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January 23, 2014 /Other news /Revel /

Introducing the All New Photoshop Express for Android

Today’s a big day for Adobe’s consumer team, as we’re announcing a significant update to one of our most popular apps – Photoshop Express for Android.

What you’ll love about this release:

  • This version was rebuilt completely from the ground up for Android and is KitKat compatible. We have made every effort to fine-tune the app for Android. As an example, Android users will appreciate accessing and processing images saved on the SD card faster than before.
  • We’ve focused on making the app easy-to-use by bringing the most popular features to the top. ‘Looks’ (our word for filters), cropping, red eye reduction, and auto-correct are now all easy-to-discover.
  • Our more savvy users will appreciate the Corrections menu with slider controls to fine-tune exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, temperature, tint, etc.
  • Under the hood, this release is powered by Adobe’s latest image rendering engine, coming to Android for the first time. This engine greatly improves performance and enables handling of large file sizes.
  • It’s still free.

Also in this release, you’ll notice integration with Adobe Revel. If you haven’t used Revel already, you should give it a try. Revel is an app that lets you keep all of your family photos and videos in one place – organized, and available to share just with whom you want. Use Revel to share photos and videos with different circles of friends and family – only invitees can contribute or see what’s shared. It’s relationship-based, personal sharing. And with this new version of Photoshop Express you can easily save the photos you edit directly to Revel.

Photoshop Express has consistently received more than four out of five stars, and has sat strong in the top 20 apps on Google Play in the Photography category. This makes us even more excited to get this significant update in the hands of every Android user out there. Download and give it a try today and let us know what you think. We listen very closely when you speak.

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