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September 4, 2013 /Lightroom /Photoshop /

Introducing the Photoshop Photography Program

Since introducing Photoshop CC, we’ve listened to feedback from photographers who represent a spectrum of customers, from advanced professionals to casual enthusiasts. We appreciate that Photoshop’s success and growth has been sustained by the ongoing loyalty of customers like you, and so I’m delighted to announce a new offer for our Photoshop customers in the photography community that will be available during the week of September 16. One common request in your feedback was a solution specifically tailored for photographers.

Read more about this announcement on the Creative Layer blog. FAQ about this announcement can be found here.

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  • By Ken LaPlante - 5:42 PM on September 4, 2013  

    You have hit a homerun for home users like myself. Affordable and Powerful! Enough said! Thanks for making this available to us.

  • By James - 8:27 PM on September 4, 2013  

    With the announcement of today (Sep04,2013) I want to know where do I stand with my ongoing single product Photoshop CC.
    Am I losing out now that late comers will get more tahn I do ?
    I am very interested to know whether or I shold cancel my existing Photoshop CC and go to join the the new offer.
    Does any one have my answer?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 10:49 PM on September 4, 2013  

      Hi James, are you an owner of any version of Photoshop from CS3 to CS6? if so, you will qualify for this offer. If you’re already on the current PS single app membership at the $9.99 rate, you will be automatically transitioned to this new program, with its additional benefits and lower ongoing price when we officially release in a couple of weeks.

      • By James - 9:06 PM on September 5, 2013  

        Thanks for clarification. You provided the info I want but was not able to find in any of the faq’s.

  • By Susan Simon - 5:22 AM on September 5, 2013  

    You are still not getting it right, Adobe! I am a long time user of Elements (
    Versions2-11) and Lightroom( currently 4.4), also an educational buyer, and we STILL don’t qualify under the new rules. Even in Education, the only options for either full or single app CC are BOTH $20/mo. That’s $240 per year FOREVER. Not affordable for either students, teachers, or those of us on fixed income. We’ve been loyal customers too. Now I find my online connections all talking about searching for either bootleg copies (not good for anyone) or free download options like GIMP. Help us too.

    • By klaus - 4:29 PM on September 7, 2013  

      same here , Adbobe still sucks with there offering of CC, we do own cs6 Suite for my daughter in school, price is to high,compare to upgrading or edu model every second upgrade.

      BIG RIP OFF may get you RIP

    • By CraigO - 6:58 PM on September 17, 2013  

      Same here. I have CS5.1 and Lightroom 4. Both Education editions, which makes me ineligible for this program. I was pretty excited when I saw a suite with just the programs I use (PS&LR), for a decent price, only to be shafted because I bought the education versions.

  • By Aaron Craven - 10:36 AM on September 5, 2013  

    I can’t speak for every user out there. There are probably still others that this has “left out in the cold” so to speak.

    But for myself, this hits the sweet spot: the two products I need most at a price point that is not only acceptable, but downright competitive. Let’s be clear, though. This deal should be made available to all users (perhaps at a slightly higher price point — say $15/mo). If you did that, I bet you’d see a lot of new users taking advantage of CC as well as existing users.

    I’m still a little sore that it took Adobe this long to respond to its users. I feel a bit like an outrageously bad deal was tossed at us just to see how loud we would scream and then adjusted accordingly.

  • By John McAssey - 10:48 AM on September 5, 2013  

    I was one of the users that was highly critical about Adobe abandoning the photography market which is what your still doing. Let face it this package is not aimed at the photographers it is aimed at old Photoshop user that did not like that Adobe doubled the cost of using Photoshop and would not go for CC. While I most likely will opt for this deal for it does not increase the cost of Photoshop. The deal is limited to old customers and and goes away year end. So Adobe is still abandoning the photography market. Adobe is just trying to hand on to old Photoshop customers and not loos their upgrade money.

    • By Susan Simon - 10:42 AM on September 6, 2013  

      Agreed. Part of the reason I never bought into the complete CS package is b/c it didn’t relate to what I need as a photgrapher. Elements gave me the tools necessary, and LR added to the photo specific needs. Now i feel like I’m being penalized as a photographer with limited options. Let’s face it, for $15/mo I read the New York Times and have access to their entire archives online. And Adobe wants to charge more for a software pkg I use from time to time….. Where’s the logic. If you want auto renewal and a steady income stream, good business pracitces say, make it affordable and your base will grow. Then two years down the road it you increase the price by even 50 cents per month, no one will squawk.

  • By Simon - 5:37 PM on September 5, 2013  

    Will this bundle be available to UK members? As this does not seem to be clear.
    The pslr bundle link..
    re-directs to the generic Creative cloud FAQ if you are in the UK.
    I am currently in the single app subscription discount bundle from CS5.

    • By mike chambers - 7:50 AM on September 6, 2013  

      Yes, it will be available in the UK. THe original blog post has been updated with non-US pricing.

      Hope that helps….

      mike chambers

  • By ROBERT CONNOR - 11:46 AM on September 6, 2013  

    We are checking out now!

  • By Rob - 3:26 PM on September 6, 2013  

    I’m trying to get an answer on this and it seems hard.

    I just came to photography 3 years ago, and last year decided it was time to delve into Photoshop CS6 as Elements didn’t do some of the things I wanted to do.

    But rather then buying CS6 as it was clear even then that creative cloud was the future, I adopted early. Signed up for Creative Cloud Single App, and started using CS6, and then when Photoshop CC came out have been using that. I’ve held off upgrading to Lightroom 5 because it seemed that the outcry and the slow adopting of Creative Cloud would mean that a PS+Lr bundle would likely happen.

    Is Adobe basically saying that because I early adopted Creative Cloud before Photoshop CC came out… that I get to keep paying the full price, and get none of the new Benefits that I would have gotten if I had passed on creative cloud last year?

    I’m not super angry in the big picture sense in that I’m not getting anything less then I did before.. but it does seem a little slap in the fact like, if Adobe is indeed saying, “hey thanks for coming to Photoshop and early adopting creative cloud… but no soup for you.” (but with a nicer PR spin)

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  • By norman - 3:34 AM on September 7, 2013  


    will this subscription offer be limited for the duration of 1-2 years and after that the price will increase?


  • By Steve - 7:15 AM on September 7, 2013  

    This new bundle photoshop cc & lightroom 5 for $9.99 sounds great if I could actually find the subscription / purchase download info on the adobe site.

    Help Anyone

    • By Steve - 9:28 PM on September 7, 2013  

      Found the answer

      This offer is available to customers who own a previous commercial version of Photoshop or Photoshop Extended, version CS3 or later (CS3.x, CS4, CS5.x, or CS6). Suites and volume licenses do not qualify. Requires an annual commitment with monthly billing. Available for purchase from September 17, 2013, through December 31, 2013 from only.

      • By Bernd - 8:09 AM on September 8, 2013  

        does this mean educational licenses of Photoshop do not qualify for this program?
        I have Photoshop CS6 educational license and very interesting in this $10 offer.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 9:39 PM on September 8, 2013  

      It will be officially released in a couple of weeks to co-incide with the Lightroom 5.2 update.

  • By Peter Nordlund - 10:07 AM on September 7, 2013  

    I have almost the same question as James but I am on the full CC program on a yearly basis but with a discount. My plan was to convert this to a one app (Photoshop CC) after a year. My question are how can I connect to this offer its going to expire in december and my subscription will end in may. And yes I am an owner of Photoshop CS6.
    Have fun

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 9:38 PM on September 8, 2013  

      Hi Peter,

      If you’re on the full CC and you own a prior version of Photoshop (CS3, CS4, CS5 or CS6) you can call support once we officially release in a couple of weeks and ask to transition to the PS + LR program for $9.99.

  • By Rick - 1:59 PM on September 7, 2013  

    Does the CC/Lightroom bundle only apply to CS3+ users. I would be a new user so would I get CC and Lightroom for $19.95? All I can find for new users would be $19.95 for CC and buy Lightroom for $150.

  • By Ben Heys - 7:36 AM on September 9, 2013  

    Love the subscription model of Photoshop these days, much better than the old way of dropping a huge amount on a program that you’ll probably replace in a year or two.

  • By Helge - 12:14 PM on September 9, 2013  

    I bought “CS3 Production Premium Educational Version” a couple of years ago.
    Will I be able to get the new offer?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 1:37 PM on September 9, 2013  

      Sorry, Educational versions aren’t eligible for this promotion at this time.

  • By Andrew Proudlove - 12:16 PM on September 9, 2013  

    Can I just clarify something please? I am currently subscribing to the Photoshop CC and am resident in Eastern Europe.
    My understanding from responses to earlier comments on this page is that I will be automatically transitioned from my current plan, to the new plan including Lightroom and the new price. Is that correct?
    I also wanted to ask, I currently own Lightroom 5 that I bought as a standalone product (via download from Adobe), will I need to redownload Lightroom 5 (assuming that I am transitioned to the new plan), in order to be able to qualify for the upgrades etc??

    Thanks a lot

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 1:38 PM on September 9, 2013  

      If you own a copy of Photoshop (CS3-CS6) and currently on the $9.99 promo price for a Photoshop CC individual membership, then yes, you will be auto-magically converted to this program and price when it’s released on the 17th.

      • By Andrew Proudlove - 3:50 AM on September 10, 2013  

        Hi Jeffrey,
        Thanks for getting back to me, unfortunately I don’t own any of the Photoshop versions you listed, I own CS2 and Elements 8 or 9 I think and am currently subscribed to the €20 plan for Photoshop. I guess in my case I would need to sign up for the new plan on the 17th and then cancel the old plan?

        Thanks for your help,


        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:44 AM on September 10, 2013  

          Hi Andrew,

          Unfortunately, the offer specifies CS3 or later to sign up for the new plan. I’ve sent you an email with additional details.

  • By norman - 2:34 PM on September 9, 2013  

    will the price hold after the first subscription year or is it going to be increased?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:45 PM on September 9, 2013  

      To be clear, $9.99 is not an introductory price. It is *the price* for those of you who sign up by December 31, 2013.

  • By Gregory Papp - 9:07 AM on September 10, 2013  

    I understand that this offer is available only to those who own Photoshop CS3 or later, but I would like to know about whether this offer, or something similar, will be extended to us poor sods who decided to buy Elements for their amateur photography needs instead of dropping a grand on software only occasionally used.

    I would sign up for this subscription in a heartbeat! I have only a few days left on my free trial of Lightroom and I do not want to spend $150 only to find out a month later that I can sign up for a similar subscription. Adobe, over the last year, continues to frustrate me while it continues to change/add to their subscription program. I would like to know now: will there be a subscription for those of us who fall into the above category?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 1:41 PM on September 10, 2013  

      There’s definitely a lot of interest from Lightroom and Elements users, which is great to see. I will definitely inform my managers of the interest. I personally think it would great to offer something similar to a broader set of customers.

  • By Seb Astien - 1:13 PM on September 10, 2013  

    Hello, I’m a french user. (sorry for my language mistakes).
    I buy licenses for Photoshop CS4-CS5-CS6. The initiative to Adobe for photographers is superb. Photoshop CC + LR5 at this price is reasonable. But there is one thing I’d like to explain.
    If I stop the subscription year after which the software is inaccessible. Why not just ban the access to updates?
    No longer have access to our psd files is unacceptable. When I did not buy the M.A.J. for CS6, my CS5 was used without restriction.
    Why not just ban the access to updates on this new version?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 2:34 PM on September 10, 2013  

      It’s hard to support a model like that since regular updates include both bug fixes and features.

      • By Seb Astien - 12:25 AM on September 11, 2013  

        yes I understand that these multiple updates bug fixes and features …
        Stop paying should just stop the process of updating!
        Why Adobe software blocks access to end subscription?
        It is especially not to have access to our creations that shameful.
        Why the user could not continue to use a software (in the state without access to the update) he paid a year or more?

        I hope that Lightroom will never use this way of doing things. No longer have access to the database will be dramatic. All those years of work on RAW files not readable no other software.

        I would like to update. It is not a question of money. Without the certainty of providing open my creations, I would not pay the CC release.

        Who could I make up this information? Email has one for me?

        • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:14 AM on September 11, 2013  

          What if a fix was an important security update?

          Lightroom will continue to be available as a perpetual license product – as will Photoshop Elements.

          • By Seb Astien - 11:54 AM on September 11, 2013  

            Too bad for me, I stopped my subscription!
            As currently with CS6, I guess there was correction BUG … but it does not prevent me from using it.

  • By Gabby - 12:54 AM on September 11, 2013  

    Hi – love to join the 9.99 subscription but I just have one tiny problem…my editing pc isn’t connected to the Internet and never will be! Is there any solution you could provide please?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:12 AM on September 11, 2013  

      Hi Gabby,

      Internet activation is required the first time you install and run your product. (This was true of CS6 perpetual license product as well). You can work offline for 99 days between needing to reactivate online.

      If you’re a government or enterprise customer, there are solutions for offline deployment and activation:

  • By Phil Burt - 12:44 PM on September 11, 2013  

    This offer sounds like a good one until one calls and finds out that it is NOT available to those that are Students and purchased Photoshop CS6 Extended Student version.

    When Jeffrey stated earlier in this blog: Jeffrey Tranberry says:
    Hi James, are you an owner of “any” version of Photoshop from CS3 to CS6? if so, you will qualify for this offer. If you’re already on the current PS single app membership at the $9.99 rate, you will be automatically transitioned to this new program, with its additional benefits and lower ongoing price when we officially release in a couple of weeks.

    So I’m guessing then that what Jeffrey stated is untrue??

  • By oliver kershaw - 1:20 PM on September 11, 2013  

    I would love to take advantage of this offer!!! but i do not have any version of Photoshop from CS3 to CS6 on doing the math in one year i would save about £100 a year on my subscription not including the outlay on lightroom 5. now i am just having a rant, or am i on to something if i save £100 a year and can get a old version of CS3 cheep (230) in less 2 years i make my money back and get access to behance as well, am i the only one thinking about doing this?

    So if this is all about loyalty why is not available to new users to KEEP them loyal?

    • By Gregory Papp - 11:13 AM on September 12, 2013  

      This is exactly my point. Why restrict this program to those who already USE their software? Most companies I know grow their businesses by offering incentives to NEW customers. Yes, this is a rant, but this offer is legitimately frustrating. Its like not being able to join a club because I’m not already a member.

      • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 12:18 PM on September 12, 2013  

        Greg, I agree. The interest by everyone is exciting. I’d like us have a similar offer for new users as well as edu, PSE and LR only users. Hopefully I can convince the powers that be to make this happen.

        • By Xiaoning - 7:47 AM on September 18, 2013  

          Please do!! I also own the education versions of Photoshop CS6, Design Standard CS6, Acrobat Pro XI. Am I a “lesser” customer than those who bought the full price version? I hate to be treated so differently. Why not let more people enjoy this amazing offer? I’m sure Adobe would benefit too when there’s a lot more new subscribers, FOR LIFE!

          Thanks for your effort!

  • By Geoff Sobering - 9:31 AM on September 17, 2013  

    I understand the photographers bundle will be available today (Sept. 17th), but I can’t find it listed anywhere. When/where will the “Signup” option be available?

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 10:17 AM on September 17, 2013  

      Stay tuned. We’ll announce when it goes live.

  • By Simon Hughes - 4:16 AM on September 20, 2013  


    i would really like to know why the photography program is only available to existing customers. i may only be one customer but for someone who was about to sign up for a Photoshop CC subscription, and the read about the Photography Program, i would say i am really disappointment the offer is not available to new customers. even if it was 420 per month i would have signed up. Are Adobe planning to extend this program? if not i will be looking elsewhere.

    Feedback would be appreciated. Preferably an honest answer and not one from a pre-prepared script would be good.


    • By Simon Hughes - 4:18 AM on September 20, 2013  

      To clarify I meant $20 per month not 420.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 7:42 PM on September 20, 2013  

      Hi Simon, as mentioned in other replies, I’m hopeful we’ll have a similar offer for all customers. There’s nothing set in stone at this time.

  • By Ken Brown - 9:50 AM on September 23, 2013  

    I have a Photoshop CS6 single app subscription that I started last year. In the past I have purchased multiple versions of Elements and Lightroom. When I wanted to increase my options for photography editing I researched obtaining Photoshop CS6. It was and still is quite evident that Adobe is transitioning to a subscription model rather than a license model. I opted to signup for the Photoshop subscription and use it with my current version of Lightroom 4.

    I was very excited to hear of the new photography bundle of the products that I use and thought it would be perfect for me. It is time to renew my Photoshop CS6 subscription so my intent was to change my subscription to the new photography bundle. However, I just got off the phone with Adobe Direct Sales only to find out I am not eligible to purchase that subscription because I don’t ‘own’ a license for a prior version of Photoshop.

    In my mind the flaws with this logic are numerous. Photoshop CS3 qualifies for this plan. Adobe is requiring me to pay an annual subscription for as long as I desire to use their product. It will not be very long at all before I have spent more money than a license for CS3 cost when it was released. Adobe, at the time of my shopping for products, was promoting the subscription plans not license purchase. I followed Adobe’s suggestion and marketing and am now being punished for that. I understand rewarding ‘loyal customers’. However, customers become loyal by being taken care of not taken for granted. Now instead of being excited about new product offerings, I feel stupid for falling for the subscription gimmick in the first place and will be reminded of that mistake every month with my subscription payment if I stay with Adobe, which right now is unlikely.

    Finally like has been mentioned before, I could have a bootlegged copy of CS6 up and running with a license key within an hour and be done. I wouldn’t do that and will play by the rules. I most likely will be playing by another companies rules however.

    I realize Adobe will not miss the income of what would have been future subscriptions or purchases of mine. I do not feel I am alone though and perhaps this has been a crucial oversight by Adobe management and marketing. I I hope it will be corrected soon.

  • By Mara - 2:18 PM on October 26, 2013  

    I just came to sign up and realized that I can not due to the fact that I have educational versions of CS5 and lightroom 4. How sad, as I was ready to spend some the money that I will now not invest for a few more years. The current versions I have suit me fine and I will upgrade further down the road if I ever need to. In the end, I would actually pay more doing the 9.99 deal, as I don’t upgrade as frequently as others.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 8:26 PM on October 26, 2013  

      Hi Mara,

      I’ll look up your account information to see what’s possible for you to sign up.

  • By Lio - 9:16 AM on November 1, 2013  

    Hello there!
    I’m really confused….
    I bought CS6 for my daughter in the educational version in May 30, 2013.
    Now I get the offer to move to CC, but if I try to do it tell me that I’m not qualified for the $ 9.99 offer .
    This would mean that all the money spent for the suite bought in late May are worth nothing and my daughter – as a student – cannot have the cheapest offer that is given?
    It seems to me absurd because they would just be the students to have the right first.
    Can you confirm me if I’ve well understood , and if my daughter has the right as a student with an educational license of CS 6 to access the most economic offer for the Cloud.
    Many thanks to those who can enlighten me 🙂
    And sorry for my bad english, it’s not my native language.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 6:59 PM on November 4, 2013  

      Hi Lio, I’ll send you an email to see what your options are.

  • By Linda Coyne - 9:12 PM on November 6, 2013  

    I am an educator using the education version of CS6 Extended. I am disappointed that I cannot sign up for the $9.99/month offer. Educators are generally on a tight budget and every penny saved is good. I can continue on the education version but at $19.99/month. I plan on retiring within 2 years. I hope I can switch to the cheaper program at that time or sooner.

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