try to maintain backwards compatibility with our file formats – allowing users to open the files with visual integrity and/or some level of edit-ability. PSDs can be saved with Maximum Compatibility such that almost any application can open them with full visual integrity. Raw files are of course read only, but DNGs are completely open and can store all the metadata edits done with our software, as well as a rendered/processed version of raw data.

      Do you live in Africa? Once you download and activate, you can work offline for up to 99 days (plus a 7 day grace) between needing to be online to validate your software. See this FAQ topic:

      – Jeff

      • By Ads - 5:38 PM on May 6, 2013  

        “allowing users to open the files with visual integrity and/or some level of edit-ability.”

        Key phrase being ‘some’ – ie adobe controls how much editability I have over my files if I stop my subscrption and go back to my perpetual version.

        “Do you live in Africa? Once you download and activate, you can work offline for up to 99 days (plus a 7 day grace) between needing to be online”

        My last Africa assignment was 6 months – most camps didn’t have electricity(I had to use the car to charge my laptop and batteries) let alone coffee shops with free wifi. Here’s a hint – REAL photographers aren’t hipster programmers hanging out in Starbucks as your staff seem to think we all are.

        This model is useless to wildlife and documentary photographers, no to mention being DOUBLE the price of current upgrades – and all with zero support.

        • By Ads - 12:12 AM on May 7, 2013  

          So do I get a reply Jeffrey or is it just ‘don’t do assignments in Africa’?

          • By PECourtejoie - 6:15 AM on May 7, 2013  

            Ads, I’ve seen an answer by an Adobe representative in another blog post, I think, that there is a special solution in that case. Do contact customer support, they can help you in this situation you are facing. Also, please understand that you are talking to messengers, and not necessarily the ones that decided this new distribution model.

          • By Ads - 1:03 PM on May 7, 2013  

            Have you ever tried to contact Adobe customer service? It is utterly abysmal in my experience, and whether I can use my software or not is totally dependent on Adobe granting me special permission – so I have to put my business in their hands – if they say no I’m screwed.

            Not to mention Adobe are effectively saying ‘people from Africa, we don’t want you as customers’

            PS – I don’t care that Jeff wasn’t pesonally responsible for this change – he and the other mods are simply ignoring legitimate concerns.

          • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 3:09 PM on May 7, 2013  

            Hi Ads, I’ve taken your feedback back to our team about the length of offline needed. Your scenario is something we should be able to support in the near future – and can provide an update once we enable that.

          • By Stushy - 9:26 AM on June 20, 2013  

            Additionally wouldn’t it just be easier to leave the old systems in place for people like Jeffery and Ads? Rather than have to make “special adjustments” for everyone? I don’t think you realize how many people just wont bother with your product when it’s less self-serve.

          • By wikiooz - 1:08 AM on August 4, 2016  

            I have Photoshop CS6 (box version) and as a photographer thats usually all I need. However, sometimes it might be usefull to have other Adobe applications (some I own from CS3).

            As far as I understand the information provided, I’ve to options (yearly subscription):

            a) Creative Cloud single-app membership for Photoshop CC (PS + Bridge only)
            $9,99/month (frist year), $24,59/month (second year and following)
            correct ?
            Or is it $9,99/month for following years, too ?

            b) Upgrade to Comple subscription with 40% discount (all Adpve products)
            $36,89/month (first year), $61,49/month (second year and following)
            correct ?
            Or is it $36,89/month for following years, too ?

            You mentioned that Photoshop CC will be available in June.
            Until when do I have to subscribe to the Creative Cloud to get the above mentioned offers? (meaning is there a deadline)


        • By Nathan - 7:53 AM on May 8, 2013  

          I second everything Ads said. Has Adobe looked into country firewalls around the world? What’s the solution for journalists working in North Korea or in the Middle East? If Lightroom goes down the same path as adobe cloud I’m going to have to rethink my aversions to Capture One. I think Adobe’s hipster programmers and decision makers need to get out of their sheltered Starbucks comfort zone and spend some time working in third world countries.

          • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:33 AM on May 8, 2013  

            Hi Nathan,

            Thanks for your feedback. How are you currently delivering your images to your publisher without internet access or behind firewalls in North Korea and the Middle East? What’s the typical length of time you’re on assignment without internet access or VPN access to the US?

            – Jeff

          • By Rokvet - 7:30 PM on May 8, 2013  

            He’s got a real good point. What about those of us who are military photographers on assignment for 6 months to a year in places like S. America or the Middle East; behind enemy lines. Should we just use the sat phones to gain access and possibly give away our positions?

          • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 9:49 AM on May 9, 2013  

            Hi Rokvet, Government and Enterprise Licensing allows for special circumstances like the one you describe. Let me know if you need more information.

          • By Stushy - 9:24 AM on June 20, 2013  

            I’d like to agree with some of the above discontent on this new ridiculous system, to think everyone that has continual internet access is totally assine. I’m so upset I don’t have real words to articulate the way I feel. other than angry. Somewhere about you said that “Photographers, particularly photo-enthusiasts, are looking for a more tailored offering that focuses on their particular needs.” I love that you’r tailoring a program used by pros for may years to the “photo enthusiasts” What the heck?? Sounds like an excuse to drop the bar on quality or content. Also There is no longer an option for the student rate on the desk top version. I guess I’ll be shopping for another program to use or dropping back to my elements 5.0 hahaha at least it’s not a continual drain on my bank account.

            For the record this I tried your version of CS6 and loved the RAW features, got excited to buy it at a student price and when my trial was up all of those options were gone, Just frustrating.

          • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:29 PM on June 20, 2013  

            Hi Stushy, per the article above, you do *not* need continual internet access. You can work offline for over 3 months at a time.

            You can still purchase CS6 Student & Teacher edition here:


          • By game biet kich Mobile - 11:13 PM on June 11, 2016  

            I don’t know if I’m even on the right page to find an answer to this question but I need to ask it somewhere.

            I am an animator/illustrator living in Los Angeles. I am between jobs right now and income is not that fantastic. Keeping an eye on every dollar. I maintained a Creative Cloud membership for a year at 29.99 a month but opted not to sign up for a following year.

          • By noyer - 8:17 AM on December 12, 2016  

            great point, thanks

  • By Gavin - 1:08 PM on May 6, 2013  

    If one ownes CS6, and they take up the $9-99 CC offer for 12 months, and then decide they do not use the software often enough and wish to stop using CC. Will they be able to still use their version of CS6 ( understandably without the cc functions)? Also will the price automatically increase after the ‘year’ special offer?

    • By mike chambers - 1:48 PM on May 6, 2013  

      If one ownes CS6, and they take up the $9-99 CC offer for 12 months, and then decide they do not use the software often enough and wish to stop using CC. Will they be able to still use their version of CS6 ( understandably without the cc functions)? Also will the price automatically increase after the ‘year’ special offer?

      You would still be able to use CS6.

      After a year of the promotion price, it goes to the standard prive.

      Hope that helps…

      mike chambers

      • By Thomas - 7:41 AM on May 8, 2013  

        What about the files which I’ve created with a future CC product (e.g. In three years). I cannot save all files duplicted in CS6 format for backward compatibility.
        What does mean “some level of edit-abiltiy” exactly? This is verry unspecific.
        However, if I have a PSD with a lots of work … With the classic CS6 I can still open it in five years with may CS6 with full edit-capability. With CC, when I stop subscription in three years, I’m not longer able to open and edit it (without limitation) in five years again. I must more or less do all work again.
        The new subscription model restricts me in use of my work done and intelectual property created with PS CC after I discontinue the subscription. That sounds a little bit like robbery.

        • By Phil - 7:28 AM on May 15, 2013  

          Tom, that was always the case. By limited the carpetbaggers at Adobe probably mean that if you try to edit a file in CS6 then understandably it will not be able to read or act upon a treatment/filter/ process performed in a newer version. This has always been the case and should be understood.

          • By Thomas - 4:20 PM on May 31, 2013  

            Hi Phil,
            do we talk on the same?
            From the past I’ve still the boxed product. E.g. all PSD files which I’ve created with CS3 I can always open in future with my CS3 software on CD with unlimited functionality as by CS3 .
            When I create a PSD with CC & stop paying I cannot open such a file unlimited in future as I will not have any running software product in future.

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  • By Bob - 1:40 PM on May 6, 2013  

    Overall, from what I’ve seen, this doesn’t appear to be a good deal for photographers that only use LR and PS. I think I’ll hold off and see if they come up with a more reasonable deal. $20/month for PS and LR I might consider, but not $20/month for Photoshop.

    BTW, almost everyone else has a discount for paying for the subscription once a year rather than billing monthly. It doesn’t seem like Adobe does.

    Overall, the cloud licensing doesn’t appeal to me. It might be time to start looking at some of the alternative software verndors.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:36 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Hi Bob,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Did you see the deal for Photoshop for $9.99 for existing customers?:

      We’ve heard there’s a lot of interest in a photographer’s bundle or photography cloud solution and we’re actively exploring offerings we can potentially create for you. I appreciate your feedback around what you would like to see that fits your workflow needs. Hopefully we can put something together for you that would fit your needs in terms of the right products, right services for the right price for photographers.


      – Jeff

      • By James Conner - 3:07 PM on May 6, 2013  

        I’m a bit confused on the single app price. Above, you indicate $10 per month for an owner of Photoshop CS6. But the link you provide says $20 per month.

        Even $10 per month adds up fast for some of us on a fixed income. I’ve used Photoshop since 2.5.1, and now use CS6. Some of the new features in CC — camera shake compensation, improved smart sharpening, improved upsampling — look attractive, and getting the features in Extended is a bonus, but the subscription pricing model — the perpetual payment model — strikes me as a burden.

        (As for Lightroom, well, I’ve tried it and find it cumbersome and hard to work with.)

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 3:21 PM on May 6, 2013  

          Choose “Required CS3+ purchase” from the pop-up to see the $9.99 price. (see screenshot in post above)

          • By Phil Hawkins - 3:29 PM on May 7, 2013  

            Jeff, how is the average person not reading this blog supposed to know about the $9.99 deal if it’s not in the first glance of the plans page? Clearly, you are not being forthright in disclosing all the options for long-time existing customers. It has the appearance of being hidden from view unless you ask about it point-blank, contributing to the appearance of Adobe not caring about existing customers.

          • By krt - 9:33 AM on May 8, 2013  

            Jeffery – can PS not offer some kind of something for us poor amateurs who don’t do photography for a Business but still love all the workings of the CS ones!! i Love PS, but can’t afford it and don’t Need it per say since i don’t make any money off of it! is PS really Only interested in professionals???
            i have had LR 3 for a long time, but still haven’t figured out a lot of it and i like my Old elements 7 better than the new one i did a trial on.
            if there was something priced more reasonably for us (and no, elements is Too basic… why can’t we have all the good stuff too) – if prices were where we could afford them, then i am betting you would see a lot less stealing – there would be no need to and you would be selling a LOT more!!! me and a bunch of my friends would buy it today, so i Know there is a bigger market if i know so many just in my circle of friends.

      • By Tony Bennett - 3:20 PM on May 6, 2013  

        Jeff, you can sugar coat this any way you want and describe it as how you are helping creatives connect with their customers in a more creative way, but you are going to lose lots of customers. During the busy months many of us wouldn’t mind the monthly fee but when the lean months come we MUST cut back on as much as possible. That’s why many of us will find some way around this by not using your product.

        • By David - 5:44 PM on May 6, 2013  

          The entry price to Photoshop extended after a 30day trial was $900. Ill be willing to bet there were more people that couldn’t afford to even consider a legal copy of photoshop than there are people who will stop using it because of this model.

          • By Mark - 7:40 PM on May 6, 2013  

            After about 3 years of renting PhotoShop via CC until you will actually be paying MORE for it than if you bought a perpetual license. How is this even remotely a good deal?

          • By PECourtejoie - 11:55 PM on May 6, 2013  

            (Replying to Mark) if you bought the perpetual license, at the end of your case, you would have a Photoshop version that’s three years behind, (think especially about the evolution pace of Camera Raw) while going the cloud route gives you constant upgrades, a portfolio, 20 Gb of online storage that can be used to share files, have assets available everywhere, and whatever will be added later…

          • By Don Quinn - 6:30 AM on May 10, 2013  

            (Replying to PECourtejoie) 3 years behind what? Most users do not need the latest/greatest to do their work. Some users in my company are still running CS2. The lack of the users’ need to stay current is why Adobe is forcing the subscription model.

            You want the “current”? Adobe can’t handle the “current”! 🙂 They are killing off Fireworks and they still have not been able to add PNG8 with alpha transparency to Photoshop.

          • By Chelsea - 10:59 AM on May 11, 2013  


            Some of us don’t mind being 3 years behind. I’m an illustrator who works digitally in Photoshop. I don’t need every single cutting-edge feature in every new release, typically the brushes and other tools that have suited me fine for years already will continue to do so. I don’t like being forced into ugrades I don’t want, for a higher price than I would otherwise be paying to upgrade at my own pace.

            It’s essentially like an art supply store telling you: “You can’t buy a paintbrush from us, but you can rent one! And we’ll charge you to buy a new one every year whether you really need a new one or not! Isn’t that great?”

            I don’t understand why Adobe feels the need to limit us to subscription-only as opposed to offering options, unless they’re trying to milk more money out of those of us who don’t upgrade as often as they’d like.

        • By Keith - 8:17 AM on May 7, 2013  

          For those not up for the coming trend, what’s wrong with using your current version? As a Ps instructor & Ps User Group Manager I’ll be using the new option – just so I’ll know & can assist/teach others.

        • By Barry M - 10:19 PM on July 10, 2013  

          I have arrived at the point (also reflected by many) that for over 20 years I have bought, up-graded and used Adobe products. I really miss the days whereby the purchase of software contained 1 CD, Tutorial CD/DVD, hard copy manual (Great to get an overview and understanding without having to be attached to a screen.
          I did an assignment in Timor-Leste a few years ago, …. No POWER most of the time! “Cloud with little control” I’m not keen! Perhaps something Sub-Cloud would work better, … Carrier Pigeon…..?

          I have spent the last two weeks re-configuring my file protocols in readiness to a complete switch away from Adobe.

          I will watch closely to see the final Adobe decision/offers and the ramifications.

          I have spend quite some time and resources researching alternatives and if Adobe force me to switch, (learn a new work-flow and SW package) like most I expect, I would never trust and therefore never consider returning to the house of Adobe.

          I expect that most of us that disembark will find a new vessel that will be very happy with the influx and I would expect that the new provider will do It’s utmost to retain this unexpected increase in their revenue. (Just like Adobe did in the early days in their climb to number one.

          If you look historically at dominant business at the top of their markets, it just takes one big bad decision, ….. and down they come.

          Will the result of myself and a bunch of others leaving the flock topple the House of Adobe? Not in the least, however, it will give the other providers the impetus and a clear focus to attack which “Will” be felt.

          As I said, I may wait a little longer to see an outcome either way, however, I’m not going to wait all day! “A poor decision is better than none as direction coupled with movement can be adjusted.

          Barry M Australia

      • By Jeremy - 12:13 PM on May 9, 2013  

        I’d also like to see a bundle similar to the current Design Standard Suite. I only use Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator and Acrobat. Even with the introductory rate for the first year, it’s way more money with the subscription. Why should I pay $50 when I only need 4 of the apps? The CC subscription is very unappealing to Pro-Hobbyists like myself!

      • By somay - 4:28 PM on September 1, 2013  

        Adobe are greedy and robbing customers..the worst customer service in the world, impossible to get thru.
        no respect for customers.
        I am disgusted with subscription only.
        I hope that all your CC software is pirated and cracked all over the world. Nothing lasts forever and Adobe are assisting in their own demise by ripping off customers so blatantly. Look at Apple, sliding fast into the abysss vs Samsung.
        A new company is going to invent a new photo editing program which will be affordable and will kill Adobe and i for one will be onside with them, i might even help it all happen.
        So Jeff, instead of all your clever answers how about getting Adobe to listen to their customers and do what THEY want, not just what Adobe want to make billions of dollars. If your customers hate you, they will not pay.

    • By PECourtejoie - 6:21 AM on May 7, 2013  

      Bob, the price that is shown is the reduce price for a yaear of subscription. There is a month to month option that is costs more for a single month. (So yes, you are seeing a promotional price)

    • By Cheryl - 8:12 PM on May 12, 2013  

      Not a good deal? Photoshop had an approximate 18 month life before a new version came out. CS6 cost $700.00 and extended is $1,000.00 (you get extended in the cloud) Upgrading from Standard 5 to 6 is $200.00. Upgrading Extended is $400.00. 18 mo of Extended in the cloud cost $240.00 (12 mo at $10.00 + 6 mo at $20.00). There is nothing to say a new version would be the same pricing so only you can determine if $240 – $360 is fair. But you get more than just PS and you get constant updates of features that you would have to wait and buy a new version to get.

      I’m not a fan of a monthly outlay myself but that is easier for a lot of people than coughing up $700 – $2500 new purchase and $200 – ?? for an upgrade – depending on the product. People pissing and moaning and threatening to take their business elsewhere isn’t going to change Adobe’s mind. Look around – Office 360, Corel etc. Everyone is going to the cloud model. CD drives are going the way of 5″ floppies. The future is passing you by – you can grab on or eat dust.

      • By Phil - 7:46 AM on May 15, 2013  

        Cheryl, how long have you been working for Adobe? I consider myself a pro-Amateur as I use CS2 at work (I work in a large International corp’s it dept and do a lot of training and PAO work). I also have a side business restoring/retouching photos. CS6 fits my needs wonderfully while CS2 at work just makes things harder but works.

        Maybe you need to wake up and smell the roses, this rent-a-software hustle rankles approximately 90% of Adobe’s user base.

        It’s ashame that Adobe, who historically has listened to its user’s needs and wish lists should go down this road. Are they really hurting for money or is it just corporate /stockholder greed?

  • […] And f you have questions, Jeff Tranberry provides answers in this FAQ – for Photoshop and Lightroom Customers. […]

    • By ashraafi - 7:09 AM on November 25, 2016  

      This is much helped me to solve my problem myself well. thank you

  • By Jon Alper - 2:31 PM on May 6, 2013  

    Adobe seems hell bent to force their users into subscription licensing. As the cost of high quality software drops everywhere else and with it, better and more customer friendly piracy controls, Adobe would do well to remember how they bested Quark. They did it not, at first, with a superior product but with superior treatment of their customers.

    Because Quark’s customers were so alienated by Quark’s customer hostility customers were willing to switch to the, at the time, obviously inferior InDesign.

    Adobe is on the road to becoming the “new Quark” and it will be interesting to see what products evolve to make Adobe as marginal in the future as Quark is now.

    Flying Meat (with whom I have no affiliation) makes a very nice image editor I won’t name or link to from here out of deference to Adobe being the owner of this blog.

    – Jon

  • By Ads - 2:32 PM on May 6, 2013  

    So no replies if you are critical of forcing people onto subscriptiona then?

  • […] on releases feature updates regularly – “as soon as they’re ready,” an FAQ on the changes read – meaning customers won’t have to sit with an old bit of software […]

  • By Rachel - 3:08 PM on May 6, 2013  

    I see a lot of talking about Photoshop and the like…are you forcing video professionals into the cloud as well? Will I no longer be able to buy a perpetual license of Premiere Pro and AfterEffects? Please don’t force me back to using Final Cut!

    • By Caroling Geary - 8:25 AM on May 10, 2013  

      I don’t get the whole cloud economic idea. Sure it makes it easier for Adobe software developers to write basically one big code base. But that efficiency and cost savings should be passed on to users. Why should I have to pay for the apps I don’t need? Computers are terrifically smart and could figure out the ratio of the apps used to the total apps in the cloud. What about seniors? Baby boomers are retiring and will be computer graphics smart, but they don’t have commercial needs or budget. That is me. I use Dreamweaver for the web, Premiere Pro and After Effects for video, Flash to support my previous addiction, and Photoshop since 1991. Bridge is essential too. That’s it. The rest is clutter. That’s my complaint. My question is does the cloud have a trial period, say in a year or when I feel I might desperately need new features?

      • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:13 PM on May 10, 2013  

        Hi Caroling,

        Creative Cloud does have a trial period. You can start up a free 30-day trial in a year, or whenever you feel the need to try out new features that are released.

        – Jeff

  • By bill wakeley - 3:11 PM on May 6, 2013  

    I use nik software plug ins amoung others, will they work with cc

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 3:22 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Hi Bill, yes, your plug-ins should work with Photoshop CC when it’s released, but check with NIK in case they do an update for compatibility reasons.

  • […] EDIT: Here is a rather nice comprehensive FAQ about how the new Adobe structure is going to effect us. Click to read. […]

  • By bill wakeley - 3:15 PM on May 6, 2013  

    What about ps elements, is it part of all this

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 3:25 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Elements is the same as Lightroom. Photoshop Elements will be available for purchase as a perpetual software license, via electronic download from and authorized resellers.

      • By Greg Allen - 11:37 PM on May 7, 2013  

        Just as a note to pass on then: I know multiple users of Photoshop. Several of them are pros. We were all discussing this topic since yesterday. Not one of them is going to go with the new subscription model. One said he’ll just use his PS 5 version until it stops working one day and the others say they’ll switch to Elements and just add third party plugins to it to add whatever features they need.

        Short of it: Elements is going to cause Adobe to LOSE money on this new system, and if you try to cannibalize Elements in retaliation of it, folks will just switch to other offerings from other software makers.

        If you stuck with the $9.99 per month plan you’d possible get a lot more people to sign over… but that, “After the first year it doubles” bit… sorry.. you lost me, too.

        • By Howard - 3:26 AM on May 8, 2013  


          I totally agree, this a money grab by Adobe. Luckily there is a free(ish) market still and competitors will step up to offer more attractive deals. Adobe may think they own the digital photography world. They do not, and if I have to I’ll use The GIMP!

      • By Chelsea - 11:07 AM on May 11, 2013  

        It would be prudent of Adobe to keep Photoshop as one of the perpetual license programs. Why these ones and not PS? What is the distinction?

        Freelance illustrators using Photoshop don’t need yearly upgrades the way a Flash games studio might require the latest version of the software. The majority of people I’ve seen unhappy with this decision are fellow freelancers (illustrators and photographers). You guys need to take a closer look at your customer base to see what your customers really want and need, and reconsider this decision.

        Unless this is just about milking more money out of us who prefer not to upgrade as often, in which case, I am perfectly happy to search for an alternative solution that doesn’t require a monthly subscription just to create my digital art.

  • By Tony Bennett - 3:15 PM on May 6, 2013  

    I will NEVER pay a monthly fee for Photoshop. Not going to happen EVER. Cannot wait until you change back to the way you were doing it before. You will lose lots of customers over this. If you are having problems with theft then you need to require a dongle or figure some other way around the security.

    • By krt - 8:58 AM on May 8, 2013  

      i have wanted cs6 for a very long time, but am Just an amateur who wants to do more with my pix. i have struggled to get to a point i could afford it, but i certainly cannot afford $20/m !!
      i have LR 4 that is complicated to learn! and an elements that i haven’t been able to find my licensing key for for ages, since i bought it over 10 yrs ago when i only had one computer anyway and that computer isn’t one i ever use due to so little RAM
      it is my opinion that if adobe ps were not so money hungry and charging sooooo much in the first place, there would be More people getting it Legally and stealing would greatly decrease because then the simple folks like me would be Able to afford it in the first place!! i know Lots of people that would Jump on getting it at a REASONABLE price. seems to me they don’t really care about anyone But the ‘professionals’ as the Only people i know with any of the CS ones are ones that have a business in photography. please make us poor amateurs an offer!!!!!!!

      • By Chelsea - 11:10 AM on May 11, 2013  

        It’s not just the amateurs. I’m a professional digital artist, but I’m a freelancer. I don’t have the software budget of a large company. I can afford to buy a version of PS once every few years, but this subscription plan would potentially double my costs to use this software. This is just not a viable business model for many freelancers.

        • By Phil - 7:51 AM on May 15, 2013  

          Chelsea, Isn’t it amazing how Adobe is trying to sell this as a cost effective deal?

  • By Tony Bennett - 3:22 PM on May 6, 2013  

    Here’s another scenario for you Jeff. I have a studio that does not have internet or even a phone line. What am I supposed to do about using Photoshop CC? The reason for not having internet is to keep from having a recurring payment, just like what Adobe is doing with this CC.

    • By Pete Green - 4:15 PM on May 6, 2013  

      There are ways to get past the activation if a computer is offline.

  • By Tony Bennett - 3:26 PM on May 6, 2013  

    Jeff, another scenario. I have CS6 but have two of my most used plugins on CS5 and CS4. One of those is Lucis which many of us use. Now you know I’m not making this up because many photogs use Lucis. How are we supposed to make this CC work without an internet connection? Wrong Jeff. I cannot wait to hear Adobe walk this stupid CC strategy back.

    • By Pete Green - 4:16 PM on May 6, 2013  

      You don’t need an always on internet connection to work with Photoshop CC. Once activated you are free to use it offline.

      • By Tony Bennett - 5:06 PM on May 6, 2013  

        I’m not a hipster creative and don’t hang out in coffee shops. Adobe is forcing us into this model without any other choice except purchasing CS6. Then they will dangle new features that are only available in the cloud to try and force us into choosing CC. Not going to happen here. I’m taking bets with other photogs on how soon Adobe changes course and doesn’t force us into CC. I cannot wait for them to eat crow. Just make a superior product and stop trying to screw those of us who use this software for our business and livelihood.

  • By Bob - 3:26 PM on May 6, 2013  

    So let me get this right…

    You want to charge ~$20/mo for a subscription when purchasing an annual license, or $30/mo for a month-to-month license?

    To upgrade Photoshop from one version to another on the old “perpetual license” system, it was ~$200, and this occurred every 18-24 months.

    $200 / 18 = ~$11/mo to have a perpetual license for Photoshop, after the initial investment of purchasing the original copy.

    So, basically, you’ve doubled the cost to loyal users who have been using this product for a longer period of time and would want to upgrade.

    This makes perfect since. Piss off enough customers with a subscription license that they’ll bail as loyal customers, but raise the prices enough to compensate for that loss of revenue stream. Smart move, Adobe!

    • By Cindy Farr-Weinfeld - 5:49 AM on May 8, 2013  

      Well, Bob, Ads, Tony and others have eloquently said all of the things that I feel about this creative fog debacle, so I won’t belabor the point. This would make using PS impossible for me to use, as I only purchase every other version of PS which used to cost me approximately $100/yr with my husband’s educational discount. Now my costs would more than double, which I WILL NOT be doing. I will purchase CS6 while I can most likely and use it until it is incompatible with whichever camera I have newly purchased in the future, and then, thanks to Adobe’s supreme shortsightedness, I will look elsewhere to the aforementioned less-expensive competition. So shocked that this is how Adobe pays back our years of monetary support of their wonderful products.

    • By Thomas - 12:59 PM on May 9, 2013  

      Bob, additionally you have to take into account that if you stop paying for the CC subscription you will have NOTHING. All your files created with CC you will never be able to open and edit (without limitations).
      In the past with the classic update you had still the software running on your computer. Still able to open and edit all your files.

      So, Adobe doubles the price and after stop paying leaves you with NOTHING.

    • By Barry M - 10:42 PM on July 10, 2013  

      Very good point Bob. I have no doubt Adobe has a bunch of very good Code writers. However, Their Accounting Department failed basic Math and certainly didn’t major in the Bleedin-Obvious!

      I read years ago an article on the amount of Pirate copies of PS on computers. I don’t remember the figures, however, If all those folks just paid $1/month Not $9 or 20 Just $1 I would expect that Adobe’s bottom line would increase substantially.

      The way I see it: Lots of Little is greater than nothing of Big.

  • By Pamela Mullins - 3:32 PM on May 6, 2013  

    I just upgraded on May 1st to the $19.99/month for Photoshop. I’ve been an Adobe client for years. What is the difference between the $9.99/month and the $19.99/month? Can I get the introductory cost?

    • By Pete Green - 4:30 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Hi Pamela,

      Could you post on our Adobe Facebook page so the team can pick up the post and assist you?

      Alternatively, you could work with our twitter account @adobe_care … Reach out to either spot and we’ll look into the pricing adjustment.
      Whichever is easier for you.


      • By Pamela Mullins - 4:41 PM on May 6, 2013  

        Thank you. I love your products and am looking for to Creative Cloud.

  • By Michele - 3:38 PM on May 6, 2013  

    What if you have no version of PS and want to purchase CS6 at the student/teacher price? Can’t find it anywhere on your site only to purchase CC. I have 0 interest in CC. By the way, you might want to screen your “chat” people better…Morph didn’t even know what CS6 was! Took forever to respond also!

    • By Lena - 4:08 PM on May 6, 2013  

      All links seem to go the CC already.

      If CC has been such a success why not give people the last chance to buy or/and upgrade to CS6? I was debating whether to upgrade from CS5 a few hours ago, because I had a premonition that something like this was going to happen after reading the news about new features that were only going to be available in CC. Though I didn’t expect such a total ambush and so quickly.

      Shame on you, Adobe. Even if the CC-only move was inevitable, there were MUCH better ways to do it. You must have been drinking your own Kool-aid if you haven’t noticed how many customers you have upset and angered with this move.

      • By Pete Green - 5:10 PM on May 6, 2013  
        • By Lena - 4:43 AM on May 7, 2013  

          Thank you, Pete, I really appreciate it. I couldn’t find that link anywhere on the site yesterday.

          I loved my Photoshop, but I’m not interested in subscription. Especially if it cost almost double now as it had for an upgrade in the past (every 18-20 months) and you are left with absolutely nothing if you unsubscribe. Now *this* is something that will make it a deal breaker for many people.

          It’s a moot point now, but I think it could have been handled much much better. If you had made the CC more appealing and either comparable in price for a normal 18-20 months upgrade if left with nothing when people unsubscribe (still a bad move, I think), or the price would double (like it did now) but people would be able to keep some kind of version of the software (minus the most innovating tools/bells and whistles or even any updates) if they unsubscribed. It would have given people an incentive to subscribe again. Leaving them with absolutely nothing after all the money they paid into the system will only make them bitter and looking for alternative.

          This IS a great opportunity for other companies to fill the gap that Adobe has left.

    • By Pete Green - 5:11 PM on May 6, 2013  
  • By Torgeir Bull - 3:55 PM on May 6, 2013  

    Why try to stop piracy with a cloud based system? Almost everyone I know that uses Adobe products legally and professionally learned them by using a pirated version, either as a kid, a student, or a poor creative person wanting to work as a designer one day. I think you’ll start to feel the consequences in 5-7 years..

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:15 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Creative Cloud isn’t simply about stopping piracy. It’s about being able to deliver features on an ongoing basis and connect Photoshop to the cloud to enable new workflows.

      • By Rich F - 8:59 PM on May 6, 2013  

        Stopping piracy is laudable goal. But don’t do it by effectively doubly your prices to your current customers. Why doesn’t Adobe commit to holding the $10/month price for current CS6 (CS x) customers for 5 years – as long as we remain current.

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 9:35 PM on May 6, 2013  

          Hi Rich, Thanks for the feedback. I personally thing a price lock-in is a good idea. It’s something I’ve proposed internally. I’ll pass along your support for this idea.

          • By Ray - 5:20 AM on May 7, 2013  

            I second or third the request for a $9.99 multi year subscription for owners of the prior versions. I started using Photoshop in CS3 and have upgraded each release. I debated on the last upgrade but there were a few bells and whistles that made it worthwhile. I do not believe I have ever paid $240 (annualized) for an upgrade. With this plan, you are in effect paying $360 for the equivalent upgrade which, again as mentioned is usually 18+ months. I do see that initially Adobe has added a few nice features in the CC version of Photoshop but there is no guarantee we get anything additional functionality of value. There probably will be some nice features added over the next 18 months, but at least we knew what we were purchasing when we upgraded to a new version under the old model.

            It appears to me that the professional or heavy user of Photoshop will not have any problems this pricing but for the majority of enthusiast I think $240 a year is asking too much. Let’s face it, most of what is in the product has been developed over the years and is present in CS 6. What we are getting for $240 a month is only the new features. Is that worth the $240 a month? That is up to each of us to decide, but I am not getting caught up in that routine. Will the third party software continue to work? Will these companies remain viable if Adobe falters in their CC model?

            Maybe most of the dissatisfied people will find out that they can get an alternate product for one or two months payment to Adobe and that product will suffice. I believe many people on the margin who do not require all the features of PS CC will migrate. To me it is a simple choice.

          • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 3:15 PM on May 7, 2013  

            Ray, thanks for the feedback. I’ll relay your support of price lock-in. I think it’s a great idea – and one that I’ve proffered in the past since I’ve heard the common concern that Adobe raise monthly rates in the future.

          • By Chelsea - 11:23 AM on May 11, 2013  

            While I am still not thrilled at the notion of being forced into paying for upgrades before I might want them with this model, the lower price would at least allow it to make a bit more sense for me.

            The 19.99 monthly price is something to balk at for small freelancers, seeing as I never paid that much annually to own PS in the past.

      • By Jack Johnson - 10:31 AM on May 8, 2013  

        Just an observation – the technical issue of updating products more frequently is not the same as the business model issue of recurring revenue. In other words, Adobe could have made the next version of Photoshop et al able to auto-update, store data in the cloud, etc. without switching to a subscription model.

        The two most common business goals stated for moving to a SaaS or cloud-linked platform are recurring revenue and elimination of piracy. Claiming it is being done to accomplish unrelated technical goals seems disingenuous to me.

        – Jack

      • By Barry M - 11:12 PM on July 10, 2013  

        Jeffrey, .. If you have looked at my previous answers and comments you will have a better understanding of my perspective. (Not too unlike many)

        Answer this please if you will: Why is it that I get the distinct feeling that Adobe is following the Apple iTunes model here.

        Lock us in, then charge a premium for being loyal. That mind-set only takes hold when you take your customer base for granted!

        A few years ago, I purchased an iTouch with the view of using it as an external storage device for an OS trip. On the flight to East Timor I fond to my horror that Apple has disabled this device from being used as a storage device! Everything else had to go through iTunes!!! The last straw.

        I arrived back in the office two weeks later and issued instructions to close 122 apple accounts. No further apple device will ever enter our facility.

        I doubt that the executive of large organizations that have failed could even identify “their last straw”? ….Sincerely Barry M

  • By Gene F. - 3:57 PM on May 6, 2013  

    I already own Photoshop CS6 Windows, but the 9.99 offer is great and I’ve grabbed it. Now I can use my two activations on my Mac and PC without buying and maintaining two licenses, and if for some odd reason I need the interface in a different language, I do not need another license. $120 is a great deal, and even $20 is not bad. I will have ample time to see how it goes for me as a single home user.

    Thanks from a CS6 customer.


    • By Pete Green - 5:13 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Hi Gene,

      The Cloud licenses are multi-platform and multi-language.
      CreativeCloud is available in a number of languages. See the full list here:

  • […] on releases feature updates regularly – “as soon as they’re ready,” an FAQ on the changes read – meaning customers won’t have to sit with an old bit of software […]

  • By Bruce Multhup - 4:06 PM on May 6, 2013  

    Well Adobe I use photoshop this new set up is really bad. I am going to Capture One. GOOD BY!!

  • By Phil D - 4:18 PM on May 6, 2013  

    Hi adobe,

    You’ve lost so much respect on this. There’s a mass of people for the first time looking at alternatives.

    I’ve always been a fan of adobe but you’ve lost 15 years of loyalty in a move which benefits you without benefitting me. And yes I’ve read all about it and am aware of the special deal to placate us. However I’m able to think more than 12 months into the future.

    I’d like to read you the dictionary definition of advocate, which is in your job title:

    “1. a person who speaks or writes in support or defense of a person, cause, etc. (usually followed by of): an advocate of peace.
    2. a person who pleads for or in behalf of another; intercessor.”

    As the customer advocate, will you be looking into the complaints from the mass of customers who have already come forward to say they *hate* this move?! Or is it just a title which is meant to sound good?

    A soon to be ex-adobe user.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 3:22 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Hi Phil D,

      Sorry you feel that way. If you knew me and what I do here on a daily basis, you probably wouldn’t be so quick to attack my personal character based on a company policy made at a level much higher than mine.

      • By John Hoskison - 1:54 AM on May 8, 2013  

        “Don’t blame me” is not a defence here. Sounds like the old ” I was only following orders” defence. Whilst we appreciate that those higher than you made this stupid decision – it was also those higher than you that created your post and job title. They obviously either wanted a proper customer advocate i.e. the “voice of the customer into the business” or simply to buy credibility by pretending the customer view counted.

      • By Phil D - 3:12 AM on May 8, 2013  

        Hi Jeffrey,

        I actually do appreciate your reply. Sadly it’s not just how I feel but the thousands of others.

        I guess my feelings towards Adobe as a company have changed vastly just in a few days. I had a largely neutral view of the company and a positive view of the software but now I have an overly cynical view and a desire to break free, but still would prefer to use the software if I don’t see a problem in the future.

        When customers are taken for fools, this tends to happen, and we have clearly been taken for fools. Believing that we wouldn’t see the price increase due to a low introductory price or the significant negatives to our business models for renting software proves this to me.

        It tend to happen with corporations at times – they build a monopoly, try to exploit it and then tumble. I can’t think of any situation where an exploitation of a monopoly has actually worked since people simply won’t be boxed in. They’ll find a new way.

        If I’m honest yesterday I was feeling extremely angry and bitter and apologise for my overly personal comments, although they were actually directed towards Adobe as a company rather than you.

        Today I just feel sad because something which I believed has turned out to not be true – I believed Adobe was a reasonable and fair company. I was happy to continue to pay my £200 every 2-3 years even if PS didn’t contain anything particularly new for me since I believe(d), as a company, you should exist and were doing fine work. For that reason you deserved some of my money.

        As an example of my recent change of heart, I adopted DNG a month ago. I’ve now moved away from that out of fear for my future business model and options. I now consider Adobe to be a threat, rather than an ally. That’s a significant shift in a small amount of time.

        If Adobe would like to gain me (and everyone else) back as loyal customers, we need to be shown loyalty in return. However I’ll never see Adobe in the same way again. One bitten, twice shy is very true, if a cliche.


        • By Frank - 1:09 AM on May 9, 2013  

          I see that I am just one of the many who share the desperation, frustration, agony and total disappointment of this Adobe move. I have been using the CS since version 3, upgrading to CS5 and then, recently, CS6 MC. I am stuck with a feeling of being utterly betrayed by a company which software I have come to love and respect. As many in here have written, Adobe is now taking advantage of a de-facto monopoly. I will, as many others, now look for alternative software as I vill NOT be a subscriber at an insanely high price.

          • By Frank - 1:19 AM on May 9, 2013  

            Sorry, Phil D., I meant to make a general comment, and then comment on your comment, which I believe, sums up the essence of the problem very accurately.

      • By Chelsea - 11:27 AM on May 11, 2013  

        In Jeff’s defense, customer service rarely has much input at all in these sorts of decisions. They take a lot of abuse for things they can do little about. He really is just a messenger. Hopefully he will be able to pass our messages onto the people who can do something about this, and we can only hope those people listen.

      • By Adolf Adobe - 3:29 AM on June 29, 2013  

        Hey Clown,

        Your entire company has SUCKED since the CS4 release, and I couldn’t believe what an abomination it was. I could waste plenty of time going over its HORRIBLE BUGS, but I did use Photoshop and After Effects. Fact is, I could go back to CS3 if necessary. I don’t need your hack Extended 3D garbage. If I want 3D I’ll use a real 3D program. I was forced over to GIMP because your batch automation IS A JOKE compared to theirs.

        I dont like everything about GIMP, but I hope there is a multimillionaire dumping money into them, because YOU ARE TOAST. I;ll go to Corel if necessary. Nothing in PSHOP is really as critical as you make it out to be. Would I prefer to stay? Sure. I’ve been here for 20 years! You idiots need a real lobotomy, and yeah, its not your decision, how many times have I heard that. Tell your bosses to get their noses out of their Fremont truffle cellars and SERVE THE CUSTOMER FOR ONCE!

        Didnt anybody read Bill Gates bio about XEROX? I hate your company with such a passion it really is mind-boggling. Your garbage ware has wasted so much of my time, in between making me some money, but trust me, someone else can provide the service you don’t. The only software you make that’s even possibly irreplaceable is photoshop, and someone will replace it, with the giant neon signs to success you’ve shoved into the backs of your own customers. BUH BYE FOREVER.

    • By Steve H - 1:45 PM on May 9, 2013  

      This reminds me so much of the Final Cut X exodus.. Nice to see people voting with their dollars and leaving in droves. I hope that Pixelmator and companies like them pick up the exiting customers.

  • By Cynthia Morgan - 4:44 PM on May 6, 2013  

    I purchased the Creative Cloud subscription, was very excited about it, and loved it…for the first month. Then I started seeing “You have 90 days left on your free trial, you have 89 days left….” etc. I checked my subscription and Adobe was taking money every month, so I was paid in full.

    I tried to find out what was going on by filing a support ticket and found–surprise!–that I needed to also buy a support subscription to get an answer. No support. I was supposed to post to the Adobe forums and hope someone answered. The responses I got were along the lines of “obviously you’re doing something wrong,” which wasn’t helpful.

    So…I was paying $30/month for cloud software that comes with zero support, apparently. (issue #1) And when my 90 days was up, the software stopped working and I was invited to buy ANOTHER subscription if I wanted to use it…while still being charged for the first subscription (issue #2).

    It failed, btw, on a weekend when I absolutely, positively had to finish a project by Monday morning, and couldn’t. Thanks a lot, Adobe.

    In desperation, I tweeted and resorted to Facebook for help, was told to uninstall and reinstall everything, that this was a known bug. I did and it worked…the first month. Then up pops the same “you have XX days left on your trial…” and it dies again.

    After a LOT of complaining, and two more reinstallations, I finally reached an Adobe employee who told me the problem was that at some point I’d been offline when the system had decided to charge me, it triggered a flag somewhere, and I was on some kind of Adobe blacklist. The best thing to do was start over. They were working to correct the bug, and until then I could apply a rather involved correction…but there was no guarantee it wouldn’t happen again.

    I tried to cancel my subscription entirely and was told–despite the fact that at that point I’d been unable to use the software for longer than I’d had the use of it, while Adobe regularly charged me anyway–I couldn’t unsubscribe. I was on a year-long plan and that was that. (issue #3)

    After a LOT of complaining and letter-writing I finally got Adobe to cancel my subscription. I uninstalled all that nasty non-functioning CC stuff and went back to Creative Suite 5.

    It doesn’t have some features that I’d like, but at this point I’m so disgusted that it’s probably my last Adobe upgrade for a very long time. Since I’m an Adobe user who’s literally upgraded every Adobe/Macromedia/Aldus product from the very first–at home AND at work–that’s pretty significant.

    So…I appreciate that you’re evolving your model. I thought $30/month was a lot–the $50 I was going to have to pay after the first year was ridiculous, especially since that price doesn’t include support (carefully not mentioned on your site).

    I’m not saying I’ll never do business with Adobe again…but I’m sure going to look hard for alternatives. And even if I do buy Adobe products again, it’ll be standalone software I can control, not some glitch-ridden cloud subscription that strands me in the middle of a project.

    And that’s just my home software. After seeing my experience, we’re even leerier of your cloud solution at work.

    Just sayin’

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 10:54 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Hi Cynthia, sorry to hear about your experience. Do you have a case # I can look up to see what went wrong with your experience and help make it right? Thanks.

      • By Barry M - 11:41 PM on July 10, 2013  

        Jeffrey, …Cynthia’s problems and the lack of support (Unless she pay’s) certainly smells off! I have read through the posts both here and other comments further afield and I must say, … The concept of moving permanently away from Adobe is gaining momentum in my strategic planning.(as it is clearly with others.

        Why couldn’t Cynthia not easily get access to Help/solution?

        In closing, “I would gladly recommend any of your Executive Decision Makers for employment in any of my opposition companies” Barry M

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:08 AM on July 11, 2013  

          Hi Barry,

          I’m not sure. I never was given a case # to review. I’m not saying we’re perfect and I’m the first to acknowledge that customers do sometimes fall through the cracks – but we do successfully help the vast majority of our customers – it’s just less likely that someone goes out of their way to say “Good Job!”

    • By Jon Alper - 4:44 AM on May 7, 2013  

      Perpetual licenses and even ‘upgrade every other version’ strategies are legitimate and necessary strategies for organizations who invest in and are aware of ‘configuration management’ practices. It’s far more expensive to buy every version (as opposed to skipping versions), or even just get ongoing incremental feature updates under subscription because they have to deploy and train. They have to keep more track of which version of a tool created which project. Which mechanized (if not actually automated) workflow is broken with otherwise good ‘improvements’ to a tool. The price of the software is trivial compared to the other costs involved. In forcing these organizations to subscribe, Adobe may or may not be increasing, or making their revenue predictable but they are making the real costs, the much higher costs of management a much greater burden on their customers. The cost of undermined configuration management dwarfs the cost of software as a whole.

      Subscription Licensing is also a very serious problem for institutions with grant funding. Grants often allow for the purchase of tools but will not allow a subscription to be pre-payed beyond the term of a grant even if the grant also requires maintenance of the work-product funded by the grant.

      Subscription Licensing also poses a problem for archivists. The native file formats of many tools encapsulate assets necessary to be tracked and maintained in an archive. When the container format becomes inaccessible due to a lapsed subscription and changing formats, the archivist can no longer simply ‘install the old version’ and access a meaningful archive. Much of this issue can, of course, be worked around but at the cost of massively increased project shutdown documentation and complexity.

      Even if Adobe keeps the price of subscriptions low, the real costs to customers forced into a subscription are out of Adobe’s control and all these costs incentivize customers to look toward other options with a perpetual license model.

      • By Chelsea - 11:32 AM on May 11, 2013  

        Really fantastic reply Jon. I hope Adobe seriously considers all of your points.

  • By Mark Tabibian - 5:04 PM on May 6, 2013  

    I have CS6 and also have OnOne Perfect Photo Suite 7 and other plugins. Will OnOne be able to work within Photoshop CC and if so do I have to reinstall this plugin into Photoshop CC. I look forward to your response.

    • By Pete Green - 5:15 PM on May 6, 2013  

      With each new version of Photoshop that is released we look to OnOne and other third party plug-in developers to provide an update to their plug-ins to work with the newest versions.
      I would expect that once PS CC is released they too will release updates to their plug-ins

      • By Mark Tabibian - 5:39 PM on May 6, 2013  

        Thank you for your prompt response! If I sign for the single app for 9.99 for one year what will the monthly cost be after this promotional period of one year is over? That is very important to me.

        • By Pete Green - 1:31 PM on May 7, 2013  

          Currently the promotion is for the first year. We’re looking into seeing what options we can provide for the future

  • By Lisa - 5:06 PM on May 6, 2013  

    Adobe, I BEG you, please, for those of us who are, like me, Debt Free Dave Ramsey fans, please, let us pay it off and own it. Please! If not enough of us have done so recently, keep in mind, all of us have been hurt by the economy. When we can afford it, we’ll buy the upgrade.

  • By Tony Bennett - 5:18 PM on May 6, 2013  

    Be careful what you post in here. Adobe is deleting comments because they are like politicians, they can’t stand negative feedback that doesn’t support their greed.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:41 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Tony, no one is deleting comments here.

    • By Russ - 4:41 AM on June 2, 2013  

      Yes I can second that, my reply I left last night to someone’s comment has gone.

  • By Jeff - 5:37 PM on May 6, 2013  

    This seems like a strategy to eliminate students, hobbyists, and enthusiasts as PhotoShop users by creating a pricing model that is affordable only to those who either have excessive expendable income or a business budget allowing for monthly subscription fees. As a student and a photo enthusiast, what will happen when CC requires more resources than my current computer has? Is there going to be a strategy implemented to allow for legacy computers to run the Creative Cloud environment?

    Recently I upgraded from CS3 to CS6 only because my PC needed to be replaced and CS3 was not able to run on Win8. However, for years I’ve been able to economically manage my PS needs on an older WinXP machine that was functional and it covered the essentials. By offering CC with progressive continual updates, it seems that it will force users to also have a hardware updating plan to go along with it. This is unfortunate because it abandons users with smaller budgets and places Adobe as an ‘elitist’ product. Maybe that is the plan.

    Please tell me, as a consumer advocate, there will be consideration for legacy hardware and the development team will be mindful of updates forcing users to invest in new computers. Also, please say there will be an alternative option for those whose systems will be outmoded due to CC updates.

    • By Pete Green - 1:33 PM on May 7, 2013  

      In response to consideration of new version requiring updated system requirements:
      From the Creative Cloud FAQ:
      As a Creative Cloud member, am I required to install an upgrade to a desktop application when it becomes available?
      No. You are not required to install any new version of the desktop applications available in Creative Cloud. You can continue using your current version of the product as long as you have an active membership. You have flexibility on when you install a new release to take advantage of new product features, if you choose to do so.

      • By Rick Popham - 2:37 PM on May 7, 2013  

        But you have to continually pay for those updates regardless of whether you install them. Where’s the value in that?

  • By JamesInCA - 5:45 PM on May 6, 2013  

    How will licensing work for academic computer labs? In the past, a perpetual CS license for each machine in the lab would suffice. From what I’ve read of the new program, it appears each student would require an individual Creative Cloud membership at the 19.99/29.99 or 39.99 rate. If so, that is an enormous price increase.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:34 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Hi James,

      The academic license (our new EEA and ETLA programs) will be similar to the price you paid previously. I’ll shoot you an email with some details.


      – Jeff

      • By JamesInCA - 6:58 PM on May 6, 2013  

        Thank you.

  • By Robin - 6:06 PM on May 6, 2013  

    This is awful… especially for somebody like me who doesn’t always like the new upgrades or want them because the older versions are better… now you’re forced to use the new product? Terrible move – companies are trying to force new technologies on their customers and frankly, we’re not all ready for it. As a photographer, I don’t have to buy a new version of Photoshop every year. I’ve been using the same version for the past 5 years, and I’m fine with that!

    • By Pete Green - 1:35 PM on May 7, 2013  

      You’ll still be able to purchase and use CS6 perpetually.

      Or if you’re with the cloud, you’re not forced to install every new update if you don’t want to.

      • By Chelsea - 11:35 AM on May 11, 2013  

        But you’re still required to perpetually pay for the service of getting new updates even if you just want to use the old software.

        How does that make any sense?

        • By Stushy - 9:28 AM on June 20, 2013  

          Chelsea I agree, I hate this new “great idea”

          • By Janina - 3:11 PM on July 1, 2013  

            I agree with all of you. I cannot stand this idea. I just want to (eventually) buy Photoshop CS6 and Illustrator CS6 and thats all. No Creative Cloud.

  • By Russ - 6:07 PM on May 6, 2013  

    Eliminates those that aren’t connected to the internet then.

    “In this highly connected world” – only SOME are connected, you are making very incorrect assumptions about everybody, very very short-sighted of you.

    How long will the CS CC take to download on dial-up at about 30k? About 6 months?

    Stoopid idea in my opinion.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:58 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Hi Russ, how are you currently getting updates for your current perpetual products? Are you pulling those down over dial-up?

      • By Russ - 9:11 PM on May 6, 2013  

        No i get them separately while I’m at work.

        • By Stushy - 9:30 AM on June 20, 2013  

          ” “In this highly connected world” – only SOME are connected, you are making very incorrect assumptions about everybody, very very short-sighted of you.”

          Ditto, I get limited time on the web, I don’t own a TV, or a radio for that matter, my phone doesn’t get pictures…. some of us live in the dark ages and like it there.

  • By Don Maclean - 6:07 PM on May 6, 2013  

    It is a bit sad that some who had to outlay USD 1,300 for design standard (05/2012) because the CC wasn’t available in their region that is an equivalent of $100 per month (up to June) for the privilege of being told they are not to be supported anymore.

    And we are asked to pay $20/month or $10/month (single product) otherwise from July it will cost $50/$20 to continue.

    That, by the way is twice as much (+100%) than if we had access to the cloud at that time.

    Essentially not fair to loyal customers …

  • By Aaron Craven - 6:12 PM on May 6, 2013  

    If we’re going to be forced down this road, I am VERY interested in a bundled membership with Photoshop and Lightroom at a (preferrably steep) discount.

    The fact of the matter is that I usually only upgrade software when I see features that interest me (which with Photoshop and Lightroom is usually about every other version), and this is already a pretty nasty price hike. A single-application membership for Photoshop alone is already almost $250/year, which is more than the price of a normal perpetual upgrade (usually a little over $200) that is historically upgraded LESS than once a year. So I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling that you guys are pushing us down a path that seems unfairly costly for many users.

    As it is, I’m eventually going to be in quite a pickle, because I can’t afford to continue investing in these products the way they’re being priced, but I’ve managed to buy heavily into Adobe’s file formats and toolset. I can stay on my current versions for quite a while, but when they go out of support and won’t install on Windows 11 (or whatever), what am I going to do then?

    Photoshop and Lightroom are GREAT products. I sincerely hope Adobe reconsiders what they’re doing here. I would certainly be more inclined to continue investing in Adobe’s products if I didn’t feel like I was going to keep getting priced into a corner.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:22 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Hi Aaron,

      Thanks for feedback and interest. I’m hoping we can do something to put together a package for photographers in terms of the right products, right services at the right price.

      • By Bill Dewey - 10:18 PM on May 8, 2013  

        Jeffrey, I am another who thinks believes that a different approach to support photographers is needed. If you consider current upgrade costs:
        CS – $199
        LR – $80

        It is pretty easy to see that the $19.99 for a single app is a large price increase, as that equates to $240 for CS plus the $80 for LR.

        It boggles my mind that the folks who make these decisions did not take this into consideration, I have to believe that some type of market studies were done.

        Given what I am seeing on a number of sites, and I am sure you are as well, Adobe is turning into a Four-Letter-Word over this licensing model. In my opinion it would make very good PR sense for Adobe to address this issue quickly.

        The other issue that is now concerning me is the one of subsriptions failing, and users not being able to be “fixed” quickly, while Adobe is collectin their money. It would seem to me that Adobe should be very proactive in helping a paid user to resolve such issues quickly. I just started my subscription a few weeks ago, and am now somewhat concerned. Can you update us please on what Adobe is doing to prevent this from occuring, as well as what remedies an affected user can expect? It is nice to think that Adobe would refund at least a portion of the subscription price, but there is no good way to value the time spent, even doing the steps noted on your help pages, for reinstalls.

        Thanks for trying to support this process, hopefully you are hearing from enough folks that this can have a positive impact on the powers-that-be to give a more rational pricing plan for the general photographer who is a 2-app user, LR and CS.

      • By Jerry Bengtson - 10:29 PM on May 9, 2013  

        I am an amateur photographer and retired. I only use Lightroom and Photoshop along with another couple of hundred people from two photo clubs and a specialized advanced photography group. Most of us have upgraded our software when new updates were introduced but if we took a little longer we were never penalized by having to pay for it anyway. We really need pricing for these two products that represent what we would be paying for the updates previously and saying the single app (for Photoshop) is only $9.99 for the first year is merely bait and switch since it will go to $19.99 after that which is is basically $240 every year. That is more than I paid for the upgrade from CS5 to CS6 after 18 months. this situation will cause most of us, if not all, to forego the switch to CC and just keep our current CS6. I have to think there are a lot more people in this same situation and it appears that Adobe is ignoring them in favor of marketing to the big time, total application users where a $50 a month line item expense is no big deal. I really hope that some sanity comes to the Adobe Executive Suite and they realize that you just can’t roll over loyal customers and get away with it.

      • By Chelsea - 11:39 AM on May 11, 2013  

        Thanks Jeff. I want to point out this applies to freelance illustrators as well. I only use Photoshop and don’t need to upgrade every version either. With the single-app price already being more than the cost of a regular upgrade schedule, this would double my costs to own this software, which is just not viable for small freelance businesses.

  • By vincent - 6:14 PM on May 6, 2013  

    I have subscribed to CC photoshop and a new installation manager has said that I am “up to date”
    Still, see no evidence of the 3d capabilities promised with photoshop.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:19 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Hi Vincent, you won’t see the 3D features until Photoshop CC is released in June. Make sure you system meets the minimum requirements of 512MB of VRAM:

    • By Bill Dewey - 10:23 PM on May 8, 2013  

      Strange, I downloaded CS6 about a week ago, and I have a 3D menu item. No clue how to use it, but it is there.

  • By Sandi - 6:28 PM on May 6, 2013  

    If I have CS5, what version will I be using in CC? Do I need to upgrade to CS6 first and then subscribe in order to get all the new features?

  • By Doris r - 6:30 PM on May 6, 2013  

    Currently using CS6 and have been using Photosop since CS2. Am a hobbyist and it was my dream come true when I moved from Paint Shop Pro to CS2 many years ago. Always purchased my upgrade received my NAPP discount so I just paid $179.00. Today is a very, very, very sad day for me. While I don’t mind paying the $179 every 18 months, I just can’t justify the signal subscription pricing, particularly after the first years special price break is over. There are many people out there like me. I guess I will have to move to Elements, or Paint Shop Pro. I am just heart broken.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 3:25 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Hi Doris, if you’re still happy with CS6, it will serve you well for many years like previous versions of Photoshop. There is no reason to upgrade in the immediate future if you don’t need to.

      • By Steve H - 2:02 PM on May 9, 2013  

        “it will serve you well for many years like previous versions of Photoshop” Really? Including ACR updates? Is that a promise? Seems to me when you changed versions of Photoshop in the past, the ACR updates no longer supported past versions… so effectively requiring you to upgrade when you get a new DSLR that isn’t supported in the old version. Is this situation going to change with CS6 and if so, how many years of ongoing support will it have?

  • By Earl - 6:39 PM on May 6, 2013  

    I’m another CS6 customer that is not happy with this CC decision. It’s too bad that you will lose many customers like me!

  • […] on releases feature updates regularly – “as soon as they’re ready,” an FAQ on the changes read – meaning customers won’t have to sit with an old bit of software […]

  • By Doug L - 7:48 PM on May 6, 2013  

    I have CS6 and have upgraded most versions since 6.0 I am a serious amateur and use Photoshop and Lightroom. Your introductory price seems fair for only Photoshop. I think that if you pushed the price point to $12 per month, then that would be fair. But $20 per month is over the top. An annual renewal at about $99.00 per year would probably be OK to me. But $240.00 per year is way over the top particularly given that I use your tools for my avocation not my vocation. I would definitely consider my options, including standing pat with CS6. At your pricing, you will probably lose my patronage.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 3:26 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Thanks for your feedback on pricing. I will make sure that your suggestions are heard.

      • By Jim Dobbins - 8:25 AM on May 13, 2013  

        I’m encouraged that Adobe is discussing CC for photographers only.

        If/when the pricing model fits my budget there is one problem that remains to be solved.

        I won’t subscribe to a model that locks me in to software that locks me out of accessing my work product if/when I’m no longer able to subscribe to said software.

        Even if Adobe were able to make CC for photographers free, I would not use it unless there was a provision that allowed me to access the work I’ve done in the case where I might no longer be able to subscribe.

        Subscription for perpetuity is a FATAL FLAW.

  • By Norm - 7:58 PM on May 6, 2013  

    I teach photography at a local Senior Citizen center and have always been a big proponent of your products – LR and Photoshop. But, due to the monthly costs you are socking to us and the difficulty in explaining the technology to seniors, I will have to find other products. And this after being a loyal customer for many, many years and many, many versions. Goodbye Adobe.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 10:56 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Hi Norm,

      Curious why you’re teaching Photoshop CS6 to seniors. Wouldn’t Elements make a lot more sense? They could get a copy of Elements 11 for $59 on Amazon.

      • By Phil Hawkins - 10:28 AM on May 7, 2013  

        Oh…my…god. I don’t think I’ve read anthing more condescending and downright insulting to “seniors” (whatever that is) in my life! I run photo workshops in Yosemite, and most of my clients are 50+. Some ahve been in their 70’s and one lady was 80 and could barely walk, but she

      • By Phil Hawkins - 10:41 AM on May 7, 2013  

        Oh…my…god. I don’t think I’ve read anything more condescending and downright insulting to “seniors” (whatever that is) in my life! I run photo workshops in Yosemite, and most of my clients are 50+. Some have been in their 70’s and one lady was 80 and could barely walk, but she and everyone else had iPhones, iPads, Macs, LR, Photoshop, you name it. Completely plugged in and wired. Has Adobe been completely taken over by 25 year-olds who see the world only as their plugged-in, texted, Facebook-addicted peer group sees it? Man, you guys are completely out of touch with the real world. I can’t believe you would make such a comment. How completely insulting to infer that “seniors” cannot grasp Photoshop. (Not to mention that Elements is far more confusing to a beginner than PS. I know, I teach it) Adobe has a huge, abysmal disconnect with their customers, much worse than I thought. Wow… I’m astounded! Jeff, you should be ashamed.

        • By Ads - 12:56 PM on May 7, 2013  

          Maybe a little harsh Phil but you are spot on – the people I see around with D4s and the like are usually what you would call ‘seniors’ as they are the onky ones who have accumulated enough money in their working lives to afford such gear. Photoshop is in the same category.

          Their ‘defence’ fits in with the ‘just connect at a cafe’ commemt from earlier – the average photoshop user is not some 25yo hipster hanging around starbucks!

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 3:35 PM on May 7, 2013  

          Hi Phil and Ads, there’s no intention of condescension in my reply. I never said anything negative about seniors or their capabilities. Your concern was around price, and my response was about price. I help with a local Photoshop/Lightroom User Group and most of our attendees are seniors – who use a mix of PS/LR and Elements. Elements is a great program if you’re a photographer and you don’t need CMYK support or a lot design heavy tools. Elements does make a lot more sense for photographers living on a fixed income.

          • By Garline - 11:26 AM on May 19, 2013  

            Elements might make sense to you, but I think it is a piece of junk. I’m 83 years old and have been using Photoshop for many years. Tried Elements and gave it away.

          • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:09 PM on May 19, 2013  

            Hi Garline,

            What version of Elements did you last try? Recent versions added layer masking and content aware spot healing/retouching.

            – Jeff

        • By Dallas Anderson - 5:44 PM on May 7, 2013  

          I have been a Photoshop user since v 4.0. I have upgraded to ever new version to pressent Day (CS6). I love Photoshop, I go to Photoshop world In LV, Love all the people I meet there, I am a NAPP member . I have been in photography from HIGH SCHOOL to present day,
          50 years.Your new pricing model will force me to continue to use CS6 until is is no longer a viable piece of software, at which time I will switch to Dx0 or Phase One. Not my preference, but the only realistic option you are offering. Once I make the switch I doubt I will return to Adobe products. Loyalty is a two way street. I wish you a lot of luck with your reduced customer base. AF MSGT RETIRED Dallas Anderson

          • By Nana - 4:48 PM on May 10, 2013  

            I am a ‘senior’ and I have been a loyal Photoshop user from the beginning, being an early adopter. CS6 will be my last Photoshop purchase. Times change and we must change with the times.

      • By Caroling Geary - 8:36 AM on May 10, 2013  

        Prejudice against seniors: Jeff says, “Wouldn’t Elements make more sense”? I’m offended. Jeff, I guess you have few elements of sensitivity. Why not sell to seniors? If the market isn’t there quite yet, I bet it will be soon.

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:11 PM on May 10, 2013  

          Caroling, My inquiry about Elements had nothing to do with feature set or skill. The OP was referencing price concerns and Elements is for price sensitive users. I can assure you, no offense was intended.

          • By donna joslyn - 11:57 AM on June 18, 2013  

            no offense meant – but offense taken. i have bought about every other upgrade of the whole suite for years in my graphics business. now, at 68, i am not doing as much work for sale, but i am still an artist and planned to work with my digital tools, including several CS programs, and printers for years to come. I don’t want to be online when i work, and i want my work accessible to me over years. paying for the whole suite every year would cost twice as much as i budget for. there is no chance Elements will do. i think you are clearing out your customer base selectively – which seems like a poor move. as an investor, i am happy when a company makes more money by providing more services. but it’s a poor move to clear out loyal customers by raising prices while cutting services, or by making it harder to use your products. perhaps you will make enough by getting more money from a smaller customer base, and you won’t care about the customers you have dumped and the really bad PR you’ve created for artists and investors alike. but it’s very possible this is the beginning of a long term disaster for adobe.

  • By Trish - 8:35 PM on May 6, 2013  

    I still need something clarified, please. If I were to “upgrade” to this $9.99 per month for one year, at the end of that year, say I did not want to continue at the new higher priced monthly fee. At that point, I would no longer be able to use the software at all, right?

    By the way, I have missed very few upgrades since this was a Macromedia product. I have spent thousands of $s, and sadly never learned how to use the product till recently. I have, for the past few years, upgraded to the Master Suite also. However, for one reason or another, I have not yet done anything that provides an income using the Adobe Suite, so no longer expect to be able to upgrade any of it. With the economy as it is, my purchasing days may be over. I have time now to study all the software and my equipment, I’ve retired, but retirement is NOT exactly living (as the expression used to be) “high on the hog!” If the only way to get Adobe products is a monthly subscription, I will also be forced to find alternatives. How sad after being a loyal customer for so many years, and from reading here and other places, I’m certainly not alone.

    • By Pete Green - 2:08 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Once your subscription has expired without renewal you won’t be able to get back into Photoshop CC without renewing the subscription.

      We are and will continue to sell Photoshop CS6 that you can keep on your system indefinitely:

      • By Robert Ardill - 3:42 PM on May 7, 2013  

        Price apart, the most serious problem is that moving to CC will lock us in to the latest release we’ve installed.

        It’s fine to say that we can go back to CS6, but what happens in 3 years, say, when we are running Photoshop CC 2015 with ACR9 or ACR10 or whatever, Lightroom CC 2015 (as this will inevitably become) and we CANNOT go back to CS6 because CC 2015 will not be backwards compatible (in the same way that Lightroom 4 is not backwards compatible with Lightroom 3).

        What happens then if we cannot continue to pay the subscription (over which we have absolutely no control)? Well, what happens then is that we will be rightly screwed.

        As of now, Photoshop CS6 doesn’t run on XP … will Photoshop CC 2015 no longer run on Windows 7? … or will it no longer run on 32-bit machines? … or whatever? Which means … that when Adobe decide that they are no longer supporting some hardware or OS that you get stuck at CC version x for ever (until you buy new hardware/new OS) … while at the same time being stuck with having to pay the subscription fee … for ever.

        This is completely crazy … surely after some months at version x that version should revert to a perpetual license. So let’s say if I go for Photoshop CC and stick to version 2013 … and do not upgrade to 2014 … that by the end of 2014 (say) I would then be entitled to use my 2013 version indefinitely without having to continue paying a subscription … a subscription that would do absolutely nothing for me??

        For sure … without something like this I will absolutely NOT go for CC and will most definitely start to migrate to another vendor. What Adobe is attempting to force us into is entirely unacceptable to me.

        I am very angry about this … we have years invested in Photoshop and Lightroom and we are going to have to dump all of that investment and spend many man-years converting to another vendor.

        Really bad news! … our best strategy is NOT to subscribe to CC and thereby force Adobe to offer both a perpetual license and a CC offering … and a path to move from one to the other.


  • By Rich F - 8:51 PM on May 6, 2013  

    I have been using LR is version 5 or was it 5.5 and have upgraded everytime. Cost is typically $100-200 every 18 months to 2 years. This translates to $10/month (for CS6) which seems fair as long as stays at $10/month (or $120 / year). But talk of increasing the month fee to $20 seems excessive. That is equivalent to raising the upgrade fee from $200 to $400. Hard to imagine that many people would accept a $400 for an upgrade of PS every two years.

    At $20 / month I expect that LR would be included.

  • By Lehane - 8:53 PM on May 6, 2013  

    It’s oh so very obvious that the customer base is not happy with this decision. It’s also oh so obvious that you don’t care as this new system will make you more money. The fact that you would do something like this when you’re already making over $1 billion per quarter is nothing short of unadulterated greed.

    But the benefits you say!! Oh, the glorious benefits!! Well, not a single one of my professional photographer friends could ever see themselves using any of those shiny and bright benefits. No, all we get is the privilege of being able to further line your pockets. Not me. You’re not getting another red cent from me until you behave like a responsible company.


    • By William Childress - 11:24 PM on May 7, 2013  

      I abhor subscription models. I still hate my perpetual cellphone bill, but at least I see a benefit. I do not see it with this software. You can slap lipstick on a pig, but you still have a pig. The huge price increase and a never ending bill doesn’t appeal to me. I’ll express the same to my friends and family. It will be interesting to see how many sheep sign up to be fleeced.

  • By Gina Kieffer - 8:59 PM on May 6, 2013  

    As a full-time professional photographer, I’m wary of the decision to move from perpetual licenses to monthly licensing. With a perpetual license, the customer is allowed to determine if and when an upgrade is needed and/or financially feasible. The move to CC seems to take that control away from the end-user. On the other hand, I think this move by Adobe will open the market to more robust completion, if other companies see customers fleeing from Adobe. It would be advantageous to consumers to have legitimate alternatives in the marketplace.

    • By Lehane - 9:02 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Good point. Hopefully other companies will captialise on Adobe’s error and release new perpetual licence products. Then we can be free of this wretched monopoly they have.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 9:37 PM on May 6, 2013  

      Hi Gina, did you see the option to get Photoshop for the promo price of $9.99 per month as a previous owner of CS3 or later?

      Hopefully $.33-$.66 a day is a fair/reasonable price for a tool you rely on.

      • By Ads - 10:03 PM on May 6, 2013  

        “Hopefully $.33-$.66 a day is a fair/reasonable price for a tool you rely on”

        So you completely missed Gina’s point about only upgrading when she can afford it – or were you just deliberately ignoring it?

        Also might be worth pointing out that $9.99 is the price before Adobe doubles it in 12 months, and that it is double the cost of upgrades, which Gina was already concerned about.

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 10:20 PM on May 6, 2013  

          Hi Ads, I accounted for the price going up after the promo price (by including $.66 a day in my question).

          • By Ads - 11:43 PM on May 6, 2013  

            but failed to acknowledge that it is double the cost of upgrades under the current system.

            Are you going to address Gina’s comment about consumers being forced to upgrade whether they can afford it or not? Or are you going to continue with the cheap deflection tactics hoping no one will notice?

      • By Gina - 12:18 PM on May 8, 2013  

        Jeffrey – Thank you for your response. I was aware of the limited-time discount for current license holders. However, when I consider the $1,300+ I’ve already invested in PS alone, the discount on the first year of CC isn’t much consolation. Although I do see that this may be a good option for those just coming to PS with no initial investment, I’m sure you can see how current customers might feel slighted.

        Here are a few other concerns I have:
        How often are updates going to be released? In the previous model, it seems like it was every 1.5-2 years, and this seems like it would allow plenty of time for QC, beta testing by users, etc. How will this work with the new model?

        If updates will be release more often, this becomes even more of a concern when a subscription doesn’t include support. Will we be left to our own devices to navigate any issues incurred with updates?

        With a perpetual license, users could hold off on an upgrade to see if there were issues. Will users be able to choose when to update their desktop application or will they have to update before continued use?

        Thanks in advance for response.

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 12:46 PM on May 8, 2013  

          Hi Gina,

          Thanks for the questions.

          “How often are updates going to be released?”

          For Photoshop specifically? Or for all products in Creative Cloud? For Photoshop, we’re hoping to get on a quarterly cadence similar to Lightroom and Camera Raw.

          “Concern when a subscription doesn’t include support”

          Because you’re it’s a membership, support is ongoing with one caveat: Starting with CS6, select older versions of the desktop creative apps will be archived and available for download. Archived versions are provided “as is” and are not updated to work with the latest hardware and software platforms.
          [Essentially, what we are saying with the ‘as-is’ statement is all bets are off if, for example, you want to try and run CS6 on future OSes and hardware (e.g. Mac OS X 13 in the year 2020 on whatever processors Apple may be on at the time) – If you run them on hardware and OS of the same vintage, they should continue to run fine for customers.]

          “Will users be able to choose when to update their desktop application or will they have to update before continued use?”

          From the Creative Cloud FAQ:

          No. You are not required to install any new version of the desktop applications available in Creative Cloud. You can continue using your current version of the product as long as you have an active membership. You have flexibility on when you install a new release to take advantage of new product features, if you choose to do so.

          Hope that helps.

          – Jeff

  • By Robert Unger - 10:07 PM on May 6, 2013  

    Charging $19.99 a year to rent Photoshop is way out of line with other software makers’ subscriptions pricing. Microsoft is charging $99.99 a year for Office Pro for up to 5 devices and 20GB of cloud storage and 60min of Skype calls a month. Even in the enterprise my company gets charged about $12 per user per month for Office Pro, Exchange Mail and SharePoint. Price to rent a single software license should be about $5 to $9 per month per user with an option without using your cloud storage. Companies and single users that use cloud storage are going to or already have consolidated their cloud storage needs into one provider. Small shops will also be hurt by only being able to rent your software. A lot of small shops can’t always afford a yearly capital expenditure. Most companies deal with this by only upgrading every other year. You can’t do this with Photoshop CC since the user does not own the product they are only renting it and need to pay every month to continue using it.

  • By Susan R. - 10:21 PM on May 6, 2013  

    I am just sitting here staring at this comment box trying to think of what to say. I don’t want to be nasty, but, sure feel like it. I do understand the challenges Adobe has with the camera industry turning out many different models of camera each year and the demand to keep up with that. I do understand you are trying to make a better, faster product for us. However, I think your new business model is very one-sided. Someone assumes that all of the people who currently buy your products will just pay, monthly, per product. I wish I could afford endless monthly payments to Adobe. I can’t. I am a photo enthusiast. I make no money from my photography. I really wanted CS6, but, need a faster computer to support that. CS5 hardly works on what I have. So, now my back is against the wall here. If I don’t jump on that $10 per month for the next year, I lose that deal. Can I then afford the $25 per month in the second year? What about Lightroom? I guess I’ll give that up. How do I upgrade the computer, the software, etc. and manage my camera expenses? If I can’t afford to make Adobe’s monthly payment I can not edit? At least I can own my camera and my computer. In this economy, when my electric, gas, food, water, insurance, dental, doctor and most other bills have increased by $5 to $50 per month, because each company says who can’t afford another $10 or $20 per month, I just cannot add another monthly payment.

    I can only assume your business model is to price out the enthusiasts and provide to large companies only. What about offering mini-upgrades for $50 for new features for those who have to have them before a new release?

    Sorry for the ranting. I am just upset as I don’t see how I will be able to keep up with this. There of course will be future monthly price increases as well. Can you recommend another photo editing product for me? Who has the second best product out there?

  • By DJK - 10:48 PM on May 6, 2013  

    What snot-nosed, still-wet-behind-the-ears “genius” came up with this idea?
    Good riddance Adobe!

  • By CR - 11:31 PM on May 6, 2013  

    This means we no longer will have access to our own body of work if we don’t pay whatever fee Adobe demands down the road. Unacceptable. You’ve lost me as a customer with this move.

    • By Victoria Bampton - 12:09 AM on May 7, 2013  

      Would you not save your work as standardized formats if you decided you were ending your subscription? TIFF? PDF? etc.?

      • By Ads - 12:40 AM on May 7, 2013  

        don’t know about CR but I have several thousand psd files, that would take weeks – do the staff at Adobe actually use this software?

        This combined with the ‘just connect at a cafe’ remark shows Adobe is completely out of touch with users

        • By Pete Green - 2:11 PM on May 7, 2013  

          For Raw files, users can always convert to DNG which is backwards compatible with earlier versions of Photoshop and ACR.

          For PSD files, users can always run a batch export to a different/preferred file format if necessary.

          • By Jon Alper - 8:26 PM on May 7, 2013  

            Batch export? Have you ever used Photoshop with any level of depth or complexity? There’s enormous and vital ‘content’ in a PSD not embodied in the exported flat pixels and not preserved even if you exported every layer, every path and ever mask as separate files. Whole workflows among team members are embodied in the layer naming, hierarchies, etc.

      • By Dov Hechtman - 4:02 PM on May 10, 2013  

        Seriously are you stupid. First the amount of PSD files not to mention light room settings and files edited in light room with non destructive changes aplied.

        Sure can spend the next 10 years converting those images to non proprietary formats and in doing so I have to toss away almost 20 years of work process and alternate versions of work that now are inaccessible to me unless i pay the ransom, sorry Subscription! required to move forward.

  • By Arnd Empting - 11:52 PM on May 6, 2013  

    Price in € for the single app is ~25€ per month – price in $ is 20$.
    That means an us citizen gets the app for 15€ or in other words as european i have to pay 33$ for the very same service? 60% more?

    you are not serious?!

    BTW you have that unfair balance since you started the abonnement stuff and it hold me back all the time. I don’t like to be feel cheated.

  • By Phil D - 11:57 PM on May 6, 2013  

    I can see the only people who are getting replies are the ones who like what you’re doing.

    Do you really have nothing to say to the countless people who don’t? We have been a large part of your commercial success and you’re effectively abandoning us… How about a comment on why you feel this is a fair deal for us all?

  • By Victoria Bampton - 12:06 AM on May 7, 2013  

    Jeff, the offline time needs updating – the new CC FAQ says 180 days, not 99.

    • By Pete Green - 2:12 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Thanks Victoria! It should be fixed now.

  • By Richard Bannister - 12:18 AM on May 7, 2013  

    Two questions:

    a) Any chance of some pricing deals for those of us who need three apps from the suite but not the whole lot?

    b) Why are your prices over fifty percent more expensive in Europe? I’m not altogether averse to paying $49.99/month, but at today’s rate that should be €38.22/month — yet you seem to be charging €61.49/month.

    While I’m not comfortable paying a monthly subscription for CC, I’ll consider doing so if I don’t feel that I’m being ripped off.

  • By Davide Barranca - 2:02 AM on May 7, 2013  

    the Adobe website (italian localization) appears to be quite broken when it comes to PS:

    – the Photoshop link in the products header links to # (while Illustrator, just to mention one, works as expected)
    – each product page (I got to the PS one entering the url by hand, but it’s the same for the published ones), clicking in the “offer for existing customers” points to the full Creative Cloud subscription, and not the product only subscription, which I couldn’t reach any way.

    Could you please forward these issues to the right department? (even though I suspect it’s a known issue)
    Thank you,

    Davide Barranca

    • By Pete Green - 2:16 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Thanks Davide,
      I just went into the italian localized pages and did not see the problems you refer to, so perhaps they have been resolved since your posting..
      Do you see these same problems still if you were to try a different browser I wonder?
      What browser are/were you using?

  • By Sofie - 2:45 AM on May 7, 2013  

    So in effect, I will be paying money every month for something that I will never own? That’s ludicrous. You have literally lost countless loyal, long-standing customers overnight.

    Please explain why you cannot provide Creative Cloud AND the option of perpetual licensing?

  • By Bern - 2:55 AM on May 7, 2013  

    Can you tell me what the u.k. pricing in £Sterling will be for the first year for Photoshop CC and how much it will be the following years onwards? (I currently have Photoshop CS5 extended) .
    Will there be a price freeze for a few years for yearly subscribers?

    Is there a cut-off date to register an upgrade to Photoshop cs6?
    Will camera raw updates be continued in CS6? If so until when?

    • By Pete Green - 2:19 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Hi Berne:

      Will there be a price freeze for a few years for yearly subscribers?

      We are looking into the options for a price lock, though there is not one currently.

      Is there a cut-off date to register an upgrade to Photoshop cs6?

      Not that I’ve seen. We will be offering CS6 indefinitely.

      Will camera raw updates be continued in CS6? If so until when?

      CS6 will be getting the next update, ACR 8. Not sure of the plans beyond that.

      • By Bern - 7:04 PM on May 7, 2013  

        The link you gave is to the U.S. site (wouldn’t I need a U.K. version?, to purchase full versions of your products in dollars.
        I wrote I was asking about the price in £sterling (for the monthly CC charge) and that I currently had C5 Extended , so need only an ugrade version to CS6 extended.
        Also what is the monthly charge for Photoshop CC in the U.K. after the first year?

  • By Greg Chiilders - 2:59 AM on May 7, 2013  

    I am not so upset by the CC idea, but the cost increase after a year is too much. I am just a hobbyist photog and $20 a month is just too steep for PS. I am going to do the upgrade for now, but after the first year if the prices go up…well I will probably be forced to look elsewhere or stick with CS6.

  • By Ira - 3:01 AM on May 7, 2013  

    So a poor shnook like me who’s still on CS2 (in a working environment no less) and only needs PS, can get the latest and greatest PS for only 20 bucks a month? If I’m reading this right, seems like Adobe is offering a fantastic FINANCING program to bring me into the 21st Century.

  • By Bud van der Laan - 3:57 AM on May 7, 2013  

    I have no wish to join the Creative Cloud and to be forced to pay such an unrealistic price for it!!! In my mind it is simply a slap in the face!

    So long Photoshop, I will miss you. I will be spending the day searching for alternate photo editing software. NX2 if I must.

  • By rogueslr - 4:13 AM on May 7, 2013  

    I have CS5 extended and I was looking to probably upgrade to CS7 whenever it was due. As a hobbyist I could justify that cost every other year or so. A UK subscription looks to be £8.78, and then £17.58, a month going forward. Thank you Adobe but may I respectfully decline your kind offer as I don’t wish to be reliant on the continued profitability of the company not to hike the prices to a captive audience to make the ‘bottom line’ look good to the shareholders. What’s to stop Adobe demanding £50 a month for a basic sub?

    With the top end of the software market being restricted to fewer and fewer users, I would expect, and hope, to see Corel and others step into the void and produce software that approaches Photoshop, and exceeds Elements in it’s range of features. How long will it be before a third party produces a camera shake reduction plug in?

  • By Kit - 4:53 AM on May 7, 2013  

    I still have CS5.5 Design Premium (which works well enough for me) and Lightroom 4. I was thinking of upgrading to CS6 once I have enough extra cash (oddly in my territory upgrade costs $455, so it is a bit of a bigger decision for me than it is for my counterparts from more fortunate territories). And now there’s this subscription model (seems like) being forced on everyone.

    I’m not a fan of subscriptions.
    And as long as my software works and lets me work, I don’t care about latest and greatest feature I don’t need. I don’t care how easy it is to subscribe and activate, I don’t care that I can do so from a coffee shop. I don’t care about cloud services. I just don’t want to pay a subscription for a tool if I can buy that tool (which I did). I believe there should be options. There should be a perpetual license + bugfixes model, there should be “subsribe to get it all” model and there should be an option to buy new features separately to add them to a perpetual license (if you need “new enhanced 3d tools”, you buy them for 9.99 or something)

    Now that I’m done complaining, here is the question:

    Is there a plan to stop old-fashioned perpetual license upgrades after this new version comes out to replace CS6 like CS6 replaced CS5.5?

    • By Pete Green - 2:24 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Hi Kit,

      Is there a plan to stop old-fashioned perpetual license upgrades after this new version comes out to replace CS6 like CS6 replaced CS5.5?

      CS6 will be available as the last perpetual CS license, but CS6 is not going away.

  • By Lehane - 5:16 AM on May 7, 2013  

    I rarely ever look at the Adobe website. It’s only by chance that I did. Then I noticed this ludicrous new system. I’ll be there are a lot of people out there who have no idea about this change. When they do discover it they’ll be pretty angry about the new system. Also, the poor saps who do want to sign up for this online version of highway robbery will be angry that the reduced price offer was only available for a limited time.

    Jeffrey, you say that the product is only $X.XX per day. Well, I don’t use Photoshop every day. I don’t even turn my computer on every day. I’ll go so far as to say that the majority of Photoshop owners don’t use it every single day of the year. Your cost rationalisation is flawed, just like this new business model you’re implementing.

    All responses to this thread fall in to two categories; people asking for more details or people who are angry at the new changes. I can’t see one single post where Adobe is being patted on the back for a job well done. Does this tell you something or are you going to ignore your customer base? I just hope that your business drops off enough for Photoshop to go back to the old model. That or another photo editing program gets good enough for me to jump off the sinking Adobe ship.

  • By Dave Kendall - 5:33 AM on May 7, 2013  

    Adobe, just remember we’re creative for a reason. Think of us as your average feline. Not many of us like being forced into boxes. It’s the reason we chose these careers. Even the comfiest box can get boring for us. This box you’ve cobbled together seems expensive and far from roomy, or comfortable. Like cats we have the mindset to escape to the wider spaces.

    Adobe! If you don’t listen to your customer base it seems my copy of CS6 will outlast your company.

  • By Breaking from Tradition: Photoshop CC | agrgfx - 5:36 AM on May 7, 2013  

    […] to collaborating with you as we explore these new possibilities together. Please consult our frequently asked questions post to learn more about Photoshop CC and leave your feedback to help us continue improving […]

  • By Shaun O'Boyle - 5:55 AM on May 7, 2013  

    A photocentric package would want to be photoshop, lightroom, acrobat, dreamweaver and indesign. Dreamweaver is desirable since many photographers maintain their own websites using dreamweaver.

  • By Jerry - 6:04 AM on May 7, 2013  

    You would think a company that prides itself on its creativity would be able to come up with a more innovative sales model. It’s positively Dickensian. To quote from Martin Chuzzlewit:

    “… we stick it into B up hill and down dale, and make a devilish comfortable little property out of him.”

    On top of that, the much higher prices being charged in Europe are invidious.

    I hope Adobe realise in time that becoming the “Company Most Hated by Millions of Photographers” isn’t really in their best interest.

    • By Lehane - 8:03 AM on May 7, 2013  

      Ha!! I’m looking around the Adobe website, looking to see if I can find an upgrade option so I can upgrade to Photoshop CS6 and the login system is having trouble. If you can’t logon, what hope do cloud users have? Way to go, Adobe!!

    • By Brian Kilburn - 10:31 AM on May 7, 2013  

      It really does seem like they’re cutting their own throats. Young photogs and new amateur hobbyists will not be able to afford this and will look for alternatives whether something like Corel or some open source. The simple fact is, no matter how good PS is, most people do not need it for what they do.

  • By Shaun O'Boyle - 6:19 AM on May 7, 2013  

    Adobe should offer a discounted price to CC for those of us who own many adobe licenses, but never bought into the suite. I own 5 licenses – photoshop, lightroom, acrobat pro, indesign and dreamweaver. That should qualify toward a discounted rate for the CC cloud.
    I can’t afford $50 a month, but $30 might work.

  • By Mike - 6:24 AM on May 7, 2013  

    Jeff – you mention that Adobe will continue to provide bug fixes while CS6 is still available. Seems to me that is a bit misleading as many fixes etc have only been made available to CC users and not perpetual license users – can you clarify

    • By Pete Green - 2:27 PM on May 7, 2013  

      We have provided bug fixes to CS6 as we are now at version 13.0.4 for perpetual licenses.
      We are not able to add new features like we have already added to the Cloud version of CS6 only fixes to bugs.

      • By John J McAssey - 3:37 PM on May 7, 2013  

        Adobe has fixed some bugs in CS6. Adobe has acknowledged some of the bugs reported here. Adobe claim to be working on some of them even. Looking at the problem threads on the site the vast majority of reports do not receive any attention from Adobe. Other receive Adobe lip service. Adobe keeps deferring bug fixes. Bugs reported introduced in CS4 are still unfixed in CS6. Can we expect any of the reported bugs to be fixes while CS6 is still available for sale by Adobe? Or are we stuck with the bug riddled CS6?

        • By Mike - 5:16 AM on May 9, 2013  

          John: Thanks – so I can expect to see bug fixes for the PDF rendering bug and the multilayer text corruption bug along – both of which are serious and acknowledged as bugs?

          Thanks and looking forward to not have to jump back to CS5 🙂

  • By Jerry - 6:33 AM on May 7, 2013  

    The UK single product price is £17.58, equivalent to $27.31. Why should we pay so much more, Jeff? (Though I know this isn’t the type of comment you answer.)

    Could there be an “I don’t want updates” cheap version, along with fairly-priced upgrade option? At least that way users could upgrade when they could afford it.

    A guarantee of price is also essential.

    How can you expect any normal person (= most photography enthusiasts) to commit to paying whatever you decide is a fair price for the REST OF THEIR LIVES? Let’s not forget, this has NO END DATE unless the subscription is terminated, along with access to the software.

  • By BenDaggers - 6:38 AM on May 7, 2013  

    This is the saddest news about Adobe Creative Suite.

    From time to time, I’ve been excited for the new upgrade and new features of Adobe Creative Suite. Unfortunately, this one brought many adobe creative suite users disappointment.

  • By John - 6:47 AM on May 7, 2013  

    I’m done with Adobe. I just purchased PS CS6 and LR. I’m not going to pay a monthy fee for PS, what a joke!!!!!!!!!!! Hope you reconsider.

  • By John - 6:49 AM on May 7, 2013  

    I will be looking for a replacement for photoshop products that are only available for a monthly fee. Adobe monthly charges after the first year are too costly for me.

  • By Edwin D Hutchinson - 6:55 AM on May 7, 2013  

    Can third party plugins (Nik, onOne, Tiffen, Topaz, etc) be installed and used with Photoshop CC?

    • By Pete Green - 2:29 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Yes, you’ll be able to use your plug-ins in the new version as usual. You may want to check with the plug-in manufacturers to see if they release updates to the plug-ins for compatibility’s sake.

  • By John Passaneau - 7:15 AM on May 7, 2013  

    I’ve used photoshop since ps6 but now I use Lightroom far more often. My use of photoshop is mainly for things that can’t be done in Lightroom. So here is the question, can I pay $20 for a month of photoshop use when I need it?

    Otherwise this cloud idea sucks big time!

    • By Rick Popham - 2:50 PM on May 7, 2013  

      I believe you can pay $30 for a month of Photoshop. They’ll charge you more without an annual commitment.

  • By manny - 7:57 AM on May 7, 2013  


  • By curt y - 8:13 AM on May 7, 2013  

    The FAQ states that Camera Raw updates, with file format compatibility for new camera models, will be supplied to CS6 owners, as long as Adobe is still selling CS6. The question is how long will Adobe sell CS6? Forever, or until the new version (CS7) is introduced?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 9:24 AM on May 7, 2013  

      Curt y, Sorry. I don’t have a specific date for how long CS6 will remain available for sale. The Creative Cloud FAQ from the corporate team says “Indefinitely” but I do know that doesn’t mean “forever.”

  • By Eric - 8:18 AM on May 7, 2013  

    Your new free photo editing software…

  • By Peter K Burian - 8:23 AM on May 7, 2013  

    OK, I see ….. you need to use the dropdown menu at
    and select Requires CS3+ Purchase. Then, it is $10 per month. I signed up.

    Yeah, I am not thrilled with this new plan … although in the long run it may be cheaper than paying $700 for each new version of CS every couple of years.

  • By Larry Crovo - 8:39 AM on May 7, 2013  

    I have been using photoshop since v 3.5. You know, the one that came on 3.5 inch disks. I have upgraded almost every time a new version was released. I think I have only skipped two upgrades, because there was nothing in them that interested me. I am not a professional photographer, just an enthusiast. I am not interested in subscribing to a product that I have owned and used for many years. I have purchased and used both Elements and Lightroom. I do not like either of them, nor am I interested in your cloud service.

    I have also used Paint Shop Pro since it was freeware. I have kept it up to date, even though have not used it for a very long time.

    I have a great many plug-ins from Topaz, Nik, and other third parties. I have also tried DxO, and Phase One for raw conversion, but prefer ACR.

    Your new pricing model will force me to continue to use CS6 until is is no longer a viable piece of software, at which time I will switch to Dx0 or Phase One. Not my preference, but the only realistic option you are offering. Once I make the switch I doubt I will return to Adobe products. Loyalty is a two way street. I wish you a lot of luck with your reduced customer base.

  • By Kris Moore - 8:57 AM on May 7, 2013  

    I understand that if a membership runs out all my programs will downgrade to the version I was using before I joined the Cloud. If this is true, it is troubling. For a one year Cloud membership I am basically paying what I would pay for the old upgrade method, but if I don’t keep paying after a year then you will take away the upgrade I payed for over the course of that year? How is that fair? Are you guys trying to be my creative drug dealer?

    • By Jeff - 9:58 AM on May 7, 2013  

      Kris hit it on the head….. Just like a leased car…. in the end you get nothing….. At least with CS 6, I have access to the app on my Mac for as long as it runs…. I choose CC and after a year, I have nothing…. Who knows if the edits done in CC will be backward compatible to CS 6 if one chooses to stop the subscription.

  • By Karen - 8:58 AM on May 7, 2013  

    I’m really having a problem with this I am a small rural studio which has down times when work is not available. I cannot afford the $30 subscription price at these times other bills have to take priorty. I also use Indesign occasionally and Illustrator even less but still a necessary product so now I’m up to $50 which I can afford even less than the $30. Will things change here, only if the economy here changes and so far that isn’t happening. I am sure I’m not alone in saying that this can force me and others like me out of business or to other software providers. Please rethink this.

  • By Kris Moore - 9:03 AM on May 7, 2013  

    With my previous comment, I forgot to mention that I have been using Creative Suite since CS3. I am now using 5.5. I don’t always use InDesign or Illustrator, but when I need them, I need them. Photoshop is my main tool. A bundle of the old Creative Suite over the Cloud would be far more useful than just Photoshop. I’m looking for a reason to join the Cloud, but as previously stated, I am not happy with my upgrades going away if I decide I can’t afford the monthly cost after a year.

    Please fix this.

  • By Casual Pixels - 9:15 AM on May 7, 2013  

    I’ll echo the comments regarding Photographer’s needs and LR or LR+PS options for future CC.

    I don’t do this professionally. If the cost per year of a CC subscription equates to the upgrade costs over time of LR plus every second PS revision, then I view that as a huge step backwards but something I could adapt to.

    How is it a backwards step if it’s the same amount of money?

    Right now I can continue to use my software if I run into a dry patch and am short of funds. It’s an older version until I update, but at least I can continue to use it. Under CC, I’m cooked.

    But if it’s significantly more (and please no insults to our collective intelligence by using a promotional introductory offer as the basis for this calculation) then in combination with the loss of access once I stop paying Adobe, it’s simply not a good value proposition to risk being locked out of my data and pay significantly more for the privilege without any real advantage over a standard “upgrade and own” scenario.

  • By Yves Crausaz - 10:22 AM on May 7, 2013  

    Alors pourquoi 1 seul logiciel coûte $ 19.99 aux USA ou au Canada et CHF 28.08 en Suisse. Drtôle de comptabilité… au change ça ne fait que CHF 15.60 soit près de CHF 10.00 de plus in the pocket d’ADOBE……

    And in US or Canada the prise for a single application is $19.99and in Switzerland the same application cost CHF 28.08. If I look at a bank rate is $ 1.00 is CHF 0.98 . where are the accountants that I learn them to make the rules of three ? The good count is CHF 9.55 and Adobe receive CHF 10.00 for to distribute one ex. in Europe ????

    Je ne suis pas contant de cette manière de compter !!!


    • By Ira - 12:21 PM on May 8, 2013  

      You’re not helping your cause speaking French.

  • By Jon Alper - 10:42 AM on May 7, 2013  

    Have a look at Peter Cohen’s article at iMore:

    He’s done a good job surfacing many, but not all of the issues raised here. I’m hoping for more follow-up. He’s very good.

    Bottom line is this, will users flee tomorrow? Probably not. Is Adobe setting the stage for longer term problems when they can’t stay far enough ahead of ‘good enough’? Without rethinking this change, I’d call it a certainty.

    – Jon

  • By S Abraham - 10:57 AM on May 7, 2013  

    I see the $9.99\month pricing with the CS3+ purchase. But please consider providing a student pricing for each individual applications. For a student, even $9.99 is too much. Besides, there should be some price lock-down for multiple years. Please make this affordable for academic\non-commercial users. Thank you.

  • By Steve Lerch - 11:20 AM on May 7, 2013  

    Hello Jeffrey.

    One thing I am highly disappointed in is that to enjoy the benefit of Photoshop and Illustrator, I have to pay forever. I don’t mind paying for my software and have upgraded to all the new versions since I started school on CS4. I had planned to upgrade every year just to remain current. In this case, the CC makes perfect sense – it costs me less (well, w/ Student Discount) than buying outright. No problem there.

    But what happens when I can’t afford to pay for the software any longer? Say in 3 years when I’m not a student any longer and other than as a hobbyist, I have no income from my creativity – I just want to “play?” I pay for 3 years, continue to create files for 3 years and then my license expires. My files become useless. You will say “but there are other programs that can offer some level of edit-ability” and so on. That’s good, but I propose a better offer.

    Adobe should, in the cases where the end user is willing to part with a little extra money maybe, offer a feature locked version of CC then they can’t afford CC subsriptions. Depending on how many apps you want/need, you pay XX price, all in a lump at the end of the subscription.

    So say I want Photoshop, Lightroom and Illustrator. Since I’ve been a paying customer of CC for 3 years (or whatever amount of time), I get a “special” deal when I can no longer afford the subscription, Adobe allows me to keep the version of CC on my machine for a fee of $40 per app I wish to keep in perpetuity (normally $50 for 1 yr or less). So if I want Lightroom, Photoshop and Illustrator, for a one time payment of $120, where I sign an agreement stating that I know my version is locked, won’t get bug fixes and essentially giving away any expectation of support, I am set. The agreement should also read that it is locked to a single computer, cannot be transferred and so on (the machine dies, so does the license). It’s not ideal for those of us that like owning our software, but at least I would be able to continue to utilize the files I’ve created in the quality I’ve created them in.

    If you are a monthly subscriber only, and you’ve only subscribed for a month or 2, the price to own should be $200 an app or something ludicrous. If you are a monthly subscriber but have subscribed for a year or 2 or more, then you get the $50 an app price, and $40 an app if you are a long timer.

    This would eliminate some of the dissenters in my opinion.

  • By Steve Lerch - 11:26 AM on May 7, 2013  

    One more. Is it possible to bank extra years? Say Amazon or someone runs a special on a 12 month subscription. If I want to buy 2 subscriptions, can I apply both to one account, or would I have to hope the key doesn’t expire and input the new key when my current subscription is ready to expire?

    Also, if I get a license key from Amazon for a year, am I forced to renew through Adobe in a year or can I go back to Amazon and buy from them instead? I guess it would be “autorenew” if I’m forced to pay Adobe directly only.

  • By Todd - 11:28 AM on May 7, 2013  

    I have been PS user since v3.0, and now have CS5. PS and the CS suite have been “industry standard” for years and years now. It is now simply too expensive, though I feel trapped. Classroom time, online time, books, tutorials, plug-ins, etc., PS and Dreamweaver are what I know, but it has become to costly.

  • By s roberts - 11:32 AM on May 7, 2013  

    REALLY Adobe…….here is yet another case of “never have so many that know and understand so little been in charge of so much” after 40 years in this business (with a BFA in photography and a degree in electronics) I can not believe this decision. As a user of MANY other editing software programs (so I can help instruct other users) it will be easy for me to simply stop being a customer of Adobe. I DO like the Adobe line of software products (left Quark for Adobe) and have and use about six applications on a regular basis but, I guess I will be moving toward my other software choices in the near future if this change actually stays around. I will no longer be able to recommend PS to new users because of the cost of use (most pros I know only upgrade PS every 24 to 48 months) so this is pure economics for a lot of users. Thanks for your time and good luck.

  • By RGU - 12:02 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Nice to see you are in a damage control mode now. The only way Adobe will understand “valuable feedback” is if people VOTE WITH MONEY.

    Very sad.

  • By Gordon Bain - 12:19 PM on May 7, 2013  

    When I buy a car, I own it. That’s why I don’t lease a car; when I stop the lease payments the car is taken away from me. I use CS5 on my MAC and it’s mine, all mine! 20 years from now it will still be mine and it won’t have cost any more and it will still do everything I need it to do.

    Sorry Adobe I’m afraid I don’t like the cynical attempt to buy me in with your ‘only’ $9.99/month which then doubles at the end of 12 months. I live in the UK and fully expect that that cost will be even higher because of your already unfair pricing.

    Someone remarked about how Adobe took on Quark with InDesign. All I can see that you have done is to repeat Quark’s mistake and open the door to a company that will provide what people need at a good price. Those companies are already out there and Photoshop will now be under greater threat from them.

    The larger photographic and advertising businesses have the financial wherewithall to continue to buy Adobe products but I reckon that the small businesses and serious hobbyists will desert in their droves. Like myself they will not be going over to Elements because it simply does not do what we want it to do.

  • By Simon Rooke - 12:20 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Photoshop CS has been the aspirational software for the serious enthusiast. We learnt our skills following tutorials in magazines and built on our knowledge of PS Elements, accepting the restrictions of that software, to make the leap to the full program. UK mags almost exclusively feature PS and Elements tuts, how much longer will that continue when CS will be seen as out of reach for the majority of their readers? At what point will they begin to feature other more affordable software that their readership actually can afford to use that goes beyond Elements? The support of this press has contributed to Elements and Photoshop’s success. Losing that support and seeing Adobe isn’t the only option, we will see your market share decline sharply and the rise of the new.

  • By Laurie W. - 12:29 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Jeff, if my PS CS6 was purchased last year as a download only (no box. it was part of the buy the cs5 and get cs6 free as download only), will I still have access to that download should I need to redownload it due to new computer purchase, reformat/crash, etc ? Or will all that go away once CC comes out?


    • By Pete Green - 2:40 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Make sure your copy of CS6 is registered with your AdobeID account so you can have record of the serial numbers and access to the direct download links so you can download it to your new computer when you need to.

  • By Dennis - 12:50 PM on May 7, 2013  


    A few questions. If I understand correctly;

    1) If you have CS6 (only) you can get a 12 month subscription for $10/month.
    2) Lightroom is not part of CC yet, but will only be electronic deliver, no box.

    CS6, will be older than LR5 when it comes out. If I did not do the subscription for CS6, will lightroom 5 extend ARC updates? I understand CS6 won’t and LR will have to convert it.

    Support? That is a separate cost and how much?

    It was mentioned; that if one left the subscription, their files are no longer available. Is that because of new features? I would think that if one had CS6, at least one can open a PDS file or maybe a TIFF file? Like, if one flatten the layers? I am thinking of, having to stop ones business due to illness or something.

    I seen several different options for the single application cloud. One seems to indicate (the pricing page) there is no could storage and only the public Behance. Above on this post, it says you get 20gb and the Prosite. Can you clarify? If this is part of the introduction, will these options still be there with this promotion ends at the single-app price?

    Just trying to understand. This is a big decision for startup mom and pop (or in my case pop) photogrpahy business. I just invested in a larger computer to support CS6 and the future LR5. I have PS since CS4 and LR since LR3. Cost is of great concern.

    You can shoot me an email if that is a better way to respond.

    Thanks Dennis.

    • By Pete Green - 2:48 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Let’s see if I can help out:

      >> 1) If you have CS6 (only) you can get a 12 month subscription for $10/month.
      PG: yes.

      >> 2) Lightroom is not part of CC yet, but will only be electronic deliver, no box.
      PG: Boxes are still available

      >> CS6, will be older than LR5 when it comes out. If I did not do the subscription for CS6, will lightroom 5 extend ARC updates? I understand CS6 won’t and LR will have to convert it.

      PG: CS6 will get ACR 8.0. Beyond that I’m not sure CS6 will get ACR updates, and if LR’s support for cameras exceeds CS6’s camera support, you can always convert newer RAW files to DNG and work in LR/CS6 with DNG files.

      >> Support? That is a separate cost and how much?
      PG: We have free online support through chat, forums and social media.

      >> It was mentioned; that if one left the subscription, their files are no longer available. Is that because of new features? I would think that if one had CS6, at least one can open a PDS file or maybe a TIFF file? Like, if one flatten the layers? I am thinking of, having to stop ones business due to illness or something.

      PG: CS6 will always support PSD files, just maybe not some of the newer features that will be possible in future versions of Photoshop CC. In these cases we typically ask if you want to convert the layer to be editable or not. If not you could still work with the other compatible layers or flatten as you need.

      >> I seen several different options for the single application cloud. One seems to indicate (the pricing page) there is no could storage and only the public Behance. Above on this post, it says you get 20gb and the Prosite. Can you clarify? If this is part of the introduction, will these options still be there with this promotion ends at the single-app price?

      PG: With the single app subscriptions you still get access to the Behance Prosite as well as 20GB of cloud storage. With non-subscription (aka free) accounts you get 2GB of cloud storage and no Behance prosite.

      • By Dennis - 4:37 PM on May 7, 2013  

        Thanks you

      • By Steve H - 5:15 PM on May 9, 2013  

        ” 2) Lightroom is not part of CC yet…” … and I hope it will never be. Please tell me that this won’t happen… I teach a Lightroom course and have created an incredibly good 50+ page manual for it and steered many people towards buying it. If it goes CC and some kind of bogus subscription model… well kiss all those referrals goodbye.

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:37 PM on May 9, 2013  

          Hi Steve,

          Clarification to your statement:

          Lightroom 5 will remain available as a perpetual license product.
          Lightroom 4 *is* currently available to Creative Cloud Complete members.
          Lightroom 5 will be available to Creative Cloud Complete members once it is officially released.
          Lightroom 4 is *not* available as a Creative Cloud Single App membership.

  • By Andrew Rodney - 12:54 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Jeff, is this policy effective for all this new CC release?

    Myth #5: I will be forced to always run the latest version of the software

    You are not forced to upgrade. You can continue to run which ever versions of the software that you want until YOU are ready to upgrade. This is crucial for workflows that involve working with clients or vendors that may not be on the latest versions of the software. You can continue using your current version of the product for one full year after the subsequent version is released.

    Some are asking that a condition might exist whereby someone can’t run a newer version of Photoshop CC without upgrading their hardware. Just want verification that the above is accurate (from:

    • By Ads - 1:10 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Great – so we are forced to pay for the upgrade, but Adobe lets us not use it?

      This deal gets worse all the time!

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:51 AM on May 8, 2013  

      Hi Andrew,

      That’s correct. For example CS6 will remain available for download and use (for example if someone has plug-ins or drivers that only run on Snow Leopard) CS6 and CC can be installed side by side on the same computer – and on mac you can even run them concurrently. Activation is per machine, not per version. (CS6 and CC on the same machine use the same 1 activation)

      From the Creative Cloud FAQ:

      As a Creative Cloud member, am I required to install an upgrade to a desktop application when it becomes available?

      No. You are not required to install any new version of the desktop applications available in Creative Cloud. You can continue using your current version of the product as long as you have an active membership. You have flexibility on when you install a new release to take advantage of new product features, if you choose to do so.

      Do Creative Cloud members have access to previous versions of Creative Cloud apps?

      Yes. Creative Cloud paid members have access to a select set of archived versions of the desktop apps. Starting with CS6, select older versions of the desktop creative apps will be archived and available for download. Archived versions are provided “as is” and are not updated to work with the latest hardware and software platforms.

      [Essentially, what we are saying with the ‘as-is’ statement is all bets are off if, for example, you want to try and run CS6 on future OSes and hardware (e.g. Mac OS X 13 in the year 2020 on whatever processors Apple may be on at the time)]

      Hope that helps,

      – Jeff

  • By Barb M - 12:57 PM on May 7, 2013  

    A truly sad day for Adobe users everywhere. I will not be paying for a subscription to software I will never really own (and in the end, paying even more than upgrading it would be) I do this professionally, and well… this move isn’t really professional at all. I really hope adobe reconsiders, and offers a tangible upgrade with disks, like always… otherwise, I fear this is the beginning of the end for them.

    • By Ads - 1:13 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Same here Barb – CS6 will be it for me – by the time that is no longer useful hopefully another competitor will have created an alternative to grab all the ex-photoshop people – Adobe just created a massive market for someone to step in and get an instant consumer base.

  • […] the sound of grumbling has reached decision makers over in the San Jose-based company. In a post published on the blog yesterday, the company revealed that it’s thinking about introducing special Creative Cloud […]

  • By George Lee - 1:15 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I mostly use Lightroom and only go to Photoshop to use the Content-Aware Fill option to remove something out of a picture. Will Lightroom still be available without paying a monthly fee? If so, why don’t you just put the Content-Aware Fill option in Lightroom? That would make this photo enthusiast happy!!

  • By Aundrea Anderson - 1:20 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I would have to agree, I do not like this new model. I was fine reading on the Creative Cloud for large businesses etc in fields where those features could be very necessary but in the case of self-employed contract artists (which I am) having to pay monthly or every single year is not going to be viable. I don’t make a million dollars a year where I can throw all sorts of money at my budget and while I realize to a big company losing someone like me may not be very important but I can guarantee you there are a lot of someone’s like me.

    Scenario: I am a 3D Graphic Artist and I make products for sale and for contracts. I buys Adobe Creative Suite and upgrade to use on my website and when making those products. All is well all is good and I move to Adobe CC and the Cloud. I have no use for the Cloud at all actually but no big deal and the cost is not so much more then an upgrade so ok I pay for the year. What happens if the economy slows and when renewal comes up I can’t afford even another month. I’m struggling, barely making my bills or feeding my family and now I have to come up with an extra $50-$60 from nowhere or else I lose all my apps. So I can’t pay it, lose the apps and now I get a contract. YAY! I can do this and get caught back up and be ok…but wait…erm now I have NO SOFTWARE. No Money (The profession I am in I don’t get paid upfront) and now no way to use your software. Can’t take the contract…can’t work anymore. Time to find other software I can own so I never have to worry when times get tight. Insurance is a beautiful thing and owning the software gave me insurance you are now taking away 🙁 I really do hope you all reconsider going this way as I fear you will lose those like me who just CANNOT afford the gamble. 🙁

  • By Udo - 1:22 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I am using a total of 5 different macs for photography. I know that I can only activate 2 at a time and that’s no problem since I can only work on one at a time. How easy is it to activate and deactivate to move Photoshop cc from machine to machine? How often can I do it and can I activate another machine while deactivating one that is currently not available, remote deactivation?



    • By Pete Green - 3:29 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Yes, it’s a pretty quick workflow to deactivate one machine and activate on another. Maybe takes a minute or less on each machine.
      There isn’t a time limit between activations

  • By John J McAssey - 2:07 PM on May 7, 2013  

    In one of your anaswers you state “Photoshop CS6 is still available for purchase as a perpetual software license, via electronic download from and authorized resellers. The Photoshop team will provide bug fixes and security updates for Photoshop CS6 while it is still available for purchase.’

    When can we expect to see some of the reported and acknowledged Photoshop bugs fixes for CS6 then? How long will CS6 continue to available for purchase?

  • By Brychan Roberts - 2:12 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I am an individual for whom photography and film making is a serious hobby. CS 6 production Premiun was a major personal investment. It seems that after the first year it will now cost me more to upgrade software in which has not just cost me a significant amount but more importantly in which I have invested time and effort learning to use. Familiarity with and the application of cross fertilisation of effects is everything in creative digital photography. Apparently Adobe are considering an option specifically for photographers but they surely must realise that as with hardware so with creativity the division between photographic and film editing no longer exists.

    Instead of being a purchase which I then own it will now feel like a neverending mortgage on a house i will never own. My point is that creative cloud should be an option for those people that it suits but a stand alone upgrade should continue to be available as an option for people that prefer that. This restriction of choice is highly regrettable.

    I suspect that independent software developers will see this as an opportunity to compete with Adobe. There’s already some surprisingly good software available for the iPad and one suspects that the capabilities of that software are presently limited only by the processing power of the hardware. Editing by touch is much easier and more intuitive than editing with a mouse. Adobe may come to regret this decision As I suspect it will encourage software developers to compete and encourage people to switch.

  • By Dmitry - 2:14 PM on May 7, 2013  

    As an occasional user of the Photoshop product I will not be able to afford, nor justify the use of the new subscription-based licensing model, and will instead opt to seek out free or less costly alternatives. Shame on Adobe for turning away and alienating hard-won evangelically loyal customers. Adobe will either be content with diminishing PS product revenue from inevitable loss of scores of similar customers, or, more likely, be forced to make up the losses by charging the remaining customers more, precipitating additional customer base erosion: not a good business direction.

    Sad that all the meticulous work contained in my PSD files from many years of editing will eventually become hostage to Adobe’s misplaced greed. GIMP’s PSD handling is surprisingly robust, but not quite perfect, yet.

  • By Jan Erik Edvartsen - 2:20 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Hello, Jeffrey.

    I want to get Photoshop as I’m interested in both photography and digital artwork. Is is possible to become a Creative Cloud member and pay for only Photoshop CC? Your site says NOK 180 per month for PSCC with yearly subscription and English language edition.

    So this is just for Photoshop CC right? Or do I get all the other programs in the Cloud Suite as well for that price?

  • By Philosopherhawk - 2:27 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I feel sorry for all the hobbyist who will be hurt by this decision from Adobe…it was the hobbyist that helped make Adobe in to what it is today and for Adobe to turn around and slap them in the face like this is terrible

    why not pay like an annual subscription of like 25.00 per year/ 100.00 for 4 years, that’s affordable for everyone?

  • By alex - 2:33 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Dear Adobe,

    I can understand the purpose of adobe of willing to do so, however I have few concerns and I would like to see what you think about it.

    1) Piracy, of course it is bad and people shall buy the licenses, however I think that adobe with this move is going to kill a lot of potential new talents. How many of us have use photoshop for example when we were young, student (at a time when student price was a dream) How many of us have created, learn outside schools and make us confidant that this is what we want to do next in our life. How many of us have started that way in parallel of our studies in whatever other field to end up a photographer, an artist etc…What do you think about this ? Don’t you think that this move is probably going to kill creativity, kill potential new talents, potentila adobe ambassadors ? Of course piracy is an issue when it comes to company, proffesionals etc…Creativity is an issue too, learning when you are not in an art school is etc…

    2) The second point is that many companies wants to do the same. What is going to happen when we will have to pay X dollars for photoshop, x dollars for office, x dollars for the operating system, x dollars for movies, x dollars for music, x dollars for emails etc…this will sign the end of the computer era as we know it. Once again creativity will be destroyed for this great idea of cloud with it’s worse implementation and use ever.

    3) What do you think about people, such as photographer who need photoshop, really need and will buy it. The version they will buy will be used 2-3 years because they do not need the latest version, because it is fine for them. Do we have to be taken more or less as a hostage ?

    4) Finally, why the price in $ and € is so different. Living in europe the price is huge, huge huge…per months for as long as I need photoshop and I do not care about the latest version.

    Well, I think this is a sad day, a very sad day for creativity, for encouraging people to create, to learn how to create, people who have made adobe as the standard. Many years ago people have started to create in their garages, creating great stuff that changed the world. TOday it is going to be another step harder…

  • By David e - 2:42 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Assuming you listen to all the photographers that have asked adobe to consider some kind of bundle with Lightroom …. Would you credit those that sign up and pay for the full year CC service for photoshop ?

  • By Sol Fried - 2:42 PM on May 7, 2013  

    My primary issue is this.
    Let’s assume I sign up and start using CC. Then after 5 years I decide due to whatever reason, that I cannot continue. I am now left with thousands of Photoshop and Illustrator files that I will never be able to open again. You have made all my work hostage to maintaining a subscription.

    This is a terrible idea. I have no intention of ever upgrading to CC from my CS6 Production Premium unless this policy changes.

    I would recommend, that once a subscription has been paid for some set amount of time (18 months?), then that version, without further upgrades, will be available to the subscriber in perpetuity.

    I hope this is somehow addressed by Adobe. I truly believe that this cloud initiative will fail once individuals and companies realize that they could end up with thousands of useless files unless they pay Adobe forever.

    • By Jo - 10:22 PM on May 7, 2013  

      This is my main concern too.
      My second concern is pricing increases, and the fact that this subscription is actually more expensive than traditional upgrades.

      If Adobe could offer for a buy-out at the end of the subscription, and offer a monthly subscription comparable to an 18-month to 2-year upgrade schedule and offer a locked-in price (with no increases) for a period if time, I would feel a lot more comfortable signing on.

      Btw adobe is going about this subscription model backwards. Most subscription services realize that the subscription model is there to benefit the company (not the consumer) to offset this, and to entice consumers to help support a consistent revenue stream they offer subscribers an attractive subscription rate (usually much lower than perpetually licensed software) along with added benefits. One if the most important benefits is customer support (which isn’t included) and the ability to continue to use the current siftware without updates and all of the added features if the subscription. They don’t sell you on the software itself, but on the added features if the subscription, and level of premium customer service. If the company delivers subscribers have no reason to cancel and the company makes a lot more money.

  • By David e - 2:45 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Jeffery … Any senior citizen deals available

  • By JimCamel - 2:46 PM on May 7, 2013  


    I’d like to focus on the issue of ownership of our files …. this is crucial. If we stop paying for the subscription then we essentially no longer have access. So, let’s consider the lifeline of an enthusiast or one who has sold some editions of photo art. Eventually you will get to a time in your life when you can’t (afford) or become unable to continue working/playing as a photographer. At that point, if you stop the subscription your body of work is essentially locked and Adobe controls your access to it.

    You can’t just move it all to a layered TIF (besides taking an inordinate amount of time) some of those TIF layers are smart objects or adjustment layers that probably can’t be accurately interpreted by other software.

    Steve Lerch had proposed an end-of-subscription life proposal for consideration – I’d propose that if you stopped your subscription -and possibly paid a lump sum – your capabilities would ‘freeze’ at that point but you would maintain access and operability at that level on that or any other machine within your license count (machines sometimes die prematurely).

    This is the only way I can see that Adobe would not control access to your life’s work.

  • By John - 2:46 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Does Adobe realize that there’s another model that delivers upgrades, prevents piracy, lets people own their software, run it on multiple computers and doesn’t anger existing customers? Oh, and brings in tons of cash for the software producers? It’s called the App Store. Why didn’t Adobe choose that model?

  • By Ant - 2:49 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Hi Jeff & all

    My major concerns about this change, which will need to be resolved before I would commit to PS CC are as follows:

    1) The ongoing cost of the monthly sub vs. biennial upgrade doesn’t add up at the moment. The carrot of cloud storage doesn’t make much difference to me, because a free Dropbox account is (with a little discipline) sufficient when I need to share files or make them remotely accessible.

    2) I am worried that once locked into CC, Adobe would be able to raise pricing as it wished and I would lose control over my financial commitment to the product. Now I can skip a generation if I think the improvements aren’t worth it. Under CC I would have to put up or drop out.

    3) Whilst I can imagine that plenty of new users or those currently using pirated SW will jump at not having the big upfront investment for CC, it does grate that all I get having already invested large sums into PS software is a 50% discount for one year (as long as I sign up by end/July ;). I think you’d win skeptical people over to CC if you were to offer a year’s free “trial” to those who have the corresponding CS product license. If you have confidence that people will see the value of CC by using it, why not do that?

    4) The Lightroom anomaly has already been acknowledged. I think you should at the very least bundle LR with PS CC. Although I would personally favor a beefed-up LR, including some current PS functionality as a perpetual license option.

    I can see some benefits with the CC system and the functionality upgrades look great. Those who use multiple CS apps will be better off. However, I don’t think the typical one-man photographer has been as well considered with this change as the full-suite creative professional has. It will be interesting to see if there will be any changes to the CC proposal in the coming weeks that reflect feedback received here.

    Thanks for listening.

    • By Ant - 3:40 PM on May 7, 2013  

      I just had a flick through the comments here and I get a sense that aside from practical considerations, a lot of people are unhappy about the figurative gun being held to their heads. Of course Adobe has to manage its resources and business as it sees best, but forcing people to change (especially when the benefit for change is unclear) is always going to generate a negative emotional response.

      • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 1:05 PM on May 8, 2013  


        Thanks for the thoughtful suggestions.

        1) Appreciate you sharing specifics about what you do/don’t find value in.
        2) I understand the concern. If history is any indication though, prices have gone down (Photoshop’s full and upgrade price have gone down since it was first introduced and Lightroom’s price was slashed in half between Lightroom 3 and Lightroom 4)
        3) I’ll pass along that idea.
        4) Glad to know which products are of a part of your workflow. Again, helpful.

        Creative Cloud Complete and all the apps and services are compelling to design professionals – and there are already hundred of thousands of them using Creative Cloud.

        – Jeff

        • By Jim Dobbins - 8:45 AM on May 13, 2013  

          Jeffery said:
          “Creative Cloud Complete and all the apps and services are compelling to design professionals – and there are already hundred of thousands of them using Creative Cloud.”

          That is true and seems to be the driving motive for the change to CC by subscription only.
          Now it seems (perhaps) that Adobe are trying to patch the negative reaction that they have created among amateur and ‘small’ professional photographers.

          It may not have been intended but to me as not in the the design professional classification there is a taste of ‘let them eat cake’ in the way subscription only CC has been introduced.

          If Adobe deigns to develop a CC business model that supports my needs I will now be very skeptical of how I will be treated as a customer in the future. Adobe has lost my trust.

  • By Don Fluaitt - 2:58 PM on May 7, 2013  

    This all doesn’t even go into the fact that they laid off around 800 people who need jobs to get this whole “buy the software that you never own” shennanegan off the ground. 800 more people who now despise Adobe.
    Typical corporate thinking. Screw more people for more money, see how we can get the most money out of everyone possible. And, of course, the newest scam – software that the user never owns. Great scam, Adobe. Too bad so many photographers actually KNOW what you are doing, and are really torked off about it.

  • By Melanie Rijkers-van Nunen - 2:59 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Hi, why can I still use my Adobe ID to work with only 2 computers. Being an independant photographer I own 4 computers and work with at least 3 at the same time?! So I already need to buy double PS all the time … which is very annoying. How do I do this with 4? Do I need 2 Adobe ID’s??

    Then the dollar…
    why is software so much more expensive in EURO?? As the software is the same, ALL is the same, and no shipping, no extra handling… We all just ‘use your Adobe ID’ and log on to the cloud. How come that cloud makes a difference between global users?? Is that even legal??

    PLZ STOP this and come clean, one price (in dollar) for all people in the world. Thank you

    • By Pete Green - 3:36 PM on May 7, 2013  

      You can manage your activations (activate and deactivate) amongst 4 computers with one subscription that has 2 activations.

      Assuming you are not using all 4 at once. If that is the case then you’d be looking at getting 2 seats (4 activations).

  • By Victor Rakmil - 2:59 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I bought CS 6 updates in February of this year for 199. Normally I get an update every 18 months which works out as 11/month for CS over eighteen months. Now the cost for the next eighteen months if I move to CC (which I want to do) for the 18 months will be 10/month for the first twelve months and 20/month for the next 6 months a total of 240 for eighteen months. If I add in what I have already spent this year that equals 440. A bit on the expensive side. In addition over 18 months the cost of CC is 360 a 55% increase as I see it over past upgrades. I also own LR 4 and have owned it since it came out, just as I have owned every version of CS and Photoshop. If I add in the cost of LR, that is 40/month and annual fee of 480, for what I just spent 297 in upgrades on in February it is an even higher expenditure. You can see my concern and my wonder why the high costs. I don’t need cloud storage. Going forward this is a significant financial cost in a down market. Please reconsider what this means for many people. Thanks you.

  • By Ross - 3:12 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I’d like to add my voice to those who find this a horrible idea.

    I, too, primarily use Lightroom, but sometimes need Photoshop. Because of this I don’t upgrade every release. You’re new model triples my cost.

    Having the $9.99 “intro” offer only delays that cost increase for a year, it doesn’t help in the long run.

    The fact that we never own any version of the software after the cloud goes into effect means we are essentially held hostage. Stop paying and we lose all access. Yes, the CS6 option is there, but who knows what incompatibilities might arise in 2-3 years, or what camera RAW files might no longer be supported.

    I recently took a sabbatical year, and had to cut expenses. If I’d been on a monthly plan to Adobe, I would have had to stop payment, something I never have to worry about with software I paid for. This simply alienates several large classes of users, and I hope you will reconsider.

    • By Brychan Roberts - 5:21 AM on May 8, 2013  

      If you edit material for example in premiere using the new creative cloud version. What happens if you end your subscription and then open the edited timeline in CS 6 ? We’ll all the editing feature is supported by CS six be available or will that file and the deadline decisions be unusable?

      At the moment for example if you open an edit file from a previous version of premiere it updates to compatibility with the new version. Will there be backwards compatibility when moving from a new version back to CS 6 And what will be the limitations of this backwards compatibility?

      • By kmonahan - 9:47 AM on May 9, 2013  

        Hi Brychan,
        I think I can answer your question. Premiere Pro CC does not have a “Save As CS6” feature. However, you can export a FCPXML from your Premiere Pro CC project which will open in Premiere Pro CS6. The only things that won’t be in the Premiere Pro CS6 project are effects, transitions, and other items that are only contained in Premiere Pro CC.

        If you desire a more robust way of opening Premiere Pro CC projects in Premiere Pro CS6, please make a feature request:

  • By SamF - 3:14 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I was thinking along the same lines as Steve Lerch above, but from a different angle – so here’s my proposal, might not work for everybody but i think it addresses 2 main flaws in the new model:

    1- $10/mo for PS CC, which seems to be a reasonable price (optional $15 for PS & LR combo).

    2- After 2 years subscription (or other minimum period depending if customer owns previous copy of PS CSx), a customer has the option to opt out of CC while keeping a feature-locked license for PS CC that includes all updates/fixes released during those 2 years. Any later updates would not be applicable.

    3- If at a later date that customer decided to re-activate their CC subscription, they need to pay the delta lump sum. So for e.g., if after 6 months they re-activated CC they would pay $60 and then resume the monthly $10.

    By offering something like above, Adobe would target at least 2 main issues repeatedly mentioned on this thread:
    1- Renting instead of owning the software. The option to opt out and keep a feature-locked license of the software would help people/businesses that for some reason they need to cut on their monthly expenses for a period of time (or indefinitely) but they don’t want to loose the functionality of software they already invested in.
    2- Forced to upgrade. Again the option to opt out, keep feature-locked software, and re-activate CC subscription at a later date allows customers to have more control over when they want to pay for those latest updates.

    Anyways, I hope something positive could be drawn out of this post.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:13 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Hi SamF,

      Thanks for the thoughtful suggestions. I’ll share them with the appropriate folks. As noted in my FAQ above, we know there’s a lot of interest in a photographer’s bundle. Having specific feedback like yours is helpful for me to show what customers want in terms of the right products/services at the right price.


      – Jeff

      • By Murray Foote - 11:36 AM on May 20, 2013  

        I second SamF’s suggestions. I was looking to make similar ones myself.

  • By Wilinsky - 3:23 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I am an enthusiast/hobbyist photographer and didn’t really have a reason to be buying all the new versions of PS as they came out, but I have upgraded every time for years and years. I did it because it was fun to learn and fun to play with even though I used only a tiny fraction of the features in the program. Along with PS, I also bought plug-ins, NAPP subscriptions, books, and attended seminars, and enjoyed all of them. Nevertheless, I am never going to go the CC route for the reasons explicated in many of the posts here. If LR ever goes to the subscription plan, I’ll be in a world of hurt. I have 10’s of thousands of photos cataloged in LR and it would be a bugger to move them to some other program, no matter how good it is. I like LR so much I have convinced at least 10 people to buy it, although I must admit most of them didn’t use it after purchase and didn’t buy upgrades. I guess I need to start thinking about moving to something else. At least we are getting a few years warning in which to figure out what to do.

    Even though I keep up to date with many software products at work, build my own computers, maintain a website gallery for my photos, and maintain many of my friend’s computers over the internet, I must be some kind of Luddite. I hate Win8, don’t have any Apple products, don’t tweet, don’t have a Facebook account, don’t have a smart phone, and will never buy software on a subscription plan. I will be sorry to quit PS and hope that I don’t have to quit LR anytime soon.

  • By Emil - 3:40 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Adobe’s idea is good, the problem is how it got implemented.

    The $50 subscription is useless and expensive. I mean honestly, what digital artist uses ALL the creative suite apps? What you guys should do is try different subscription models.

    People will be scared off by the steep $50. The shake reducing algorithm will get implemented in other third party apps (probably not as well), and everyone will keep on pirating CS6.

    $4.99 per product would be a better approach I think. It is not that expensive and the appeal would be greater. By a long shot.

    For instance, as a fashion photographer I need 3 of your apps: Lr and Ps for image editing, and Id for creating portfolios and mini magazines. It seems outrageous to me to pay $600 a year just to access 3 apps out of a myriad, but the $15 i would pay in total with the per product pricing is a lot more attractive, and I’m sure I’m not the only one that thinks like this.

    With prices like these, the greater part of the people that pirate adobe software wouldn’t go through the hassle of it all. Why risk downloading a trojan or messing up your hosts file and worrying about losing your license if you update, when with only 5 bucks you can have the app you want without all the headaches?

    • By Emil - 3:44 PM on May 7, 2013  

      It’s useless selling 1,000 $50 plans when you could sell 40,000 $4.99 plans. Where’s the better revenue?

  • By Rob Nourse - 4:10 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Never in a million, billion years will I sign up for this. I find this kind of naked cash grab excessive and offensive. I won’t reward this type of behavior… It’s right up there with negative option marketing.

    If this happens… and standalone PS goes away I’ll switch to GIMP or Corel. Swear to god, cross my heart and hope to die. It will be painful but I’ll enjoy watching Adobe’s market share plummet. Hell, maybe I should short the stock?

  • By Wenport - 4:18 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Hi Jeff,

    What happens if, say, after one year subscription of CC I decide not to subscribe any further? Will I be able to use installed software in it’s current state any longer (without access to newer features, cloud, etc)?

    When I buy software with perpetual license I can use it, well, perpetually…
    And, what’s most important, upgrade it when the time is right (read: when I can
    spend money on it).
    Is it going to be the same with CC? Will I ‘own’ the software I paid for?
    Something tells me: no…

    In current economy I hardly know any business that can really afford to upgrade every year entire software suite for each station. Up to now I could decide when to invest in a new software, or not, and hold back for more appropriate moment.
    It is quite substantial investment when You have to consider some 15 workstations to upgrade over 730 Euros a pop for a year. And it doesn’t really matter if You charge monthly or annually… if it’s out of budget… it’s out…
    So, again, what happens when I must decide not to renew CC subscription?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:06 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Hi Wenport,

      We do not delete any files or software from your computer. You will not be able to use the CC version of the software but any perpetual products you own will continue to run normally. The files you’ve created and saved on your hard drive are left intact.

      Your files are yours and remain on your computer for you to access if you should decide to end your subscription. Many applications are able to open and edit PSD, TIF and DNG files (all of which are openly specified file formats).

      If you decide to sync your files to Creative Cloud or post a rendition to Behance, the original file stays on your system (unless you remove it) you have complete control over privacy of who has access to the images/files in the cloud.

      • By Wenport - 1:21 AM on May 8, 2013  

        Well, was it really my question?

        To put it bluntly, I’m deeply screwed when I will not be
        able to renew subscription on time. Just because the software
        I paid for simply wouldn’t work any more the next day.

        Is it the case with upgrades with perpetual license? NO!
        I own what I pay for and I have unlimited access
        to the software I purchased.

        You wrote somewhere above, that CC is about providing
        new features in a smoother way.
        But it looks like CC is only for the money.
        It’s great to be the only one in the business…, is it?

        So it seems simply safer to stay with CS5/CS6 for now.
        Maybe I will not have some newest bells and whistles
        (which was never a reason to upgrade really) but I will
        remain confident that the tools I paid for will still work.
        And that is most important thing.
        Not the cloud, not some new filters or few new features
        which are often hardly usable in first few instances.

        And I wasn’t really asking about access to my files.

  • By Lehane - 4:20 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I think the “what happens if you stop subscribing” question is VERY valid. I can only suspect that Adobe is silent on the matter because a) they never thought about it, or b) the answer is not one that will make us happy.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 5:44 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Hi Lehane,

      We do not delete any files or software from your computer. You will not be able to use the software but the files you’ve created and saved on your hard drive are left intact.

      • By Lehane - 6:43 PM on May 7, 2013  

        So the files are ours but are essentially useless. Great!! Awesome!! Fantastic!!

  • By Jeff Maloney - 5:20 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Seriously???? Nail in the coffin for Adobe in my opinion. Lots of problem scenarios with cloud only.

    1. Does it always work offline?
    2. If I go 5 months without needing to use it, why I am still paying for it every month?
    3. If I leave Adobe subscription what happens to my DNG files?
    4. What happens when I buy new Canon in 2 years & CS6 does not support the RAW file? I need to buy Adobe sub to open my RAW files?
    5. When I die how will my heirs deal with my PSD, RAW, and DNG files? Do they have to start buying an Adobe sub to open the files?
    6. What about Lightroom and it’s catalogs over the next 30 years? Am I now permanently married to funding Adobe every single month of my life?
    7. I have read a lot of forums, including Adobe’s, and lots of folks are experiencing problems signing into CC, staying signed in, accessing their software, etc. What gives? I thought this was to be a “new and improved” experience!
    8. What keeps you from jacking up the price on our monthly subscriptions and stranding us loyal users of 20 plus years?
    9. Why not just make 2 separate products, shrink wrapped box and Cloud Version, to keep us all happy campers and help your profit margins? The complaints of the expense of packaging, disc production, etc is garbage. I worked for software companies. It’s the engineer labor costs that hurt you, not the channel feeds.

    It sounds like Adobe drank the same Kool Aid Microsoft is with their Office 365. We can’t have people on XP and Office 2003 forever! Ballmer and Gates need to put gas in their Ferrari’s after all.

    • By apricoco - 8:56 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Capture One. That will always open and deal with your raw files.

      Tell Adobe to take a hike.

  • By Bishop - 5:45 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I am feeling the same dismay and resistance as quite a few photographers about what is essentially a large price hike over the old upgrade system (at a time when many people are having to budget even more carefully than in previous years), and even more so about the lack of options for means-of-payment (that is, annual payments for yearly subscriptions – I understand a premium for month-to-month renewals).

    If I am reading correctly, it seems that the only option offered for the annual renewal payment is automatic access to the customer’s credit card account. It appears to me that Adobe is basically blackmailing customers with differential pricing in order to serve its own convenience rather than process yearly payments at the instigation and convenience of the customer. I do not mind paying a reasonable price* yearly for a subscription, but I balk at auto-access to my credit card.**

    *IMO, $120 a year is a viable regular price for a single app subscription to Photoshop. More is gouging.

    I have had some experience over the years with Adobe customer service. It is incompetent, a Potemkin customer service. Getting a mistake in one’s account rectified is a time-consuming and frustrating process. And this business about paying a subscription for support if the product or the installation/validation process is defective is outrageous, if true.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 5:58 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Hi Bishop,

      Thanks for the pricing feedback. I will make sure that gets passed along to the appropriate folks.

      In terms of activation, CC has some major improvements including roaming activation and the ability for users to reset activations. I always hated the old activation scheme and lobbied for user activation reset. I’m happy we finally have it and hope it prevents customers from ever having to contact us for activation support.

      – jeff

      • By Markus - 7:31 AM on July 17, 2013  

        Do you have an update regarding the roaming activation? John Nack also wrote something about this as a solution for people like me, which are using two desktop pc’s, a Windows and a Mac Notebook …

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:19 PM on July 17, 2013  

          Hi Markus,

          Sounds like you have 4 machines. You can install CC on all four machines. You can activate and use CC simultaneously on two of those systems at a time. Roaming activation lets you log into any of the four machines to start using them. When you log and encounter that you’re signed in and activated on two other systems, you will be asked if you want want to deactivate the other systems so you can sign-in and activate the current system. This is available now with the current release of AAM/Creative Cloud.

  • By C Vandenberg - 5:46 PM on May 7, 2013  

    The change Adobe is making is disrespectful to its user community – for may reasons.
    I don’t want to have to pay a monthly fee for a product. School customers shouldn’t have to pay month after month for each copy of the program – which will be particularly hard on graphic arts schools. Users that paid for a fast computer will lose that capability because the cloud is on the internet. Not all users have a reliable internet connection (and some don’t even have an internet connection, which adds to their costs). The internet is not as reliable as the copy on our computers. Not all users have credit cards that can be hit each month. There are more reasons that Adobe should reconsider (and offer the choice we have now). Please help. Thank you.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 5:53 PM on May 7, 2013  

      Hi C Vandenberg,

      Sorry about the confusion. Creative Cloud per month pricing is for individual users and Creative Cloud for Teams.

      If you do licensing, essentially the academic license (our new EEA and ETLA programs) will be similar to the price you paid previously.

      I can put you in touch with someone in volume sales to give you a quote that should match your past academic licensing price expectations.

      – Jeff

  • By Dallas Anderson - 5:53 PM on May 7, 2013  

    With the latest move from Adobe to a monthly subscription plan for future Photoshop CC releases, Nikon has the unique opportunity to revamp their Capture NX software and gain some significant market share since I believe many users will be looking for an alternative solution in the coming months.

  • By Philosopherhawk - 5:55 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I see a big problem with copyright issues with Adobe…if you stop subscribing to Creative cloud and your unable to access your pictures, etc., Ineffect adobe is holding your files as Hostage

    someone needs to contact a lawyer who deals with copyright issues to get this resovled

  • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:03 PM on May 7, 2013  


    Your files are yours and remain on your computer for you to access if you should decide to end your subscription. Many applications are able to open and edit PSD, TIF and DNG files (all of which are openly specified file formats).

    If you decide to sync your files to Creative Cloud or post a rendition to Behance, the original file stays on your system (unless you remove it) you have complete control over privacy of who has access to the images/files in the cloud.

    – Jeff

  • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:15 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Thanks Emil,

    Appreciate the specifics of what you’d like to see in terms of an ala carte option and price. I’ll share this with the appropriate folks.

    – jeff

  • By Jeff Maloney - 6:22 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Looks like Adobe has some serious thinking and discussion in house to do. Very few “congrats” and “nice work” coming out of this announcement. Lots of PO’d users, actual users who have actually PAID Adobe over the years and not pirated the SW. Reminds me of the stumbles Netflix, Instagram and the music biz have made recently with their loyal customers. I’m guessing it was the bean counters and not CSR’s or product management that came up with the subscription or nothing business model. All the talk about getting ALL the Software for a mere monthly pittance is just window dressing for corporate greed and ignorance of their customers wishes. Perhaps I would feel better had Adobe asked me my opinion on some alternatives they were considering implementing.
    I needed an affordable PShop like app for my new Mac last year. A friend told me to try Pixelmator for $15 in the App store until I could afford the CS6 upgrade that I needed. I purchased it and WOW, I was really impressed how capable it was for 90% of my normal editing. Had a few things I wish PShop had too. There are and will be new alternatives to Adobe products. This change in business model will probably hasten the demise of what we all have loved and used for many, many years, Yet another case of bad management at a tech company screwing up a really good product and irritating the heck out of their loyal customers.
    Just my 2 cents.

    Jeff M

  • By Richard - 6:36 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I would not mind paying 20 bucks a month for one year for one , BUTT then I own the software at that version number. No more feature upgrades unless I pay for another year of upgrades.

    I FULLY hate that when you stop paying adobe a monthly fee you no longer has access to the software.

    The pricing model is no go for many people who do freelance work and can’t afford a whole lot of fees.

  • By Eduardo Fernandez - 6:45 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Jeffrey I hope Adobe reconsiders and addresses the concern of loyal customers like myself that last year upgraded from CS4 to CS6 extended which i paid extra. Now it seems that the customers like myself that paid extra for the extended version will get the same brake that the customers that got the regular photoshop. I hope you guys make this right for loyal customers and come up with a deal for both photoshop and lightroom and you guys take considerations with customers like me that paid extra for the extended version.

  • By Rob W - 6:47 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Oh Adobe, it’s been nice knowing you! What a stupid move. As a casual/hobbyist user of Photoshop, I can say with 100% conviction that you’ve lost my business. I’ve been a Photoshop user since version 3, not CS3, but 3. Did I buy every upgrade? No. I sometimes skipped a version. The decision to go subscription only is essentially forcing me to upgrade to every new version, even if those new features aren’t important to me. I no longer get to choose if the current version I’m using is adequate for my needs. This smacks of wanton greed.

    Forget the intro pricing, etc. That’s a smokescreen. Bottom line, Adobe is forcing its users to pay for every upgrade cycle whether they want the upgrade or not. This move will all but ensure that casual/hobbyist users abandon the company. As they lose these sales, it’s inevitable that subscription pricing will only increase. I firmly believe this move is the beginning of the end for Adobe. It’s also a wonderful opportunity for some real competition to flourish. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

  • By Molly - 6:48 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Hmm – seems like we in New Zealand are not able to purchase in our own currency which means that we will get charged a fee for a foreign exchange transaction AND have to wear the cost of any currency fluctuations. Doesn’t seem like a great deal to me….

  • By Terry Letton - 6:51 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I am an amateur photographer I currently use CS 5 and Lightroom3. I’m am65 years old and self employed. I do my best to avoid unnecessary bills. Especially for my hobby which aim quite serious about. I save money and when I can afford it I buy equipment and software to improve my photography. I am not interested in signing up to rent software on a monthly basis and find myself having to chose to either spend what I feel is not prudent or loose access. I have no interest in cloud storage so there is no value to me in that part of your offer. I would rather continue as has been the current model and upgrade when I feel that your latest version offers enough value to me to make the change.
    Terry Letton

  • By Sydney Dio - 6:56 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I have elements and lightroom…I guess I will never have PS now…..I cannot keep up with the upgrades to products I have now……I really hope no one tries to charge me a monthly fee….I will stop using the products instantly!

  • By Lehane - 7:04 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Out of interest, Jeffrey, does Adobe even care that the entire community is not only disappointed but in some respects hostile to this new change? Are the executives in the position or not knowing or not caring? Realistically when a customer base is this unhappy with the direction a company takes it realistically has to be one of the two.

    I find that Adobe thinking that it’s OK to leave the customer with unusable .dng files is not just inexcusable, it’s arrogant with a dash of ignorant mixed in.

    I’m going to upgrade to CS6 tonight. Fingers crossed that will tide me over until Adobe comes to its senses or a competitor gives me a product I can use. You won’t get my subscription money even if I have to switch to an inferior product. Why? I believe in principle and integrity. They’re something Adobe could research as it obviously has no idea about either of them.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:07 AM on May 8, 2013  

      Hi Lehane,

      I don’t think that’s an accurate statement to say “all customers’ are unhappy. There are over half million customers currently using Creative Cloud – in fact, members of Creative Cloud have higher customer satisfaction marks than Creative Suite customers. I understand there are a lot of customers who have many concerns & questions with the new direction. I’m sure the executives are seeing everyone’s feedback. I’m certainly funneling my findings to the appropriate folks on a daily basis.

      – Jeff

      • By Ant - 9:33 AM on May 8, 2013  

        There’s an ever-increasing trend of “defining” your target customer in business. It’s a concept being pushed strongly by a number of digital marketing / research agencies. Product marketers define to what kind of person they want to sell either a specific product or the brand in general. It goes into mind-numbing detail: age, occupation, income, political views, car brand and so on. They are even given a name. Market research, marketing, product development is then focused on that theoretical customer. It seems that Adobe has drawn the boundaries of their target Creative Suite customer quite narrowly. Maybe they are scratching their heads asking why all these hobbyists are using Photoshop when they should be using Lightroom and Elements. If only our customers would use our products in they way we want them to, rather than how they want to.

        Alternatively they just decided that they simply don’t make enough revenue out of the people who only buy a PS upgrade in irregular cycles to justify the resource pulling together and maintaining a product for them. The CS membership fee just went up.

  • By Shaun Keenan - 7:15 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I’ve been using Photoshop since the UNIX 4.0 version, and Lightroom since it was in beta.
    I’m a casual (amateur) photographer, and while I need photoshop from time to time (maybe 1 picture in 100) when Lightroom can’t suffice, it’s not something that’s worth me paying $15-20/mo for it. I upgrade every 2-3 releases, and have been doing so for as long as I’ve been using the product.
    Going from paying for a ~$140 upgrade license every 4-5 years to paying $120/mo makes it no longer worth it for me to buy Photoshop.
    I’ll continue buying Lightroom upgrades, as that has taken away 90% of my use case for Photoshop and greatly sped up my workflow, but Photoshop just isn’t worth it anymore. I will basically end up hanging on to my CS5.1 Photoshop as long as I can, maybe buy a CS6 upgrade somewhere, but there’s no way I can afford, or justify, paying around $240/yr for something that I only need to use once in a while…
    I imagine that there are a lot of people like me out there that can justify upgrades once every ~4 years at around 120-150 each time, but suddenly going from max 150 every 4 years to $960 every 4 years is ludicrous.
    Unless this changes, you have lost a Photoshop customer, Adobe… this is crazy. It may work for professionals who need photoshop every day, but for someone that opens it once every few weeks at most, it’s simply not worth it anymore.

    • By Lehane - 7:20 PM on May 7, 2013  

      You can only get the upgrade to CS6 through Adobe. (Probably in anticipation of this foul blasphemy they’re inflicting upon us.) The link for it is way up near the top of this page. Get in before the greedy sods take it away!!

      • By Shaun Keenan - 7:36 PM on May 7, 2013  

        crap. Thanks very much for letting me know about the CS6 upgrade. That is evil 🙁

  • By Francis E - 7:27 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I have a perpetual license for Photoshop CS5 and am running the program on Mac under Snow Leopard. Your offer of the reduced first year subscription arrived today and is effectively an ultimatum to either purchase CS6 or a CC subscription by 31 July. CC does not run under Snow Leopard.

    Unfortunately, I am running Snow Leopard on this machine for good reasons. I have some other non-Lion compatible software I want to run on it, but I also have a Wacom tablet which I use with PS very heavily. As many may know, Lion and later don’t play well with tablets because Apple removed the arrow buttons from the scroll bars. I did intend to upgrade to CS6 very soon since at least it could run on both Snow Leopard and Mountain Lion, and for the crop tool. Being on CS6 already was going to make any transition away from Snow Leopard less disruptive.

    You’ve given me less than three months to make this decision, and since it could involve dumping Mac altogether in favour of Windows, I might need longer than that. Since future support of CS6 is now also uncertain, you may have actually discouraged me from making an upgrade purchase I was going to make anyway. And I really was… it was pencilled in for next weekend.

    BTW, one feature I *would* pay for is Snow Leopard-like scroll bars in Photoshop, since you roll your own anyway, with both arrows at the bottom. Does no-one at Adobe use tablets?

  • By Don Culp - 7:28 PM on May 7, 2013  

    It looks like I will no longer be doing business with Adobe. I love Photoshop and had planned upgrading to the new version, but I have no use or interest in the Cloud. And I think spending $10 or $20 a month for an indefinite time without actually owning a piece of software is not only a rip-off but something I do not want to do. Do good luck guys.

  • By apricoco - 7:38 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Dear Adobe,

    I hope your company dies a slow death due to this horrendous decision. I’m keeping my CS5 boxed license and washing my hands of you and your greed. I will not be opting into your cloud based services, paying outrageous monthly fees and will start actively looking for alternatives. GIMP is starting to look pretty great right now. Capture One will be my primary raw processing engine. You can go suck an egg.


  • By John - 7:58 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I’m a bit concerned that you seem to think that a photographer’s bundle as a subscription package would solve the problems a lot of people have with this move. I can’t speak for others, but to me it’s the subscription model itself that’s the problem.

    I cannot imagine having to pay Adobe and other software companies in perpetuity for software that I need to open files I worked on in the past or might want to work on in the future. I also cannot imagine how much that would cost me, if other companies followed your lead.

    And you still haven’t answered my question why Adobe didn’t adopt the App Store model. It solves all the problems your company says led it to take this step. So, Adobe is either not playing it straight with us or is admitting that client servicing is not really behind this plan.

    • By Lehane - 8:39 PM on May 7, 2013  

      You’re right about app store. There would be no more packaging and they could micro charge for updates. They just don’t want you to own it as it makes you beholden to them.

  • By ginsbu - 7:59 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I empathize with the complaints of many about the change to a subscription model. Subscription *could* be very advantageous to me, however. I use Lightroom for almost all my processing, with only a very occasional need for Photoshop, so I usually just access an institutional Photoshop installation when needed — it’s inconvenient, but buying Photoshop for such infrequent use isn’t worth it. Even $30 for a full month probably isn’t worth it. One week priced at, say, $10 would likely be worthwhile a few times a year. $2/day would be even more tempting.

  • By John - 8:04 PM on May 7, 2013  

    One more question: if CC installs on my computer, why can’t it work as a standalone version from the moment I stop paying? That at least would leave the decision to quit in my hands and would satisfy your desire to only share updates with subscribers? Why would I have to revert to the last CS version?

  • By Volker Beckmann - 8:52 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I am a free lance graphic designer that hates the thought of buying a monthly subscription to InD, PS and Illustrator. I use CS6 now that I had to buy because Adobe wouldn’t recognize CS4. I can’t afford to pay monthly fees. It’s ridiculous. Adobe’s promotion price is worthless, as a year the price will go up and there is nothing anyone can do. It’s a sad monopoly. But bitching about it won’t do much good either.

    We need to get all independent free lance people together to look for alternatives and support competitive software. Surely someone will fill the void. This is extremely annoying.

  • By Christina - 8:56 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I purchased a boxed version photoshop cs5. I realize there is now a cs6, but I have been perfectly happy with the version I have. It suits all my needs and frankly I cannot afford an upgrade that I don’t need as I am a recent graduate and just beginning my photographic career.

    I do NOT (and really, cannot) subscribe to this new creative cloud. I paid for the ability to own this product and use it until it didn’t suit my needs anymore. Which honestly, is only logical.

    My question is this: will this “creative cloud” make it impossible to use MY photoshop package that I paid good money for if I don’t sign up for this new technology? Because that’s how it sounds – and if that’s not the case, you messed up big time.

    If not, I’m still very unhappy that the future of our creative process relies on a forced monthly fee. Not okay.

    • By Victoria Bampton - 2:42 AM on May 8, 2013  

      Christina, you’ll still be able to use your perpetual CS5 license indefinitely. CS5 obviously does everything you need at this point in time, so nothing changes for you. The only thing in question here is futures upgrades, not the software you’ve already purchased.

      • By Christina - 10:08 AM on May 8, 2013  

        Thank you for clarifying. I had heard many rumors to the contrary.

        Still, it bothers me that since I cannot afford to upgrade to the latest version at this time, I’m forever stuck with the one I have already purchased unless I want to pay even more over time for an upgrade later. CS5 may be suiting my needs right now, but when it doesn’t, then what? The software is expensive as it is, and asking us to essentially pay more for it because Adobe wants to stop pirating is insane. We, the actual customers, should not be punished for someone else’s actions. I’ll enjoy my product while I can and wait for this new plan to backfire.

  • By apricoco - 9:03 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I’m also going to call BS on your cloud based saving. EVERY OTHER COMPANY in the world has gotten hacked and info stolen. I’m not going to let some company that I barely trust with my credit card have a hold of my images. What’s my recourse if your security is lax? NONE. What happens if you decide those images have now been licensed to you since they’re on your servers? None.

  • By Dave Cearley - 9:57 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I saw an article that said you were looking for suggestions for a package for photographers. PS, Lightroom, and InDesign will allow pros to manage their photographs and their collateral materials.
    I own a copy of Production Premium 5.5, and went ahead and purchased a subscription to Creative Cloud last August. $30 a month wasn’t too painful and I wanted to see what I might be able to do with it. Well I spent most of the past several months working in those three programs, and Adobe finally does a PS upgrade when my subscription is about to expire. Does Adobe have any plans to allow early adopters to extend their subscription at the old price if I renew before July 31, or did I just cost myself a bundle by being your guinea pig?

  • By Dave Cearley - 10:00 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Being forced to purchase an annual subscription to be able to manipulate or print my current catalog even after I stop shooting is pretty insulting, not to mention highway robbery.

  • By Rich B - 10:01 PM on May 7, 2013  

    It looks like Lightroom is also destined for this “Cloud” implementation. That being the case i need to rethink upgrading to LR5. My days as a long time Photoshop user are numbered since I cannot afford the monthly commitment and will not tolerate the notion of not having ownership of something I have paid for. Looks like I need to start looking for alternatives right away. That means the years spent learning Photoshop will have been a waste of time. i am not happy.

    • By Victoria Bampton - 2:39 AM on May 8, 2013  

      Rich, Elements and Lightroom have always played by different rules, so I wouldn’t be too concerned. They have a different target market to the main CC apps.

      There have been some interviews mentioning additional Lightroom features being added to the CC version. I don’t have any information on that yet, but there’s a fair chance that’s referring to the iPad/cloud integration that Tom demo’d on The Grid last week. A subscription basis would make sense for that functionality, but that still wouldn’t mean having to go for the whole cloud, even if you did want that functionality.

      • By Rich B - 11:43 AM on May 8, 2013  

        Even so, if Lightroom continues as a traditional boxed software, Photoshop will not. Once one becomes used to using the LR+PS combination, loosing half of it just wont do. There are things that Photoshop will do that Lightroom cannot and filling that void is just not worth the perpetual cost. I dont see any good answers for me in Adobe’s current strategy.

    • By Greg Douglas - 12:06 PM on May 10, 2013  

      I was going to upgrade to ‘CS7’ now CC, but Adobe has lost that sale. I have been using PS since version 2.5 and LR since it came out and have invested alot into the products. Now the future is bleak for me. I may buy LR 5 but that will be the last Adobe product I purchase. To get me back, Adobe will have to return to the model that worked well for the past two decades. I WILL be looking at other tools as a fell back if Adobe digs in on this. This Adobe business decision will become a major study case in business schools on what not to do to your customer base.

  • By Dean Forbes - 10:04 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Will updates/upgrades to features in Lightroom beginning with LR 5 be rolled out as they occur, similar to Photoshop CC, and then only be available via a cloud subscription, or will the boxed software continue to sold when it is upgraded (LR6 and so on)?

  • By Fotomaker - 11:13 PM on May 7, 2013  

    I’ve previously bought Photoshop as a student. I only have about a year or so left to my current classes and I’m not a professional photog earning money to pay for an expensive CC membership subscription. Nor expect to be any time soon after completing undergrad classes. I’ve also purchased a bunch of Photoshop plug-ins from other companies that use Ps as a host. I won’t be able to afford CC at $50/month anyway, but how will those 3rd party plug-ins be supported in this new model where features are just rolled out in Ps on an ad hoc basis? I’m afraid to destroy the install I have now of Ps Extended in case it will make all those filter plug-ins unusable.

  • By Richard Bannister - 11:24 PM on May 7, 2013  

    Nice to see that Adobe is only answering certain questions.

    Let me ask my more important question again. Why is the price for the CC offering in Europe almost twice that of the United States?

  • […] They are temporarily still selling CS6 as a "buy" (downloadable) for $199 (upgrade pricing), but you have to ask the right reps. Some say you can't, others say you can. Adobe's postings say you still can "for now". New features and feature updates however will no longer be downloaded into it – only bug and security fixes. Full time pros seem to think it's not a huge deal in some online discussions, but many CS Photoshop users are not full time pros, and many would only update bi-annually, so asking roughly $20 a month to use the software ($240 per year) isn't cost effective for most non-pro users. You lapse a payment, poof, your software shuts down with the exception of being able to view your files with it. They are offering an intro offer of $9.99 for Photoshop CC per month, but that is only for the 1st year – after that, it ups to the $19.99 pricing. My prediction: Pro users will just switch, as will some school/training facilities and agencies. Non-pro users and hobby/enthusiast users will most likely switch downward to Photoshop Elements, and supplement the features with a few third-party filters and plugins, or, go to an altogether different program (GIMP, Paint Shop Pro, etc). It could be an opportunity for a company to step in now with a viable alternative that you can buy instead of subscribe to, if someone can come up with one that can handle Photoshop plugins effectively. I'm not a fan of it. If Adobe is getting desperate for revenue, I think they should have simply raised the upgrade price for Photoshop from $199 to $249 and continued to offer the cloud services as an option as well. Lots of folks scrambling to make some decisions now. It will be interesting to see how it pans out over the next few weeks/months. Adobe's FAQ page added today: Answering Your Questions About Photoshop CC | PHOTOSHOP.COM BLOG […]

  • By MauriceL - 12:32 AM on May 8, 2013  

    What about the price differences between America and Europe? I dont’t know what exchange rate is being used, but this smells a bit fishy. Question was asked before, but no answer from the adobe-rep. What a surprise. What will customers pay in Australia?

    • By Jerry - 12:56 AM on May 8, 2013  

      Adobe have always charged substatially more for products sold outside the USA. They used to say it was because of the additonal cost of translation of materials. I never figured out how the UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc. fell into this category.

      I think the answer they are so unwilling to give is simple: corporate greed. There is no other reasonable explanation, but at least it matches the whole concept of the CC model.

  • By Robert Ardill - 1:23 AM on May 8, 2013  

    This is very serious:

    a)We won’t be able to use CS6 forever because sooner or later it won’t run on the new OS or platform that we will no doubt have to buy.
    b)if we go CC and later want to go back to CS6, at a certain point we won’t be able to (for example, LR4 won’t run on Windows XP).
    c)if we go CC and don’t want to keep paying (or can’t keep paying) we’ll lose our tools and have a horrendous job converting to another supplier’s tools.

    So, damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    I’m going to wait for a while to see if Adobe reverses this decision … and if it does not then I see no other option but to say goodbye. But … even if Adobe does reverse this decision, I’m not sure that I will trust this company again.


    • By Wenport - 1:32 AM on May 8, 2013  

      Yes! And guys at Corel still cannot believe their eyes!

      Christmass in May! ;)))

  • By fotowalo thoenen - 1:34 AM on May 8, 2013  

    I’m ps-user since ps 2.5…..don’t want to pay everymonth….so probably I’ll quit ps. what a pitty….
    I’ll have a closer look to gimp instead….

    good bay

    walo thoenen switzerland

  • By John H - 1:59 AM on May 8, 2013  

    I am minded of another large corporate software company called Mind Manager who took this path a couple of years ago. The upshot has been a steady growth in the sales of their competitors as people bale out of this kind of subscription deal. May I also point out that it was not just small business that baled many larger corporations do not like subscription based licensing as it does not given them the freedom to retain control over security and or plan for he future. No one works well with a gun against their heads real or metaphorical. Who says the subscription simply wont double year on year

  • By John H - 2:06 AM on May 8, 2013  

    As another issue what about the real little guy. At present the largest growth in camera ownership is amongst people retiring from work and taking up photography as a hobby. Go to virtually any camera club and look at the age profile. These guys tend to spend a good chunk of their initial cash rich package on setting up including buying Photoshop because it is [believed] necessary for competitions. There is a world recession on people simply don’t have money to pour into a black hole. We commit to PS now and who is to say in the coming years you price us all out. Also why is the UK and Euro price substantially higher than the USA price. I can see a European Union case coming on here. Microsoft and Apple both made the mistake of thinking they were too big for a good spanking.

  • By Adobe Photoshop CC Crack DownloadCrack Everything - 2:34 AM on May 8, 2013  

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  • By H Nyberg - 2:38 AM on May 8, 2013  

    This is just simply stupid. Do you really believe that we will use double as much money on a software which already in Europe is far too expensive.

    I have had PS since version 2.5 and since CS3 I updated to all new versions which has cost me around 200 euro every second year. Last update was 191 euro
    Now you want me to use 240 euro each year on your subscription.

    What will happen now is that I will stay at CS6. The only update I ever will need is if I buy a new camera which the Raw converter in CS6 is not updated for.
    But hey, there are now many other Raw converters which are just as good as ACR.

    So thanks for all these years. Photoshop has been fantastic. But now you are dead, there will be competitors who will take over.

  • By Arthy - 3:10 AM on May 8, 2013  

    This great!

    This is NOT to eliminate piracy. I bet my $50 subscription fee there will be a cracked version to download after 15minutes CC is released.

    This is a neat way for Adobe to make up the lost revenue from piracy by making the loyal paying customers pay for it by increasing roughly doubling fees.


    • By Dov Hechtam - 10:24 AM on May 8, 2013  

      Way to go team Adobe!!!, lock down the subscription model and just give people even more reason to Pirate the software.

      Seriously you need to fire the person who thought this was a good idea.

  • By John Woodman - 3:13 AM on May 8, 2013  

    Just to express sympathy for Jeffrey Tranberry, currently holding down the worst job in the world.

  • By David LaSpina - 3:23 AM on May 8, 2013  


    A point I’d ask you to please pass on to the higher-ups who make decisions. This has been mentioned a few times already, but I just wanted to restate.

    – Future compatibility. You say Adobe will continue to release bug updates to CS6. Ok. But will you keep it working with future OS upgrades?

    For example, let’s say OSX 11 comes out in a few years. It is a huge upgrade, completely rewriting the core OS. Will Adobe update CS6 to work on this new OS? This is important, since we are forced to downgrade to CS6 if we ever stop paying for CC. So let’s play a hypothetical situation. I buy CC and pay for it every month. In 2 years time Apple releases OSX11 and I upgrade. I continue paying for CC and the new versions of it continue to work on OSX11. In 3 years time I run into some money issues. My boy enters college and I lose some clients so I am being squeezed on both ends; I am forced to end my CC subscription. It is then that I suddenly realize CS6 was never upgraded to the new (and remember in this example radically different) OSX11. Suddenly I don’t have access to my work! This would be a really bad situation.

    If you are not going to allow us to keep CC if we stop paying, you *have* to promise to keep CS6 updated forever and to work with every future system. Frankly, I doubt you can promise this nor would I expect you to.

    Because of this issue, I think it would make far more sense, and would make a lot of people happier, if you offered to allow us to keep whatever “version” of CC we have paid for when we stop paying the monthly fee (provided we have already paid, for example, for at least 12 months). This would allow us to stop paying if and/or when money becomes tight but still keep a working version of the software.

    • By Dave Kendall - 3:44 AM on May 8, 2013  

      Do you really think they care about your family or business? I guess looking at the selective replies that would be a big fat no? For the same reasons as you mention, I am looking at changing my own business plans. A plan which has a minimal reliance on the whims of large software corporations. I don’t want to be investing time and effort into a software which will lock me out. Back to traditional means of creation for me.

  • By Simon - 3:47 AM on May 8, 2013  

    I will never buy another Adobe product again if this decision stands. Greed, greed, greed.

  • By Steven Tunley - 4:05 AM on May 8, 2013  

    I work for a community arts charity and our equipment funding (when we can get it) requires that it is all spent before the next tax year. How is the Creative Cloud going to work then?
    Plus, we’re generally unable to keep upgrading to the latest version as often our hardware would not be compatible (until that too, is eventually updated).

  • By Steven Tunley - 4:11 AM on May 8, 2013  

    Just a thought, but as a freelance artist, what would happen if I didn’t have the money to pay the subscription over a few months?
    Without a working suite I wouldn’t be able to earn.

    • By Lehane - 4:29 AM on May 8, 2013  

      Good point. Some companies upgrade when they’re able to, after periods of ample business, sometimes every second or third year. This could force small companies to go without. And die.

  • By Luc Villeneuve - 4:24 AM on May 8, 2013  

    I am an Adobe user since the first incarnation of PSD, Illustrator Acrobat and InDesign.

    I DO NOT WANT TO BE CONTROLLED BY A SUPPLIER. When I am ready for an update, I do.

    Now you are telling me that even if I do not need new features I will have to pay for them?

    You are offering a good price for CS3 and CS4 users. They already use PSD for free and obviously they do what they want.

  • By Arthy - 4:33 AM on May 8, 2013  

    This will explain it nicely

  • By mike - 4:41 AM on May 8, 2013  

    Most of us don’t care about the cloud. We don’t want our work uploading and downloading. Its not really about the cloud, its about attempting to force people into a subscription model without taking into accout what people are willing to spend. In other words, about squeezing more money out of people for less product/service. Your products are already the most expensive out there. Many if not most of your customers do NOT use all the features shich makes it even more expensive. They make upgrade decisions based on financial viability, not whenever you decide you need another billion dollars. You take all these decisions away with an OVERPRICED subscription model.

    Yoou talk about a single code base – write your single code base, just let people leave off the cloud. I’m not forced to use the cloud with my apple products. I can select what feature to use. You are pricing a service based on what users might use, what you hope they will use. Micro$oft tried this model – hows it working for them? I still buy windows in a box. I buy OS X from the App Store, when I want to, installing on my machines as needed. Its a very successful model – why in the world would you screw with that – MONEY, GREED, Corporate STUPIDITY!

    read my lips – I will not be moving to the cloud, not at these prices. CS6 will the my last version. There isn’t a feature in your tools I can’t find another product to use. It may not be as nice a tool, but I won’t feel like I’m being screwed evey time I start up the application.

  • By James Deal - 4:53 AM on May 8, 2013  

    As an owner of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium I use primarily PS, FL, and ID with PS making up 90% of what I use out of this package. With the current price structure of CC, it makes no sense for me to use CC. It is not cost effective for me. Adobe needs to take a look at a multi tier approach to the pricing of CC. The Single Application vs. Full suite makes no sense for users who only use a few of the products. This is like a small family being forced to rent a 10 bedroom 10 bath house when when all they need is a 2 bedroom 2 bath house. I hope that Adobe makes a smart choice and offer either 1 or 2 mid level pricing options for CC. An option could be a mid tier price where the customer could make a choice of the applications that they need to use up a certain number that they need to use. The current CC pricing model is not effective.

  • By G. King - 5:06 AM on May 8, 2013  

    I have been reading the comments here, and it looks like there are a lot of people that do not agree with Adobe’s pricing decisions. I myself have used Photoshop since Version 6 and Lightroom since Version 1 and have received almost every upgrade. I can’t see myself locking into Adobe’s future pricing, so I will be looking for alternatives. Photo Ninja is looking very good.

    Adobe needs to know that other software companies will be filling the void they have created, and options for those of us on smaller budgets will continue to grow. I have always liked Adobe photographic software and will continue to use it if given the chance, but if you insist on continuing down this path I will be forced away. Just sayin’..

    • By John J McAssey - 5:59 AM on May 8, 2013  

      The truth is Adobe has eliminated any real competitors and has a captive customer base. They can charge whatever price they feel will be best for their bottom line. Without competition the only thing Adobe need to worry about is becoming a target of the Department of Justice. This is capitalism its all about the bottom line.

      What I don’t like is Adobe states they will continue to fix CS6 bugs the reality is Adobe only fix the bugs they feel might effect their bottom line. If a bug will not impact Adobe’s bottom line Adobe defers fixing them. Many bugs have been reported and have not been fixed. Adobe has not fixed CS6 that have been reported in CS4, CS5 and CS6, For what Adobe charges us to use its software we should get better support.

      I’m sure their programming staff could. So I think it must be Adobe’s marketing research and management that is preventing their programmers from fixing bugs. Adobe please release your programmers let them do their job….

  • By Brychan Roberts - 5:22 AM on May 8, 2013  

    If you edit material for example in premiere using the new creative cloud version. What happens if you end your subscription and then open the edited timeline in CS 6 ? We’ll all the editing feature is supported by CS six be available or will that file and the deadline decisions be unusable?
    At the moment for example if you open an edit file from a previous version of premiere it updates to compatibility with the new version. Will there be backwards compatibility when moving from a new version back to CS 6 And what will be the limitations of this backwards compatibility?

  • By Brychan Roberts - 5:23 AM on May 8, 2013  

    If you edit material for example in premiere using the new creative cloud version. What happens if you end your subscription and then open the edited timeline in CS 6 ? We’ll all the editing features supported by CS6 be included in the imported edit line or will that file and the edit line decisions be unusable?

    At the moment for example if you open an edit file from a previous version of premiere it updates to compatibility with the new version. Will there be backwards compatibility when moving from a new version back to CS 6 And what will be the limitations of this backwards compatibility?

  • By Brychan Roberts - 5:38 AM on May 8, 2013  

    Additionally will the updates for CS6 include the updates for RAW for new cameras ? (Sorry for repeated posts and typos).

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:52 AM on May 8, 2013  

      Answered in the FAQ above:

      Further details from Tom here:

      Of course, we provide new camera compatibility going back to CS2 through the free Adobe DNG Converter:

      • By Robert Ardill - 4:03 PM on May 8, 2013  


        I don’t think your advice regarding DNG and raw is complete:
        a) Unless you embed the raw file into the DNG you’ve lost the original raw image so that you will then not be able to process the image unless you use the very few raw converters that process DNG (and these do not necessarily process the DNG as well as the original raw file: for example Capture One supports, quote: “DNG 1.2 (raw DNG support only). The DNG support is not optimized for specific cameras.”
        b) If you use the DNG converter in order to process the image with an earlier version of ACR, the converter may “bake in” some of the changes to the raw file, which removes some flexibility to re-edit the files … see Backward Compatibility.
        c) Earlier versions of ACR are typically less good at the raw conversion than later ones … there is a significant improvement in Lr 4 over Lr 3 as we all know (ACR 7 over ACR 6). This will hopefully continue, so if you don’t make the new versions of ACR available for CS6 then we will be stuck at ACR 7. This will potentially also cause backward compatibility issues, especially if the new cameras have features that are not catered from in ACR 7.
        d) If you embed the original raw file into the DNG, the DNG file is MUCH larger than the original. We would be very foolish not to embed the original raw file (for the reasons outlined above).

        So even though you do provide support for new cameras with older versions of ACR, the raw conversion may very well be inferior to your current offering and there are some potentially serious downsides, such as larger storage requirements and backward compatibility issues.

        I would appreciate your corrections if what I say here is not true.

        Assuming that what I say is correct, getting locked in to ACR 7 is another good reason for us to move away from Adobe if we don’t buy in to your new ‘Creative Cloud’ way of doing business.


      • By Brychan Roberts - 5:30 AM on May 9, 2013  

        Jeff thank you for your reply re raw files which was very helpful.
        Can you answer my question in backwards compatibility of edl files created in creative cloud premiere please.m

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 9:40 AM on May 9, 2013  

          Hi Brychan,

          Sorry, Premiere isn’t in my wheelhouse. I’ve asked someone more familiar with Premiere help answer your question.

          – Jeff

          • By Robert Ardill - 3:33 PM on May 9, 2013  

            Hi Jeff,
            As you haven’t replied to me I assume we can take it that you agree with what I’ve said here.

  • By Tom Heim - 5:56 AM on May 8, 2013  

    Have not read all the preceding comments, but would like to add my name to the list of Adobe customers who would consider subscribing to a bundle of Photoshop and Lightroom (just those two apps).

    However, if the pricing is higher than $20/month (for an annual subscription) you can absolutely count me out. I will also not subscribe if the $20/month is ‘for the first year only’. I understand that future price increases, a few years in the future, may occur.

    Many of us upgrade Photoshop CS once every 3 years, usually paying an upgrade fee of (roughly) $200. At $20/month, that $200 has ballooned to $720, more than triple what I’ve been paying.

    Once could argue that with CC, customers will always have the latest version. However, many of us who upgrade once every three years have never cared about not having the latest and greatest.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:26 AM on May 8, 2013  

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for your feedback on what would work for your needs.

      – Jeff

      • By Dennis - 8:53 AM on May 8, 2013  

        I would agree with this. Looking at what is coming in the next release of photoshop, it isn’t a great deal of change. Will updates be of more substance that this type?

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 9:05 AM on May 8, 2013  

          Hi Dennis,

          The features in Photoshop CC are the features that were integrated in the past 6 months of work (Since the release of new features in 13.1) – so not as many as you’d see in the typical 18-24 months worth of features. Yes, more features are in the pipeline – and the good news is you wont have to wait 18 months to see those features and start using them.

          • By Rob W - 11:29 AM on May 8, 2013  

            Right. Even if you don’t want or need those new features. You’ll get them anyway and pay for them regardless. You’re putting a gun to your customer’s head with one hand while the other grabs his or her wallet!

          • By Robert Ardill - 4:14 PM on May 8, 2013  

            Isn’t that an excellent reason for all of us to wait for a year or more before even CONSIDERING subscribing to ‘Creative Cloud’? Why should I pay half-price for the first year when there’s little there that’s worth paying anything for?? Why not spend that money buying another wonderful raw converter like Capture One … or give the money to a more worthwhile cause?

      • By Tom Heim - 5:03 AM on May 10, 2013  

        Sorry, Jeffrey. I’ve thought it through a little more and have decided a subscription model is not for me – at any price. Having the software cease to work the day I cannot or will not pay whatever rate Adobe decides to charge is unacceptable.

  • By Lehane - 6:03 AM on May 8, 2013  

    Dear Adobe CEO.

    I just upgraded to Photoshop CS6 perpetual licence from CS5 and am installing it now. I would have preferred to skipped CS6 and waited for CS7 but we both know that’s not going to happen with all of this creative cloud business.

    Enjoy my $200. Go out to the movies on it. Go out to dinner on it. Buy some classic novels with it. Remember it, though, as it’s the last of my money you’ll ever see.

    • By Phil D - 6:32 AM on May 8, 2013  

      Exactly the same for me. I was going to skip 6 and get 7, but I decided to be as current as I can to be as future proof as possible before I am forced to ditch Adobe altogether and go with an alternative…

      • By Rob W - 11:32 AM on May 8, 2013  

        I thought about buying an upgrade to CS6 when this was announced but I’m so disgusted with these greedy pigs at Adobe that I decided against it. Why give them a penny more? I’m inevitably going to have to start using a different product, so why not sooner rather than later…

  • By Jonatan Wallmander - 6:39 AM on May 8, 2013  

    I’d really love to buy software from you,


    – No Linux version of Photoshop

    so to be honest – I see no point in upgrading from my CS 5 for Windows (which I run in a win7 VM).

    If this is too hard/costly for all the CS apps (I can understand that), then PLEASE at least focus on Photoshop.

    Would make a big and positive difference for me and my team!

    Again: I really want to buy your software on Linux.

    Thank you.

  • By Michal Aase - 7:10 AM on May 8, 2013  

    Our Company purchased a volume licence renewal at 2012-03-16 for two years (that’s until 2014-03-16). This is a full 4-user Adobe CS6 licence, and we payed about US$ 3810,- for the two year renewal – that’s about US$ 1905,- pr. year (calculated from Norwegian kroner).

    The “opening” offer from Adobe (calculated from 400,- Norwegian kroner) is US$ 69,30 pr. user, pr. pr. month. That’s about US$ 3326,40 for the first year – which is about DOUBLE of what we have payed until now for CS6. This is what Adobe offer, but only for the FIRST year after the upgrade to CC!

    If the fee from the SECOND year will rise up to US$ 121,28 pr. user, pr. month (calculated from 700,- Norwegian kroner as stated on Adobes website), it will be about US$ 5821,44 pr. year for a 4-user license.


    Is this right ? – or am I totally wrong here ?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 12:02 PM on May 8, 2013  

      Hi Michael,

      For licensing pricing your should contact sales and support for licensed products – they’ll also have information on the CC>AVL migration path/offers. The price of licensed software should match closely to what you paid in the past.

      An email outlining this information is expected to go out later this month (May). Let me now if you have any other questions.

      • By Robert Ardill - 4:24 PM on May 8, 2013  

        Nice … how about doing the same for us guys who have bought the software?? What Michael Aase says applies equally well to us:
        Upgrade Photoshop every 3 years: $200, say,
        ‘Creative Cloud’ 3-year cost for Photoshop: $796.68 … about 4 times the cost
        Who’s the genius who worked out your pricing?

        • By Robert Ardill - 4:32 PM on May 8, 2013  

          The figures above are in Euro, not $$

  • By Kathy - 7:28 AM on May 8, 2013  

    I’m on a limited budget so to save money I do not buy every PS version. Now Adobe is only providing a monthly fee service. It looks like I will use my current version until it no longer works and move on to another photo processing software. Hopefully by then, another company will fill the void that Adobe just created. I absolutely do not want to sign up for the cloud and create an unneccesary monthly fee.

  • By Earl - 8:11 AM on May 8, 2013  

    You all should look at Topaz Labs Products!!!

  • By SteveO - 8:39 AM on May 8, 2013  

    I’ve been using Photoshop since version 2.5 (still have the floppies) became an ACE in version 5.5 and have bought every upgrade as it comes out, except v4. I now use Lightroom as much as I use Photoshop and have come to depend on both applications to satisfy my clients needs. I understand Adobe’s plan though I do disagree with it. Change can be difficult but as it stands this change is abysmal. Adobe has mentioned a Photographers bundle. Please make this an affordable option. Many photographers across the world, for better or worse, have come to depend on Photoshop and now Lightroom as well. Don’t screw this up! Give us a viable option to use two Adobe products without having to pay out for many applications none of us will even open.

  • By Mike - 8:47 AM on May 8, 2013  

    I’ve been using computers since 1972 and have never used pirated software. I even pay for shareware and have spent thousands on adobe. The cloud is little
    More than a way to provide cover for their license tracking (and what else will they track under the guise of providing cloud service?)

    It is disingenuous to pretend pirates translate into paying customers or truly lost revenue. Almost every Restrictive DRM has fallen by the wayside because it hurts the paying customers far more than the pirates.

    Wake up and smell the decrement Adobe, it’s yours and we want no part of it!

  • By D Twinsen - 9:20 AM on May 8, 2013  

    Hi Jeff,

    I live in the UK, I was just about to buy CS6 & Lightroom, having never purchased them before.

    Reading everybody’s comments on here, I can understand their anger about the subscription model.

    I would be prepared to pay for a subscription, at the right price.

    I am aware that because I have never bought Photoshop, I cannot qualify for the 1 year discount. However, I’ve noticed the price discrepancy from US Dollar to UK pounds:
    $19.99 per month should convert to £12.89, instead we Brits are being charged £17.58, why is this? (I know that people have said that Europe pays more for Photoshop, but that doesn’t seem fair to me).

    If you could bundle Photoshop & Lightroom for £15 or the current Single app price of price of £17.58, I would be happy paying for the two items.

    I am not sure if I am understanding it correctly; please correct me if I am wrong, but from what I have read in the posts on here, if I cancel my subscription, do I get to keep any edits I have made in Photoshop?
    I would like to be able to keep my photos and any edits if I should choose to cancel my subscription.

    • By Ant - 9:43 AM on May 8, 2013  

      There’s 20% VAT in the UK, whilst I don’t think sales tax is applied on wholly online transactions in the US. Of course adding the VAT only takes the price up to £15.52. No idea what the remaining 12% is for. Local sales-office margin?

    • By D Twinsen - 10:04 AM on May 8, 2013  

      Thanks Ant, for the VAT info. I don’t know what the 12% difference is either.

      My question about the keeping edits and files, if I was to cancel, has been answered on

      There is a Q & A with an Adobe VP, about the negative response to Photoshop CC from the photographic community.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 12:23 PM on May 8, 2013  

      D Twinsen,

      Thanks for your feedback on pricing and package options.

      If you should decide to end your subscription, your edited files are yours and remain on your computer for you to access to open and edit using other software you have. Many applications are able to open and edit PSD, TIF and DNG files (all of which are openly specified file formats).

  • By DLS - 9:55 AM on May 8, 2013  

    Long time Photoshop user. I often travel for extended periods of time where there is no internet connection. Not all of the world has internet.

    Goodbye Adobe. Hello just about any alternative that will get me close.

  • By Jack Siegel - 10:07 AM on May 8, 2013  

    I signed up for CC Photoshop Single App. I went through the download process, but it did not seem to download Photoshop CS6 or any update. CS6 Photoshop was already on my computer. Am I now current or did I not install CC correctly? Moreover, I seem to recall that there have been prior updates to Photoshop CS6 (long before the May 6 changes) that had already been made available to CC users. Do we get those old changes now or do we need to wait until the June roll out of the recently announced PS changes?


    Jack Siegel

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 11:22 AM on May 8, 2013  

      Hi Jack,

      Are you on Mac? If you updated your CS6 to version 13.0.4 of perpetual, I’d recommend deactivating and uninstalling but running the uninstaller “Uninstall Adobe Photoshop CS6” inside the Photoshop application folder. Then download CS6 from Creative Cloud, sign in using your adobe ID and selecting Help>Updates from Photoshop. This should update to 13.1.2 which includes the new cloud features introduced back in November.

      Photoshop CC will be available for download in June.

      Photoshop CS6 will remain available for download and use as a Single App member. (Customers may want to run CS6 if they have plug-ins or drivers that only run on Snow Leopard).

      CS6 and CC can be installed side by side on the same computer – and on mac you can even run them concurrently. Activation is per machine, not per version. (CS6 and CC on the same machine use the same 1 activation)

      Hope that helps,

      – Jeff

  • By Adobe Moves to Subscription Model - 10:39 AM on May 8, 2013  

    […] answers questions for photographers re: Photoshop here and Lightroom […]

  • By Zman - 10:49 AM on May 8, 2013  

    Hi Jeff,

    Is this the final decision and Adobe won’t back off?
    In my opinion this is what’s wrong or unfair with CC model:


    – What if I become CC member and my Photoshop get’s an update of the feature which will make this feature useless for me, by making it working in a different way? Or if your update disable the feature completely? Will I be able to dismiss one particular update?

    – Adobe says, that the CC has been introduced, so Adobe can implement new features more often and CC users can use them straight away. Let’s be honest – Most of your “new features” in Photoshop are for enthusiast or amateurs. Most of those features won’t work for professional users. I found all of the “magic” features doesn’t work on professionally taken images with high-end equipment.


    – There should be some sort of agreement that if you are CC user for a year and you decide to stop, you can keep the latest version of the software you have at the moment of cancelling the CC membership. What if I decide to stop my subscription in 2023 when probably my CS6 won’t be compatible with 2023’s standards?

    – Why the introductory price for loyal customers is valid only for the first year? In one year they will be even more loyal and yet they’ll have to pay twice as much?


    – The pricing is not fair for all the users who use mainly one product and use (let’s say) 2 other products occasionally. Why I have to pay for the whole package?
    My scenario: I’m Adobe Photoshop user, however I use Adobe Flash once a month for small website updates. I also use Adobe Illustrator for small updates of the design of my leaflet. With your pricing model I have to pay for the whole package, mostly for the software I won’t use like Adobe Premiere or Cloud Storage. With CC model, not very heavy Adobe users will pay for the services that are used by heavy users.

    – The pricing (again), as a Design & Web Premium customer, (taking into consideration upgrade prices and offers) I find, it will cost me twice as much to keep up with the latest version of the software – why?

    – Why (yes I’ve noticed you don’t reply to this question, but I think I should still ask as I’m not happy about it) the software is so much more expensive in UK comparing to US?


    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 12:33 PM on May 8, 2013  

      “Will I be able to dismiss one particular update?”

      From the Creative Cloud FAQ:

      As a Creative Cloud member, am I required to install an upgrade to a desktop application when it becomes available?

      No. You are not required to install any new version of the desktop applications available in Creative Cloud. You can continue using your current version of the product as long as you have an active membership. You have flexibility on when you install a new release to take advantage of new product features, if you choose to do so.

      “Adobe says, that the CC has been introduced, so Adobe can implement new features more often and CC users can use them straight away.”

      That’s correct. Features can be released at any point. Photoshop is used by a wide variety of customers – which is a strength of the application – but because of this some features may not resonate with all customers. (Photographers probably won’t think much of the HTML 5 generator that was demoed at the Photoshop CC announcement)


      Thanks for your suggestions on pricing and product offerings. I’ll share these ideas with the appropriate folks.

      – Jeff

  • By Wilson Laidlaw - 11:48 AM on May 8, 2013  

    I have just tried to take advantage of the discount offer for a one year subscription of PS. I signed on with my Adobe ID and was then taken to “page not found” – NOT IMPRESSED.


    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 12:08 PM on May 8, 2013  

      Hi WIlson,

      You went here to purchase?

      I just tried it and it worked for me. What OS/browser are you using?

      – jeff

      • By Wilson Laidlaw - 1:16 PM on May 8, 2013  


        Using Safari 6.0.4


        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 1:30 PM on May 8, 2013  

          I would try clearing cookies and cache for and try again. (Or try a different browser of you have one and you’re skittish/unsure about managing browser cookies/cache)

  • By Philosopherhawk - 12:01 PM on May 8, 2013  

    Adobe stock is taking a sever pounding in the Market…wake up Adobe before its too late !!!

    Adobe Systems Incorporated
    NASDAQ: ADBE – May 8 2:48pm ET

    45.19-0.41‎ (-0.90%‎)

    • By Lehane - 12:21 PM on May 8, 2013  

      I find it funny that loyal customers pleading for Adobe to change won’t have the slightest effect but I bet falling profits will.

    • By Ira - 12:41 PM on May 8, 2013  

      Down less than 1% is a pounding?

  • By Carlton Hansen - 12:30 PM on May 8, 2013  

    I have been a loyal user and strong proponent of Photoshop since PS 4.0 and so far I am unimpressed with the attempts by Adobe of trying to defend an indefensible marketing strategy. It seems that someone at Adobe has failed to get their ducks lined up before making the announcement for CC, have provided inept marketing strategies that do not clearly state pricing, how the pricing is going to affect second year subscribers, etc.

    In recent years I have been totally unimpressed with Adobe’s handling of issues affecting the customer. It seems like the powers to be at Adobe have developed a “tin ear.”

    I watched some great companies get fat and sassy and lose their customer base rather quickly: Quark Express, Lotus, Quattro Pro, several database companies, etc., of which I have been a user. If a company does not take care of its customers the customers will leave. Adobe apparently has not learned that people vote with their pocketbooks no matter how you try to convince people that you are doing it for them.

    Hopefully someone with some common sense will get into an office at Adobe headquarters and have a look at the many negative comments just in this thread and make some smart decisions for a change by not allowing a poorly designed marketing strategy to ruin a great product and blow off loyal customers like myself.

  • By Steve - 12:54 PM on May 8, 2013  

    Well, it looks like Microsoft realized its mistake….. Now let’s hope Adobe does the same.

  • By Chris Middlefarm - 1:06 PM on May 8, 2013  

    What a dissapointment. Has GREED written all over it! I hope customers will stop using your products so you will eventually come to your sences. Shame on you Adobe!!!!

  • By Cemal Ekin - 2:00 PM on May 8, 2013  

    From a marketing viewpoint, subscription is a fine idea but with some caveats. I am speaking as a professor of marketing emeritus, and wrote at length on my blog if you care to read it. It turned out to be too long to post here:

    I will approve any comment on my site that is to the point and civil.

    • By Lehane - 3:21 PM on May 8, 2013  

      Thank you. That was well worth the read.

    • By Robert Ardill - 4:47 PM on May 8, 2013  

      Well put Cemal! I think ‘Captive Consumer’ is absolutely what we should be calling CC from now on. ‘Conning Customers’ is another option.

      At any rate, your points are spot on: CC is for the benefit of Adobe and not its customers … but it remains to be seen if Adobe does in fact benefit as it seems that an awful lot of us are not going to buy in to being ‘Captive Consumers’!

  • […] The sound of grumbling has reached decision makers over in the San Jose-based company. In a post published on the blog yesterday, the company revealed that it’s thinking about introducing special Creative Cloud […]

  • By Dai Anto - 2:31 PM on May 8, 2013  

    Mr. Tranberry,

    I note that to subscribe to Photoshop CC Adobe seems to think it needs my date of birth. Just so I know who I am dealing with, could you kindly reciprocate giving me not only your date of birth but that of all executive officers and board members.

    You do not require my date of birth nor any other personal information I choose not to give.

  • By Sandro - 2:34 PM on May 8, 2013  

    I wander where one can buy Corel stock

  • By BrianB - 2:56 PM on May 8, 2013  

    Hi, Adobefolks.

    I am not a CS user, preferring the combination of Lightroom and Elements, but this move to CC has me reconsidering the use of any of Adobe’s products. I have no confidence now that you won’t do the same thing with LR and Elements at some time in the future. I could continue using my existing products into the future, but I know from experience that upgrades to my PC hardware and OS have a good chance of disabling old versions of the code. If that happens and I can’t get a new perpetual license for whatever release is current, I would be forced to your CC model. I’m not willing to take that chance, so I will not be buying LR 5 and I will be moving to other vendors. So long, Adobe, for good!

  • By Nick B - 3:05 PM on May 8, 2013  

    What I want to know is what product I am getting with my $600 dollar a year purchase? Or even with my $240 a year purchase if I only do one App? What product are you giving me when I stop paying what do I have to show for the thousands of dollars you want to force me to pay if I want to continue to use the product I love the rest of my life? The answer, unless I am mistaken, is nothing. Why on earth would we want to pay more for a product and then get nothing?

    If I buy windows I own windows for life, if I buy a computer game I own it for life, why on earth would I want to buy your software on a leasing term? I don’t see how you can say this is a good deal when a large portion of your customer base say they use it for hobby purposes or for a small business. What good are all these extra features if we will never use them? Most of us only post or photos and art on Facebook or things like Flikir for our friends and followers to see. We aren’t running a large business making thousands of dollars and don’t need the sharing capabilities you seem to think are such a huge benefit. If I wanted those services I would purchase them, why are you forcing us to use and pay for something we don’t want.

    I just want the software and to be able to call it my own. I shouldn’t have to pay for the rest of my life just to use a piece of software I only use a hand full of times a month to begin with anyways. And don’t sit here and tell me ‘oh you can buy CS6 if you don’t want to subscribe’ as if its going to work indefinitely. We are not idiots but im glad you treat us like idiots. We know CS6 will eventually be obsolete and we would either be forced to upgrade or move to another company…. Not only that but to try and keep telling us the price is $9.99 for a single app is a bold face lie. We all know it cost $19.99 and if you want more than one App you got to shell out $50/month . Don’t try and say the “promo price of $9.99” is the price of the product we can clearly see what the actual cost is for ourselves. I am deeply offended by these tactics to try and paint CC into something it isn’t and trying to tell us it cost x when it really cost y.

  • By Lehane - 3:15 PM on May 8, 2013  

    Oh, out of interest, when I bought Photoshop CS6 (Ps CS6) upgrade this morning I had a little bit of an adventure. Allow me to share.

    I logged on to my account and followed the link near the top of this blog that leads to the Adobe page where you can buy Ps CS6. I used the link as it’s nigh on impossible to find it as you always get redirected to CC pages that want you to subscribe.

    I added Ps CS6 to my cart and then attempted to checkout. An error came up. The error didn’t say what was wrong, it just advised that I needed to call customer support. As I was attempting this purchase before Adobe’s opening hours I waited patiently for their opening time.

    A couple minutes after the phone lines opened I phoned. And ended up waiting 8 minutes before my call was answered. (Not enough people manning the phones or many disgruntled people calling?) I explained what happened and the customer service agent (CSA) said something in my account needed to be fixed. Im unsure why as I’ve operated with my Adobe account in the past but I didn’t question it. I just wanted to finalise this ASAP.

    Then the CSA asked how long I was going to subscribe for. I told them that I wasn’t going to subscribe, that I wanted a perpetual licence Ps CS6. I was told that they don’t sell upgrades to Ps CS6 and that I had to subscribe. I had to refer them to this blog. The sales staff didn’t know what they can and can’t sell, it seems. After they spent 5 minutes reading it they put me on hold, presumably to speak to someone about this. A couple minutes later they came back, slight unhappy tone in their voice and then sold me my Ps CS6. The whole experience took around 30 minutes.

    Creative Cloud requires more contact with Adobe than previous products. If they can’t finalise a sale in any sort of efficient manner, what hope does anyone have in the future?

  • By Judy - 3:22 PM on May 8, 2013  

    I object to renting software. At this point I have CS6. Since I’m pretty old, I can probably use it until I die. I can still get new cameras because Lightroom reads my RAW files and I do intend to keep up on Lightroom.

    Actually, I use Photoshop itself very little. Mostly for the wonderful content aware fill and as a holder for plug-ins. More and more plug-ins work directly with Lightroom, even with layer support.

    So I will not be joining your “creative cloud”. This is clearly just a way to get more money.

    Hasn’t anyone noticed you only get 20GB of “cloud”? My camera cards are larger than that. Apparently there is no price now for more storage. So I don’t actually understand why it’s called “cloud”. It should be called software rental.

    I do worry about Lightroom. Photoshop is just an image editor. There are lots of those. But I know of no non-Adobe products that can read the edits I’ve made to my images. That’s the problem with tying yourself to a database — you are truly stuck.

    So some of us are not only thinking of image editor alternatives, we’re thinking should we be so tied to Lightroom…

    Yes, I know Lightroom is exempt for now, but for how long? Is the lower price for LR just to get more of us completely enmeshed in a product that we can’t easily switch from? It is worrisome.

    • By Steve H - 7:02 PM on May 9, 2013  

      Funny how no one from Adobe on this thread, Jeff or others, have addressed the repeated question, will Lightroom follow this CC subscription nonsense. Complete and eerie silence.

      • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:41 PM on May 9, 2013  

        Hi Steve,

        It’s answered in the FAQ above:

        Lightroom 5 will remain available as a perpetual license product.

        • By M Clark - 6:06 AM on May 15, 2013  

          What you need to look at here is not what Adobe IS saying, but what its NOT saying. Jeffrey disingenuously refers us all to a comment about the next release of LR (i.e.LR5 which is imminent), but does not address the question about LR the product, but only its next specific release. From that you may conclude that when LR6 is released it could very well be cloud only! Although of course they will not have made any decisions along that line, deferring it to nearer the day possibly.

  • By Ali Abul - 4:20 PM on May 8, 2013  

    Hello guys ,

    I have CS5.5 bought it from US back then , when i returend to my country i bought CS6 from reseller here Aussie edtion i think …

    Now if i want to get CC is their any problem ? I live in Kuwait


  • By Pierre Gielen - 4:48 PM on May 8, 2013  

    NO! I don’t want software that requires an internet connection and a monthly fee. So I’ll have to start looking for an open source alternative to Photoshop….

  • By willy - 5:50 PM on May 8, 2013  

    I hope whoever’s decision this was. (ultimately) gets canned. I hope you guys reconcile this whole thing before its too late. SO DUMB. You guys f*cked up royally

  • By willy - 5:52 PM on May 8, 2013  


  • By Joel Pointer - 6:21 PM on May 8, 2013  

    You can dress us this pig of a software subscription model in anything you like but it is still just a pig that eats more of my hard earned money on an annual basis. This fiasco reminds me of “New Coke”. On the bright side the timing of this software subscription model announcement could not have come at a worst time for photographers but it’s great new for GIMP users, Google and Capture One Pro 7 which have just installed a trial version and it’s fantastic.

  • By Robert Norris - 6:23 PM on May 8, 2013  


  • By Garrison - 6:39 PM on May 8, 2013  

    For some people/organizations CC probably makes sense. For many it is a huge increase in cost. All this is a greedy money grab by Adobe. As a loyal buyer of photoshop since PS4, CS6 will likely be the last Adobe product I own. I doubt I will ever own another one. Its sad the greed and arrogance that Adobe is showing and the amount they are trying to spin this in a favorable light. Kindly explain the nearly 200 percent increase in cost as a value? Greed, plain and simple, greed.

  • By Louise Beattie - 1:31 AM on May 9, 2013  

    I am curious as to the lack of answers from Adobe regarding the disparity between UK / European pricing and US pricing. VAT does not in anyway account for the whole of this difference.

    At yesterdays exchange rate $19.99 = £12.85 yet in the UK we are being charged £17.58 which = $27.35, $49.99 = £32.13, yet we are being charged £46.88 which = $72.94.

    Adobe you are having a laugh at us. I appreciate that you need revenue to invest in research and development, I am happy to pay for that, but I am not happy to pay considerably more than people in other countries.

    It does not have to be this way, I quite happily buy software from US companies that charge at a dollar rate (the same to all nationalities) and then add the applicable sales tax for your location. That is transparent, fair and understandable. Your system is not.

    We may have put up with it for one off purchases but not for a monthly fee where the difference is going to add up to $1000’s over the years.

    If other companies can do this so could Adobe – IF it wanted to, IF it cared for and respected it’s customers.

    Please do not give any excuses that the difference in price is to cover local support. My Mum spent three hours on the phone to someone in India (far cheaper than UK / European based customer support) that was sticking to a script, did not answer her questions and at times could not be understood due to a strong accent. I have seen the transcript of that script and you should be embarrassed. I have had experiences of your customer service too – Indian based, not always understandable and did not solve my problem – I got a better answer via Google.

    Can you please answer these questions and explain the disparity? I really want to continue investing in your software, liking your company but you are not making it easy for me or many others.

    • By Phil D - 2:06 AM on May 9, 2013  

      You might find this interesting:

      The CEO attempts to completely avoid the question about AUS pricing differential. That might give you a reason for the lack of response – there isn’t one?

      • By Lehane - 4:53 AM on May 9, 2013  

        Hilarious!! How uncomfortable was he when he was trying to think of ways to squirm out of answering the actual question!!

        • By Steve H - 7:05 PM on May 9, 2013  

          Of course, it’s all smoke and mirrors with these clowns.

  • […] użytkowników jest mnóstwo. Sporo kontrowersji toczyło się wokół kwestii tego, czy trzeba koniecznie być połączonym z Internetem, aby korzystać z oprogramowania w&nb…. Adobe wyjaśnia, że stały dostęp do Sieci nie jest konieczny – wymaga tego jedynie […]

  • By Steve - 5:05 AM on May 9, 2013  

    Seems that one alternative developer has released an updated version of their software with a neat selection tool. Price is less than one month of Photoshop CC. Obviously not as feature rich as Photoshop, but a good alternative for many not looking for all the functionality of CC.

  • By Don - 5:50 AM on May 9, 2013  

    Bluntly stated, as a photographer using LR and CS6, being held for ransom in the current CC business model sticks in my (and many others) craw. I understand that at least for the time being, LR will remain as a purchase or cloud application. I urge Adobe to reconsider, and continue to offer PS as a purchase option as well.

  • By Glen Saville - 6:53 AM on May 9, 2013  

    My only slight disappointment for me with this, is that users who haven’t signed up last year are getting discounts, whereas, those of us who signed up last year to Creative Cloud, will get a price hike. I do think that loyalty should be rewarded far more than this.
    Otherwise I’m looking forward “very” much to using the new features, particularly in Photoshop 🙂

  • By John - 7:47 AM on May 9, 2013  

    Got a question, Jeffrey, even though you have ignored me so far: on the Luminous Landscape forums, Jeff Schewe, a consultant to Adobe, says that Adobe was well aware of our coming anger, but that obviously Adobe doesnt care, because Photoshop isn’t now and never was aimed at us amateurs.

    Now, I don’t know why you still have a job, seeing that you’re trying to placate an audience your company apparently couldn’t care less about, but since you are still here, is Jeff speaking the truth and nothing but the truth?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 10:38 AM on May 9, 2013  

      Jeff Schewe’s views are his own. Photoshop’s strength is that is used by a wide variety of users – and I for one appreciate them all – and I know my teammates on the Photoshop and Lightroom development teams do as well. Most everyone on the development team are also users/avid photographers who use the products they create. They put a lot of love and hard work into the products they develop.

      – Jeff

      • By John - 11:12 AM on May 9, 2013  

        Thank you, Jeffrey. I can only imagine the types of discussions taking place in house at Adobe right now.

  • By Doug Dickerson - 8:48 AM on May 9, 2013  

    For a single application user like me, CC is a non-starter.

    I use Photoshop. A lot. For some of what I do there are no practical alternatives. Plus, I LIKE Photoshop. It is a great tool. Until the advent of CC my cost for Photoshop was the initial purchase (many, many versions ago) and $199 roughly every two years. With CC, that same two year use period will cost me $480. And I am unusual among amateur users in that I upgrade regularly. For many of my peers, the effective price increase is even higher.

    Also, and even more problematic, the practical result is that with a subscription if I stop paying I have nothing. With a perpetual license I can continue to use what I have (in my case, Photoshop CS6). All I forgo are updates. I still have software to use on my images.

    Starting with CC, I no longer have that option. Two or three years from now, if I got on the CC treadmill and hit a bad patch and could not afford the $20 per month, my fallback will be CS6 or nothing. If I had not purchased CS6 already and climbed on the CC treadmill, it would be pay the $20 per month or nothing. No fallback. Big problem.

    So, in summary, for the privilege of paying (at minimum) twice as much I am stuck in an all or nothing situation. No thanks.

  • […] What Adobe has done is hardly driven by nerds. As is true of many companies, Adobe had looked at its customer base and decided that the bottom 10 or whatever percentile are not producing sufficient profit for the company, so it is doing two things. First, it is concentrating on its primary market (ad agencies, web development firms, large producers of media, and graphic designers). Second, it is being perfectly fair and reasonable with solo photographers. Lightroom and Photoshop Elements are available for those who don't need the full Photoshop package. For those who want Photoshop, you will need to pay slightly more to use the professional product. As for the value proposition, if I were running an agency that employed lots of users of Adobe software, I would like the straight-forward licensing and pricing, the web delivery system, and the continuous updates. From my days in a large law firm, I know just how expensive it is to have IT people running around constantly updating everyone's computer, although I assume servers have reduced that need. I have to believe the $50 a month is much cheaper if you have people who are using 4 or 5 programs in their everyday toolbox. Having these tools readily available to everyone in a particular design shop also encourages experimentation and self-training for those who are motivated and want to advance. As for the solo photographer, I think many have overlooked a few things. First, the new additions to Photoshop represent useful changes. I have seen videos on the sharpening, radial gradient, RAW filter, and camera motion tools. All look useful. I had expected the next update to Photoshop sometime in 2014. For $120, I get all these new features a year earlier. Not a big price to pay. Second, Photoshop is not the only thing you are receiving with the package. I get 20gb of offsite storage space. Not a lot given that I have 500gb with another service, but I don't back my photos up on that service. I plan to use the 20gb to back up the dng files that eventually result in prints. Third, I also receive the web building and hosting service that is part of the package. I am not quite sure where Adobe is going with that, but it does look like a potential substitute for Zenfolio or Smugmug. I haven't yet figured out the details, but it appears that there is an opportunity to sell you work through this site. It also appears to offer blogging opportunities and a pretty deep jobs database. Fourth, as I understand it, the system keeps all of your preferences the same on two computers. Having just taken a new laptop on the road with Photoshop, I learned how annoying it is to have to set up the preferences again. What I find particularly surprising is the angst and consternation over the pricing. It is certainly not true of everyone on the Leica Forum, but many people are using a $7,000 digital camera with at least one lens that costs between $3,000 or $4,000 dollars (unless they are using a Summarit, which is till a $2,000 proposition). Most the of the discussion of paper and inks centers on premium papers and inks. The paper can cost anywhere from $50 to $150 for a box of 25 sheets and replacing a set of inks can run $500 to $1,000. Paying $240 a year for a software package and the accompanying eco system (all the videos and training materials that Adobe and others make available for free) seems like a small amount to pay. Even if you aren't creating fantasy stage sets for movies from your photos, basic editing of RAW files is pretty important in the getting from image capture to final print or web file. I don't expect to change hard held views or put an end to what strikes me as simply griping to gripe, but there is another side to the story. If you want to continue to use CS3 or CS4 that's fine. Go ahead and use dated software and save a few dollars that you can invest in a $1,500 tripod or $750 worth of Lee Filters. My view has always been that if you are going to use software, use the latest version. I like the new features and doing so minimizes headaches as basic operating systems advance and eventually lose backward compatibility. For videos of the new features, see Adobe Photoshop CC: Favorite Features for Photographers | Creative Cloud for Photographers | Adobe TV So that everyone is on the same page, here is an FAQ that Adobe has put out for Photographers on Photoshop and the Creative Cloud. Answering Your Questions About Photoshop CC | PHOTOSHOP.COM BLOG […]

  • […] Answering your questions about Photoshop CC – Jeff Tranberry, As Chief Customer Advocate for Digital Imaging products at Adobe […]

  • By Bill Dewey - 10:33 AM on May 9, 2013  

    Jeffrey, I have a question about the Cloud editions and introduced bugs. In the past if an update comes out that simply breaks on my machine, this may be an Adobe issue or perhaps even a video driver on my system, I could always uninstall and go back to the last working version. What is the fallback for the Cloud versions? Is it the same, that I can simply reinstall the last known “good” download after removing the non-working product? And what do I need to do if I have not saved the prior downloaded versions, can I get the “old” ones back from the Cloud?

    One thing that concerns me is how much of these types of issues has Adobe planned for with this move? Obviously they did not think through the issue of failures in their own licensing management, see the issues with product suddenly turning back into “trials”. The issue of introduced bugs beomes much more onerous when releases are occuring 4 times per year vs 1 every 12-18 months.


  • […] of its boxed CS6 suite and below apart from security updates and some bug fixes. Adobe has since taken to its Photoshop blog to respond to some of the questions regarding its new CC branded suite of apps and specifically the […]

  • […] of its boxed CS6 suite and below apart from security updates and some bug fixes. Adobe has since taken to its Photoshop blog to respond to some of the questions regarding its new CC branded suite of apps and specifically the […]

  • By Jack Larson - 10:46 AM on May 9, 2013  

    I am very interested in a bundle that includes PS and LR.

  • By Adobe im Wolkenkuckucksheim - 11:20 AM on May 9, 2013  

    […] mit jeder Menge erboster Nutzerkommentare. Die Konditionen für CC-Produkte (Website von Adobe) Antworten von Adobe (Photoshop-Blog von Adobe) »Adobe Goes All-In With Subscription Based Creative Cloud…« […]

  • By Geoffrey Grieble - 11:38 AM on May 9, 2013  

    I’ve been using PS since version 4. For the most part I’ve upgraded every cycle (with some exceptions) even though my usage is sporadic. Given your pricing I’m standing pat with CS6 until it breaks. I do not want more monthly payments. I also do not like the fact that, as mentioned above, it’s all or nothing. And I have questions about being able to open files created by CC software in 2015 with CS6 (if for example I leave the cloud and come back to earth are those files now useless to me)? I’d be tempted to get Light Room but frankly the idea of having the cloud assimilate this program in the future will keep me away. I think Adobe’s pricing needs to recognize part time/hobbiest users. I’d really like to keep using it but I cannot see paying the same price that someone who uses it full time (or generates income from it) pays. I’d also suggest Adobe consider a price break if the entire year is paid in advance.

    And what about tech support….what if an upgrade breaks something? It’s one thing to wrangle with issues for perpetual SW but another thing entirely to wrangle with issues for pay as you go SW.

    Bottom line, I understand why the CC approach makes sense for certain customers but this is not a one size fits all solution. Adobe’s treated LR differently apparently because they recognize it’s used by many photographers, both pro and amateur. Well, the same is true of PS. Go ahead and keep the CC version on the forefront of innovation but how about releasing an older version for purchase (ie, in 2014 offer the 2013 CC version for upgrading CS6, etc?

  • By Chris Considine - 11:45 AM on May 9, 2013  

    The CLOUD is a very LOUSY idea and one that will force more INDEPENDENTS to be DEPENDENT on your software AND make us pay more and more and more. I DON’T USE OR LIKE CLOUDS…I’ll be upgrading to CS6 and then ADIOS ADOBE

  • By Philosopherhawk - 12:00 PM on May 9, 2013  

    I wrote this for my members of Congress. Feel free to rework (or just cut and paste) and send it to yours. Hopefully one or more Senators or Representatives will take it up.

    Please remember to include your name and address when writing to your Congress representative


    Dear __________:

    I would like you to consider the need for possible new legislation similar to that which was used to break up Bell Telephone – and for similar reasons. Since its founding, Adobe Systems (maker of the popular computer software packages Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and many others) has acquired more than 60 other companies, to the point where it has effectively bought up its entire competition in the marketplace.

    Now that there is no effective competition, the company has just announced that it is abandoning the traditional software license. Instead of selling software licenses to its customers and allowing them to use the software until the company offers an upgrade that excites the customer base, Adobe is moving to a rental model in which customers must pay $50 per month (or whatever amount Adobe demands in the future) in perpetuity for “permission” to use its software – whether it continues to innovate or not. Stop paying and the customer’s CURRENT software is deactivated by Adobe. There is no option to purchase a perpetual-use license and no ability to continue to use one’s software without paying a continuous license fee. Adobe expects this to be the “new normal” for computer software.

    If software companies are permitted to move in this direction one will pay a monthly fee for Windows, one for Quickbooks, one for anything Adobe, and on and on. Stop paying and your computer becomes a boat anchor. Under this model the customer owns nothing and the company has the ability to physically prevent the customer from using software that they may have paid for over the course of many years, representing an investment of thousands of dollars (we have probably paid Adobe $20,000 or more over the course of our relationship – and under this model they can shut off everything we have if we stop paying a monthly fee).

    Adobe has been able to reach this point because it has been allowed over the years to buy up an entire industry. Actually multiple industries: print production, video production, web development, etc., etc. There simply is no competition for Adobe’s product line – and when one springs up, Adobe promptly buys it.

    In the short term this trend will be extremely harmful to individual consumers and small businesses that are forced into a more expensive model with no end in sight. Run behind on monthly payments due to a difficult economy or slow paying customers and the software shuts off, disabling the small business.

    In the long term the negative effects will be on everyone. The software vendor / customer relationship exists in a balance. Software companies are motivated to innovate because only a new software release, reasonably priced and with exciting new features, influences customers to buy. Thus, to keep up revenue, companies must constantly innovate and reinvent themselves in order to develop value for their shareholders. The rental model turns this on its head since customers must pay whatever amount the software company dictates simply in order to keep using the software they already have. This significantly reduces the company’s incentive to continue innovating: it can halt development on a mature product and just sit by and collect the rents. For consumers, this is a particularly ominous development.

    It is also quite similar in nature to the situation that was allowed to develop with Bell Telephone many years ago, which became “the only game in town” for telephone service and thus felt itself empowered to raise prices to intolerable levels without sufficient innovation to justify the costs. Instead of fueling innovation, the money simply went into the pockets of shareholders. Congress intervened then and it should do so now, and, as I said above, for the same reasons.

    I hope you agree that this deserves Congressional intervention. If you’re on Facebook, I would encourage you to visit the Adobe and the Adobe Creative Cloud pages and read message upon message from one outraged customer after another – all ignored by Adobe which is proceeding full speed ahead with its anti-customer money grab.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter. I suspect that I am not the only one you will be hearing from.

    • By Steve H - 7:13 PM on May 9, 2013  

      Nicely written. If I lived in the U.S.A. I’d be copy/pasting and writing my representatives..

  • By Thomas Kirby - 12:08 PM on May 9, 2013  

    This seems like a money grab to me. I’ll be upgrading to Photoshop CS6 and waiting. Adobe will back down or competition will fill the vacuum and provide another software creator. Or I’ll end up using CC and not being happy. It’s a lose lose for Adobe.
    Thomas Kirby
    Blue Sky Photography, Inc.

  • By Dave Kendall - 12:29 PM on May 9, 2013  

    You claim to be a nerd. That’s great. I’m a comic illustrator and general illustrator. I know many professional illustrators in the comic market. I have some news for you. The consensus is that the product guys like you and me love will not be produced on Adobe software for very much longer. I haven’t encountered any which will start to rent the tools they use every day. That’s a fact. A successful Batman artist has just downloaded a painter trial to prepare for the future without CS6. This guy has bought dozens of updates from adobe. I’ve bought 3 out of 4 since I bought my CS2 creative suite. A friend who runs a concept art studio is also opting out of subscription.
    I really think you should check out Corel’s recent statement. It’s getting a great deal of interest, and it’s a far fairer and inclusive deal than anything you are offering. I found your replies to some users, that they should be more than prepared to hire their tools for 33 cents a day, while pushing the introductory price as the norm, to be utterly patronising, and downright insulting. Don’t take us for fools. We all know the real cost of this subscription model.
    Creatives will find a way to create with or without Adobe. Have no doubt about that. However Adobe will not survive without us.

    • By Philosopherhawk - 12:42 PM on May 9, 2013  

      @ Dave Kindall

      I agree with you 100%

      The comic Industry as a whole should send a clear message to adobe and dump them completely and find an alternative

      • By Dave Kendall - 1:12 PM on May 9, 2013  

        We’re all a bunch of independents, linked by a love of comics and getting drunk at conventions. It would be impossible to coordinate. However we have something in common. We hate to be boxed. That’s ironic as our job involves putting pictures in boxes. However the box Adobe is trying to force us into is looking cramped and financially uncomfortable.

  • By alex - 12:39 PM on May 9, 2013  

    Thanks! You just killed the freelance designer.

  • By Rick - 12:49 PM on May 9, 2013  

    I will be in the cold, cold ground before I ever sign up for a monthly subscription to use any software.

    Adobe – I’m done with you. Alternatives will arise to take your place. The fact that you feel smug enough to pull something like this demonstrates you feel you have monopoly control of the marketplace.

  • By Linda Grashoff - 1:03 PM on May 9, 2013  

    I have used Photoshop since it was Photoshop period, before Adobe bought it. I have updated to every new version but one and am currently using CS6. I cannot afford the new subscription model, and I most certainly can’t afford to lose access to all the photographs I process with the cloud-based software should I decide for whatever reason to stop my subscription. I am now using Lightroom 4, and when you put Lightroom in the cloud, I will not subscribe to it, either, for the same reasons. So, you’ve lost me. I hope you lose many more customers so that the incentive is high for competition to step in.

    This is not, by the way, the first time Adobe has done something stupid with pricing. I was a beta tester for the first version of Acrobat. Back in those days, the reader for Acrobat files cost $25 if I remember right. What a great way to kill interest in producing Acrobat files! I could create them, but no one could read them unless they shelled out $25.

    Goodbye, Adobe. Boo hoo.

  • By Chris - 1:34 PM on May 9, 2013  

    Nice going Adobe, all you’re going to do it p*ss off loyal customers. Someone WILL figure out how to get this on disk, copy it, and it’ll be all over the torrent sites….that or people will just learn other software. FYI…you see where JC Penny is right now right? Scrambling because someone with more ego than brains made a stupid business decision.

  • By Jeanne Chappell - 1:38 PM on May 9, 2013  

    I am a PS hobbyist, Senior citizen on a fixed income and I love PS. I manage to upgrade to every new PS (now own CS6). My big concern about the subscription system (besides the price) is if in a few years I am no longer able to afford the subscription, I no longer own the software I have made payments against. Sure, I can go back to CS6 (if it will work on my latest computer) but most likely all the files I have created using PS CC will not open using CS6. I love new innovations – hardware & software and take joy in keeping up with the latest and greatest. It truly worries me that under the subscription system I do not own my software.

  • […] you have more questions about the Creative Cloud, please refer to this article by Chief Customer Advocate, Jeffrey […]

  • By Paul - 1:57 PM on May 9, 2013  

    As a paid user of each version of Photoshop since version 3. So long ago I have forgotten the date. 1985?? I have already moved to PhaseOne and DXO. While they don’t do everything that ACR 7 does they are close enough for 95% of my needs. I did sign up for the $9.99 for one year just to se what happens, but unless things change with Adobe they have lost another long term customer. DXO and C1 have overtaken PS in IQ and the only difference for photographers is things like the content aware brush which isn’t as effective as PS but I’m sure with the exodus of photographers from Adobe that is occurring they will bring them up to date rapidly.

  • […] of its boxed CS6 suite and below apart from security updates and some bug fixes. Adobe has since taken to its Photoshop blog to respond to some of the questions regarding its new CC branded suite of apps and specifically the […]

  • By Dayn Cederstrom - 2:37 PM on May 9, 2013  

    This is one STUPID and expensive idea! Check your Facebook page. NOT ONE positive comment that I could find!

  • By Terri - 2:50 PM on May 9, 2013  

    I have owned many versions of Photoshop and have always been a paying customer. I have spent a great deal of time learning the software. I realize that I can continue to use my version CS5. I have always purchased every other version. For me, the new pricing structure will amount to close to 4 times the cost I have paid in the past. I am not happy with this switch. I have spent the day looking at Pixelmator. It has a great deal of the functionality of Photoshop for $15. I think that there are going to be alternatives out there that will start looking attractive to those of us who have been very loyal customers to Adobe in the past. I hope you will pass the word on to those in charge that there are many who think $20 per month is just too steep a price. I realize I can use it for one year for $9.99 a month, but I may as well start looking for a more affordable alternative and start learning a new workflow. I am on a photography forum. I have not heard one person say they are happy with this change. It is not good for those who only use Lightroom/Photoshop.

  • By Philosopherhawk - 2:59 PM on May 9, 2013  

    since May 09, 2013 1:31 AM this morning, as I write this it is now 3pm. Jeffrey Tranberry ( except for a brief response )has not answered ANYONES questions…. I think that should be taken as an indication that either adobe is running out of answers or they just don’t care anymore and refuse to answer

    • By Rob W - 3:27 PM on May 9, 2013  

      Well, what more can the poor guy say? It’s pretty obvious that the majority of Adobe customers are seriously upset about this. It’s also pretty obvious that Adobe is about to lose a lot of business. The only thing Jeffrey can do is post the official Adobe talking points over and over again. It’s not like he has any power to make changes. Adobe is dead. Finally. They were once an amazing company, but greed and horrible management have utterly ruined them. They have some of the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered. Five years from now, I’ll be surprised if they’re even in business. If I were holding Adobe stock, I’d be selling. They are finished.

      Even if they reverse this utterly stupid CC decision, I’ll never buy another product from them. I simply cannot ever trust them again. It’s time for all of us, whether amateur, hobbyist, or professional, to make a pledge to abandon this company for good. Complaining here is one thing, but it only makes a difference if you close your wallet to these greedy pigs forever. There are many other tools out there. Let’s start buying them, supporting those developers, and never ever give Adobe a penny again. Otherwise our complaints are meaningless.

    • By Robert Ardill - 4:00 PM on May 9, 2013  

      Well he certainly hasn’t answered one of my questions/comments… and I’ve posted a few!!

      Cemal Ekin (above) says it all, really. How can Adobe put a good spin on a deal that is pretending to be a great deal for their customers, but is in fact only a (potentially) good deal for themselves? ‘Creative Cloud’ is a nonsense … there is nothing ‘Creative’ about it (except perhaps a ‘creative’ way for Adobe to get more money for less).

      I think Adobe is sailing very close to the wind legally. They have locked in a large percentage of users and are now fundamentally changing the way in which they supply their products, and doing so in a way that is seriously detrimental to their customers. I have no doubt that Microsoft, for example, would not get away with it legally if they tried to force all their customers to change to a subscription model on Windows, especially if the subscription pricing was significantly more than their current licensing prices … and the customer was required to pay the subscription indefinitely.

      Does Adobe have 40% of the market in the EU? If so they could be open to breaching EU competition legislation.

      I see the Adobe shares have dropped $3 since (7%) in the last 3 days …

  • […] Answering your questions about Photoshop CC –Jeff Tranberry, As Chief Customer Advocate for Digital Imaging products at Adobe […]

  • By Rob W - 3:34 PM on May 9, 2013  

    I pulled this from a post on Adobe’s Facebook page:

    From Adobe’s proxy statement to investors “over time we expect this business model transition will significantly increase our longterm revenue growth rate by (1) attracting new users, (2) keeping our user base current and (3) thereby driving higher average revenue per user. Additionally, our shift to a subscription model will increase the amount of our recurring revenue that is ratably reported, driven by broader Creative Cloud adoption over the next several years.”

    Pretty obvious this move is all about $$$. They say so themselves. Of course, Adobe management is even stupider than I thought if they really believe this move is going to attract new users. And I’m sure it will generate “higher average revenue per user.” Of course, if they lose half their user base, who cares?

    I’m honestly floored by not only Adobe’s stupidity, but it’s shameless, wanton and admitted greed!

    • By John - 5:01 PM on May 9, 2013  

      I actually do think they will attract new users, because their entry price is lowered considerably. I just don’t think current users are going to stay if they can help it. I also doubt they still have many pro users to attract. I figure they already have them or those pros already use something else.

  • By TonyW - 3:39 PM on May 9, 2013  

    There have been many eloquent posts here (and elsewhere)regarding CC and how using this rental model does not fit them in any shape or form. There is a general feeling of being let down by Adobe from many that have been loyal customers for many years of which I include myself as a Lightroom and CS6 user.

    There is at least one petition with currently 4000+ signatures at No one I think is suggesting abandoning the CC model because there are those that are happy with it but there still remains a high percentage of users as can be seen here and all over the net that are not.

    These people want to have a choice between CC and/or the Creative Suite which IMHO is not too much to ask and will also add to Adobe’s revenue stream and keep customer loyalty.

    I am sure it will be accepted that purchasing a perpetual licence will not entitle the user to the ‘free updates’ relating to added functionality of the CC model but also expected that bug fixes and updates would be included for this type of licence. Updates could be released from time to time to allow the purchaser to upgrade in a similar fashion to the old model going from earlier CS versions to a newer more feature rich environment.

    I sincerely hope that Adobe is listening and will consider carefully the current policy and give the many that require it a method of purchasing a perpetual licence

  • By Glynn - 5:21 PM on May 9, 2013  

    Dear Jeffrey,

    Adobe will be factoring-in add-on development and hardware costs to CC pricing (new storage databanks and apps – creative eco system etc, etc) which I have no desire whatsoever to use (at this present time) as I have better options at my disposal already paid for.

    I would prefer to grease the palm of Adobe’s hand through their Adobe US website in dollars (not EU servers at inflated costs) with a purchasing option without access to technical support or Cloud add-ons but not at double the cost of a Photoshop perpetual licence fee (on average 18 months).

    This is purely as a matter of principle as I refuse to pay for add-ons which are of no use to me whatsoever – regardless of the fact that I use Adobe software professionally, am VAT registered and can write off the business costs.

    The 12 month CS3+ Photoshop only option at $9.99 (a fair price) will no doubt approx double after the first 12 month got you offer?

  • By Marvin - 5:39 PM on May 9, 2013  

    Responding to “My thought about Creative Cloud>”

    Your composition is a well planned, excellent propaganda composition …

    CC will never remain a steadfast low premium monthly payment and it will be difficult to many students, who can afford to purchase the special discounted CD’s ($20 for Production and $20 for Premium) …

    There are many professionals, Adobe software users, who haven’t updated since CS3 because all the “goodie thingies” are accomplished without having to upgrade …

    Additionally, “so-called” security and support is something I’d put my faith and trust into … obtaining live person tech tech support is always a bummer — I don’t like talking to someone who is not fluent in my language !!!

  • By Ron Chambers - 6:01 PM on May 9, 2013  

    I have the box version of PSCS6x and yesterday, I signed for the single app CC membership. In that CC will not be delivered until middle of June, what is the value of the CC until then. I don’t seem to be able to get the present PS CC updates. So I’m paying for nothing. I have no need for the 20Gb storage.

    Shouldn’t I be able to update to v13.2 of PS6x?

    I’ve used/purchased every version of PS since it came on a PC. Should be discount for those of us in CC.


    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:32 PM on May 9, 2013  

      Hi Ron,

      Are you on Mac? If you updated your CS6 to version 13.0.4 of perpetual, I’d recommend deactivating and uninstalling but running the uninstaller “Uninstall Adobe Photoshop CS6″ inside the Photoshop application folder. Then download CS6 from Creative Cloud, sign in using your adobe ID and selecting Help>Updates from Photoshop. This should update to 13.1.2 which includes the new cloud features introduced back in November.
      Photoshop CC will be available for download in June.

      Photoshop CS6 will remain available for download and use as a Single App member. (Customers may want to run CS6 if they have plug-ins or drivers that only run on Snow Leopard).

      CS6 and CC can be installed side by side on the same computer – and on mac you can even run them concurrently. Activation is per machine, not per version. (CS6 and CC on the same machine use the same 1 activation)

      Hope that helps,

      – Jeff

  • By Dan Donovan - 7:17 PM on May 9, 2013  

    From a photographers perspective, I think many complaints about Photoshop CC are coming from people who have previously paid for the full version of Photoshop AND upgrades after that.

    First, the price for Photoshop is doubling for loyal users who upgrade each time, and increasing even more for casual users. Previous upgrades average out to $11 per month for consistent upgraders ($200 upgrade / 18 month product cycle). A permanent $10 per month would be fair. So, Adobe would be giving loyal users a DEAL to join the cloud version. And when factoring in people who upgraded infrequently and now join, Adobe would be making MORE money from them than their previous upgrade model!

    The second major issue: no matter how much money you have invested in Photoshop, no payments mean no using the software. How about every $200 in payments would lock upgraders into that current version and the software would not need to phone Adobe and feature updates would not download. If you want the continued new features, then you can pay more. This would give Adobe more incentive to innovate to keep people subscribing for updates. If you stop payments after $200 and want to come back later to upgrade, you would need to pay for what you missed.

    To summarize, $10 per month for upgraders and after every $200 you lock in the current version.

    Personally, I bought Photoshop in the mid-90s and have paid a lot of money over the years to upgrade every single time. I would be comfortable with the plan I outlined above.

    For new users, $20 per month and they lock in the current version when they reach $600. This would be a $100 savings off the boxed version, thus an enticement to join. After paying $600, they would then be considered an upgrader and their monthly fee would be $10.

    I think this is a common sense solution that would be fair to Adobe and the wide variety of photographers who use Photoshop.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:39 PM on May 9, 2013  

      Hi Dan,

      Thanks for the feedback. That’s an interesting suggestion – and I’ll share this with the appropriate folks.

      – Jeff

    • By Dave Kendall - 1:48 AM on May 10, 2013  

      That’s very sensible thinking. It’s fair, reasonably priced and provides value for money. The idea of losing the software we have paid for is a HUGE stumbling block for most of my professional friends. Adobe have to provide paying customers with some form of future proof perpetual license if they want us to subscribe. Jeff, I hope Adobe listens to this.

    • By Geoffrey - 4:03 AM on May 10, 2013  

      Yes, something along these lines may be acceptable for me – it’s the pay me or lose it part I dislike along with the fact that I’ve been upgrading since version 4 all all it “buys me” is a one year 10/mo savings. That is a slap in the face.

    • By Bill Dewey - 8:57 AM on May 10, 2013  

      Dan, you have made the case very well. The inclusion of the “every $200 lock-in” is truly excellent and would resolve many of the issues with the new pricing plan. This also is fair to Adobe, I believe.

      The one question I would ask if I were on the Adobe side of the fence,what would be the new monthly charge for someone who had not subscribed for some period of time, say 1-2 years?

      • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:08 PM on May 10, 2013  

        Thanks for the suggestion. I completely understand that customers want price to be predictable. Lock-in would likely help.

    • By Robert Ardill - 2:20 PM on May 10, 2013  

      Yes, something like this would work. I don’t object to paying Adobe at all .. what I object to is not owning the software once I’ve paid for it (that is, not being allowed to use it when I stop paying the subscription).

    • By Jim Hargest - 1:31 PM on May 12, 2013  

      This is an excellent suggestion and would go a long way towards appeasing those of us that felt like we would be hung out to dry by getting out of the cloud. I would actually look forward to seeing what the could has to offer if I knew that backing out wouldn’t leave me feeling like I have nothing for having paid. I can tell you the feeling of abandonment is pointed out often from what ive read here. Address the issue about having no functioning software after leaving and you may win some over. As it stands right now, it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It would be nice to have something useful after paying hundreds of dollars.

      I’d be willing to join if I could back out and retain functionality at the point I left after paying a certain amount of money. I’d also be willing to pay the difference back if I left for 6 months and needed rejoin. This way, Adobe wins and the consumer wins and feels like they at least have some choice.

    • By Edgar - 2:02 AM on May 15, 2013  

      Great idea! I would join.

  • By Jean Wozniak - 7:23 PM on May 9, 2013  

    I am using CS5. I don’t usually purchase every upgrade because it’s out of budget. What if I don’t buy into the monthly fee at this point. My software is stand alone so I can still use that, I would just have to buy in at some point to get the latest version, correct?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:35 PM on May 9, 2013  

      Correct. You can use your CS5 as long as you feel it serves you well. If you want to upgrade at some point, you could sign up for a Single App membership of Photoshop CC.

  • By Larence Watkins - 8:44 PM on May 9, 2013  

    Thanks but no thanks…I want to be able to upgrade my CS5 extended without the blasted sales pitch about Photoshop CC and the rest of the stuff that comes with it like CLOUD….if you cancel your subscription do you lose CLOUD, is it trust worthy?, personally I would rather trust my multiple hard drive backups….then have my work photos floating around. Where? Is this just another way of getting more money? What guarantees are there that the monthly rate/charge will not constantly increase to make it unaffordable to maintain. I upgrade every 2-3 years and this works for me..
    Nope I think it is time to leave and try another software program..



    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:55 PM on May 10, 2013  


      What guarantees did you have that perpetual licenses wouldn’t go up? If you look at what has happened in terms of pricing, Photoshop’s current pricing is 1/6th it’s original cost, and Lightroom’s is 1/2 it’s original cost.

      – Jeff

      • By Richard Bannister - 1:51 AM on May 11, 2013  


        There was never any requirement for users to purchase these perpetual licenses. They could keep using their existing versions indefinitely.

        Once you’re locked into Creative Cloud, if you choose not to pay the new price, you’ve no software at all.


  • By Lynne Mass - 9:01 PM on May 9, 2013  

    I have a question. I own CS6, as well as 2 homes in 2 different cities each with its own computer. I never use both at the same time. I understand that I can get CC for $9.99/month for a year, but that is only for 1 computer. When I go to my other home in the winter, I need PS on that machine too. Can I deactivate on 1 when I go to the other, or do I need to sign up 2 times?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 9:38 PM on May 9, 2013  

      Hi Lynne, you can install and run simultaneously on two of your personal computers. One of the new things in CC is there are no serial #. You just Log-in to start using the application. If you’ve installed on two computers, and want to use on a 3rd machine, just log-in on the third machine. Photoshop will ask if you want to reset your activations so you can start using on the 3rd computer.

  • By james gordon patterson - 9:02 PM on May 9, 2013  

    what a freaking mess adobe has created. What customers did they talk with before dreaming up this monstrosity? I only use Photoshop and Lightroom. Right now, I have no idea what I will do. I doubt seriously their prices will stay this way, it is such a mess. I’m going to do NOTHING until the dust settles. I’m even looking at dropping down to Photoshop Elements. I have money invested in photoshop plugins that will work with PSE. Lightroom is a must for me. The rest of their programs are atomic flyswatters.

    • By Jim Dobbins - 9:08 AM on May 13, 2013  

      In my view Adobe is likely not surprised by this reaction.

      They are merely ‘merely preparing the battlefield.

      Thomas Hogarty’s Grid presentation showing LR like functions running on a tablet is a mere glimpse of the intermediate future. In the 2013 Adobe presentation at NAPP one of the presenters uses the analogy of the current evolution in computing to the move from film to digital in photography.

      Adobe will bite the bullet now to prepare for the future. CC is not YET computing on the cloud but the intermediate future will entail that.

      The imperious way in which ‘loyal’ customers have been treated is unfortunate but their strategy seems not to have much to do with how they treat customers.
      Adobe seem to have bigger fish to fry.

  • By Michael - 9:13 PM on May 9, 2013  

    If you have license for a Creative Suite Products earlier than CS6, you may want to upgrade to CS6, knowing that you will be using it for the next five to eight years. For most people there are alternatives that will provide you the subset of features you actually use.

  • By tcrown - 9:27 PM on May 9, 2013  

    I will not rent software especially after paying over a year $240 for PS CC to not have that application continue to function or have it’s files be usable unless I continue to pay monthly for it is beyond moronic.

    I will instead of being strong armed by Adobe pirate the apps in hopes that Apple will release a creative suite so I can finally ditch all things Adobe for good.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:49 PM on May 10, 2013  


      You can choose not to upgrade if you don’t find value in Photoshop CC, but piracy is illegal.

      – Jeff

      • By Rob W - 6:22 PM on May 13, 2013  

        Piracy is illegal, yes, Jeffrey, but what do you fools really expect with this move? You’re holding your customers hostage and absolutely GOUGING them on price. You’re inviting piracy with this moronic CC move. You can rest assured that Adobe software will become some of the most pirated software out there because of this. The amount of ill will you’ve created is staggering.

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:56 PM on May 13, 2013  

          Hi Rob,

          Please avoid personal attacks and name calling on my blog. Whether you agree or disagree with the changes, piracy is against the law.

          – Jeff

  • By Jeff - 10:47 PM on May 9, 2013  

    As a hobbyist photographer who currently owns LR 4 and PS CS6, I’d like to see the following:

    1) An ability to view, export and print my files even after I may cancel my subscription.

    2) A bundle with LR and PS targeted at photographers. Ideally the pricing for this will be more like $15 / month.

    3) Include a finished version of the mobile / tablet LR app you have been showing that is available for iPad or Win8. Include this in the aforementioned photographer-targeted subscription.

  • […] “We’ve heard there’s a lot of interest in a photographer’s bundle or photography cloud solution and we’re actively exploring offerings we can potentially create for you,” said Jeffrey Tranberry, chief customer advocate for Adobe’s digital imaging products, in a blog post answering some customer questions. […]

  • By Sten - 12:27 AM on May 10, 2013  

    My PC for editing is not online, never has nor will it ever be. When I tried to subscribe to CS6 you told me I couldn’t because I had no internet on my PC. Is CC the same? Why? I know a lot of photographers who use a non internet enable PC for editing. Why leave us out?

    • By Sten - 3:58 AM on May 10, 2013  

      Update…… Spoke to Adobe finally. They said you can use a internet enabled pc to subscribe using a external hard drive, which I believe you use to transfer the program across. That means you would use your 2 licenses up. Trouble is I have a home PC for home editing and a laptop for editing in the field. Both don’t use the internet. I have a laptop I use for the internet, which they told me to use, but that would mean 3 computers using the software which adobe said isn’t possible, unless you pay even more cash probably. They then said they would transfer me to someone else and cut me off!!!!!!! Can’t get back in touch at the min 🙁

  • By Glynn - 1:52 AM on May 10, 2013  

    Dear Adobe,

    I have a simple question, after the first year at $9.99 per month (to lure customers) will the Photoshop only licence rise to the fee shown for single app licence users $17.58, or if not this price rise by at least 50%?

    Please offer a Photoshop only licence with no Cloud add-on access at a reasonable cost. Reasonable – divide 18 months into a current perpetual licence update which is approximately $10 per month.

    I strongly dislike paying for services and products I wont be utilising.

  • By jlua - 2:01 AM on May 10, 2013  

    I will join the chorus to express my utter disappointment to the new proposal to a mandatory subscription model. 1) We have been paying to stay up-to-date with Photoshop has been so far of about $200, or less, every 18-24 months at each version refresh cycle. Now, we are asked to pay for the same thing $360/18 months, or $480/24 months, which is more than twice what we now have to pay. Furthermore, the subscription model requires a monthly payment for life (!) and doesn´t provide an option to skip a version is the features are of no interest. It is mandatory version upgrade. All these issue make the Adobe proposal completely unacceptable, at least for photographers who have to use for the compalete “suite” of products. Let me suggest that a subscription bundle of Photopshop+Lightroom at a cost of $15/month would result in an outlay of about $270/18 months, or $300/24 months, which would be comparable to what we have been paying . This option could be more palatable for photographers. But, with the current model, I will start looking for alternatives, outside Adobe, because I repeat that it is completely unacceptable.

    • By Tom Heim - 4:57 AM on May 10, 2013  

      On the surface, a [PS + LR] subscription rate of $15/month sounds reasonable, roughly comparable to upgrading every 18 months. But what happens when (not if) Adobe raises their rates? With purchased software you could just forego the upgrade and keep on working. Now Adobe pulls the plug and you’re left with nothing.

      The same scenario applies even if the rate is only $1/month. Sounds like a bargain, doesn’t it? Up until the day any purchased version you may have becomes obsolete and Adobe announces it will cost you $40/month to keep your subscription running.

  • By Isamu Maruhashi - 2:34 AM on May 10, 2013  

    I’m just going to state that I have refused all subscription models to date and will not be forced to use Adobe’s. I will continue to use CS6 until it no longer runs in OSX, then I will find an alternative.

  • By Benjamin Slack - 5:35 AM on May 10, 2013  

    Skimming over this, I was amused by Jeff’s comment which basically said the following, “You aren’t forced to upgrade to the most recent version” coinciding with “…66¢ a day seems reasonable for a tool you make money with…” So let me get this straight, I should continue to pay every month in perpetuity (no matter the amount) for a tool that at least in my case is static. If my hardware dictates that I need to stay at version X, I have to continue paying Adobe as if I was using the most recent updates, even though I don’t use them. This is reasonable to Adobe.

    Ridiculous. This is why software is not a service. Software is a tool, a tool is a product. Software development is a service. Patching and support is a service. Happy to pay for that. Pay for that with a smile. However, If I don’t need the patches and I have no interest in the upgrades, then I don’t intend to pay for the service. I know Adobe want’s to make this paradigm shift, so that the tool itself is a service. What we as the user community are scream is that it is not acceptable.

    Adobe can push forward with the model, create a new generation of pirates and take their lumps, but in my opinion it’s foolish. Offer options, don’t dictate solutions. CC along side CS is a great idea. Those who can’t afford the full suite would have an option to rent. That would encourage folks to get legal and bring in missed revenue for Adobe. Taking away options though is guaranteed to alienate a large portion of your user base. Just as your choice to only offer CC is a reality we have to face, our reaction is going to be a reality Adobe has to face. Look at your stock ticker folks. We can get by on our current versions just fine for years to come. How long can Adobe bleed stock prices? Think investors are going to go for that for a couple years? Well that’s what you’re looking at if you don’t fix this.

  • By Greg Douglas - 5:37 AM on May 10, 2013  

    When heard about the cloud I was and still am very angry at Adobe’s arrogance. I do not want and will rent software. This plan is simply, extortion of their user base!! I can see where this makes sense for some businesses that use most of their products, it could save them money. I am retired and cannot afford an ongoing subscription for life with potential price increases. I have thousands of hours invested in Lightroom and to move to something else would be costly in time but I WILL do it if I am forced to. What I really dislike is that if I decide to cancel my subscription, I can no longer even use the software any longer or even edit the photos I have already processed. Remember Netflix’s bad decision on their pricing model. I believe Adobe will have to modify this model at some point to accommodate the little people. Adobe DID NOT think the ALL the way thru.

  • […] “We’ve listened there’s a lot of seductiveness in a photographer’s gold or photography cloud resolution and we’re actively exploring offerings we can potentially emanate for you,” pronounced Jeffrey Tranberry, arch patron disciple for Adobe’s digital imaging products, in a blog post responding some patron questions. […]

  • By Patsy Lynch - 6:15 AM on May 10, 2013  

    I have to agree with Greg’s comment, I too am disgusted by Adobe’s assumption that all photographers are going to flock to the Cloud service. I do not want my images to be on any server other than the one(s) I chose. I have no interest in spending money on software that is going to cost me a monthly subscription.

    Why should I support a company that is moving in a direction that I do not care for.

    ADOBE is making a big mistake and it will suffer the consequences.

  • By The James! Yeah!!! - 6:18 AM on May 10, 2013  

    Hello Adobe,

    You screwed up, just accept it. We have seen your true colors. This left a scar that will take a long time to heal. Maybe it will even result in you bleeding to death. If i were an imployee at adobe (sorry guys we know its not your fault), id start looking for another job.

    -Good luck

  • By Tom - 6:55 AM on May 10, 2013  

    I think there are 3 real issues here. One is cost for casual users and for seniors.
    I don’t use photoshop often but would like access occasioanally while I use LR all the time. So with upgrades LR is about $5.00 month to own and keep updated. I believe this is a fair price. So if I use photoshop once or twice a month, which I don’t even do that now to pay $30.00/month long term is just too expensive. It would be nice to have a photography package, for a more reasonable cost maybe $120.00 to 150.00/year with the option of paying up front so you don’t need internet connection every 3 months.
    Now for seniors on fixed incomes that might use LR and Photoshop but are on fixed incomes which are generally signigicantly less than they make while working. A rate for them would also be appreciated. What I imagine many doing is a little bit of web design for fun maybe, and LR and Photoshop if they are into photography. I also think $120.00 to 150.00/year would be a good rate and again if paid up front for the year to avoid the every 3 month connection.
    The last issue is long term access to work done. After a certain amount of time a senior is probably not going to be doing as much work but may still want access to what has been done.
    I don’t think these are unreasonable requests and I believe that the cost is probably doable by most photographers and seniors. It falls into the rate we would pay for upgrades and adobe wouldn’t have to worry about collecting each month. So I think if one had to pay $120.00 to $150.00/year for LR and Photoshop most casual users and casual photographers would be happy. In my case I don’t make any money and do some phtography for charitable events. I would like to be able to use these products but cost is certainly a consideration long term.
    thanks for your consideration,

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:16 PM on May 10, 2013  

      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for sharing what would work for you. This is helpful.

      – Jeff

  • By fadfinder - 7:08 AM on May 10, 2013  

    a big CAD software company forced their customers into the cloud.
    they lost ALL german car manufacturers.

    can hardly believe that the shareholders will like it 🙂

    well … good luck adobe

  • By Paul - 7:10 AM on May 10, 2013  

    I have studied carefully all that I can about the new CC model. To say I am saddened by Adobe’s moves is a severe understatement. I am a serious amateur photographer now retired, and I simply will not be able to afford to move to your CC subscription rip-off. As a result, I will be searching for your replacement. This reminds me of the days when one had to subscribe to a local university-owned mainframe computer system for technical applications. The PC was a Godsend in that it allowed us to move away from such costly subscription services while gaining incredible productivity enhancements, choice and control all at much lower costs of ownership. With your CC model, the saying, “What’s old is new again”, comes to mind. I will say this, what you have done, Adobe, is provide great incentives for your competition to grab hundreds if not thousands of new customers looking to get away from your company’s punishing policies. I am also concerned that even if you back off of this, you have already displayed such a shocking disregard for any customer loyalty, that I will still be forced to seek alternatives. Having worked in the corporate world for many years, I can envision a bunch of you guys sitting in a conference room discussing this strategy. There was your “creative cloud”!! The “geniuses” involved in bringing this to market should be summarily dismissed and black-listed throughout the industry. They should be studied in schools as great examples of how NOT to treat your clients and how NOT to completely disregard their needs and wants. Thankfully, those of us left by the wayside can at least go elsewhere with our dollars. My search begins, today.

    • By Geoffrey - 8:27 AM on May 10, 2013  

      From time to time companies have brain farts…..(the “new” Coke, Netflix, etc). What matters is how they respond to the uproar…..Will Adobe listen to us and modify their policy to make it acceptable or just ignore us?

      • By Paul - 8:56 AM on May 10, 2013  

        Geoffrey, absolutely. But I for one do not intend to wait around for Adobe’s response to me or anybody else, assuming there will in fact be one. I am submitting story ideas on this to the news media. S&P recently cited this move as an “accelerated business model” that they believe will make Adobe’s forecasted financial results “even harder to achieve”. They recommend their stock as a “strong sell”. The corporate arrogance displayed by this move is incredibly shocking. Customers made you, Adobe, not your high paid executives, not your programmers, not your marketing – customers. High public visibility of what this represents may serve as a warning to better managed companies. I realize there is only a small chance of CNN or others picking up the story, but it is worth a try. It is for sure that, to Adobe, losing any future income from me is of no concern, perhaps there is a way, however, for those of us to shed some light on this fine example of corporate irresponsibility to shareholders. Meanwhile, my search for Photoshop’s replacement is underway.

  • By Caroling Geary - 8:57 AM on May 10, 2013  

    I’m concerned about what happens if I buy now but cannot afford CC one year. What I would like is a “Pause” option. If I pause in my rental, I would get a frozen copy of the software. I continue on that version on my computer until I can again afford to “Play”. Without that option, a future without my Adobe software is unimaginable. I am painfully feeling how completely dependent I am on this company. Since the cost of the software is doubling and continuous use is required, it seems to be that any any point in time, I will have paid for ownership of the version at that time. I don’t see how that would disadvantage Adobe and it seems they would broaden their customer base for CC.

  • By Bill Dewey - 9:20 AM on May 10, 2013  

    Jeffrey, can you please give us a consolidated view of what you have, or are, proposing to the “powers that be”? I see some very consistent trends and very positive suggestions in the comments here. I certainly understand that no commitments have been made, but it might help people who have not read the entire comments section a better starting point.


    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:02 PM on May 10, 2013  

      Hi Bill,

      I can’t discuss anything internal – but we see the same concerns and suggestions. I’ll share things as I can, but I just don’t have anything at the moment.

  • By Jessica Sprague - 9:58 AM on May 10, 2013  

    Jeffrey, first off – this seems to be the only place where responses to questions and/or critiques are being made, so thank you. I appreciate that.

    I know that most of the discussion (and uproar) has been centered around Photoshop CC, but my question is in regards to Elements. I’ve heard that it will be a standalone product “like Lightroom 5” – but won’t LR5 be folded in to the cloud permanently at some point in the future? So is the plan to fold in PSE, or do away with it altogether to “encourage” people into the CC? From what I’m hearing, Adobe is very much gearing toward an all CC model in the future – where does that leave the hobbyists?

    I lead a community of almost 100,000 hobbyist Photoshop users, 75% of whom are using Elements for digital scrapbooking, photo editing, and crafts. We’re wondering what the next 2+ years will bring, and while I’ve speculated over here on my blog: I am uncomfortable not knowing what to tell them. If anyone from Adobe would be willing to do a chat or a webinar or a Q&A for the hobbyist community (which is way, way beyond the numbers of even my community), I know we’d all be really grateful.

    Thank you.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 1:15 PM on May 10, 2013  

      Hi Jessica,


      You are correct, Lightroom 5 will remain available as a perpetual license when it is released.

      I really don’t see Lightroom or Elements being folded into Creative Cloud exclusively. I can put you in touch with Bob Gager (Elements product manager) and Sharad Mangalick @smangalick (LR product manager) – and will forward your blog post to them as well. They would be the right people to speak to you community.

      – Jeff

  • By M. J. Wickham - 10:01 AM on May 10, 2013  

    I absolutely agree that Photoshop and Lightroom should be bundled together for a monthly subscription.
    It’s impossible to run a photography business without all 3 – Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 12:52 PM on May 10, 2013  

      Thanks MJ,

      It’s a common request.

      • By John - 1:20 PM on May 10, 2013  

        I agree that there should be a bundled photography product, but it should have a perpetual license model and not be subscription only.

  • By Joel Smith - 10:38 AM on May 10, 2013  

    I’ve used Photoshop and Illustrator since they were released, and have faithfully upgraded every time. I’ve always observed the licensing requirements, and I’ve received good service from Adobe. I currently own and regularly use most of your products, many on a daily basis in my business. I’ve always known them to be solid and dependable. I’ve made a lot of money over the years using these tools.

    The new Creative Cloud program is quite different from past arrangements, and I expect that’s what’s at the root of so many people expressing so much passion about their relationships with the products and the uncertainty or discomfort this new approach introduces. It’s a shame that energy couldn’t be put to better use.

    I haven’t decided whether to switch to CC or stick with CS6. There are good arguments on both sides. And there are good alternative tools. The unfortunate thing for Adobe is that I’m now going to consider my options much more closely. I will no longer be automatically clicking “Buy” when the new upgrade shows up. I’m not averse to trying new things either.

    You want a regular, predictable revenue stream. I get it. I might even be willing to participate, but I’d rather feel delighted by an opportunity as I consider the transition. And with the current offering, I’m not quite feeling the delight yet.

    Cheers and best wishes.

  • By Wayne - 12:07 PM on May 10, 2013  

    Well, this idea of yours is good for you but terrible for your users. I know nobody who thinks it’s a good step.This is really terrible for many reasons – I will have to look for alternatives after CS6 if the cloud is coming.

  • By Trevor Monroe - 1:20 PM on May 10, 2013  

    Forgive me if what I am about to write is redundant. Being a slow reader, I don’t have time to look through all the comments above.

    Let me start with the usual boilerplate: I have been a faithful adobe customer for many years. I have always paid for every upgrade (skipping none) and I have never used a pirated version of Photoshop or a pirated version of any other Adobe product.

    Part of the reason that I have been such a loyal customer is that I’ve always admired Adobe’s work ethic. It seems to me that Adobe values excellence as much as it does profit. In short, Adobe has always struck me as an ethical company.

    Now Adobe has ditched this perception for myself and for many others.

    You actually want me to rent Adobe space on my hard drive! It’s been 24 hours for this news to sink in, and I’m still in shock. Let me say it again: You actually want me to rent Adobe space on MY HARD DRIVE. No matter how many times I say this, it’s never stops sounding absurd and unethical.

    There’s the other point I want to make. I’m self-employed and 66 years old, which means two things are in my future: My business will continue to go through severe cycles. Some parts of the year will be flush, and during other periods I will have trouble paying the electric bill. And because I’m 66, I will soon have to slow down my efforts and rely more and more on social security. (Not a rich existence.) At some point $20 a month for Photoshop will become an unaffordable luxury, which means that the space I’ve rented Adobe on my hard drive will be useless.

    So much more to say, but I’ll stop here.

  • By Ann Shelbourne - 1:26 PM on May 10, 2013  

    Since Adobe went to the 12-month cycle, you couldn’t get the Upgrade
    price if you were more than a year out of date so the annual cost of
    keeping just Photoshop up to date went to $200 per year.

    The Ps CC rate for existing customers is $120 for the first year and $240 for the second (and that is for Photoshop Extended for which the CS6 version cost $399 for the Upgrade).

    For people like me who have always bought the Suite Upgrades, the price for an Upgrade to the limited number of apps in the Design & Web Premium Suite was $375.

    The Cloud charges $360 for the first year but provides access to the complete range of Adobe products.

    But this is where the pricing-structure goes haywire:

    This charge goes up to $600 in the second year which is a lot higher — even for those who bought the Master Collection CS6 Upgrades for $525.

    The point is that there are many individuals and specialist businesses who may use five or six apps. for their niche market but a Print and Web Design house is unlikely to need full video and audio building and editing apps.too.

    That is where even major corporations will baulk at subscribing to the Cloud for more than a very limited number of “Seats” and Adobe could easily see a huge reduction in income from Corporative clients for just this reason.

    The missing link in the structure of the Cloud is a Subscription rate which is equitable for the customer who wants to use more than a single application (for which the annual rate seems to be very fair) but who does not need, nor want, access to the complete range of products.

    I suggest that the price for a group of two to six products should be pegged at $360 (or $30 per month) during the second year.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 3:23 PM on May 10, 2013  

      Hi Ann,

      Thanks for the pricing feedback.

      – Jeff

  • By Stint - 2:05 PM on May 10, 2013  

    An artist wants to create an oil painting with the tools he owns (his knowledge), but needs a canvas (photoshop). He goes to the art store to buy a canvas, and finds he can only rent a canvas for $10 a month. “But, I am going to paint on that canvas, and when I’m done with it, I will hang the painting on the wall. You want me to pay you $10 a month to do that?”. “Yes.” says the art store. “If I stop paying rent on that canvas, what will you do?”. “You will have to return the canvas, or we will come and get it.”. “But it’s got my painting on it!”. “You will have to return the canvas, or we will come and get it.”.

    With software that in large part functions as a creation tool for your customers, you cannot expect to survive on a subscription business model. Artists, photographers, etc must have stable access to the tools they use for this creation work. That’s why an up-front investment in a perpetual license is desired. That’s why we spent thousands of dollars for the initial CS investment, and hundreds of dollars when upgrades became available.

    I’ll move away from all Adobe products. Trust has left the building.

  • By Adam - 2:55 PM on May 10, 2013  

    Like many other users I am outraged by Creative Cloud, having invested thousands of dollars in Creative Suite products over the years.

    Some of the reasons I am angry:

    Old perpetually licensed versions of Creative Suite can’t open files generated using the newer Creative Cloud. If a user cancels their subscription, they lose access to their own files. This essentially locks users into the service.

    Adobe has a monopoly on design software which is made worse by the lock-in created by Creative Cloud. Adobe can exploit their monopoly by raising prices once enough users are locked in to Creative Cloud.

    No perpetual licensing means the $600 in yearly subscription fees yields nothing if a user cancels their subscription. Conversely, a $500 yearly upgrade to Creative Suite yields a lifelong license.

    Adobe can remove products from Creative Cloud at will, unlike boxed versions where the user retains a copy of the products.

    Creative Cloud removes the incentive for Adobe to innovate because there are no longer major versions requiring innovative new features to generate sales.

    Adobe can terminate its agreement with the user for any reason.

    The new subscription only model goes against statements the company made in 2011 regarding a yearly release cycle for Creative Suite products.

    Perhaps the solution is for Adobe to offer Creative Cloud and a Hybrid version with perpetual licensing. The hybrid version would keep users up to date between major versions with the same monthly fee as Creative Cloud but requires a one-time perpetual licensing fee. If a user cancels the monthly subscription they retain the right to use the software indefinitely. If the user wants to reactivate the hybrid version, they have to pay for the missed months between versions to cover the cost of the perpetual license. The standard version of Creative Cloud would remain the same. Adobe could also retain the digital rights management incorporated into creative cloud that requires an internet connection to help prevent pirating.

  • By Don - 3:10 PM on May 10, 2013  

    For newcomers to Adobe’s portfolio, CC may be an attractive offering. However, for those of us who have been customers through many product releases, the current CC plan is not received as an attractive offering.

    I use Lightroom and PS for my photography, and have no need for other Adobe products, and absolutely no interest in a pay as you go plan. If Lightroom and PS are offered on a purchase basis, I can see continued use of these products by myself and many, many others.

    On the other hand, if Adobe’s current Creative Cloud model is “full speed ahead”, many, many current Adobe users will implement their workarounds. Do not fool yourselves, the workarounds indeed exist.

    • By Phil D - 5:39 AM on May 11, 2013  

      I do agree. For some it’s a great option. That’s why the previous situation was great – the 1/2 million who liked it bought it. The 10+ million who didn’t like it, didn’t buy it.

  • By Debra Gillilan - 4:11 PM on May 10, 2013  

    I am very disappointed in the decision to make Photoshop CS6 use go the way of demanding subscriptions. I use Photoshop and Lightroom. I do upgrade my software. I will have to look at other options like Photo Ninja and other vendors to supply software that I will need for photo editing, if the subscription models are pursued by Adobe for Photoshop users. I am aware of the “$9.99/mth offer for 12 months”, then the “$19.99/mth offer thereafter”. The cost will be over, say, three years, at $600.00 US, is equal to what I paid for the whole license for the full Photoshop several years ago(CS2). And that does not include inflationary increases.
    I do not want a subscription for Photoshop software usuage by me for my company and for my pleasure in shooting images and post-processing.
    Sincerely, Debra Gillilan, small business owner in photography

  • By Marissa - 5:00 PM on May 10, 2013  

    If you own the *student* editions of previous versions of the master suite, production premium, design premium, etc. are you eligible for the 9.99/mo pricing?

  • By Jerry W. - 5:15 PM on May 10, 2013  

    I have read several hundred comments here and on other sites, and 99 to 1, the comments are negative. Does Adobe even care about that or the needs of its customers?

    Can you please tell me why Adobe has withdrawn the choice of purchasing a stand alone app? In all the output from Adobe on this, I still can not discern a rational reason. Other than sheer unadulterated greed. Why can’t Adobe let their customers decide if a stand alone app or cloud app(s) are best for them? Why force an unpopular decision upon us all?

    I know I speak for hundreds, if not thousands of Photoshop users who would like to remind every single person at Adobe, from Shantanu Narayen right on down to the paid interns: THERE IS NO ADOBE WITHOUT CUSTOMERS. You can have all the shareholders you want but they’re useless without the people who pay for the products and your salaries. Is Adobe aware of this?

    The reason I ask these questions is it seems Adobe’s decision to remove choice reinforces the idea that Adobe is NOT aware of the points I ask in my questions.

    I have been a registered user for several years. I paid my hard-earned money to Adobe to OWN Photoshop and its updates, not rent, not lease, and not be put on a payment plan. Now I am told I can pay (for years if I like) but I will own NOTHING. Are you kidding me?

    I don’t know what photographer is telling you that they want more photography based bundles for the Creative Cloud, but that’s just rubbish and, I believe, propaganda. You and I and every Photoshop user all know the overwhelming majority of paying customers want to own Photoshop, or at least have the opportunity to own it. Yes, and have it be supported going forward.

    I cannot even begin to express my unhappiness with Adobe’s “business” decision which completely obviates your paying customers’ needs. Shame on you and your excessive greed.

    • By JimCamel - 5:56 PM on May 10, 2013  

      I sold my ADOBE stock yesterday.

      • By Phil D - 7:21 AM on May 11, 2013  

        You and quite a few others by the looks of it…

    • By Phil D - 5:36 AM on May 11, 2013  

      Here’s the current results of a poll on FredMiranda about CC:

      88% have no plans to join
      7% are considering but don’t like it
      1% are considering and do like it
      2% have joined but don’t like it
      2% have joined and are happy

      That’s a total of 3% of people who like it.

      If they try to tell you that the community likes it… just show them this.

  • By Sofie - 11:03 PM on May 10, 2013  

    I have asked one very simple question on your Facebook fan-page three times and as yet have not received a reply. I would appreciate it if someone would give me an answer because it’s a question many people would like to get answered. Thanks.

    Buying your software has always been cheaper in America than in Europe. Please can you answer why it’s still so much more expensive to opt for CC in Europe when no extra costs such as packaging or shipping are involved?

    A single app on CC in the US is $19.99 and in the UK it’s £17.58. That’s about $7 more per month. In Euros it’s Eur24.59 – about $10 more per month.

    Please don’t reply that it has to do with fluctuating exchange rates because they don’t fluctuate that much!

  • By adana evden eve nakliyat - 11:13 PM on May 10, 2013  

    very good admin.

  • By Sten - 12:23 AM on May 11, 2013  

    Jeffrey, it’s nice to see your replying to people, but why don’t you reply to my question about no internet on computers and what your doing for customers like me? I can’t get a straight answer from anyone in Adobe about this. Not everyone has access to the internet or uses a pc with the internet. Please will someone in Adobe answer this? My question got deleted from the photoshop Facebook page because its obvious no one wanted to address this question!

  • By Vincent - 12:49 AM on May 11, 2013  

    I´m a proffessional photographer and was quite content with photoshop on my laptop on my travels now that adobe wants to force its users to rent the software im searching for an alternative, is gimp or corel better? im just fed up and want to switch to a new programm from now on

  • By Gordon Bain - 1:33 AM on May 11, 2013  

    I have been scrolling though this site to find an answer to the question about pricing in Europe and other places (I believe that pricing in Australia is even higher). I finally found Sophie’s question above that indicates that this question has still not been answered.

    I will repeat the question and request that you answer it. Why is it so much more expensive to purchase Adobe products outside the USA. Is it because the rest of the world doesn’t really matter and Adobe thinks weare just here to be milked for whatever Adobe can screw out of them?

    An answer please?

    I bought my car because I want to own it. That’s why I don’t lease a car. I paid off my mortgage on my house because I want to own it. Likewise I want to purchase my copy of Photoshop not lease it so that I can get a bunch of upgrades that I don’t want or use. If I want an upgrade then I want to decide, NOT Adobe, when to do so.

  • By Alternativen zu Adobe | Mariahofer Informationen - 1:41 AM on May 11, 2013  

    […] Adobe-Blogeintrag […]

  • By Richard Bannister - 1:47 AM on May 11, 2013  

    Gordon, I’ve asked the same question (about international pricing) twice on this blog. Adobe doesn’t seem to be willing to answer. I’d suggest you simply avoid purchasing any further Adobe products; that’s certainly what I intend to do.

    • By Phil D - 5:34 AM on May 11, 2013  

      I agree. Although I’m not buying any because of CC in general. Although this is yet another reason to not buy..

  • By Sarah - 2:22 AM on May 11, 2013  

    I second or third and so on…. Gordon’s, Sophie’s and everyone elses question about pricing in Europe, i get that taxes are higher here, but they are def. not that much higher!

  • By Horst Wiesner - 3:04 AM on May 11, 2013  

    I’m a graphic designer and usually I buy the Creative Suites second hand on Amazon or from other dealers because most of us do not need all the latest stuff.

    This will finally end at CS6 because Adobe didn’t sell older Softwarepackages in the past and won’t do that in the future. The other aspect of this is, you need to upgrade your OSX for some packages and I don’t want that Adobe will tell me this.

    I will make the decision when and how I upgrade my Creative Suite, Photoshop or MacOSX. I hate it when you have to upgrade a perfect working system.

    Compared to lease a car – the car will be mine after a period of time and I can sell it whenever I want.

    An example: I bought the CS5 Standard Upgrade a year ago from a Dealer for EUR 500,– and I will use this Software for the next few years.
    In Adobes language does this mean: I can use the Abo 11 months and from that point on it cost’s me EUR 61,- every month.

    This dependency makes me sick :-(((

  • By Alexander - 5:31 AM on May 11, 2013  

    I have read a lot of comments on other sites about CC, limiting myself to the more or less professional people. There are some really good photographer / trainer sites that support adobe. I do, however, notice that many of them make their living training other people how to use Adobe products. There are, however, some really good photographers / trainers who do not support Adobe’s new model. It is obvious these people have a vested interest in Adobe coming out with new enhancements so they can sell additional training material or books. I have purchased these training materials and books in the past, but I consider myself an amateur photographer and not a heavy user of PhotoShop. I, like many here and on other sites are not going to upgrade to the CC model. I can tell the supporters of the CC model that I will no longer be buying any books or video training on any subscription based product Adobe offers.

    Most people who do not use the product that ofter will not go for the CC model, so my guess is that the need for instructional books and video training will decrease accordingly. Not only will Adobe be loosing customers but so will these companies and individuals who produce the media. An example in case is the recent acquisition of Video2Brain by V2B has produced an extremely good series of videos in the past on Photoshop and other Adobe products. You could buy the DVD or download the video content for a very reasonable price. With the acquisition by, you no longer have access to the video. You do not own it…. You have to subscribe to and pay to stream the video… In the end you own nothing…. I refuse to accept this model and will no longer be using any training material produced by Video2Brain. My loss and their loss….. The same goes with Photoshop… No way am I going to get hung up in a lease with nothing at the end….

  • By Phil D - 5:33 AM on May 11, 2013  

    Here’s the current results of a poll on FredMiranda about CC:

    88% have no plans to join
    7% are considering but don’t like it
    1% are considering and do like it
    2% have joined but don’t like it
    2% have joined and are happy

    That’s a total of 3% of people who like it.

    Are you guys getting the message?

  • By Charles Badland - 7:24 AM on May 11, 2013  

    Idea for making Photoshop CC (subscription only) more palatable:

    Photoshop Restricted.
    Every two years Adobe offers a perpetual version of the current Photoshop CC (Bridge and ACR). This would be free for Cloud Members who have subscribed for those 2 years. For non-cloud users it could be bought for a nominal price, say $150 – $200. This Photoshop Restricted® would be a full version of Photoshop CC. Have all the features. All the bells and whistles. Open and edit the most recently made PSD files.

    BUT you would not be able to save a layered document.

    You could save as a flattened TIFF, JPG, a non-editable PDF. Just not a PSD or layered TIFF.

    This addresses many problems. It would not compete with Photoshop CC as it produces no usable (for a professional) document. It rewards and attracts loyal Cloud members and makes them secure in the fact that no mater what, their previous layered work will be available to them in a MEANINGFUL (ie editable) form. It shows respect for the Photoshop user with decades of work that Adobe IS concerned that they have full access to layered files in the future. You just would not be able to create any new layered documents.

  • By Florian Frey - 9:47 AM on May 11, 2013  

    I’m a professional Digital Artist I have all bought and updated all CS versions.
    I’m very unhappy with your move to the CC model.

    1. I find the Euro dollar conversion is not correct and there is no reason for such a weird price difference!

    2. the price for 1st year seems good but it more than doubles the year after! this is simply not OK

    All together it shows how far adobe is from its user-base and loyal customers taking opportunity on us!

    kind regards
    Florian Frey
    Unsatisfied Customer

    i have spoken to several Adobe representatives via Telephone and they all show the same arrogant attitude.
    This is a no go in customer relations and simply not fair!

  • By Gordon Bain - 9:52 AM on May 11, 2013  

    Richard, Phil, Sarah thank you for replying to my post. I’m not holding my breath waiting for Adobe to reply, though.

    I moved to Photoshop from v4, having previously used Corel software. I am currently using CS5 on my MAC. I don’t use Extended because I don’t need the capability but I chose that path not Adobe. I chose not to upgrade to CS6 for the same reason; again I chose, NOT Adobe.

    This is only a piece of software so, as soon as some other software developer creates something suitable I will move over to them. Adobe will soon be in the same position as Quark when they took the same arrogant attitude towards their customers and Adobe introduced InDesign.

    Hey Corel, how’s about a MAC version of your Graphics Suite? You have a ready made market waiting for you. Get your software developers onto it now; what’s stopping you?

  • By Bettina Knopfli - 10:16 AM on May 11, 2013  

    I have Photoshop CS6 and would like to sign up for a 9.99/year membership. It is registered and visible under “registered products”. However, I’m not able to sign up for this discounted membership…. I talked to the adobe support on may 7th, and they told me, that they will fix my problem asap. But still no e-mail or any other help until now… Very poor!

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 10:12 AM on May 12, 2013  

      Hi Bettina,

      Sorry about that. I’ll have someone work with you to get you straightened out. Thanks.

      – Jeff

  • By Chelsea - 12:18 PM on May 11, 2013  


    Has the company considered different pricing models for different apps? Depending on how often one really needs to upgrade?

    I’m a professional freelance illustrator who uses Photoshop for all of my illustration work. I can see a model like this making sense for, say, Flash gaming art because they really do need to stay up-to-date with the latest software. But as many of the photographers have mentioned, us freelance illustrators don’t necessarily buy every single version. It’s far too costly to upgrade unless we actually really need the new features.

    My two primary concerns are:

    1-Knowing we have the ability to choose not to upgrade isn’t that comforting, since we still have to pay for the service of continuous upgrades whether we want them or not. This essentially means some customers will be getting less value out of the service for the same price, or in other words: customers who typically only upgrade every other version or so will now have to pay double the usual costs. Not all small businesses or freelancers have the budget for this kind of upgrade model.

    2-Losing the ability to even use the software once a subscription lapses is a serious concern. Freelancers may hit periods of instability in their work and consistent income is not always a guarantee. This subscription might not be an issue when work is going well, but what happens if they have a dry year? With a perpetual license, they can at least continue to work, but with the CC system, if they can’t afford to keep up their subscription, now they’re left without the tools they actually need to do more work. There’s some irony in that: an inability to pay for the product that their livelihood depends on leads to a further inability to be able to make more income. To many freelancers, this risk is too big of a concern and it seems more prudent to switch to a different product entirely that will not come with this kind of risk.

    I really enjoy using Photoshop. I would prefer not to switch to a different piece of software, so I sincerely hope Adobe can come up with a solution that does not force the hand of those of us who are unhappy with this decision.

    I also saw a mention in an earlier comment about CS6 being offered indefinitely. Is that really true? I don’t see how that’s possible, what with the way software development works. Won’t there eventually be a time when CS6 no longer functions on the latest OS? Or will Adobe still continue to support and patch it indefinitely to avoid this issue? Either way, I am supremely nervous about the idea of forever relying on an old piece of software just because I want to own my software, not rent it. I may not upgrade every version, but I fear the eventual need to upgrade may force me to look elsewhere or be stuck with a subscription model that makes no financial sense to users like me.

    I understand you may not necessarily have answers to all these questions right now, as I’m sure the company wasn’t expecting this degree of backlash and is still trying to figure out solutions. I just wanted to make my voice heard in the hopes a solution might eventually be reached that keeps the freelance digital painter customer basis happy.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 10:09 AM on May 12, 2013  

      Hi Chelsea,

      Thanks for the feedback. CS6 being available indefinitely doesn’t mean forever – but it doesn’t mean it will be unavailable tomorrow. Sorry I don’t have specific dates at the moment.

      – Jeff

      • By Chelsea - 8:05 PM on May 12, 2013  

        Ok, thanks for the info.

  • […] of its boxed CS6 suite and below apart from security updates and some bug fixes. Adobe has since taken to its Photoshop blog to respond to some of the questions regarding its new CC branded suite of apps and specifically the […]

  • […] of going subscription-only (no more boxed software), if you have questions about Creative Cloud, check this out, different Creative Commons licensing options for photographers, why you should definitely keep […]

  • By Alyssa Mintus - 7:04 AM on May 12, 2013  

    I currently have CS5 for my pc. Yesterday I purchased my first iMac. Considering I have switched platforms am I still eligible for the introductory $9.99/ month for photoshop if I sign up before July 31st?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 10:05 AM on May 12, 2013  

      Hi Alyssa,

      Yes. Customers with CS3 or newer qualify for the $9.99 promo.

      – Jeff

  • By Charter Fint - 11:57 AM on May 12, 2013  

    I’m wondering when the full version will be in stores

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 4:34 PM on May 12, 2013  


      You can already purchase 3-month and 12-month prepaid cards from authorized retailer (Amazon for example). Photoshop CC will be available for download in June to Creative Cloud members.

      – Jeff

  • By Sten - 3:05 PM on May 12, 2013  

    Ok I get it now. You don’t care about your customers. No one at Adobe will answer my question about having no internet on your PC. It’s not often in life you pinpoint an exact moment a large company died, but in the future all Adobe customers (possibly ex customers by then) will be able to say they knew when Adobe fell from its perch.

    • By TMenk - 4:19 PM on May 12, 2013  

      I’d also be interested in seeing Adobe’s answer to Sten’s questions. His previous posts are:

      Sten says:

      My PC for editing is not online, never has nor will it ever be. When I tried to subscribe to CS6 you told me I couldn’t because I had no internet on my PC. Is CC the same? Why? I know a lot of photographers who use a non internet enable PC for editing. Why leave us out?
      May 10, 2013 12:27 AM

      Sten says:

      Update…… Spoke to Adobe finally. They said you can use a internet enabled pc to subscribe using a external hard drive, which I believe you use to transfer the program across. That means you would use your 2 licenses up. Trouble is I have a home PC for home editing and a laptop for editing in the field. Both don’t use the internet. I have a laptop I use for the internet, which they told me to use, but that would mean 3 computers using the software which adobe said isn’t possible, unless you pay even more cash probably. They then said they would transfer me to someone else and cut me off!!!!!!! Can’t get back in touch at the min. 🙁
      May 10, 2013 3:58 AM

      Sten says:

      Jeffrey, it’s nice to see your replying to people, but why don’t you reply to my question about no internet on computers and what your doing for customers like me? I can’t get a straight answer from anyone in Adobe about this. Not everyone has access to the internet or uses a pc with the internet. Please will someone in Adobe answer this? My question got deleted from the photoshop Facebook page because its obvious no one wanted to address this question!
      May 11, 2013 12:23 AM

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 5:52 PM on May 12, 2013  

      For individual customers, an internet connection is required for activation. See the FAQ for current policy around working offline:

      For business, enterprise & government volume license customers, there are options for installing/deploying and activating in secure environments and no connectivity. See the VIP/AVL site here for details:

      • By Sten - 1:34 AM on May 13, 2013  

        Jeff, this is crazy. You have to offer another option for non internet enabled pc users. Microsoft allowed customers to phone activate office in the past. Please listen to your customers before you have non to listen to…….

  • By Bruno - 4:55 PM on May 12, 2013  

    I just got the annual commitment PS for 19.99. During installation the AAM crashed. Now my Photoshop won’t start. It says that it is either damaged or not complete. Hot can I invoke another installation?
    Cheers Bruno

  • By Leon Ault - 7:02 PM on May 12, 2013  

    I guess this is also in the works for AE and PP…just getting up to speed for FCP 7 when FCP X was not
    a workable solution. Guess it’s either back to FCP X or on to Avid.

    I’ll not be part of Adobe’s attempt to raise their stock prices, which it looks like this is what this move is all about.

    Will find work around for Photoshop should CS6 stop working.

    It was fun while it lasted.


  • By Sean Murray - 7:15 PM on May 12, 2013  

    As an almost 20 year loyal user of PS since Version 3, and one who has purchased every upgrade since then, I can not begin to tell you how betrayed I feel and how Adobe has completely shattered my trust in it. The new business model is totally one sided. I can deal with the 2x cost going forward and I can deal with the concept of subscription s/w, but what is for me an absolute deal breaker is not having an acceptable disengagement option. In the event that I must discontinue a subscription, I must have a buy-out option. That means I pay a certain amount and I walk away with a permanent license for the current monthly version – (PS2013-05). It can be as is with no support and no commitment to fix bugs, and no hard media. The walk away cost can be determined via a formula that takes into account how long I have had an uninterrupted subscription and the difference between that and the fair market value of the program (currently $699). That way I at least have a parachute. I can continue to access proprietary files. Under the current mode why would I continue to invest in proprietary tools like nested smart objects in mixed color spaces, if I am forced to flatten all my work and save everything as a TIFF or jpg? I would be better to invest my time and money in other competitive products.
    Cell phone contracts have an optional buy-out, leased automobiles have them, many other products have them as well. As Adobe’s new model is structured now, there is absolutely no way that I will entertain moving to a subscription.

    • By Geoffrey - 8:17 PM on May 12, 2013  

      Well stated Sean!!

    • By alan - 1:43 PM on May 13, 2013  

      It would be nice if someone answered Seans question as I am very much concerned about this as well.

  • By rèm vải - 8:37 PM on May 12, 2013  

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for sharing what would work for you. This is helpful.

  • By Gordon Bain - 1:28 AM on May 13, 2013  

    A friend tells me that he met his wife and fell deeply in love. They lived in happy marital bliss for some time. After a while her behaviour became more and more erratic and unreasonable. She demanded more and more money from him every month until eventually he felt that all he was doing was supporting the local good-time girl. He was told that if he stopped paying her what she demanded she would withdraw all his conjugal privileges leaving him with nothing except the clothes he stood up in.

    One day he bumped into an old girlfriend, realised that he had made a big mistake when they split up all those years ago, and he is now divorced and living a happy life with just some seriously bad memories at how was treated.

    I note that you have answered a few questions on the site – not one single answer addresses any of the very serious and legitimate concerns from Adobe’s customers. Can you at least let us know a timescale as to when Adobe will actually answer their customers? Or will we be giving our old girlfriends a call?

  • By Phil D - 1:34 AM on May 13, 2013  

    It would be nice if someone from Adobe would actually answer these questions. Simple answers – not spin.

    1) You say that you will support CS6 with updates, but eventually it will go out of date through OS changes and I will be unable to use it. Am I wrong in my thinking?

    2) Currently I pay about £4 per month for every second upgrade. Now you are asking me to pay nearly £20 per month (ignoring the irrelevant “sweetener” deal for 12 month). How is this good value for me and my business?

    3) Currently if I retired and still wanted to do some photography part time, I could stay on my current version. With CC I am unable to do this and can’t realistically access my files if CS6 is no longer working (OS changes etc..). How do you feel it’s acceptable for me to have to pay to access my own files?

    Adobe have, to my knowledge, not even acknowledged these questions, never mind answered them. I am a loyal paying customer and have been paying Adobe for years. Therefore, I believe I deserve an answer.

    (but I doubt I’ll get one more than the usual spin)


    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 9:28 AM on May 13, 2013  

      Hi Phil,

      1) Sure, if the OS or hardware changes such that Photoshop CS6 is no longer compatible and you choose to upgrade to incompatible OS and hardware. You also have the choice to keep compatible hardware/OS configurations (I do this at home with hardware/software for a personal recording studio – Music is a hobby for me – and I’m fine using my older hardware/software for it.)
      2) The value is in whether you want to upgrade to Photoshop CC and take advantage of the features and services that it provides. As in the past, it’s our job to create value in upgrades to keep you purchasing our products (or retaining CC members).
      3) (see answer to #1) – there’s also Lightroom and Elements which are lower cost alternatives that appeal to hobbyist who prefer lower cost software for their needs.

      I see the retirement question/concern a fair amount – (customers have been asking about senior/retiree discount for years, so not a new concern/question). My father-in-law is a big-time user of PS and LR – and a good portion of the local PS/LR UG members are retirees. I, personally, think senior/retiree discount is a good idea.

      – Jeff

  • By Claudia Betia - 1:34 AM on May 13, 2013  

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Tried to work my way through the blog, but am still not sure about one thing. How does LR fit in the mix?

    I currently own PS CS6 and LR4 (on LR5 beta). If I opt for single product subscription of PS CC will this include use of LR as for full CC or do I still need to buy the LR5 upgrade separately. I couldn’t find a clear definition of what is in the bag for the single Product subscribers.

    Photographer bundle model for LR/PS combo:
    I would judge a price of AUD22 for fair. That’s my current Australian upgrade cost for PS plus upgrade cost for LR divided by 18 (for an approximate 18 month traditional upgrade cycle). AUD20 just for PS after the honeymoon year is a bit steep for people who don’t really use the other things you throw in the bag for commercial or design users and I don’t need e.g. the PS extended functionality.

    I guess in Australia we share the pricing frustration with the European users as IT companies tend to overcharge us in comparison to US pricing by a fair bit more than the exchange rate (looking at typical credit card exchange rate).

    Based on my situation, for a hobby user who liked to regularly update (not because it’s fancy, but easier) and for whom internet is easily accessible CC is not a bad solution at a fair price and I’m looking at the final rate not the well priced honeymoon rate – I guess there is still work to be done for the product team re bundling options PS/LR and uncertainty how LR fits in the mix and pricing options e.g. lower cost if you pay for a year in advance, global pricing. I would not be willing to pay another AUD20 for Lightroom as a single product to add it to Photoshop, I guess you wouldn’t charge that anyway given the difference in price between LR and PS and that LR’s develop module is very much included in PS as the camera raw module. Maybe concerns of some people could be addressed by extending student pricing to e.g. pensioners. Maybe there is a reward possibility by reducing the subscription per year of membership up to a max of x% to reward loyal customers.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:54 AM on May 13, 2013  

      Hi Claudia,

      If you opt for the Single Application membership for Photoshop CC, it doesn’t not currently come with Lightroom. So, the FAQ item above covers this: (best to get Single App Photoshop and get the LR upgrade separate)

      Thanks for the feedback on photographer bundle and pricing.

      – Jeff

      • By Claudia Betia - 3:19 PM on May 13, 2013  

        Thank you Jeffrey,

        Bit awkward concept, but at least I know what to arrange for.

        Should I only sign up for PS single version once it its out, or do I preregister, but only get billed once it becomes avaiable for download or at the time I have actually downloaded it (I’m travelling at the time of the release, hence not sure if I will have the possibility to download straigt away).

        As well about the Kelby training access – is this for full CC users only or PS single app subscribers and will the access be covering the full Kelby program or only PS/LR related training modules?

        I know it’s hard to get the pricing right – there is just increasing financial impact on low and middle income consumers. My salary goes up by about 2% a year, my rent increases by >5%, food becomes ever more expensive as well as public transport and health insurance (government levy you can’t escape), meaning every year you end up effectively with less money in your pocket to spend on the non-essentials. I would probably be happy to not have the cloud storage space for pictures if it impacts the price as internet is quite pricy in Australia and I don’t see myself as a non commercial user loading up large batches of full scale images even if it keeps you pics safe. High upload speed is just too expensive and plans have fairly limited up/download quota.

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:23 PM on May 13, 2013  

          Hi Claudia,

          I would wait until the CC applications are released later in June.

          I’m not sure about the Kelby training. I know we will have CC training available via the “Learn” link in and

          Thanks for the feedback on pricing.

          – Jeff

          • By Claudia Betia - 3:35 AM on May 14, 2013  

            Thanks again for your feedback Jeffrey, much appreciated.

  • By Ray Stofberg - 5:47 AM on May 13, 2013  

    I would rather see Adobe get the current bugs out of CS6. CS6 has proven itself as a piece of software that is causing delays in my work everyday because of the disappearing cursor. This from day one. Do you really believe that I have a lot of faith this will be different in CC?

    I most certainly would not want ot pay monthly for something that has bugs from the first day I rent it, In that case I want people to work it out instead of pointing fingers to for instance Apple and do nothing!

    I have to pay and Adobe decides what updates and bugfixes I need? Do I get a refund of my rental fee when the software is causing issues, like the disappering cursor in CS6??

    • By TMenk - 6:26 AM on May 13, 2013  

      > Ray Stofberg said:
      Do I get a refund of my rental fee when the software is causing issues, like the disappering cursor in CS6?? <

      According to the Adobe CC Legal Agreement ( it appears that there are no refunds or credits for downtime or software malfunction, regardless of the cause.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:42 AM on May 13, 2013  

      Hi Ray,

      The disappearing cursor issue you are referring to is only encountered by a subset of customers. The problem appears to be an issue caused by a glitch updating the OS from one version to the next. Customers who perform a clean install 10.7 or 10.8 without upgrading from a prior OS report they no longer experience this issue.

      – Jeff

  • By Robert Boner - 7:40 AM on May 13, 2013  

    It’s all about greed. Currently the upgrade for photoshop has been $179 every 18-24 months. At $20/month, that’s $360-$480 for the same period. Given the really bad customer service of Adobe, glitches in the system could leave large gaps in service for some folks. I really no longer trust Adobe, and will be shopping for alternative software. May have to convert all my .psd images to .tif, but since I own CS5 & 6, I should have some time to shop around. My guess is that the college where I teach will be looking for alternate software too. I will certainly push for a change.

  • By Rand - 10:42 PM on May 13, 2013  

    As Adobe will eventually need to increase minimum equipment requirements, at some point the cc versions will no longer run on user base existing hardware. How much advance notice does Adobe intend to provide to the user base? As it is now, I can manage my equipment upgrade cycle completely on my own by choosing when to upgrade. What now? Will the cc report on my system capability so that I’ll be warned that I’m nearing extinction?

    E.g., I waited to upgrade to LR 4 since the beta version brought my “then current” hardware to a dead stop. When I could afford to do so I upgraded hardware then upgraded LR.

    Does anyone see the implications here?


    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:36 AM on May 14, 2013  

      Hi Rand,

      This is a great question. First, you won’t lose access to the version you’re currently using. Per the Creative Cloud FAQ:

      You are not required to install any new version of the desktop applications available in Creative Cloud. You can continue using your current version of the product as long as you have an active membership. You have flexibility on when you install a new release to take advantage of new product features, when you’re ready and choose to do so.

      We’re very conscious that older versions may be necessary for users to access in order to run on older hardware, drivers and plug-ins – and this is the reason you’ll continue to have access to prior versions as a Creative Cloud member.

      The Photoshop team has been very forward in its communications about hardware and OS requirement changes – and definitely try to give customers some advance notice so they can plan their hardware needs appropriately.

      The Photoshop team plans to keep a similar cadence as we’ve had in the past with regards to making major changes to OS/hardware requirements, while still providing new features at shorter, regular intervals.

      – Jeff

  • By D Twinsen - 3:38 AM on May 14, 2013  

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I was just wondering how long will it take for Adobe to come up with a price and release date for a Photoshop CC & Lightroom bundle?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:16 AM on May 14, 2013  

      Hi D,

      Sorry, I don’t have any specifics to share at the moment. I will definitely post new details as I have them.

      – Jeff

  • By Geen Cs7, nu niet en nooit meer! - Pagina 3 - 4:00 AM on May 14, 2013  

    […] dial-up, tethered/connected to a mobile device, or at a wireless access point at a coffee shop.…toshop-cc.html Met citaat […]

  • By Alan - 5:40 AM on May 14, 2013  

    Everything that I would say has already been said. I love Adobe’s products … BUT I will never rent their software under the circumstances they are proposing. I hand over all of my control to Adobe. Like others, I will use my current CS6 until it can no longer be used … and then look for the best non-rental alternative. I think this is a truly terrible move by Adobe making every Adobe user vulnerable to the whim of “Adobe central”.

  • By Céline Chevalier - 6:21 AM on May 14, 2013  


    [English is not my mother tongue, sorry for the bad grammar.]

    I only need Photoshop (basic) and Illustrator. The upgrade from “Design Standard CS5.5” to CS6 is 370€. Renting Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC for a year would cost me 600€ ! Seriously, how can you justify the “new” price ?!

    I don’t mind the subscription model but I want a fairer pricing. 30€/month for Photoshop + Bridge + Illustrator would be fair.

    I really don’t need all the extra perks (cloud storage, online portfolio, etc…). All those things have zero value for me.

  • By Cemal Ekin - 7:31 AM on May 14, 2013  

    I am sure Adobe legal team has studied this move in detail. But, I am still wondering if there are legal potholes. The legal system in the marketplace is designed to: 1) Protect the consumer, 2) Protect competition. I would love to hear from legal experts on how these protections may kick in. I am encouraging real legal opinions rather than speculative thinking.

  • […] out this excellent FAQ posted by Jeffrey Tranberry, Chief Customer Advocate for Adobe Digital Imaging products. It answers […]

  • By philippe - 7:16 AM on May 15, 2013  

    Can you guarantee that a .psd file created in PS CC 2 years from now will be fully readable by PS CS6 ?

    • By Pete Green - 2:12 PM on May 15, 2013  

      Not knowing what changes will come with future updates beyond the currently planned Photoshop CC, it’s hard to say what the full support will be.

      Cs6 will always be able to open the PSD files, but in the case that there are new features in the PSD that Cs6 doesn’t support, we’ll likely allow the “READ” of the file to happen, but the editing of those particular layers likely won’t have the same functionality.

      Fully Readable — this is likely the case.
      Fully Editable — Probably not in the case of newer features on layers

      • By philippe - 6:25 AM on May 16, 2013  

        Thank you Pete, that’s clear.
        So let’s say I use PS CC for 3 years, and then decide to stop (because I have financial problems or any reason). I have spent 900 € in subscription fees (provided they do not increase). During these 3 years, I have created a number of layered .psd files, using certainly CC features. To be able to access these files, I will have to buy an outdated CS6 license for 1000 €, only to partially recover my edits. Am I missing something ?

  • By philippe - 7:20 AM on May 15, 2013  

    How do you explain the pricing difference between the US and Europe ?
    The price is 30% higher VAT excluded, and 60% higher VAT included.
    It is not the localization (all languages available in the US), nor the distribution (no local distributor involved).

    • By Richard Bannister - 11:20 PM on May 15, 2013  

      Adobe, why do you keep avoiding this question? It has been asked repeatedly…

  • By Sean Bagshaw - 1:01 PM on May 15, 2013  

    I’ll throw in my vote for a photographers bundle of PS and LR at a price in line with what it currently costs to maintain/upgrade those products. I also support the idea of maintaining some sort of access to a static version of the software if/when a subscription is stopped. Being asked to make payments to Adobe on a monthly basis for the rest of my life in order to continue my work is freaky. If Even if I use PS CC for the next 10 years and pay Adobe $2400 (or more), I will have nothing to show for it and will be dead in the water. I think it is fair to say that my current copy of PS CS6 will no longer be usable or supported in 2023. The reality is that if I decide to go down the CC subscription rabbit hole as it currently stands, I have no option of coming back out and Adobe will be making a monthly withdrawal from my bank account for life. I’ll be interested to see how this all plays out.

  • By Joe Schmidt - 1:36 PM on May 15, 2013  

    We purchased, we thought, Photoshop CC yesterday. Today we researched a little further and found that CC will not be out until June. So, what we bought was CS6. Which we owned from the day it came out. It sure would have been nice if one of the 3 sales people we spoke to would have told us we were purchasing CS6 and not CC. So, now our choice is to get a refund or just keep it and take the upgrade in June. Of course we lose 1 month if we do that. I wonder how many others are having this problem? I know, I know, we should have done the research first, but we didn’t. It would have been nice if the sale person would have explained this. No one at Adobe seems to really know what is going on here. Especially those folks overseas.

    • By Pete Green - 2:15 PM on May 15, 2013  

      Hi Joe,
      You’ll want to work with customer service for the refund if that’s what you want to do, you could then restart the subscription next month if that is preferred.
      CC will be out and available next month.

      • By Joe Schmidt - 7:33 AM on May 16, 2013  

        I know about getting the refund, and I’ll do it later today But I really didn’t need this extra thing to do.

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:11 AM on May 17, 2013  

          Hi Joe,

          I’ve asked someone to take care of this for you.

          – Jeff

  • By Sofie - 3:13 AM on May 16, 2013  

    It’s been over a week since I asked a question on your Facebook page and six days since I asked the same question here and despite replies to many other questions after mine was posted mine still goes unanswered. Is it such an impossible question to answer? I’m not asking about the meaning of life 🙂 It’s a simple pricing question from a LONG-STANDING & LOYAL customer and I’m been very patient and polite about it.

    Here’s a copy & paste of my question from the 10th May:

    Buying your software has always been cheaper in America than in Europe. Please can you answer why it’s still so much more expensive to opt for CC in Europe when no extra costs such as packaging or shipping are involved?

    A single app on CC in the US is $19.99 and in the UK it’s £17.58. That’s about $7 more per month. In Euros it’s Eur24.59 – about $10 more per month.

    Please don’t reply that it has to do with fluctuating exchange rates because they don’t fluctuate that much!

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • By Sten - 8:42 AM on May 16, 2013  

      Sofie, don’t hold your breath for an answer. As David C, and probably a lot of people have said, Adobe are sticking their heads in the sand. They won’t answer a question with a decent response if its not on the corporate script they have been given. It’s always refer to this and refer to that. We are asking questions which ‘this’ and ‘that’ don’t cover. It makes them uncomfortable and as a result they will keep avoiding the questions that matter. I even had a question taken off one of their forums as they didn’t like me asking it.

  • By David C - 4:09 AM on May 16, 2013  

    When are Adobe going to issue a statement in response to the genuine and real concerns highlighted by your customers about the new CC system?

    From looking at Adobe’s Facebook page and the numerous forums I frequent, the majority of your customers appear to be against CC. To say there has been a negative response to your announcement is the understatement of the century. Despite that, you carry on with your fingers in your ear going ‘la-la-la, not listening!’

    In the past, companies who have displayed a similar arrogance and disrespect to their customers have paid the price big time, and in my view, Adobe are well on that road. You should learn from the similar mistakes other companies have made.

    Its no use saying that we’ve misunderstood CC (bad communications on your front?), we haven’t – the facts are quite clear. A lot of us will be worse off because of it and when we stop paying you, we are dead in the water.

    Now please, stop sticking your head in the sand and respond to our concerns.

    Thank you.

  • By Gordon Bain - 4:38 AM on May 16, 2013  

    I keep checking in to see if any of my, and many, many others’ concerns, are being addressed; …. still waiting! Fortunately I decided not to hold my breath on this one!

    I had to smile a few posts back when Jeffrey said ‘This is a great question’ i.e. ‘Phew this is a question I can actually answer!’ Jeffrey, I hate to say this but there are oodles and oodles of great questions here and on so many other forums all about the same thing; any chance of some equally great answers? How much longer can Adobe bury its head in the sand on this?

    Is there also an issue about private companies interfering in private individuals’ computers in a way such as to make them, at least partly, inoperable? Would this stand up in a court of law?

    Is it now time that complaints were made to the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection about anti-competitive practices and holding guns to consumers’ heads saying ‘pay up or else?’. FTC is on the web at

  • […] of its boxed CS6 suite and below apart from security updates and some bug fixes. Adobe has since taken to its Photoshop blog to respond to some of the questions regarding its new CC branded suite of apps and specifically the […]

  • By Harry George - 1:26 PM on May 16, 2013  

    My daughter is trying to buy Photoshop CS6 (MAC) educational version. She is a photography student in the UK. Is there anyway she can do this without signing up for the cloud? I cant see it on the adobe store except as part of the cloud.

  • By FrankH - 1:34 PM on May 16, 2013  

    No way will I rent the software under the circumstances Adobe are proposing. I will use my current CS6 until it drops, meanwhile look elsewhere. I am a hobbyist photographer. I don’t make money from it. I only use lightroom and photoshop.
    In a poll of about 40 in my photoclub, mainly over 50’s, most use PS, about 1/2 use LR, only one person is considering renting and he has a pro photo business.
    A common theme was that most had upgraded to PS6 because of the leaps and bounds increase of camera raw capabilities but otherwise most upgrade every 2 versions.
    Most would happily subscribe up to $15/mth for a PS/LR bundle, provided there was an option to stop rental and lock in the current hard copy version, provided say $200 subscription had accrued, for perhaps a $20max admin fee.
    All think it very unfair that CS6 owners would not get a break over CS3 owners and surprised that Adobe does not recognize that CS6 owners especially are probably worth keeping for their money grubbing purposes.
    There was also a consensus that if Adobe did the rental with option to stop and lock in, that in all probability everyone would happily continue renting ad infinitum and think it a great business model, however, without lock in it is a terrible model.
    More details for Adobe to consider would be for current owners of PS to get credit for whatever they owned now, along lines of the following::
    CS2 or earlier $100
    CS3 $300
    CS4 $400
    CS5 $500
    CS6 $600
    Then if say the initial credit plus per month rental got to $800 a rental stop and lock in would be allowed.
    Hope Adobe listens otherwise bye-bye, plus I look forward to being include in a class action suit.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:08 AM on May 17, 2013  

      Hi Frank,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      – Jeff

  • By N.Taylor - 2:23 PM on May 16, 2013  

    £17.8/ Month in the UK !!!

    We are stuck in a perpetual recession with 2.5 million unemployed. I have trouble affording food and heating…goodbye Adobe, thanks for nothing.

  • By Steven Christenson - 9:15 PM on May 16, 2013  

    Jeffrey Tranberry: You should be knighted for your gracious and well worded answers. Though you can count me among the dismayed, I appreciate your patient answers in the face of some pretty hostile rhetoric.

    I read and read and saw this:

    CS6 and CC can be installed side by side on the same computer

    I guess I’m confused. What is on Creative Cloud now v.v. Photoshop? Is it NOT CC? I definitely NEED for that the be possible as I create and sell Star Stacking actions that I want to be sure work on as many versions of Photoshop as possible.

    Secondly, I just subscribed to the Cloud (1 year full access at $20/mo)… but AAM says my Photoshop is “Up to Date”. There seems to be no way to get the new features. Are they not released yet, just theoretical at this point?

    The only reference I found that implied a way forward was here:

    Which indicates I have to deactivate my PS CS6 in order to move forward. Or am I misunderstanding this?

    Much appreciate your help. Thanks.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:07 AM on May 17, 2013  

      Hi Steven,


      We’ll continue to have major versions within Creative Cloud (version 13, 14, etc). New features (and bug fixes) will be added at minor versions (14.1, 14.2, 14.3). If an update only contains bug fixes, it will have a double-dot version (14.1.1, 14.1.2, etc).

      Photoshop CS6 (version 13.1.2) is currently available from Creative Cloud. Photoshop CC (Version 14.x) will be available for download in June.

      If you have Photoshop CS6 (version 13.1.2) installed presently, when Photoshop CC becomes available, you will get an update notice through AAM. When you download and install Photoshop CC (Version 14.x), it will be a completely separate application. You have the choice to keep both installed for use (for compatibility testing reasons you suggest), or you can uninstall Photoshop CS6 (version 13.1.2) once you’re happy and comfortable with Photoshop CC. (Please note, always use the uninstaller inside the application folder on Mac or the Windows Uninstall process on Win)

      Per the Creative Cloud FAQ, we’ll keep an archive of past versions of our desktop apps (including Photoshop CS6 (version 13.1.2)) available for download and use from Creative Cloud.

      Are you on Mac or Win? What version do you see if you select About Photoshop? (13.0.4?) If so, yes, you need to uninstall Photoshop (using the uninstall process described above) then reinstall from Creative Cloud, sign-in to activate, and choose Help>Updates… to bring Photoshop up to 13.1.2.

      Hope that helps clarify things.

      – Jeff

      • By Steven Christenson - 7:25 PM on May 17, 2013  


        Thanks for your reply. I have Photoshop 13.0.1 x64 (Windows 7-64). If I Do Help -> Updates it says it’s up to date except for PS *CS5* (NOTE THE “5”) where “CS Live Services Update for CS5”, is listed. Live Services for CS5 sounds like it’s not something I’m using, and a version of Photoshop I don’t care to update so I have not updated it. After a lot of reading through here:

        I think I’ve concluded that I have the latest available perpetually licensed version for windows. Correct?

        I am wary of both the pain and the effect of uninstalling and reinstalling CS6. I want CS6 to continue to behave like the latest available perpetually licensed components (to test my scripts and actions), but I would also like to make sure my actions work with the latest available Cloud CS6/CC.

        Sounds like I can’t do both on the same machine at this time, correct? And thus I won’t be able to check how my scripts and actions will work with the “Cloud” until CC is released. If that’s the case, I’ll release my actions now, and cross my fingers that something doesn’t crop up before next month when I’ll be able to run them against PS CC.

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:05 PM on May 17, 2013  

          Hi Steve,

          I’ll shoot you an email. But, you are correct, CS6 13.0.1 is the latest perpetual update for Windows, and you can’t install 13.1.2 and 13.0.4 side by side like you will be able to with 14.x and 13.x.

  • By Hubert - 1:48 AM on May 17, 2013  

    I agree with Chelsea, it´s a real “milking-system”, and in Germany we´ll get milked even more. I didn´t like CS2 very much CS4 was better, CS5 good and I really liked CS6 and LR4. Perhaps I´ll uprade to LR5 as a standalone, But I´ll never submit to this milking system, although I am able to afford it.
    I already purchased DXO optics pro, Capture one and Corel paint shop pro to use it parallel to CS6 and LR4, training for the “post-Adope-time”. The problem is, that a lot of people will purchase CC etc., because paying 20 dollars per month seems “easier” than 700 dollars? and 200 dollars every two years. OK in Germany we pay more. So Adope will continue as planned but without me.
    Sorry my english is a bit rudimentary

  • By Paul - 6:38 AM on May 17, 2013  

    Jeffrey Tranberry says:

    For individual customers, an internet connection is required for activation. See the FAQ for current policy around working offline:

    This is an absolutely BS answer. That means that the price is even higher with the added cost of internet which in some parts of the USA is still not available. That says that when at my inlaws I have to packup the computer and drive to town to use PSCC at the local internet café. The other option is to use the very slow and very expensive satalite internet connection. My friends whom live in the boondocks already have enough problems with internet access without Adobe adding to their woes. They still use snail mail and catalogs to order needed items. The fat cats sitting in their offices in a major city don’t have a clue as to how the rest of the world lives. And I’m sure they don’t really give a damn.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:52 AM on May 17, 2013  

      Hi Paul, are you at your in-laws for longer than 6-months at a time?

  • By Tom Heim - 11:17 AM on May 17, 2013  

    Adobe could learn a lot about customer service/relations from onOne Software.
    From onOne Software’s website…

    “onOne’s position has been pretty clear and it’s not going to change: the Perfect Photo Suite will allow you to work where you want to and when you want to, whether that be in Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, or as a stand-alone application. We will never require you to rent your software, and you can rest assured that, when you buy onOne Software products, you own them forever.

    We’d love to hear from you about this. We’re a small company, made up of photo enthusiasts just like you, and we want to make sure we’re doing the things you want. Tell us how we can continue to improve the Perfect Photo Suite. Whether Photoshop is part of your photography workflow or not moving forward, we want to make sure that you have the right software tools to make your photography extraordinary.”

    • By Tom Heim - 11:34 AM on May 17, 2013  

      The preceding quote from onOne Software was found during my relentless search for Adobe alternatives in the wake of their subscription model announcement. Prior to the announcement I was very close to upgrading from CS5 to CS6. I will instead be putting those funds toward a competing product.

      As objections from thousands of loyal Adobe Photoshop customers have been ignored thus far, it is clear Adobe will respond only to lost revenues. If the model proves profitable, customers negatively impacted will be ignored forever.

      Time to move on…

  • By bob carter - 9:49 AM on May 18, 2013  

    I use only PS5 with Bridge and Lightroom 4. Moving forward I am assuming that after the 1st year promo price I will be paying close to $300 a year for the PS only cloud. If this is correct?

    If so, I will stick with CS5 and no cloud.
    How about a senior discount?

    PS: Open Office is a free application that does essentially what Microsoft Office does and you can download it. It was created by a man who wanted to stick it to Microsoft. If you get too greedy, you run the risk that someone will do this to Adobe. I have been a huge supporter, but this money grab is changing my perceptions.

  • By Gordon Bain - 11:49 AM on May 18, 2013  

    Hello? Adobe? Hello! Is anyone there? Just popped in to say that the building appears to be on fire and nobody seems to be doing anything about it!

    There’s a bunch of us here with fire hoses. We’d be happy to rent them to you if you like. Please be advised that, if you stop paying the rental, the hoses will be turned off. And the cost will double after the first 10 minutes. No, I’m sorry but purchase of the hoses is not possible, you have to rent them! Ladders and fire-tenders cost extra! As you are a large corporation we have taken it upon ourselves to decide that this is your best fire-fighting business model. But fear not, you will have regular updates to any new water-based fire-fighting technologies that we may, or may not, choose to develop, even if they are of no use, or relevance, to your current fire-fighting situation.

    Yes you can still use your old leaking hoses for the moment, but we will shortly be updating the hydrant connection which, sorry to say, won’t be compatible with those older hoses which you still own.

    Now, you see, if you were a smaller business, you wouldn’t have any these problems because, of course, you are too small to be able to afford our hose rental service and you would just go out of business after your building had burnt down to the ground. So, you see, we are actually doing these small businesses a big favour by putting them OUT of business by letting their buildings burn down as they have no fire hoses of their own. Simple!

    If you have any complaints about our procedure you can always leave a message at our “Not answering your questions about fire hoses” website where we will be doing our level best to completely ignore anything that you tedious little people have to say; unless, of course, you come up with a really good question about what a wonderful company we run.

    We’ll be off now to drink our champagne on our yacht which we bought thanks to the gigantic income that we used to have from our hose rentals, particulaly to all those Johnny-foreigners living in some country called ‘abroad’. They probably don’t matter very much, anyway.

    Funny how the bank balance seems to be reducing of late! Never mind we’ll just increase the rent; they’re only customers, after all!

    Toodle-pip, old boy.

    Petition at:

  • By Pam Stumpf - 4:08 PM on May 18, 2013  

    Personally I have used the Adobe Creative Suite for years. I don’t upgrade my home apps every single year, only depending on finances and if I am doing contract work. My office will be looking at the corporate business package soon and I suspect they will not be pleased with the cost of doing business. (They keep a very tight hold on keeping their bottom line up and operating cost down, as Adobe seems to be doing) Actually layoffs are threatened in the very near future and moving to a business model where work is contracted. This is a very big government contracting business and don’t tend to upgrade very often anyway. Everyone wants the individual to bear the risk and the cost it seems. I suspect they will stay with the current CS5 Suite and also cancel the training contract. I am cutting costs in my home and getting ready for frugal times. I just dusted off the paintbrushes, hauled out the real canvas, and checked on my Artrage digital app. I’ll stick with the current situation till it’s over, whichever dies first, me or CS5. Make some popcorn and watch the Wall Street show. Cheers.

  • By thejohnny - 5:20 PM on May 18, 2013  

    Hi Jeffrey,
    I love adobe photoshop, I was thinking to buy the cs6 design standard boxed, but now just few week after, when I visit yr website again, everything change! U all now considering more on the new cc, which need to subscribe every month, , even it do give u update very soon, but they are not my thing, I don’t want have to make a online everytime to make the valid, n I don’t like make subscription to buy a software, I know all the benefit to do that, but I just don’t like this all new subscription plan, I love the before pay one time n you get the full n no needx to worry about paying on other month. N I don’t make online when I focus on my editing too, so the cc is unless for me n many people too!
    I do wanna to buy the cs6 not the cc, n I wanted to buy the student pricing(since I am a student).
    Btw, I know adobe already cut off the boxed delivery method, but I wanna buy boxed edition because the box are so beautiful n I wanna to keep it(Photoshop cs6), can I still buy the cs6 design standard student price n boxed edition only, do adobe has any stock left? I live in Malaysia, if adobe don’t have stock left, is there any website or shop u re recommend that may has stock left?
    N if Ibuy the cs6 design sstandard can I get the Photoshop cs6 box too, because it is too nice look!
    Thanks. Jeffrey hope u have a nice day! 🙂

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:17 PM on May 19, 2013  

      Hi thejohnny,

      you should be able to purchase from the for Southeast Asia here:

      – Jeff

      • By Luba - 1:46 PM on May 24, 2013  

        you keep repeating the same again and again. I love Photoshop, am loyal since the very beginning, but I personally want to own my software, I own my art as creator, and want to own the software too, not rent. I do not want to be bothered to pay for something i cannot own, this is not real estate rental. I do not want keep checking to not to forget the renewing every month is ridiculous. I have very busy life, kids, work, and paying bills is plenty. To have to remember renewing something i cannot own. How fair this sounds to you? Honestly?

        I do not care how much is the “rent” every month, it is NOT my decision to rent, people are forced to rent. But some want to own, and can own, but are not allowed to own by this new plan. I do not like this plan at all. But I need to work, Photoshop is my major application I use for my work. Without work we do not eat, do not live in house…so why is Adobe taking away the work from people? Not everyone has the cash flow as corporations. And even if I would be a corporation and would have that money, I still would want to own what I pay for.
        Why Adobe does not understand this, does not see this? Why Adobe does not give people choice? Why all are forced to something they do not want to? Photoshop is excellent, but this will cause that other maybe even better software will emerge and take all profit, all business from Adobe. This is bad business decision by Adobe.
        I am truly shocked this is happening.

  • By Lesley Skipper - 10:27 AM on May 20, 2013  

    I wouldn’t have a problem with the subscription model per se IF the price was right. I use several Adobe products (Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign and Illustrator) and for me to subscribe to the whole package, while OK at the introductory price (because I have CS6 products), at the end of that introductory price would be prohibitive. Hello, Adobe – didn’t you know we are in a RECESSION here and everyone is having to tighten their belts? Are you deliberately pricing yourselves out of the market (btw if prices in the UK were on a par with this in the US I wouldn’t be so peeved, but twice as much? Adobe, you’re having a laugh. You’re driving away your loyal customers – is that what you want? Think again!

  • By Zman - 5:26 PM on May 20, 2013  


    Are there any news/changes/results to our reaction to your announcement about CC?


  • By Lisa - 8:34 PM on May 20, 2013  

    (1) My work pays for one license and I pay for a second license. Can i pre-pay for one year? My work does not allow monthly fees or subscriptions, but I can purchase CC if I can pay for the entire year. They just cannot handle the paperwork and credit card resolution for 12 small payments but they would allow me to purchase the same amount in a one time fee.

    (2) I own two licenses, one for home and one for work. I have CS6 installed on 5 computers, home, home laptop, work, work laptop and backup laptop. When I travel or teach I inactivate one license and activate the backup laptop just in case my primary laptop has problems. Can I still do this with the CC?

    Thank you,

    • By Pete Green - 11:56 AM on May 21, 2013  

      Thanks Lisa,

      1) We’re looking into seeing what sorts of other options we can provide to suit the many different ways budgets work. Your feedback here is appreciated though I do not have much concrete information to speak to on this topic.

      2) Yes, you will be able to manage your activations. With each subscription you are allowed 2 activations which you can activate/deactivate as needed for your workflow.


      • By Tom Heim - 8:41 PM on May 22, 2013  

        Pete Green says:

        ‘We’re looking into seeing what sorts of other options we can provide to suit the many different ways budgets work’.

        You’re kidding, right? Please tell me you’re joking.

  • By Sherry - 8:55 PM on May 20, 2013  

    If I’ve purchased creative cloud package for $19.99 can my husband and myself put it on our laptop(s) and use the programes at the same time?

    • By Pete Green - 1:18 PM on May 21, 2013  


  • By Hachi - 8:36 PM on May 21, 2013  

    This is complete bull. you do realize everyone is going to further pirate now. maybe if you didnt charge ridiculous and exorbant prices in the first place people would BUY the damn things. a copy of WINDOWS 8 runs 200$ yet your petty little art program you feel the need to market for 600+$ screw that.

  • By Jerry - 6:18 AM on May 22, 2013  

    Things seem to be getting quieter on this blog. Ennui is obviously setting in.

    Perhaps now you have time to answer the often-asked question about why your prices are so much higher outside the USA.

    • By Gordon Bain - 2:20 PM on May 22, 2013  

      Jerry, I think it is going to be easier if we hold a seance and try to get in touch with the dead than wait for an answer from Adobe. I suspect that the ennui HAS set in as you suggest and people are now so angry that they are no longer interested in this outfit. They are probably out talking to Corel and all the others who can only profit from this.

      The rudeness and arrogance of this company not replying to its customers’ legitimate questions on a web page they, themselves, set up for the purpose is beyond belief.

      It must, now, be plainly obvious to everyone that Adobe couldn’t care less about their customers and just care about their bottom line … except that their customers ARE their bottom line!

      Pete Green and Jeffrey Tranberry, have you had a look at Corel’s website recently? They are talking to people; they are replying to questions. Talk to us even if it’s only to say goodbye!

      • By Pete Green - 12:46 PM on May 24, 2013  

        Thanks for your feedback and passion Gordon. We’re definitely listening to what is being said and jumping in to respond where we can. Some questions around pricing are outside of our area of influence so I can’t really comment on any future policy regarding pricing, what it will be, future deals, future packages, future options, etc other than rounding up the current feedback and passing it on to the product teams…

        We’re happy to continue the conversation and answer questions where possible, but since some things are out of our jurisdiction I’m sure you don’t want me to parrot the pricing that is readily viewable on our plan pages.

        We’re listening and wanting to help where we can. Thanks again for your feedback.

        • By Gordon - 5:14 AM on May 25, 2013  


          Thank you for your reply. Firstly I want to make it clear that I don’t hold you personally responsible for this situation. It’s at least nice to know that there is something being fed back to those that are responsible.

          It would be nice to know a timescale of when they are likely to give us the answers that we all need. I use CS5 and had been thinking of an upgrade to either what is now known as CC or the following version. While this situation exists I will not be upgrading.

          I’m sorry to have gone on about this but I’m sure that you will appreciate that this has got a lot of people around the world really upset.

          Again, thank you for your reply.

  • By Janette Murdoch - 3:46 PM on May 22, 2013  

    For goodness sake just give us a choice and stop being dictatorial. Thank goodness for Phase One and PaintShop Pro. But after many years of using Photoshop (from original through to CS6) I will not be updating – disappointing.

  • By Richard Bannister - 3:14 AM on May 23, 2013  

    Still waiting for some answers, Adobe.

  • By Emily - 3:43 PM on May 23, 2013  

    I just purchased a Creative Suite 6 from a seller that still has the boxed sets. Can I still use the softwares on it?

    • By David C - 5:55 AM on May 24, 2013  

      Yes you can. CC has no affect on CS6 boxed sets, so you can activate the software at any time. Adobe are still offering standard updates and bug fixes on CS6, and will do for some time. Unlike CC, CS6 has a perpetual licence, so you can use it for ever – or for as long as your computer OS supports it.

      If you wish to go for the newer version of Photoshop or any other new Adobe products, then you are forced to use CC. Once you stop paying, the software stops working.

  • By Emily - 8:52 PM on May 23, 2013  

    And is there a date limit on when we have to active our software? I heard that Adobe will start purely relying on the CC model starting from July 31st so will purchased Creative Suites still have validity when that time comes or will Adobe stop with the CS licenses?

    • By Pete Green - 12:33 PM on May 24, 2013  

      Your CS licenses will still be valid and able to be activated. The new creative cloud version of the applications are going to be released mid-June (much earlier than July 31). With cloud subscriptions, you need to be online for a couple minutes only once within 31 (monthly) or 99 days (annual).

      • By Luba - 1:49 PM on May 24, 2013  

        I own Photoshop CS6, do not use Creative cloud, will I be able to use CS6 after your new creative cloud will come to life? Or am I going to be cut of cs6 I own… when I will not subscribe?

        • By David C - 10:43 AM on May 25, 2013  

          CS6 is not part of the Creative Cloud system and you can continue to use CS6 when Creative Cloud comes into action, so you have nothing to worry about. CS6 will continue to work forever.

          However, if you want to upgrade onto the newer version of Photoshop, then you are forced to use Creative Cloud. Once you stop paying the subscription to Creative Cloud, the software locks up and you cannot use it.

  • By Daniel J. Cox - 10:42 AM on May 24, 2013  

    Jeffery, I have lots of people on my Blog looking for answers. Not sure if you want to join the discussion but if so you can access it here:

    • By Pete Green - 1:04 PM on May 24, 2013  

      Thanks Daniel — I think I was able to get to them all that needed response as of today.
      Appreciate your blog post and help in your comments there.

      Many regards,

      • By Gordon - 1:21 AM on May 25, 2013  


        Nice to see that you could find the time to answer some of the questions on Daniel’s blog. But I notice that you answered only questions that didn’t require deviation from Adobe’s part political line. I do like the way that you say it’s only $9.99/month but omit to mention the doubling of cost after 12 months. I don’t know if you have noticed, but people are not fooled by this point.

        Do you think that you might find some time to answer the somewhat deeper questions on this site ( )and what, if anything, Adobe is intending to do about the problem?

      • By Sten - 3:33 AM on May 29, 2013  

        Dear Adobe.

        Why are you still avoiding my question? All I want to now is what you are doing for us Photograpers who don’t use an internet enabled PC or have no internet!?!?!??!?!? Is it such a hard question? Other companies have a work around a for this so why can’t you? Not everyone lives online, or has a stable internet connection. We don’t all live in LA, some of us live in the real world! Please stop burying your head in the quicksand that you are currently in……..

  • By Luba - 1:21 PM on May 24, 2013  

    Dear Adobe,
    I will put it simply:
    I love and use Photoshop since very first application, I am devoted and loyal in upgrading, praising this excellent software, but I WANT to OWN my software, NOT to rent it. I do not want to rent a software. That is bad business. I want to have the choice, not to be forced to one option which is renting. I want to own, not rent.

    I OWN all rights to my art as an artist, photographer. Store it on cloud and lose access to it would not be right in world of copyright. Therefore I never store my work, art anywhere else but my drives, dvd, so I do not need and do not want the cloud storage.

    I want to own my house, my car, my clothes, my food, my shoes, not to rent them. If there are people who are ok to rent, then they should be allowed to do it, but there has to be option for people who want to own the software. Adobe forces people to pay for something they are not allowed to own. This is ridiculous, nasty, this is not right.

    Sorry Adobe, I am very disappointed with this new policy and shocked as well. No cheering words will change my point of view. Please, make several options, not only one=rent, which are acceptable to all, not only to few who blindly will only rent. Please, be good company to buy from – again, not this company which become greedy and forces people to rent….without any rights of choice.

    • By Adolf Adobe - 3:39 AM on June 29, 2013  

      THis is an obvious issue to anyone not only storing their own work, but the work of others. Adobe should be hit with a copyright theft lawsuit to get their legal dept to wake up to how stupid this idea is.
      I’m grinding on files that are often half a gig. How many can I store on a 20gig drive? I’m supposed to track and upload this stuff over the web? ARE YOU KIDDING?

      I also do fine art work, and I don’t need it stored in some unknown spot, by a company that claims it will always be secure, and yet cannot release a bug-free version of their flagship software 30 years after its first release.

      Going to GIMP, Corel and others. I only really need Pshop. Flash – good riddance. Premiere- ok, nothing special. After Effects – I like you, but your parent is insane. Illustrator – you always sucked. Bridge – hahahaha.


  • […] has also acknowledged the persistent interest in a special photographer’s bundle or photography cloud package, and says it is actively exploring such offerings – perhaps pairing […]

  • By Sten - 12:38 AM on May 26, 2013  

    As a professional photographer I have used Adobe products for years. This new system has me looking elsewhere though, not only because its stupid, but also because Adobe still won’t answer the question I have asked for weeks and weeks, I’m guessing it’s because they don’t have a script for it.

    On another note, I thought I’d try Adobes pricing structure myself at a recent solo exhibition. Believe it or not not one customer wanted to rent my photos, they all said it was stupid and not cost effective and chose to buy them instead…….

  • By Earl - 7:30 AM on May 26, 2013  

    Adobe thanks for all the memories. Good luck with this new plan. I’m voting with my wallet and you are not getting another cent from me.

  • By Don - 3:52 PM on May 26, 2013  

    Crickets have overtaken Adobe.

  • By nhahang - 11:31 PM on May 26, 2013  

    Thank your posts

  • By raischub - 7:08 AM on May 27, 2013  

    I will not lose full file access after subscription.
    I don´t want to follow Adobes hardware requirements dictate
    I don´t want to be lifelong Beta-Tester
    I want freedom of choice
    I don´t like monopolists abusing their market might
    I don´t want other companies follow
    I don´t want my PC first connecting bank account at start up in the future
    I don´t want cloud computing be abused for making money
    I want to buy the lifelong right to software-products
    I don´t like Adobe any more (like 90% in the web)
    I even don´t want to see PS starting (I´m ashamed)

  • By Laura - 1:28 AM on May 28, 2013  

    Thank your posts

  • By Aaron Craven - 12:27 PM on May 28, 2013  


    Will we be hearing anything about a PS+LR bundle for photographers before the July 31 special offer deadline? I’m facing a decision here (one which I’m not terribly happy about) and that will factor heavily into my decision.


    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 3:16 PM on May 30, 2013  

      Hi Aaron,

      Good question. I passed along this question and concern. My hope is we’ll have details prior to that promo end date, or extend that date to accommodate customers waiting to make their decision.

  • By David C - 12:20 AM on May 29, 2013  

    A very carefully worded ‘update’ from Adobe.

  • By Alexandrw - 12:40 AM on May 29, 2013  

    “Q: What are some other things that make Photoshop CC more convenient?


    Regular feature updates – Feature updates are made available as soon as they’re ready. No more waiting every 18-24 months for one single, huge upgrade. This makes it possible to deliver features to respond to rapidly changing technology. See “Breaking from Tradition: Photoshop CC.” ”

    Here’s my question: What stopped you from doing these mini updates in the past? GREED is the answer.

  • By Gordon - 2:46 AM on May 29, 2013  

    Well, it’s a start, although it has taken Adobe three weeks to acknowledge just a few of our concerns … they have failed, totally, to address many other concerns.

    I don’t deny that Creative Cloud may be very useful for some people such as large design agencies with offices around the world that need to share their projects. Neither do I deny that some may be happy to rent their software. I don’t fit into either of those pigeon holes and neither, I suspect, do the vast majority of Photoshop users who, if asked, would almost certainly prefer to store their work on their own hard drives and have immediate access to those files whenever they want and not at Adobe’s whim.

    I am a photographer and a designer so I do hope that the ‘package’ for photographers that Adobe is now studying will address that point; full, unrestricted access to a programme as we have at the moment should cover it.

    Adobe still does not adequately address the problem of the time when new operating systems will make CS6 and its predecessors useless.

    Adobe claims that ‘over 80% of people purchasing on [are] selecting Creative Cloud’.

    There are lies, damned lies and statistics; if only 10 people purchased then only 8 of them selected Creative Cloud but you get the apparently fantastic figure of 80%. You don’t tell us how many people have actually purchased; and it would be most interesting to know what percentage of that 80% are corporate clients or large design houses and how many are ‘Joe Public one-man-band’ users.

    Nothing in this statement covers the oft asked question of the price we pay outside the USA. Can we have an answer to that question please?

    Neither does Adobe address the present pricing policy for everyone which pays scant heed to the doubling of the price after a year. This is just the angler throwing bait in the water help the fish make its decision … and we all know what happens to the fish after that!

    Adobe still needs to address the fact that a very large percentage of their customers neither need nor want a load of bells and whistles. I watched the video of the new perspective warp tool; fantastic – but how often will anyone use it? It’s more of a one-trick horse than a useful tool … and how much will people have paid in rent in order to have a very rarely used tool foisted upon them? … and can the effect be achieved in a different manner in Photoshop 5 (no, NOT CS5!), albeit in a slightly lengthier manner? I think that the Photoshop 5 solution is more cost effective.

    It seems to me that this example shows exactly the reason why Adobe is embarking on the rental scheme. They are running out of good ‘bells and whistles’ for the next upgrade, they see their income from sales slowing down as customers think ‘why bother?’ so they impose a permanent cash flow on their customers in order to guarantee their income. … or am I just an old cynic?

    ‘With regards to file access, Adobe completely agrees that customers should have access to their files if they choose to stop their Creative Cloud membership. Our job is to delight our customers with innovation, but there are a number of options open to us here and we expect to have news around this issue shortly.’

    This is good to hear but will Adobe address our needs or those that Adobe wish to impose upon us?

    Adobe states:- ‘That said, through discussions with the community, we have heard some concerns around our move to Creative Cloud. Three main themes are coming through:
    • File access. Customers want to be sure that, if their membership to Creative Cloud lapses, they will still have access to their files.
    • Photographers, particularly photo-enthusiasts, are looking for a more tailored offering that focuses on their particular needs.
    • Some [a heck of a lot!] customers are not convinced that Creative Cloud is right for them and would rather continue to purchase desktop applications as before.

    The problem that I have with this, and other, sections of the statement is that it makes it quite obvious that Adobe has not done its market research properly before embarking on this project. They have not been having ‘discussions with the community’; the ‘community’ has been trying hard over the last three weeks to have discussions with someone, anyone, at Adobe and it’s only because of the sheer anger that Adobe has finally, belatedly, responded. These are basic questions that ought to have been asked on day 1 of this project. It seems to me that a bunch of people sitting in offices and not out there in the real world have dreamed up this idea without actually asking any of their customers what they need. If they did ask anyone it was their larger customers with big budgets but not the ‘one-man-band’.

    Perhaps Adobe should allocate a little more of their enormous income to ask the correct questions when they hold their next market survey.

  • By Sten - 3:34 AM on May 29, 2013  

    Dear Adobe.

    Why are you still avoiding my question? All I want to now is what you are doing for us Photograpers who don’t use an internet enabled PC or have no internet!?!?!??!?!? Is it such a hard question? Other companies have a work around a for this so why can’t you? Not everyone lives online, or has a stable internet connection. We don’t all live in LA, some of us live in the real world! Please stop burying your head in the quicksand that you are currently in……..

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 3:13 PM on May 30, 2013  

      Hi Sten,

      I did answer your question. For individual Creative Cloud memberships (and Photoshop CS6 perpetual licenses for that matter) an internet connection is required to activate.

      You can currently be offline for over 3 months at time (we’re looking at increasing that to over 6 months due to feedback here and elsewhere)

      Our volume licensing programs allows for special circumstances like the one you describe (E.g. government, enterprises and businesses that have special need for offline deployment)

      • By Sten - 3:36 AM on June 1, 2013  

        Hi Jeffrey
        Volume implies many PC’s. I have 2 which will not go online for anyone, even if it means not being able to use Photoshop ever again.
        I, like many here, will be looking and waiting to see what the competition do in the near future…..

  • By Jane M - 4:54 AM on May 29, 2013  

    I’m sorry to hear about this change. I have no desire to store anything on the cloud and I definitely do not want anything automatically downloaded to my machine. I prefer to wait until an upgrade has been out for a while before I make the change. In addition, I’m retired and on a fixed income. There is no way I can afford this monthly charge and actually don’t want to. I guess I’m one of those PS users that will be looking for some other solution. I will remain on PS6 until it will no longer work on my machine. Hopeful by then a new company will be filing the void you are making. Sure wish I was a developer. Great opportunity for a new software to fill the spot you are vacating.

  • By Questions about Photoshop CC – Motte Media - 10:45 AM on May 29, 2013  

    […] out this excellent FAQ posted by Jeffrey Tranberry, Chief Customer Advocate for Adobe Digital Imaging products. It answers […]

  • By Trish R - 12:33 PM on May 29, 2013  

    I would really like to purchase just a Photoshop subscription for 1 year at a time. We do NOT do subscriptions (we even do pay-as-you-go for cell phones), as we don’t believe in going into debt, and essentially committing to $9.99 a month for a year is a debt. Will this be possible. Being debt-free is a principle we will not go against. I have looked at amazon, but see no pre-paid options for just Photoshop.

  • By Maggie M - 1:36 PM on May 30, 2013  

    The last couple of versions of Photoshop have had bugs that needed to be worked out. Once I went back to using the previous version until the fixes were done and available. When doing research online for specific problems, I discovered I was not the only one experiencing this.

    What happens if there is an issue and I cannot figure out a work around, meaning my work comes to a halt? This is not something I can afford.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:59 PM on May 30, 2013  

      Hi Maggie,

      We understand customers keep their prior software around for this and other compatibility or workflow reasons. (Hardware, driver, version compatibility with a client for example.

      Per the Creative Cloud FAQ ( ) we’ll keep prior versions of software available for download for these very reason.

  • By Peter K Burian - 1:45 PM on May 30, 2013  

    Can you clarify this? If I have a layered file made with Photoshop CC, how will it work in CS6?

    i.e. If there is a layer made with a feature unique to CC .. Will I be able to delete just that layer and work on the file in CS6?

  • By Gabriel - 10:32 PM on May 30, 2013  

    Question… Im exporting all my work from PS touch .. to my graphic designer to make Flyers.. But he is telling me that my Dpi/PPi resolution is too low it needs to be at 300… How do I set PS touch to do that ? Please help

  • By m.a. howell - 7:37 AM on May 31, 2013  

    This new change means I will be moving to another form of photo reworking. Lucky for me that my work allows this. I am sorry to see you moving in this direction; makes me think less of Adobe overall.

  • By Carol - 9:02 AM on May 31, 2013  

    As many others have stated the creative cloud is NOT a good option for me as an emerging photographer. If after an 18 month subscription, Adobe granted a perpetual license to the Photoshop version that you have at that time. I would consider a subscription, but I don’t want to subscibe now and not be able to access files with all my edits just because my finances prohibit me from keeping up the Jones er Adobe. I’d rather use PS CS6 for a few more years and see what other software options become available. I’ve already seen other companies marketing photographers and promising to always have a perpetual license option!!!

  • By Jordan Basem - 9:04 AM on May 31, 2013  

    As a photographer after 25yrs in the computer/software industry I think the CC is horrible for customers.

    1. Deniable to products if you are no longer a subscriber is wrong and risky. You have all the arguments no sense for me to repeat them.

    2. So many “good” software companies have screwed up and we may not like ap particular version. see Windows 8 as the most resent example. I would not be able to go back to a prior point in the subscription model.

    I can not put my business in the hands of one software company who is disregarding the voice of it’s customers.

  • By Frank Klein - 11:31 AM on May 31, 2013  

    I purchased Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5, and CS6

    1. You gave members of NAPP a discount on the upgrades. Are you going to give NAPP members a discount on the subscriptions?
    2. Will my NIK software plugins work with Photoshop CC?
    3. If I subscribe to Photoshop CC for 2 or 3 years and decide not to continue, what happens to my photos that I have processed with PS CC? Will I be able to open them in my Photoshop CS6 or am I screwed?
    4. After the one year price of $9.99, what is the regular price for the one program subscription? I have seen $20 and $24+ quoted?

    I will look for your reply. Thanks, Frank

  • By Tom Keifer - 1:22 PM on May 31, 2013  

    I have LR5 and PS6. I can now work in one and/or the other and store on my Drobo Once stored I can open and work in either one. With CC,if I open in LR, convert the Rew file and make other changes, move to the CC PS,make additional changes,ie use the content aware spot healing brush and then save to my Drobo,can I reopen in LR all the changes are there. If I decide some time in the future to not renew CC, Will I be able to open Pics saved on my Drobo or other external storage device initially worked on in CC in PS6 or LR [latest version] or will work done on the CC PS be lost??

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 1:41 PM on May 31, 2013  

      Hi Tom,

      You should have no problems doing what you describe. Your current workflow will work the same using Photoshop CC.

    • By Rich Collins - 9:08 AM on June 2, 2013  

      Here’s an excerpt from a writer of great talent, whom I will not mention but is the truth to your question, Tom Kiefer;

      “In other words, if you only have PhotoshopCC installed on your computer, and haven’t purchased a license for any prior version of Photoshop, if you stop paying for your Creative Cloud subscription you will lose access to Photoshop. That means, you will no longer be able to open your Photoshop PSD files (or, by extension, any TIFF images containing layers that were created in Photoshop).

  • By Bill Jemison - 9:40 PM on May 31, 2013  

    It seems clear that as a long time user my needs have not been taken into consideration. I hate upgrades as a general rule, and I REALLY hate “upgrades” that cost me money even if I don’t want them. How often will these wonderful upgrades happen? How often am I going to have to learn again how to use common features that have been changed? Never? Then why should I pay for them? If I do try the update and don’t like it can I switch back 1 or more versions? How often will I have to make sure that my plugins are up to date and how much time and effort will that require?

    I plan on voting in the only way that Adobe seems to be concerned about.

    Tomorrow, I am going to place a short on ADBE (Adobe Systems) stock. You can’t screw your customers and expect your stock to keep rising. Sorry if that seems harsh, but obviously I’m not alone. If Adobe users can’t effect change, maybe their stockholders can. We’ll see how they feel when the stock is in the teens. Of course I will be happy, ’cause I’ll cash in on my shorting of the stock – and maybe then be able to afford CC.

    Are you folks (generic Adobe management) crazy?

  • By ruth gitto - 5:54 AM on June 1, 2013  

    I am a long time user of Adobe products, and I really love them. Certainly Adobe is entitled to make a reasonable profit for all te work they due, but if people like myself can no longer afford to support Adobe, the clouds will eventually stop raining profits. Please consider an affordable alternative for independent photographers like myself who want to stay with Adobe, but won’t be able to.

  • By Phil Springer - 8:57 AM on June 1, 2013  

    I have used Adobe products for years. Starting out with Acrobat 6 and upgraded to 7, 8, 9 and X , Photoshop Elements 1 and upgraded to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and Lightroom 1 and upgraded to 2, 3, 4. And I think the all the upgrade prices were reasonable and these are the only Adobe products I use.

    After using Photoshop Elements 9 for a while I was finally able to purchased Photoshop CS5 and upgraded to CS6. I chose to join the cloud at $19.99 per month for a year. And when Lightroom 5 upgrade is available I will purchase that. (I know I could have used the $9.99 pricing but I do not like promo pricing for anything and the big surprise that comes when it is over.) I cannot afford $50 per month for the use of all the programs available and I probably would not even use most of them. The options I have with “the cloud” Photoshop CC and Lightroom that Adobe has offered is a reasonable approach at a reasonable price.

    I have read almost every comment and complaint in this thread and have come to the conclusion that many people have not read all the options available; the information is on the web site in plain view. I researched the Abode web site thoroughly to make my decision as to what I thought was “my” best options and made a choice. Adobe products are of good quality and I will be a loyal customer as long as I can; something that has been fading from our society for a number of years.I have done the math and realize my cost for this software will go up a little but if Adobe cannot be solvent we could lose it all; it is called capitolism.

    Having said all this it would be nice to have a Photoshop CC/Lightroom CC option at about $25 or so.

  • By Bill Cobb - 6:49 PM on June 1, 2013  

    As a loyal Photoshop and Lightroom user. I guess I will be keeping my current versions for as long as possible till somebody else develops something a bit more affordable for pro photographers.

    Really wish Adobe would have thought this through for those that only use PS and LR and don’t have the cash flow to pay out these “rental” fees on software that they will only use to a small portion of its capability and this one year promo thing is nice gesture, but a year goes by fast and then we are stuck.

    Here I was ready to go online and spend several hundred dollars on PS and LR upgrades only to find out users are being forced into the cloud.

    No thanks.

  • By hessu - 12:22 AM on June 2, 2013  

    How about all photoshop plugin what I bought older version, NIK, Alien, etc…. CC 25€/m *12 *300€ /year, two lasted version CS5 2010 303 € upgrade (full 1050€ ) and CS6 2012 upgrade 282€ ( 1000€) Extension ) that is for finland prices. where we going to ???

  • By Rich Collins - 9:00 AM on June 2, 2013  

    This is not going to work for my photography needs. I think you’ll (Adobe) find that you’ll lose 75% of your software licensee’s as future purchasers. When you mandate rather than offer choices, you inhibit one’s dedication to any service or product. I, we, as photographers ask that you lay down the gauntlet, recognize our frustration, before this happens. Forcing anyone to pay or lose access to image files in PSD and TIF is corporate bullying and ruthless. Let me offer you an alternative:

    Offer two versions of software access, 1. Subscription based and 2. the old system. Let this offer run for 2 years and then tell us what you found. I am betting the farm that you’ll discover it is only the companies who hire photogs for daily editing that choose the subscription offering. And I’m also betting that those photogs will not total more than 20% of your total sales in this class of software.

    As an accounting tactic, this idea probably sounded great on a flip chart, but when it reached us, not so much.

  • By Garline - 12:39 PM on June 2, 2013  

    I’m a registered owner of CS6. If I subscribe to Photoshop on the Cloud, will it overwrite CS6 and Bridge or will both versions be installed? In other words, should I need to cancel the cloud subscription in the future will my copy of CS6 work again as it does now? Will layered TIFF files created in the cloud then open as layered files in CS6 and, if not, will they open as flat files? A clear and concise answer will be greatly appreciated.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:08 PM on June 2, 2013  

      Hi Garline,

      If you wait until the CC versions are released later in June, they will be installed as separate applications and will not overwrite your current CS6 applications. You can continue to use both versions, and if you choose not renew your membership, you can continue to work with your CS6. Your files created in Photoshop CC should open just fine Photoshop CS6:

      • By Garline - 2:33 PM on June 2, 2013  

        Thank you for the info. I’ll wait until June 18. Forgot to ask about Bridge. I don’t use Lightroom. I understand Bridge is a stand alone product now. What effect does that have on price for those of us that use Photoshop & Bridge only?

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:36 AM on June 3, 2013  

          Bridge CC is included with Photoshop CC. It is just installed separately now.

  • By Frank Klein - 2:46 PM on June 2, 2013  

    You haven’t answered my questions from last week, please do.

    I have a new question, one I see in a variety of versions, concerning being able to open photos created in Photoshop CC in Photoshop CS6. For example, if I sign up for Photoshop CC and later quit after 2-3 years, I want to open them in my own Photoshop CS6. Would saving the photos in DNG be safer in that regard?

    I really like and agree with the comments by Rich Collins two or three emails back.


  • By Conrad Schafer - 5:11 PM on June 2, 2013  

    I am currently using Photoshop CS5. I have looked at the Adobe website to see where I can upgrade to CS6. I can’t find it. Is that no longer an option? Do I have to either BUY CS6 or go to the Creative Cloud?


  • By JD - 8:35 AM on June 3, 2013  

    Something to ponder if you are new to Photography. Buy a copy of CS6 even if you are going the cloud route so you can open files in the future. Of course that means and additional $700 US on top of the monthly fee. I wonder if Adobe will offer discounts on CS6 to LR users moving forward as they do now from time to time?

  • By Lawrence Williams - 5:54 AM on June 4, 2013  

    I am a long time user of Photoshop. My first encounter with Adobe was utilizing Elements, then upgraded to PS.

    PS is a great application, however, with the advent of the Adobe’s “Black” Cloud subscription model, I will no longer support Adobe products, i.e. Photoshop, Elements, or Lightroom. Being locked into a monthly fee is to constraining. Future adjustments of Adobe’s Elements and Lightroom, will probably be set in their “Cloud” money hungry model as well.

    So, off I go to find other means of processing my photos.

    Thanks Adobe, your greed has finally surfaced.

    Larry Williams

  • By Bill Richardson - 7:42 AM on June 4, 2013  

    What really bothers me about the subscription is that if I stop subscribing after paying for a few years, I lose Photoshop completely. I am old and may not be able to use Photoshop frequently enough to justify a monthly subscription in a few years. One way to resolve a lot of concerns is to let users keep their current version after subscribing for a period of say 18 months. No upgrades of course. I feel Adobe has really betrayed its loyal PS users by demanding endless payments.

  • By Bob D - 8:02 AM on June 5, 2013  

    I just wish to voice my feelings on this. I’ve been a loyal Adobe customer since, well practically since before dirt was invented – version 3. Not CS3, I mean 3.0. The good news for Adobe is they just got a fresh new chunk of my money for PS CS6 as well as the latest non CC version of Dreamweaver and Contribute. The bad news for Adobe is I will NEVER pay a monthly fee. Not ever. I will use CS6 for as long as I’m working in the graphics industry or clicking camera shutters. If that means keeping an older Mac around just for photo editing years from now, that is what I will do. If it means choosing cameras that only offer DNG raw files from now on, that’s what I will. I sympathize with Adobe that they are fast running out of new compelling features and therefore aren’t sure how else to make money – but that’s not my fault or my problem. Their solution is to try to force me to pay double what I used to? For something that probably will offer very few major feature upgrades of any real value? I say ‘no thank you’.

  • By Barbara Kyne - 12:04 PM on June 5, 2013  

    With the Cloud model, I think smaller users are subsidizing power users. $50/mo. is a deal if you are a power user. But most users don’t use all of the software enough to justify the cost. I hope Adobe’s greed brings it down. It shouldn’t be too hard to replace.

  • By Frank - 6:30 PM on June 5, 2013  

    Photoshop CS6 and the previous version has Smart Sharpen. What’s the difference between CS6 smart sharpen and CC sharpen. I don’t see why one need CC if they have CS6. Only for storage?

  • By Luke - 10:22 PM on June 5, 2013  

    Ok so I use Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom, and from what I have read any new Adobe software being released will be online downloadable only!! (through CC)

    Now this is great for people who live in places with good internet, but how am I supposed to download all my photo software on 8gb a month? This is the best plan possible in my area so getting “better” Internet isn’t a solution.

  • By Carlo Didier - 5:05 AM on June 6, 2013  

    I’m stopping at Photoshop CS6. I’ve calculated the costs and it amounts to an increase of 104% per year for me compared to previous regular upgrades. That’s twice what I paid until now. No way I will accept such an increase, especially as if I paiy that ransom for 5,10, … years and then stop, I’ll have nothing left for the money I spent those 5, 10, … years. Such terms are utterly unacceptable for a hobby photographer. And I need everything to work even if I’m not online for long periods of time. I don’t live in that fictional world where you allways have fast internet access everywhere.

    • By Howard - 2:00 PM on June 9, 2013  

      The do not care.

  • By T Waugh - 6:40 AM on June 6, 2013  

    I’m frustrated but more importantly, am disappointed with Adobe. I thought it was a better company and knew how to respect it customers. This model just doesn’t work for me.

    I detest your new philosophy and will jump ship at the availability of first viable option. I wish Adobe isn’t around in 10 years.

    Good luck loosing the goodwill with your customers.

  • By Roger - 6:58 AM on June 6, 2013  

    I run CS6 on my desktop and my laptop. Will I be able to have two licenses for the $9.99 per month for the first year?

    • By Pete Green - 12:05 PM on June 7, 2013  

      You can run on both your laptop and desktop with just one license.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 12:31 PM on June 7, 2013  

      Yes. In addition, with a Creative Cloud membership you have the flexibility to install on Mac or Windows, or both, with the same license/membership.

  • By Elinor Osborn - 7:04 PM on June 6, 2013  

    I cannot afford to double the cost of PhotoShop. In the past few years it has become much harder to sell photos. I am very concerned that in the future, if I don’t subscribe, I may well not be able to open old .psd files. How about when operating systems change and CS6 no longer works?
    I make use often of PS stacking, panorama stitching, and HDR. Lightroom, which I have, is not up to PS. If another company comes along with software to replace PS, I would be strongly tempted. But even then, how would I be able to open old .psd files? This is very disturbing that Adobe would actually “destroy” my photos.

  • By Doug Jardine - 1:44 PM on June 8, 2013  


    Apologies if I’ve missed the answer to my question, which is:

    Am I able to run a CS6 perpetual license and CS6 CC subscription license simultaneously on the same computer?

    If possible please CC your reply to my e-mail address.



  • By Doug Jardine - 2:16 PM on June 8, 2013  


    Let me refine my question. What I want to achieve is that I see in my Windows 7 adobe folder in “program files” my existing “Adobe Photoshop CS6 (64 Bit)” folder with those files all in the original files before downloading and installing CS6CC and a separate, new folder, possibly named “Adobe Photoshop CS6CC (64 Bit)”.

    I’m seeking some empirical comfort that I do have two versions of CS6 that are legal on my hard drive.

    I want to know that all the time I’m enrolled in the subscription program I have a choice as to which version (perpetual or subscription)I can choose to use, and indeed can choose to have both open and operating at the same time.



  • By Doug Jardine - 3:29 PM on June 8, 2013  


    No need to respond to my inquiries because I found elsewhere what I think is the answer, to wit: before june 17 when I upgrade my perpetual cs6 to cs6-cc, both licenses (perpetual and cc) are with that single installation on my computer, and after June 17 I’ll have the option of adding to my computer a separate and independent cs6-cc installation.

    Just let me know whether I’ve got this right or wrong.



    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:52 PM on June 9, 2013  

      Hi Doug,

      That’s correct. After June 17th, you can download Photoshop CC which is a separate application that lives side by side with your currently installed CS6.

      • By Doug Jardine - 10:30 PM on June 9, 2013  

        Thanks for your response, Jeff.


  • By Michael T - 10:06 PM on June 8, 2013  

    I own a licensed copy of CS5 and I don’t like ‘renting’. I’m sure there are a lot of people who feel the same way so why are you forcing everyone to do this? I will hold on to my copy of Photoshop CS5 for dear life, knowing I don’t have to pay anyone, anything, just to use it. You’ve lost me as a customer, that’s for sure… What a joke!

  • By David C - 9:03 AM on June 9, 2013  
    • By Howard - 2:07 PM on June 9, 2013  

      They do NOT care. They claim over 500,000 CC subscribers already. They project over 2 million be the end of next year. They do not care about hobby photographers and small businesses. They want the corporate clients and they got that.

  • By Michael Schleiff - 9:40 AM on June 9, 2013  

    I have purchased a subscription for Photoshop CC and have a copy of Lightroom 4. With this subscription, I should be able to get the latest updates for camera raw. My question is will the latest Camera Raw be supported in Lightroom 4? Or will I need to buy lightroom 5?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:41 PM on June 9, 2013  

      Hi Michael,

      You’ll either need to use the free Adobe DNG converter for the latest camera support in Lightroom 4, or upgrade to Lightroom 5 for future, new camera support:

  • By Marv Ross - 10:28 AM on June 9, 2013  

    Here I am, Sunday 6/08/2013, I am in the middle of finalizing editing in PS CS6 to post on my website so my clients can select prints to order. I cannot get Bridge or PS to open beyond telling me my “Trail” has ended. Am I at a dead end? I cannot use PS6 as a standalone product any more? I have been faithfully upgrading every version since before CS? I am not a happy camper.

    • By David C - 11:00 AM on June 9, 2013  

      CC does not affect the use of CS6 in any way (thankfully). I presume you have a genuine copy of CS6 and are you sure you activated/registered your copy? If you haven’t that is why your ‘trial’ has ended.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:39 PM on June 9, 2013  

      Hi Marv, Sounds like you may be on an older update. Do you have the latest updates installed?

      Make sure you’re up to date, then relaunch, click “License this Software” and enter your serial #. The activation should stick after that.

      • By Marv Ross - 5:45 AM on June 10, 2013  

        Morning Jeffery,

        I did an update a few weeks ago that required me to enter the SN. I also did a recent update within the past week. Somewhere along the line I got updated to Extended as a trial and that 30 days is is up and precluding me to get to Bridge or PS6. Can I reinstall from the DVD? How can I revert back to good ole regular PS CS6?



        • By Marv Ross - 5:58 AM on June 10, 2013  


          Just got off the phone with tech support. They had me click on License this Software/Sign in then reenter the SN of my PS CS6. All is well in the neighborhood again.



          • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:48 PM on June 14, 2013  

            Great. Glad that worked. I think that’s what I suggested in my reply above.

  • By Karen Beatty - 10:39 AM on June 9, 2013  

    I have been a user of Photoshop for 12 years. Photography is a hobby and I do not make money on my photos. You offer great discounts for students and teachers. How about for us retired folk? As a retired public school teacher my income is limited and I must watch expenses, especially recurring ones. I can afford 9.99 per month (that’s about the cost of the upgrades I have purchased ever since Photoshop 5, not CS5, but 5);however, 20 would be too much for me. I propose always 9.99 for just Photoshop, and offer a discount for senior citizen hobbyists.

  • By J.DeShield - 4:35 PM on June 9, 2013  

    I really hope you can help me, I am beyond frustrated right now, we purchased the CS6 Design and Web premium package last year, I need to put it onto another computer system and I can no longer get to the download that was originally there and purchased because it keeps taking me to the new app page that has been created for purchasing items. How can I fix this and get it installed for back up purposes? Thank You for you help.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:36 PM on June 9, 2013  

      Hi J.DeShield, If you purchased the download version, you should be able to log-in to your “My Adobe” on the homepage. Select “My Products and Services” to re-download your product. If you purchased a DVD but are looking for an installer for your CS6, you can find that here: Be sure to read the section “Note: Very Important Instructions” to download the trial. Enter your serial # to activate the software.

  • By Adam - 10:56 PM on June 9, 2013  

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Is there any chance that Adobe will offer a perpetual software license for Photoshop CC?


    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 3:11 PM on June 14, 2013  

      Hi Adam,

      Sorry, I don’t have any specifics on future offerings at this time.

  • By D Twinsen - 10:49 AM on June 10, 2013  

    Hi Jeffrey,

    How long will it be until Adobe release the Hobbyist Photographer’s bundle with Lightroom and Photoshop?


    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 1:34 PM on June 14, 2013  

      Hi D,

      Sorry, I don’t have any details at this time.

  • By Roger - 5:21 PM on June 12, 2013  

    I’d like to add that it’s not just occasional users, photographers, and enthusiastic hobbyists who lose out on this decision by Adobe, but also design professionals like me who do use the entire Creative Suite. Like many graphic designers, I have a full-time job where I use CS at work and I also own my own personal copy of CS at home for occasional freelance jobs on the side. If I jumped onto the cloud with my home software, I would be paying $600 per year for software, whereas previously I would go for several years on that same $600 by upgrading only every 2 versions. That’s more than a triple price increase for occasional design work. This is not reasonable and not cost-effective. I think there are many professional full-time designers who freelance on the side, not just photographers and hobbyists, who will object to this pricing scheme on their home copies of CS. Adobe is making a serious mistake by underestimating their numbers. This just might be the iceberg that sinks the unsinkable Titanic. I have nothing to lose by sitting on my current CS version at home. I have my day design job. So photographers and serious hobbyists, you are not alone in objecting to this lame decision by Adobe. It’s not just the expense issue, it’s the lack of choice that really disturbs me and I think a lot of other people. Imagine a car dealer trying to force a customer into leasing a car.

  • By Ann Shelbourne - 1:23 PM on June 13, 2013  


    So what happened to all your good intentions behind the “Adobe is Listening” and the “Stay Tuned …” postings?!

    Or did you all just collide with an immovable concrete wall and unyielding stubbornness in a Corner Office?


    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 1:13 PM on June 14, 2013  

      Hi Ann,

      I don’t have an update at this time, but customer’s concerns are being heard.

      • By Sten - 9:55 AM on June 24, 2013  

        How can you hear what the customers are saying when your (Adobe) heads are stuck so far in the sand? (Polite version….)

  • By Henrik - 6:53 AM on June 17, 2013  

    Hi Jeff,
    I have two computers. One with slow internet connection, one with a fast connection.
    Is it possible to download the CC apps on the fast computer, and then log in to my adobe CC account on the slow one and use the apps?
    Or do I need to download the apps on every single computer I`m using…?

  • By Steven C. - 12:04 PM on June 17, 2013  

    Been eager to test Photoshop CC with my stacking action(s)… It’s June 17, 2013. The stated day of release and currently noon PDT… hasn’t shown up yet 🙁

    Good news is there are still 11 hours, 59 minutes to meet the published date. Bad news, I have perhaps 11 hours of waiting before I get my hands on it or start complaining bitterly.

    Worrisome news, it looks like the text on the CC page stating the date is now gone and it’s been replaced with this: “All-new tools and services will be available in June.” (

    No pressure 😉

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:10 PM on June 17, 2013  

      Hi Steven,

      We’re still rolling things out. The plan is for everything to be out by 10pm CST.

  • By John Doe - 10:34 AM on June 18, 2013  

    it’s not the time to migrate to Creative Cloud.

    it’s time to migrate to another vendor.

  • By Ian - 2:00 PM on June 18, 2013  

    As an active duty member of the military operating on board ships and forward operating locations, it will be virtually impossible to maintain internet connectivity on a personal computer. Almost all internet access for individuals will be through government computers. Installing Adobe CC programs will not be an option on government machines. I’m not talking about official military photographers or people taking photographs in any sort of official capacity for the military, I’m talking about the individual military member who also happens to be into photography. Business / government licesning is not an option for the normal person, just like any major company would not allow it’s resources to be used for an employee’s hobby. I would like to hear Adobe’s thoughts on this dilemma for deployed servicemen and women who enjoy using Adobe products but will be unable to once a subscription only model is implemented.

    The only place I’ve seen this remotely mentioned was on a Q&A where @jtranber talks about government licensing options. Once again though, this is where the disconnect is. The Department of Defense is not going to buy licenses for the individual person for whom photography is a serious hobby, that would only be for actual military photographers. Military deployments are routinely 7 months to sometimes well over a year, and there is currently no subscription option that would allow someone to be in a state of non-connectivity to the internet for timespans that we routinely deal with. Is Adobe aware of this, and if so is anything being done to mitigate this?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:50 PM on June 20, 2013  

      Hi Ian,

      How long are you deployed at a time without internet connectivity? Currently you can work offline for over 3 months at a time. Based on feedback, we’re looking at increasing this.

      • By Ian - 5:25 PM on June 22, 2013  

        We’re often deployed for 6 months to 1 year with no internet connectivity on a personal computer. Almost all of our internet connectivity will be through government computers. We are not allowed to install CC products on a government machine. I would gladly pay for a year in a lump sum if it meant I could go on a 6-8 month deployment without having to connect a laptop to the internet.

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 9:31 AM on June 25, 2013  

          Hi Ian, we’re looking at extending the offline period. Stay tuned.

  • By Ryan - 1:20 AM on June 19, 2013  

    I already have a creative cloud subscription and many of the cs6 apps installed. Is there any reason to keep the cs6 apps installed if I’m installing the cc versions?

    Sorry if this has already been answered.

  • By Gordon - 2:42 PM on June 19, 2013  


    I have just read Adobe’s update on the current situation at . I note that Adobe states that:

    “three main themes are coming through:

    File access. Customers want to be sure that, if their membership to Creative Cloud lapses, they will still have access to their files.
    Photographers, particularly photo-enthusiasts, are looking for a more tailored offering that focuses on their particular needs.
    Some customers are not convinced that Creative Cloud is right for them and would rather continue to purchase desktop applications as before.”

    Yes, ok, but where does it address all the many other questions which I and many others have been asking? What about the high cost of using CC compared to previous versions?

    Where does it address the fact that prices in different countries have been for years, and continue to be, so radically different?

    Where does it say that in return for the high rental fee, there will continue to be lots of USEFUL updates that are not just expensive gimmicks? Just how much PRACTICAL innovation are you promising people over, say, the next 20 years? You are expecting people to buy into this with no real idea of what they are going to get in return. Before CC you introduced an update and people decided if they wanted to purchase the upgrade. Now you charge almost double and people don’t know when, or if, they will get anything useful for their money. If Adobe doesn’t come up with tools that people actually want can we have our money back, please?

    I know people that have been happily using v7 for their graphics work and doing very nicely; they had no need to ugrade but now Adobe would be forcing them to upgrade against their will in order that Adobe can maintain a cash flow. That situation will soon no longer be available to people getting started. Yes I know you say that CS6 will continue to be available but for how long will it be useable? And how long before Adobe realises that many, many people are staying with CS6 and then withdraws support to force them into a subscription?

    The overwhelming feeling that I have is that this (rental) is being done purely because good, useful new tools are not on the horizon and Adobe sees that sales of boxed upgrades, as existed pre-CS6, will decline and this is the only way that Adobe sees of bringing in cash in future. It seems to me that ‘CC’ is actually ‘CCCC’ – a Collosal, Corporate, Cash-raising Con.

    Please answer this question: If Corel can offer a paid for, perpetual licence, version of their design suite alongside a subscription version why, then, is it not possible for Adobe to make all their customers happy and do the same rather than alienate them? Or did I answer my own question in the previous paragraph? Do tell.

    Why the concentration on photographers’ needs when there are large numbers of graphic artists out there who also rely on having a paid for, working and up to date copy of Photoshop … and Illustrator … and InDesign? Are you planning on giving something to photographers and denying to graphic artists?

  • By Bern - 5:29 PM on June 19, 2013  

    I’m re-posting my reply below as I think it got lost amongst all the other messages:
    The link you gave is to the U.S. site (wouldn’t I need a U.K. version?), to purchase full versions of your products in dollars.
    I wrote I was asking about the price in £sterling (for the monthly CC charge) and that I currently had C5 Extended , so need only an ugrade version to CS6 extended.
    Also what is the monthly charge for Photoshop CC in the U.K. after the first year?

  • By kim driggs - 7:36 AM on June 21, 2013  

    I just talked to an Adobe sales rep on the phone and was told that, hypothetically, if I decided to retire and not work as a professional any longer, and still wanted to use Photoshop to work on any past or new files, I would be required to continue to pay the $50 a month for the rest of my life – period. That doesn’t sound like a very good deal at all! By the way, I love PS and have been using it since version 4, I hate to have to migrate my work to another software.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 9:09 AM on June 21, 2013  

      Hi Kim,

      Photoshop is not $50 a month. That price is the retail price for Creative Cloud Complete (The entire Master Collection + Edge + plus web hosting, plus TypeKit, plus 20GB storage, plus Behance, etc.)

      The retail price for Photoshop, Bridge, 20 GB of storage, & Behance is $19.99 a month. If you’re own CS3 or newer, you can get it for $9.99 a month for the first year.

  • By David - 6:05 AM on June 22, 2013  

    I am very disappointed with Adobe CC. First, I am unhappy about losing the output module in Bridge. Second, I am unhappy with the pricing model. I want Adobe to offer a more affordable “a la carte” option for those of us who need a few apps, but have absolutely no need for the rest of them. For those of us on a limited budget, it’s hard enough to pay the $19.99 for Photoshop, but to pay $49.99 just to get access to a few more apps is ridiculous! In the past, Adobe has always offered different bundled versions…not everyone wants or needs every app. I personally liked the “Creative Suite Design” it has everything I need,but with Adobe’s new pricing model, if I want the 4 apps that were included in that suite, I have to pay $49.99 for them all. I am being forced to buy products that I do not need and will never use! Adobe, you have priced me out…thanks.

  • By mehri - 6:43 AM on June 22, 2013  

    After installing Photoshop cc, the file kernel32.dll not found error on Windows XP , and the program will not run.what is difficult ?
    Photos are available at the link below error message

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 9:35 AM on June 25, 2013  

      Photoshop CC is not supported on Windows XP.

  • By Jim Henley - 11:51 AM on June 22, 2013  

    My computer updated with 64 bit CC Bridge — no problem. However, when I click it, the program just blinks off. All the other mew CC programs, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. work fine. But Bridge FAILS!

    What do I do to fix this? Please help!

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions. I look forward to using CC once I have it running! (I have tried re-downloading to do a reinstall, but the program simply says: Up to Date and will not let me re-install).

  • By Jake B - 6:58 PM on June 22, 2013  

    Is there anyway to get the Creative Cloud complete plan for individuals CS6 customers save 60% deal Prepaid? I’m having trouble locating a reseller. I feel like paying annually fits my business better.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 9:29 AM on June 25, 2013  

      Hi Jake, Sorry, not currently. I’ve passed along your request.

  • By Thomas - 12:46 AM on June 23, 2013  

    I have been reading many of the concerns listed above regarding the pricing and the like, which I totally agree with. There was one comment that was absolutely ignored, which I would like to raise a second time… namely how the people across the puddle, namely in Euroland and Switzerland are being discriminated against from a pricing perspective.

    The price of a single package in Switzerland is 62% (!) higher than in the US. 62% higher for the same software package, the same service offering etc. The argument for this used to hinge on local cost of doing business, salary differentials and the like. But this is a cloud based service…one and the same as in the US. I would happily pay US prices in Europe for CC considering the extremely high price of CS and related upgrades Adobe charges for packages products.

    At least here, Adobe, recognize the benefit you get from the “cloud” and please start treating everyone equally and without discriminatory pricing practices. The local organizations are NOT required for this…

  • By Yvette Cardozo - 9:36 AM on June 23, 2013  

    Two questions:
    1. Does CC need as much RAM as CS6. My RAM is more than adequate on my desktop but I have only 1GB of RAM on my laptop…barely enough to run CS5. I would like to run the cloud on both.
    2. When looking at the page for the cloud, it talks about a ‘single app’ for $9.99 (if you already have CS3 or higher) and $19.99 for something called “Complete for CS6” It also says under each “same features as single app plan” and “same features as complete plan.” So what, exactly is the ‘complete’ plan.

  • By Lee Duguid - 4:36 PM on June 25, 2013  

    I have a subscription to CS6 currently. Does this entitle me to a free upgrade? If not do I have to cancel my previous subscription and get a new one? Is CC a full blown version of Photoshop? The branding is somewhat confusing but I assume it is just a newer version than CS6.

    • By Pete Green - 7:19 AM on June 26, 2013  

      If you have a subscription, just try Quitting and then launching the Application Manager, It should update itself, then provide you with the Photoshop CC download option.

      You do not have to change your subscription, and yes CC is the full blown next version of Photoshop.


  • By Jerry - 9:02 AM on June 26, 2013  

    Can you use Nik Software or Topaz Labs Plugin with Photoshop CC?

  • By Dorothy - 1:30 PM on June 30, 2013  

    Sorry Adobe, but you have lost another customer.I have been an avid user of Photo Shop and Lightroom for many years. With this new Cloud version I feel like I will be perpetually paying rent for a product I will never actually “own” and the ramifications are great if I ever decide to quit paying. I just don’t feel like paying for the use of a product for the rest of my photo-editing days and if history is any indication, the cost of using that product is only going to go up. There are several other products available that are quite capable of handling my needs. Try gearing your products to the average photographers who work for a living like you have in the past. There are a lot of us out there who simply can’t and won’t work at these future costs and with these future limitations.

  • By Ali Abul - 2:59 PM on June 30, 2013  


    When photoshop CC will come out for us in middle-east ?? i live in Kuwait any news you have for us ??

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  • By Kevin Smith - 9:58 PM on July 1, 2013  

    I am a teacher at a community college in WA. My and other community colleges throughout the state of WA offer Graphic Design and Multimedia classes to incarcerated offenders. Our classrooms are obviously not internet connected. I would like to know to whom I would speak about a work around for our sites. The requirement of an internet connection would be a death sentence for these quality community college programs.

  • By Robert Young - 1:10 PM on July 2, 2013  

    Hi all,

    I was thinking of purchasing CS6 but then thought the cloud would be the route, I took up photogrphy only a few years ago. It would seam that a single app is not available to me.

    I have Light room 5 and Elements. Elements I have out grown, where as Light room is my first port of call for most of my PP.
    But to move up seems to be problematic. To get the one app cost I also need to buy CS6.
    Am I correct or am I following the wrong line here.


  • By D Ben - 2:27 AM on July 3, 2013  

    July 3, 2013
    Back on May 9th, you asked “someone” to answer Brychan’s question. Almost two months have elapsed. Where is this “someone’s” answer?

    “Brychan Roberts says:

    Jeff thank you for your reply re raw files which was very helpful.
    Can you answer my question in backwards compatibility of edl files created in creative cloud premiere please.m
    May 09, 2013 5:30 AM | Reply

    Jeffrey Tranberry says:

    Hi Brychan,

    Sorry, Premiere isn’t in my wheelhouse. I’ve asked someone more familiar with Premiere help answer your question.

    – Jeff
    May 09, 2013 9:40 AM | Reply”

  • By Roberto Blake - 9:56 AM on July 3, 2013  

    I sincerely feel like photographers who stick with standalone Photoshop are missing a great opportunity (partly out of fear?). Video editing is not that daunting if you already know your way around Photoshop. The cool thing about Adobe Premier is that you can use the same skills and eye for retouching photos to color correct and color grade videos. There is quite a bit of money in video editing, more than there is Photo Retouching for only marginally more work.

    I’m considering writing an article on transitioning your Photo Retouching workflow to video.

  • By Santhi Purusha - 6:18 AM on July 4, 2013  

    What a ‘bun fight’!!!!!!

    All anyone wants it to be whether they are a professional, student or photographic enthusiast is a program that works well, and that it gets updates.

    You had a great product, now it’s stuffed.

    Keep it simple and good as it was and stop being so greedy to get extra $’s in presenting your all this ‘b… s…’ PR jargon that is trying to tell us that it is for our own good.

    You know it’s not. We know it’s not …

    Recognize that you and your people have made a gross error. Even a fool doesn’t like being ripped off. And neither do people with integrity.

    Perhaps it’s time to put some of that integrity back into your company …

    You’re never too big to get ‘knocked off your perch’ as the supplier of choice for photography editing programs.

    There are lots of really smart and savvy people and companies out there just needing the ‘gap’ in the market of dissatisfaction to inspire them to generate an even better product and knock Adobe off its previous no 1 slot …

    Please consider

  • By Truth - 7:01 AM on July 5, 2013  

    Just my 2 cents..

    They is absolutely nothing ‘Cloud’ about this Software.

    Ok I can save my files on the ‘Cloud” and have access to it whenever I have a Internet connection…

    You mean I can save my saved work on a SERVER? Is this supposed to be a selling point?; because a lot of people nowadays buy Cloud Storage Services anyway to back up their personal picture, videos etc.
    Also there is this thing called FLASH DRIVE/USB stick where you don’t have to have access to the Internet to access your saved files.

    Back to the ‘Cloud’; Photoshop CC gets updates delivered via the Cloud, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. Basically you mean, Photoshop CC MANDATORY installs updates.

    What is CLOUD? When it comes to SOFTWARE, not servers, Cloud is accessing Photoshop CC anywhere in the world on a browser without installing anything on that specific computer/tablet that you are using . THAT is power of Cloud, but Adobe is not there yet, Photoshop is too big and too complex… Adobe has really no business using the name “Cloud”

    Adobe jumped on the bandwagon too soon. The only thing Cloud about this is you can save your files on the Adobe Servers, and it checks your product serial on a daily basis. Nice job Adobe, we should’ve had this feature back in 2002.

  • By Steven A - 6:10 PM on July 6, 2013  

    When will the ‘Generate’ feature be open to the creative cloud members? I’ve seen it on the Adobe Max Videos and other places but I have yet to see it in my apps or updates to photoshop and reflow

  • By Randl Bye - 8:21 AM on July 8, 2013  

    I use Photoshop every day but have no interest in a subscription. What you are offering is a really bad idea that will lock out thousands of Photoshop users who cannot afford or don’t want your upgrades. Instead of Photoshop expanding its users you will only have a dedicated base that will eventually doom photoshop to no real growth. Every computer in the world could have Photoshop on it (like Word). If you had the right vision for your product everyone would use it, not just photographers and designers who have no choice. I’ll be on strike! I hope all photographers do the same.

  • By Stan Schwab - 8:09 PM on July 8, 2013  

    So explain to me why when I became a single product CC member on May 11,
    1)The sync had been removed from production and no tech fromt Adobe knew about it.
    2)There was no trash can or similar icon in cc that appear on the Adobe TV CC video.
    3)My pics are still on CC and can’t be deleted?
    4)Even when the a tech took control of my MAC he couldn’t fix a single issue.
    5)The tech originally had me uninstall my PSCS6 and then told me I needed to deactivate it when it was too late.
    So two days and several hours of phone calls later, Adobe finally called me a 2 AM in the morning and I was able to cancel my account and put this nightmare behind me. Adobe would like everyone to believe their CC process works. Well I’m someone who found out the hard way that it doesn’t and they don’t have a tech competent enough to fix this mess.

  • By Jerry Bengtson - 9:09 AM on July 10, 2013  

    My wife intends to upgrade to Photoshop CC. She also want to keep her Photoshop CS6 on her computer. She uses Lightroom 5 and roundtrips images from Lightroom to Photoshop. Will there be any problem having both versions of Photoshop on her computer at the same time?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:49 AM on July 11, 2013  

      There shouldn’t be a problem. Lightroom 5 should find the latest version of Photoshop installed.

  • By Ed Halikman - 12:38 PM on July 10, 2013  

    All very interesting comments, especially those from far flung places. Here’s the problem – How do I provide Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and other CS Products for folks to carry out their mission on classified networks and standalone machines. Not everyone is on the internet nor can they be, even to “recharge” every 99 days. I trust Adobe won’t be insulted when I say the CC model is pretty much useless for work in worlds that Adobe should know it supports but apparently has decided to ignore. I talked to the Adobe government sales guy yesterday and got stunned silence when I asked the question and then he assured me he would get right back to me, so far end of 2nd business day and no joy. By the way requiring internet activation of the products that are still available for conventional installation with no alternative is also rather ignorant. I can’t do that on classifed networks either. Please feedback to the Adobe powers that be to kindly take their heads out of their butts and actually talk to and listen to input from their customer base before they go off half cocked unless of course the business model in use involves alienating and driving away a sizable quantity of their customer base.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:54 AM on July 11, 2013  

      Hi Ed,

      Thanks for reaching out. I’ll make sure someone follows up with you directly.

      This is answered in the Creative Cloud FAQ:

      Creative Cloud desktop apps for government

      How can I purchase Creative Cloud desktop applications for my government agency?
      Available in July, government customers will be able to purchase the Creative Cloud Desktop Applications subscription via Adobe’s CLP-G licensing program. The Creative Cloud Desktop Applications subscription includes all of the available CC apps, plus Acrobat and Photoshop Lightroom. These applications can be deployed locally and do not require server-based license validation during the term.

    • By Sten - 12:45 PM on July 11, 2013  

      Right I get it now. If you are a government body Adobe will speak to you about stand alone machines. If you are a self employed photographer who uses a stand alone machine Adobe tell you to take a long walk off a short pier. Well they probably would if they ever bothered to answer the question!!!!!!!

  • By David Auffret - 8:15 AM on July 11, 2013  

    Hi there,
    I have purchased CS3 and CS5 with no problem, but now I cannot purchase CC (I want to).
    My account is in USA, and even though the address associated with my credit card is in USA, the card itself is from Panama, Central America.
    I cannot buy CC with an Adobe ID located in Panama, and I don’t have a USA credit card.
    Support on the phone or chat have not been able to resolve the issue. I want to use CC, I want to pay for it.
    But if you wont accept my payment, what else than torrents can I do?


    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:25 AM on July 11, 2013  

      Hi David, someone will be in touch.

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  • By Phil Noto - 12:36 PM on July 12, 2013  

    If I buy a annual subscription to Photoshop CC for $20 a month , will I have to purchase additional CC software at $20 each or can I get the $50 a month bundle in the future if I choose to?

  • By Darla Cortner - 1:54 PM on July 12, 2013  

    nice post, this kind of actually taught me to be a whole lot.

  • By Mark Baird - 12:50 AM on July 15, 2013  

    There are some of us that use PS as an ancillary program on (non adobe) video editors. Personally, I will NEVER connect a high end video editor to the internet for any reason, ever. That would be like buying a formula one race car and then driving it down the street to the grocery. So any program that has to have access to the internet for any reason are banned from those machines. I see references to “enterprise” and “government” solutions that put a validation server in house, but frankly, that sounds a bit expensive for a small time operation.

    Adobe would do well to remember that there are very good business and security reasons to never connect production equipment to the internet.

  • By Marcus - 7:56 AM on July 15, 2013  

    I want to know if it’s necessary for me to download the CC version if I already have CS6 downloaded (this isn’t the box version).
    Any suggestions would be great!

  • By Lynnette Van Balen - 10:37 AM on July 16, 2013  

    I am not thrilled with the change to creative cloud and the subscription price. I will be looking for other options. Adobe you are being greedy. I am a photographer and the subscription price of CC per year is to high for my uses. Also, I do not want to loose access to my images!

  • By David Kachel - 5:57 PM on July 17, 2013  

    Adobe, let me put this as succinctly as possible:

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  • By Mr C - 3:15 AM on July 18, 2013  

    It seems Adobe have given up on this page.Judging from some of the above posts, they are quite happy for spammers to post things here now.

  • By Robert - 10:52 AM on July 21, 2013  

    I followed the link you provided to purchase/download a perpetual license version of Photoshop CS6, but there is seemingly no way to purchase an upgrade (from CS5) on that page. How can I find that option?

    I have no desire to have to rent Photoshop for the rest of my life.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:24 PM on August 2, 2013  

      Click the buy button. Select “Upgrade” from the “I want to buy:” pop-up. Choose “Photoshop CS5” from the “I own:” pop-up.

  • By Laurel - 10:58 AM on July 24, 2013  

    Can you put your CC membership on hold for a few months if you’re not planning to use the software for that time?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:18 PM on August 2, 2013  

      Hi Laurel, currently the only way to achieve this is if you have a month to month membership.

  • By Jess - 7:41 PM on July 25, 2013  

    Does anyone know when trying to uninstall photoshop that why it keeps telling me I have to close Abode Bridge? It is closed but it won’t let me download CS6 until I get rid of it, any ideas?

  • By Kelly Hurley - 1:35 PM on July 29, 2013  

    So I recently made a photo slideshow with music in photoshop. I had to save it as a PSB because it was so big. Now I would like to share my video on facebook but I can’t seem to convert the file to any format that facebook supports. Please Help Me!

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 1:58 PM on August 2, 2013  

      You need to export the files as a video file (File>Export>Render Video…) h.264 is a common web video format. Check with Facebook to see what sort of files/specs they want you to upload.

  • By Raman - 5:38 PM on August 1, 2013  

    A few days ago i had installed Adobe CS6 on my laptop. At that time it was on my desktop but now its not. I’ve checked in C drive in programs file its installed.How can i find it or recover it?Please let me know ASAP

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 1:37 PM on August 2, 2013  

      Was it an alias that was on your desktop? If the application is installed and you want the program icon on your desktop, create an alias to app and put the alias on your desktop.

      • By somay - 5:17 PM on September 1, 2013  

        Adobe are saying that if at anytime i am unable to pay for CC subscription in the future then because i have stopped renting, i have no access to my images, art, content that i have created. There should be a law against Adobe forcing this CC through as it prevents artists, photographers, illustrators from accessing their work needed to make a living if they are unable to keep on paying for CC in perpetuity.

        This looks like the end of the road for Adobe, a long, slow death will ensue, created by their own Greed and shortsightedness. I cannot wait for a company to take up the reins and create a better alternative to Photoshop at a fair price. Look how Google repriced Nik. Now everyone can afford it and many more will buy it. Adobe screwing their customers by charging even more for a product already overpriced and not owning anything at the end of and effectively not owning work already created as access to it will be prevented by Adobe if you are not paying to rent their tools.
        RIDUCULOUS. Good bye, all artists should boycott and see how quickly Adobe change.

  • By Dylan Holden - 3:18 PM on August 6, 2013  


    I don’t know if I’m even on the right page to find an answer to this question but I need to ask it somewhere.

    I am an animator/illustrator living in Los Angeles. I am between jobs right now and income is not that fantastic. Keeping an eye on every dollar. I maintained a Creative Cloud membership for a year at 29.99 a month but opted not to sign up for a following year.

    My situation feels unique because I realize while I’ve worked professionally and benefited from Adobe software and it has allowed for my portfolio to grow I now can’t afford the software on my own even monthly but would like to grow my portfolio so I can keep busy as I look for work.

    I’m no longer a student and don’t qualify for reduced pricing. I am not working currently so I can’t afford Creative Cloud each month. I realize I could subscribe to one application but would benefit greatly from using multiple apps.

    I’ll readily admit I understand that Adobe is a business and they are looking to protect their software and make money. I have no idea how to monitor personal portfolio only software use. I do think it would be amazing if beyond trial software there were versions or licenses that would allow for affordable personal portfolio development in this already bumpy economy. Maybe there could be “Unemployment Versions” …lame joke but I’m hoping it expresses my thoughts.

    I really enjoy Adobe software and have used it for years but I’m turning to other options which are becoming more viable simply because I feel like none of the options available through Adobe help someone in my situation.

    Thanks for your time


  • By Grant Quayle - 11:11 AM on August 9, 2013  

    I have a question. I am an non-pro photographer and have purchased every update available since PS4, but have not bought CS6 yet because of cash flow issues. I was however able to continue working on my images during this time using CS5. Do I correctly understand that if I switch my image editing to CC and have cash flow restrictions in the future and have to cancel my monthly payment, that I will be unable to access and work on my images?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:04 AM on August 12, 2013  

      You will be able to access and edit your images with other software, but you wont have access to Creative Cloud software if you cancel your membership.

      • By Mr C - 2:06 AM on August 29, 2013  

        And this, ladies and gentlemen, is CC’s biggest flaw. If you are on CC and stop paying the subscription fee and you don’t have an older version of Photoshop, you are dead in the water.

        By the way Adobe, when are you going to update us on the issues raised in the post you made 3 MONTHS ago?

  • By Kernin Steinhauer - 11:43 AM on August 9, 2013  

    Adobe needs to wake up and understand the needs of the consumer. For certain, Photoshop and the Adobe creative suite will no longer be the consumer’s choice of software if the only option is subscription based.

    People prefer to own software and upgrade as they see fit.

    Adobe management has obviously not worked in a production environment. Software upgrades are a pain to an organization and are costly to implement. The ROI is rarely achieved.

  • By Betty - 11:03 AM on August 12, 2013  

    I am new to cs6 and I’m learning how to use it. I can’t seem to get the tools to turn back to the mouse pointer but I can select different tools. When I close the program and reopen it and select a new photo the tool is still open and interferes with what I am trying to do with a different tool. Can you describe what the steps to correct this issue? Thank you

  • […] get a better idea of what the Creative Cloud is and isn’t, check out this FAQ from Adobe . It goes into detail about how CC works, that you can use the programs offline, the programs and […]

  • By Lenora - 11:09 AM on August 20, 2013  

    I use CS4 and want to upgrade. Can I upgrade to CS6 and use it without having to join the Cloud? Or should I just upgrade to CS%?

    • By Mr C - 2:00 AM on August 29, 2013  

      CS6 has nothing to do with the cloud so yes, you can upgrade to CS6.

  • By Tom Wyatt - 6:30 PM on August 21, 2013  

    You say that boxed/perpetual version of Lightroom 5 will be available for purchase. What is Adobe’s plan for future versions of LR? Will it be the cloud model also, or will they keep up with boxed/perpetual versions also?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 9:55 AM on August 22, 2013  

      The plan is for it to remain available as a perpetual product for the foreseeable future.

  • By Damian - 3:24 AM on August 27, 2013  

    How do I uninstall photoshop cc?

  • By Mikael Berg - 3:18 AM on September 1, 2013  


    I just subscribed to Creative Cloud as an individual. After contacting Adobe support via chat yesterday, I got the news that I am indeed allowed to install the CC software on two different computers at the same time and – most interestingly – that a family member or girlfriend can use it at the same time as I use it. This goes against most threads I have read that strongly suggest that only I am allowed to use the software. So which is true, if my subscription is licensed to me and I install the software on two of my computers – is it allowed for someone else to use one of my computers at the same time as I’m using another – in two different locations (e.g. one at work and one at home)?

    If not, I am curious about my Creative Suite 6 License, what comes of it now that I have upgraded to the Creative Cloud at a discounted price? Is it really considered an “upgrade” or just a new license with a discount? Can I still use the CS6 software on two other computers (not the same as I use for the Creative Cloud)? And as I personally will use the CC apps now, can I let another person use my CS6 license meanwhile? I have received a “yes” on this from the chat support two times, from different agents (though that I am not allowed to sell it furter, which I do not intend to do).

  • By Adrielle - 11:47 AM on September 1, 2013  

    I was thinking of buying Photoshop CS6 Extended Student Version and Lightroom 5 (also student version). If I wanted to have the software on both my laptop and desktop, would I have to buy it twice or just once? Also, I don’t want to pay an additional fee per month for an Internet Connection when I’m in the car or on the go. Do these products require Internet or can I use the software without a wifi connection or internet connection?

    I also wouldn’t purchase the monthly or annual perscription. Just a one time purchase.

    Thank you!

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 11:10 PM on September 3, 2013  

      Photoshop and Lightroom can be installed and used on up to two of your personal computers.

  • By Matt Whitby - 1:03 PM on September 4, 2013  

    I know so many people looking to move away from PS after this disastrous new idea. You won’t be the industry leader for long if you totally screw your customers. Your greed will be your undoing.

  • By Ross Millard - 5:45 AM on September 5, 2013  

    Jeffrey, I hope you have an opportunity to read this….

    When I use Photoshop, my workflow includes Bridge, Camera Raw, then Photoshop for the fine, detail work.
    Whrn exploring Photoshop CC I explained this and was told it is consolidated. Signed the contract and was and sent to Support to tell me how to access them all. Of course Support informed me I had now to spend more to get to use Bridge. So I drop that valuable part of my work flow. As a casual user and no use for the Cloud, I don’t really like having to pay for stuff I can not afford. I back up very regularly and it is more cost effective that way.

    Now I’m stuck working without Bridge, doing those tasks manually or paying a price, I’m sure big companies find easy to swallow but casual users, that upgraded only when the features offered benefitted them …. are stuck to pay these higher prices or drop the product.

    The worst part of this is being now at the mercy of Adobe. It’s like the Mafia’s model… pay up now, or we’ll close your doors.

    I see all the value in the current decisions it’s just some of us that have been with Adobe for years and years are now stuck with a process that does not leave the price flexibility and forces us to make very hard budget decisions. At 80, your budget does not expand to purchase stuff you do not need … the cloud.

    Photoshop still remains just one awesome collection of features and tools.

  • By Tom - 10:25 AM on September 5, 2013  

    We use every (photoshop, illustrator, director, flash, dreamweaver, coldfusion, premiere, after effects, flash builder, acrobat, framemaker, Pagemaker, Indesign) product offered by Adobe everyday in our business. I’m OK paying a fee to access a license as long as the product is upgraded and maintained. What is preventing us from us from moving to CC is one issue, which we were hoping for clarification. We understand that if you stop paying a subscription you lose access to your work. For us this could means thousands of dollars of after effects and premiere work that far exceeds the cost of the software. A subscription might possibly end for us if Adobe takes a product in a direction that is not consistent with our business direction. For example, Adobe says that DVD’s are dead, but our customers want DVD’s. So say in the future another scenario presents whereby Adobe strategic direction places us in a situation that no longer supports our direction. Then we have to stop a subscription and would lose access to all our work completed work to that point. Another example, might be actionscript, we use it everyday, its an amazing language with a great deal of versatility to create all types of online and offline products. If this were a CC product and Adobe says its dead, then we have no option. That’s dangerous and limits creativity. The reason I listed some Adobe products that we use above, it that Adobe has ended some of these products, yet we still use them and produce amazing products everyday. So question is “If a subscription ends there is no backward compatibility to CS6 or an option to access completed work in the application that was a subset of the CC subscription”.

  • By L. Golden - 4:42 PM on September 5, 2013  

    I have CS5 with several plug-ins and aftermarket filters. If I go with the photographers package and get PS CC and LR CC will the new versions pick up my plug-ins and filters or will have I have to download them again into the CC programs ?

  • By Tammy Jo - 11:47 PM on September 5, 2013  

    I just purchased the cc subscription a couple weeks ago but after reading all of these posts I AM going to cancel before my 30 days is up. What was I thinking! Ill stick with CS5.

  • By Sasha Aleiner - 7:41 AM on September 21, 2013  

    Recently, I’ve run into two problems on my computer that perhaps someone might be able to help me with.

    First, I just started using my digital SLR camera, the canon 5d mark 2 (which takes phenomenal pictures), and I’ve been trying to get them all uploaded and saved onto my hard drive (with photoshop cs6). The pictures have all been taken in RAW file format (CR2), and the software I’m using is adobe suite cs6. Among nearly 150 pictures, I’ve managed to upload and then save about one-third of them so far (as TIFF files). I realize that since each RAW picture file is approximately 60 MP, I’d open them one at a time. Then over the weekend, I ran into a problem where photoshop would freeze each time I had attempted to open my pictures. So I closed all programs and ran a disc cleanup, disc de-fragmentation, a full anti-virus scan, and then I restarted my computer. Before and after all that, it appeared that I have plenty of available hard disc space. So I tried a few more times to open one of my RAW picture files, and each time it froze. I’m now completely out of ideas of how to get my pictures to open. I have someone who’s currently interested in seeing my work as well as an eventual wedding coming up, so I need to get my work prepared.
    Second, lately whenever I attempt to save one of my pictures as a 6MB JPEG file copy (originally saved as a 48MB TIFF file), I get an error message that reads “cannot save JPEG because there is not enough memory (RAM)”. Ironically, I’ve been able to save TIFF files but just not JPEG.

    If anyone has any ideas that can help me resolve all of this, I’d really appreciate it.

  • By Rijschool Oostrom - 6:45 AM on September 24, 2013  

    first time here:) from China…:D

  • By Marc - 2:24 PM on September 27, 2013  

    I run CS 6, but would also to get into other CC apps… can I run CC 6 in conjunction with CS 6? (lots of plug-ins, some may not be CC compatible).

    Do I have to install all the plug-ins again for CC, or will it find them?


  • By p.c. - 6:43 PM on September 29, 2013  

    One point everyone seems to be missing is that this rental “contract” is open ended.we have already seen the increase in the intro rate and the next year rate, what happens after that? How long will it be before you are priced out of the “cloud”? Are there any limits on price increases?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:41 PM on October 2, 2013  

      The intro rate is a sale price. The retail price hasn’t increased. I know of no plans to increase or decrease the price of Creative Cloud. Over the years, perpetual prices have stayed relatively the same price, going up and down at various times over the years. Lightroom’s price was cut in half between Lightroom 3 and Lightroom 4.

  • By Venkat - 10:51 PM on October 3, 2013  

    I just cant seem to complete the 9.99 $ option PS + creative cloud purchase , i have tried many times , but the purchase just doesnt go thro , i am in Dubai UAE . It just says at the final step , we will get back to you & thats it . I am not able to contact anybody in ADOBE even after making an international call and holding for 10 mins. Its really frustrating , i just invested a few months back on CS6 and LR 4

  • By pelco varifocal dome - 6:59 PM on October 13, 2013  

    You made some really good points there. I looked on the net for more information about the issue and found most individuals will go along
    with your views on this website.

  • By Vlad - 1:29 AM on October 27, 2013  

    I have been using Photoshop since 1992 and currently I am using CS5 on a PC. I frankly would use PS5 for another 5 years. I was absolutely oblivious to all this CC transformation. The only reason I found about this is because I bought iMac and I was looking to install Photoshop on it. I have signed up for free trial to CC. Looks great! However, I started thinking:

    1. $9.99/mo for PS I am debating, but probably would do it. $20/mo no go!
    2. I’m not sure that Adobe would not increase price in the future to say $30/mo or $50/mo and what would I do then?
    3. What would I have if I do not want or cannot maintain the subscription? Nothing – seems to be the answer.

    I don’t mind the cloud. I would like to pay for a version once, like I did at Apple store for Final Cut Pro X $300 on my iMac (the reason I bough $3,200 iMac). If I like the upgrade I would upgrade, but frankly I probably would not need it for several years.

    I do basic educational video production and also use CS5 for a basic stick-figure animation for a very specific discipline and strangely enough I publish it on my subscription website. I have also been using Photoshop over the years for a rudimentary home graphic editing.

    Your transition to CC and my personal reservations made me really think about subscription model I’m using for my content.

    Well, despite using Photoshop for 21 years, I’m probably not your target customer. I have never used, at a time, current version of Photoshop. I just could not justify the cost. At first glance at CC, I was thinking finally I’ll have the latest and the greatest at $9.99/mo, but I just feel I would be forced to the altar and in bed with Adobe and I frankly just like to be friends. So, if I don’t find a version of CS5 for iMac in the next 30 days, I may subscribe at $9.99/mo for the first year, but I’ll be actively looking for alternatives.

    Who knows maybe I like CC so much that I’ll keep paying, but at this time I am not really enjoying this transaction, so you know.


  • By Skip Martin - 10:34 AM on November 1, 2013  

    I’ve been a subscriber under the student/teacher deal since May of 2012. Now I’m eligible for to use the ETLA license of my employer for a one-time yearly fee. Can I get out of my current 1 year agreement because I’m covered by my employer now? Or, do I have to bite the bullet and pay out half my remaining subscription?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:57 PM on November 4, 2013  

      I’ll send you an email so we can look up your account.

  • By Bert Silverstein - 11:02 AM on November 5, 2013  

    soo I’m confused here. I have photoshop cs5. before I sign up for cc, what is the difference in FUNCTIONALITY between cs6 and cc – just from the photoshop perspective? Which offers more functionality? thx!

  • By Jack - 8:52 PM on December 26, 2013  

    What is the difference between the Student/Teacher Creative Cloud Membership offered at $29.99/month and the Photoshop CC/Lightroom 5 special offered at $9.99/month? After the promotional yearly subscription of PSCC/LR5 at $9.99/mo ends, what will the monthly rate be?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:52 AM on December 31, 2013  

      $9.99 is the price. Not a first year promo.

  • By Paul Keppel - 3:06 PM on February 4, 2014  

    I know the offer has finished but once, but is this going to be a standard set rate? or will we find in 5 years time that the price has gone from 9,99 to 15 or $20 a month?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 10:39 AM on February 5, 2014  

      Hi Paul,

      $9.99 is *the* (ongoing) price, not a first year promo. There are currently no plans to increase the price. We can’t, however, say the price won’t ever need to go up to account for inflation.

  • By AlyZen Moonshadow - 8:15 PM on February 12, 2014  

    I’m not working now and can’t afford the CC yearly subscription. I only use Photoshop, so can I downgrade my subscription to a Photoshop only package? If so, how do I do that? I have tried the Chat facility but there’s never anyone available to handle my request. Please email me with your answer, or links to forms where I can downgrade my membership to Photoshop only on the CC. Thank you! (Please ignore previous comment, my email address had a typo in it. Please reply to this one instead, thanks).

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:11 AM on February 13, 2014  

      Hi AlyZen, yup, you can move your subscription to whichever membership best suites your needs. I’ll have someone contact you and help with your options.

  • By Lio - 12:17 PM on February 20, 2014  

    Hi Jeff!
    Finally we did the CC subscription. Thanks for your help 🙂

    But now I have a problem: on first startup I was not asked whether I want my actions and stuff imported from PS CS6 to PS CC and I had read that it had to happen. No custom workspace, no actions, no preset have been imported.
    Any chance to have this work done now or I have to reinstall all from zero?
    I can understand having to reinstall the OnOne Perfect Photo Suite or other plugins, but at least actions, presets, etc. should be updated automatically.
    Thanks in advance for any help.


  • By Chuck - 3:33 AM on March 13, 2014  

    Regarding your answer to Paul (see below):

    Hi Paul,
    $9.99 is *the* (ongoing) price, not a first year promo. There are currently no plans to increase the price. We can’t, however, say the price won’t ever need to go up to account for inflation.

    If this is the ongoing price and not a promo, why must one sign up before March 31? An “ongoing price” that has a sign-up deadline seems like it might not be ongoing for long. Could you please comment?


    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 3:42 PM on March 13, 2014  

      Hi Chuck,

      The current plan is for the plan itself not being offered after the 31st – nothing to do with the price.

  • By Chuck - 4:00 AM on March 13, 2014  

    Further to my email above, the Adobe site states the following:

    After the first 12 months, we will automatically renew your contract based on the current price of the offering.

    Does “the current price” refer to the current price of $9.99/month, or whatever price is current at the time?

  • By Beau Belnap - 7:29 AM on March 20, 2014  

    Would Photoshop work with InDesign? I’ve been learning how to do both recently.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:04 PM on March 20, 2014  

      Yup. Adobe CC apps all work nicely together. 🙂

  • By Rachelle - 9:55 AM on March 22, 2014  

    As a Web Design Major I have always been confused why we create web design templates in photoshop rather than Indesign why is that?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 1:21 PM on March 22, 2014  

      Many people use Photoshop to create pixel accurate rendering (computer screens are made up pixels). InDesign was originally designed for print and to be pixel/resolution agnostic in many ways.

  • By Helle - 5:06 PM on April 14, 2014  

    Does this mean I will be charged forever and ever?
    When I reach the amount I would normally pay can I then say stop and keep what I have? Or is it like, when I say stop for payment the program won’t work anymore?
    If the last case is it, and I have payed like more than 20000 Danish krones (which CS6 cost right now) and Adobe stops my programs from working, I will for sure think of this as “robbery in broad daylight”.
    Please tell me it is not so….

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 4:15 AM on April 15, 2014  

      Hi Helle, it’s an ongoing membership.

      Customers are welcome to purchase Photoshop CS6 & Lightroom 5 using the old pricing model at $999 for Photoshop and $149 for Lightroom.

      But consider this: at that price a customer can have the Photoshop Photography Program for close to 12 years, which includes Lightroom mobile, Behance Prosite and get all the product updates/upgrades (e.g. Photoshop 15, PS16, PS17, PS18, PS19, PS20, PS21, PS22, PS23 & Lightroom 6, LR7, LR8, LR9, LR10, LR11, LR12, LR13, LR14, etc) for OS compatibility and support during that time. With the old model, you’d have to pay extra for upgrades, and 1:1 support for the old version would end 90 days the new version ships and the old version is discontinued.

      One of the reasons for moving to this model is to make sure customers can keep with a fast changing technology landscape where Apple and Microsoft are updating OSes every 12 months and introducing new hardware and devices at a faster and faster rate.

      Hope that helps

  • By Helle - 3:27 PM on April 15, 2014  

    Yes, if you have money all the time or work for a rich company and don’t care who is paying the bills. I don’t! Sometimes I have enough, mostly not! I hate subscriptions, because I get stuck with more monthly payments!

    When I bought CS3 design in 2007, I payed around 7500,-DKK. now you want me to pay 5461,20 DKK – PER YEAR !!! I only had to call Adobe once in 7 years and CS3 is still runing fine. Of course I will need to update soon because my PC is runing slow, but I am in chok right now and very angry with this money scam (parten my French) but this is really how I feel. I don’t know what to do???

  • By rprouty - 1:51 PM on April 19, 2014  

    So Photoshop CS6 stand alone can no longer be purchased right?

  • By Jessica D - 7:59 AM on May 15, 2014  

    I just got Photoshop CC and I need to copy and paste words with swedish accents. what I’m copying from has them and when I paste them into photoshop the accents aren’t there. how do I change this so when I paste it pastes the accents too?

  • By Thalia - 5:25 AM on May 18, 2014  

    Reasons I will not be subscribing to Adobe Cloud and will have to find alternative software when my existing programs become obsolete.

    1 The EU price is too expensive.

    2 If I stop paying the expensive EU price I lose access to all my files which I will need.

    3 If I can’t log in due to an error, as recently happened for about two days I believe, I will lose money and possibly clients if I miss a deadline as a result.

    Please bring back the option of buying a box outright with a perpetual license. Clearly you will make way more money out of your Cloud thing but at great cost to, and probably of, an awful lot of customers.

  • By Freddy COCQUYT - 7:07 PM on June 8, 2014  

    I ordered the PS CC (Wonderful) but now my laptop to light I suppose, would buy new laptop medium class price range, that I can use for the CC and do everything, as my current laptop (Trees & Frames) are greyed out also 3D not work, Your advice welcome, THANKS in advance Freddy

  • By Semi pro user - 9:50 PM on June 18, 2014  

    I have CS6 Extended and if I understood this right; I will not be able to BUY the next version, only RENTING it?

    What happens if I can’t afford to pay the monthly cost? Will I not be able to use my last updated copy of Photoshop CC?

    I practice this means all work I have done will not be available as soon I can’t afford the subscription, right?

  • By - 4:27 AM on June 25, 2014  

    Having read this I thought it was really informative.
    I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this short article together.
    I once again find myself spending a significant amount of time both reading and leaving
    comments. But so what, it was still worth it!

  • By Dove Black - 8:38 PM on August 11, 2014  

    Where can I buy Photoshop cs6… not “download” or this cloud stuff or whatever you call it… I want to buy the program “on a CD” to put into my computer and ready to download… I don’t care about your “other” offers and do not with to “buy” a subscription… I just want a “solid” copy of Photoshop cs6… thank you.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:58 PM on August 12, 2014  

      Hi Dove,

      You are welcome to purchase Photoshop CS6 using the old pricing model at $699/$999 here:

      All software is delivered via download these days. Neither Apple nor Microsoft sell systems with DVD drives.

      But consider this: at that price a customer can have the Photoshop Photography Program @ $9.99/mo for close to 6/8.5 years:

      The Creative Cloud Photography Plan includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom, Lightroom mobile, and get all the product updates/upgrades (e.g. Photoshop 2014, 2015, 2016, etc & Lightroom 6, LR7, LR8, LR9, etc) for OS compatibility and support during that time. With the old model, you’d have to pay extra for upgrades in that same time period.

      Hope that helps

      • By Dove Black - 12:48 PM on August 13, 2014  

        I understand what you have said, but what I don’t understand is why I cant have the option of buying the software on a “solid” disc? I mean yes it maybe more convenient for you to sell everything digitally but what about if my computer crashes? What if it gets stolen? what if it breaks or it isn’t fixable? does that mean I loose my downloaded Photoshop cs6 and I have to buy it again? If so that doesn’t seem fair.

  • By jamal - 4:56 AM on November 30, 2014  

    why lighting effect in cc notworking?what are neede witche is active?plieise answer in my e-mail

  • By Simon Dewey - 4:12 AM on December 17, 2014  

    It would be nice if we could have the equivalent of the american pricing.

  • By Rachael N - 3:19 PM on December 26, 2014  

    As a student, there is no way this is affordable or doable no matter how much I have loved photoshop. You may as well limit your number of customers, does it sound like we are rich and rolling on gold? Is this a phone contract, where we gain a PHONE plus a sim deal?

    Terrible deal adobe photoshop, very disappointed in you. Thought you would be more thoughtful about your customers and their needs. Rather than just wanting to milk them dry. Give us a real deal. Not all of us need a constant upgrade.

    Why not let us buy a photoshop, that we can keep, and let us upgrade when we want? We need something that will stay, not something that will not work if we decide we don’t want it for a month. One month no pay = one month no use? Really? It should be one month no pay = one month no upgrade, or availability to certain sections. No one’s rich here.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 3:39 PM on December 26, 2014  

      Hi Racheal,

      Customers are welcome to purchase Photoshop CS6 using the old pricing model at $699/$999 from here:

      But consider this: at that price a customer can have the Photoshop Photography Program @ $9.99/mo for close to 6/8.5 years:

      The Creative Cloud Photography Plan includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom, Lightroom mobile, and get all the product updates/upgrades (e.g. Photoshop 2014, 2015, 2016, etc & Lightroom 6, LR7, LR8, LR9, etc) for OS compatibility and support during that time. With the old model, you’d have to pay extra for upgrades in that same time period.

      One of the reasons for moving to this model is to lower the barrier for entry from $1000 to $9.99 to start using Photoshop. This also ensures customers can keep up with the fast changing technology landscape where Apple and Microsoft are updating OSes every 12 months and introducing new hardware and devices at a faster and faster rate.

      For comparison, in the early 90′ I used to pay $349 for Photoshop and Illustrator each for each version/upgrade (that was the student price back then).

      Hope that helps

      • By MeetRV - 3:31 AM on August 15, 2015  

        Thanks for the price information. I am also a big fan of adobe photoshop. Just ready for buy full version of it. This post is really very useful and informative. Kudos !

  • By David - 7:07 PM on December 31, 2014  


    I would like to purchase Photoshop CS6 as a download for my son, who is studying art at secondary school. I do not want to subscribe to Photoshop CC, as I would not be happy if he could not access his work if we were to discontinue with the subscription. I see from above correspondence that I can still download CS6 for $699 or Extended for $999. Is there options available for pricing of this software for download for students, or has this been discontinued and only given in CC?

    Also, as I only want to buy a genuine Adobe product and not a download from dubious sites, must this software only be downloaded through this Adobe site or can other resellers sell downloads ligimately?



  • By John - 11:34 PM on February 5, 2015  

    I already bought the plan of photography for my macbook pro, then what if I want to install it also in my other computer without being subject to the new bill?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:21 AM on February 8, 2015  

      You can install on two of your personal computers.

  • By mani - 1:52 AM on February 7, 2015  


    I am a senior Citizen.Now i am a learner in photo shop cs6 And i like to work in photo shop .Please Guide me

    I know somewhat about Photoshop cs6


    with regards

  • By Joe - 5:02 PM on March 2, 2015  


    I will need to purchase Photoshop within the next few years for my degree in Architecture. I want to download it now and get used to it so I don’t have to scramble to learn it when the time comes. My only concern is that I will buy it now and have an outdated version when I will need to use it. If I buy it now through the creative cloud, will I be able to update/upgrade to the latest versions for free? Or will I have to pay a small fee?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:02 AM on March 4, 2015  

      If you become a member of Creative Cloud, future updates are included as part of your membership. If you purchase CS6, there are no available updates other than becoming a Creative Cloud member. This is the most economical way to get Photoshop CC:

  • By bayan - 1:02 AM on March 4, 2015  

    I like Creative Cloud, price is not that much for the first year..

  • By Gary - 12:36 PM on April 20, 2015  

    I am reading that Lightroom 6 is supposedly going to be called Lightroom CC according to sites like PhotoRumors….does this mean that Adobe has gone back on the offering of the Perpetual License version (incorporating the new features) as indicated throughout this discussion/blog…

    I personally don’t use Photoshop and not everybody wants to be in the ‘Cloud’ and rent the product (license etc) as the actual usage of the product doesn’t warrant the ongoing charges.

    yours confused and would be mightly disappointed and will start to look for other competitors software to do my editing.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:46 PM on April 20, 2015  

      We haven’t announced anything yet. Stay tuned.

  • By Sharon - 7:05 AM on April 29, 2015  

    I will use a different software program. I really liked Photoshop, but if I have to pay a monthly fee and use the cloud forget it. I don’t like the process or hassle, And I do not need nor do I want the cloud… It isn’t worth it to me. I hope other companies will feel the same way also and just stop using adobe.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 1:55 PM on April 30, 2015  

      Hi Sharon,

      You are welcome to purchase Photoshop CS6 using the old pricing model at $699/$999 from here:

      But consider this: at that price a you can have the Creative Cloud Photography Program @ $9.99/mo for close to 6/8.5 years:

      The Creative Cloud Photography Plan includes Photoshop CC, Lightroom, Lightroom mobile, and get all the product updates/upgrades (e.g. Photoshop 2014, 2015, 2016, etc & Lightroom 6, LR7, LR8, LR9, etc) for OS compatibility and support during that time. With the old model, you’d have to pay extra for upgrades in that same time period.

      One of the reasons for moving to this model is to make sure customers can keep up with the fast changing technology landscape where Apple and Microsoft are updating OSes every 12 months and introducing new hardware and devices at a faster and faster rate.

      Hope that helps

  • By Tom - 12:51 PM on May 11, 2015  

    Can a student version of CS6 master collection be used for doing freelance design work?

  • By Chris Perry - 6:01 PM on June 28, 2015  

    I have the disc for CS6. I need to deactivate from an old computer but there is no way to be able to get back on the computer to be able to connect to the internet. Is there a way to save my Photoshop from a crashed computer which is no longer working?

  • By James Hall - 7:42 PM on August 30, 2015  

    My questions before purchasing PS CC are simple. I would be buying the 9.99/mo offer as I only use PS. I don’t need cloud storage or any of the new features advertised here or elsewhere. What I need are some very simple things improved, so I will ask about these details herein.
    1. in CS-6 the doggone polygonal lasso tool will not release when doing work on photos without going back to the regular lasso tool. Has this been fixed in CC? This is really very, very, very irritating and is a must for me to upgrade PS.
    2.I would like many more options in the Filter Gallery “Grains” categories, including an analog slider or other device to control the level and size of the grains. I find that I have great need of grains that cannot be matched by the current Contrast and Intensity controls. Currently there are the following choices: Regular, Soft, Clumped, Contrasty, Enlarged, Stippled, Horizontal, Vertical and Speckled. I use enlarged most of all of these to match film grains when pasting in items. Regular and Soft are OK, but seldom do I use them. Contrasty is mostly useless, and so is clumped. Stippled just puts a bunch of big specks on something as does Speckled–I’ve never used them. I have used horizontal and vertical some. What is really needed is a way to match a grain pattern in one photo and put it in another. I have found you can do this by: 1. Copying a plain gray segment out of the image who’s grain you want to duplicate in another photo. 2. Pasting that segment into the second photo. 3. Sharpen that paste in three or four times. 4. Increase the contrast to maximum within the paste in. 5. Render the paste in to a low level so that it gives the same grain effect in the original photo in the second photo. This is all very time consuming. If you can find a photo segment that is big enough, you can now rasterize the paste in at it’s lower opacity and then use it over different portions of the second photo. Oh, I forgot. You must feather the edges of the paste in or they will show.
    3. I need lots more control of Textures as well as the above. The choices are far too limited.
    Well, there may be some more questions, but those are the ones I can think of right now.

  • By Adana Ekonomik Taşımacılık - 3:26 PM on September 22, 2015  

    Photoshop is wonderfull….

  • By Çağdaş Ozon - 3:30 PM on September 22, 2015  

    Photoshop is nice….

  • By antarvasna - 11:39 AM on October 22, 2015  

    I will use a different software program. I really liked Photoshop, but if I have to pay a monthly fee and use the cloud forget it. I don’t like the process or hassle, And I do not need nor do I want the cloud… It isn’t worth it to me. I hope other companies will feel the same way also and just stop using adobe.

    • By mobihot - 12:47 PM on October 22, 2015  

      I will need to purchase Photoshop within the next few years for my degree in Architecture. I want to download it now and get used to it so I don’t have to scramble to learn it when the time comes. My only concern is that I will buy it now and have an outdated version when I will need to use it. If I buy it now through the creative cloud, will I be able to update/upgrade to the latest versions for free? Or will I have to pay a small fee?

  • By mobihot - 12:49 PM on October 22, 2015  

    My only concern is that I will buy it now and have an outdated version when I will need to use it. If I buy it now through the creative cloud, will I be able to update/upgrade to the latest versions for free? Or will I have to pay a small fee?

  • By Ricardo - 4:51 PM on October 25, 2015  

    I can’t seem to get my membership for (Ps Lr) started, places me in a trial status for 30 days. I can’t get any help and would like a reimbursement, it sucks! Any help would be appreciated.

  • By Benjamin - 6:17 AM on November 3, 2015  

    Photoshop cc is not offered in Nigeria. Can i get someone to pay for me in the UK and then download on my system in Nigeria.

  • By ashkan - 2:01 PM on November 7, 2015  

    hi can i connect photoshop to 3dmax?

  • By salar - 10:30 AM on November 8, 2015  

    its the best software

  • By Shawna - 10:31 AM on November 26, 2015  

    What if I want Photoshop to adjust flyers I prepay for the format,3 months out of the year? I will never use it except in March, September and November.

    • By Shawna - 10:32 AM on November 26, 2015  

      Can I just get it for those months or must I pay for it for the year?

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    I’ve just watched a tutorial on using the Light Effects filter which seemed easy enough to follow. However, whenever I bring in a photo to use the application on, the light source never appears (spot or otherwise) and the background always turns black even though the elipse control and intensity circle always appear as they should. I’ve made sure I don’t have a background color selected, but still, no light source and black background. Any suggestions here?

  • By Frederick Anderson - 2:11 AM on January 16, 2016  

    Goodbye Photoshop. I will absolutely not pay you rental on any programme, so I am another customer lost, I’m afraid.

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  • By Barbara - 11:40 AM on April 29, 2016  

    I’m working on a Mac in Photoshop CS6 and pulled the main window below the computer screen. Do you know how to get it back? Adobe forum hasn’t posted any answer and I’ve search all over. I would appreciate if you know.

  • By Mary B. Bedard - 4:43 AM on May 19, 2016  

    You guys, really i’m inspire to see you post .

  • By Questioner - 4:37 AM on May 23, 2016  


    I would like to have a picture in Photoshop that any portion thereof include different number of colors.
    For example, shirt :8 favorite colors and hands in same photo :2 colors.
    But image>mode>indexed color Prohibit a multi-layer in Photoshop and messages to must be merged layers, And can not apply this change only in the selected area.
    How quickly this I do?
    Please help me.
    I can each part saved in new document and then apply change in indexed color and then attached them, but I think it is very time consuming for the picture with tiny details and Granular.
    I need to do this quickly.
    what do I do?
    please help me

  • By Regina D. Allen - 12:15 AM on May 24, 2016  

    I have also some question about adobe and hopping i’ll get appropriate answer .

  • By Yogesh - 10:10 PM on July 5, 2016  

    what is difference ligal photoshop CC.lightroom and pirated software…

  • By Joshua Ferrao - 10:45 AM on August 4, 2016  

    I had used Photoshop Elements for a time being and was happy with those results. However I’d like to move up to CC now because of the features and the very affordable price. Is CC completely different than Elements as far as a program is concerned, or does it build off that, as in basically downloading a new version, or updating Elements? I also have Lightroom 5 already which I was happy with.

  • By linda - 4:50 PM on August 20, 2016  

    when editing a raw photograph , and then saving as , it is saved as a Ps . I cannot open it up to view it or review what I have done or to do more tweeking in Photoshop. Help!

  • By Victoria Parks - 7:54 AM on September 2, 2016  

    The subscription will be a nail in the coffin for Adobe. I am already looking for alternatives to the Creative Suite.My relationship with Adobe of twenty-three years is over.

  • By Tom Jeacock - 7:57 AM on November 7, 2016  

    A friend has lost her Photoshop program(perpetual licence) can I purchase a basice program for her or can she retrieve her program ?