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Photoshop Mobile Apps…a Peek at What’s to Come

We’ve been very busy here at Adobe, redefining what connected mobile creativity means, both for our growing family of free mobile apps and in components for our partners that are leveraging Adobe technology via our Creative SDK. Today, I’d like to share what we’re doing to bring significant Photoshop functionality to more people in unique and powerful ways, and to extend your creative experience beyond the desktop.

Photoshop on the desktop has opened a world of unparalleled creative freedom, but as Scott Belsky, Adobe’s VP of Products, Community and Behance explained in a recent blog post of his own, bringing that kind of power to mobile presented us with some pretty daunting challenges.

One major challenge to creative freedom was, simply, access. While the phone may be your go-to for all of your daily snapshots, how do you get to those images on your tablet? And how do you access your projects or elements of your projects that reside on your desktop? This was among the first problems we set out to solve. Our new mobile apps can open files from Creative Cloud, so all of your mobile content and many of your desktop files are accessible to you on your mobile device, and the work you create while on your mobile device is accessible to you when you’re on your desktop. This means you can get to what you need, wherever you are.

Then there’s the editing challenge. We recognized that bringing core Photoshop technology to mobile would open many creative opportunities for our customers, but it had to be done right, which meant nailing the experience. To do that, we needed to distill very complex desktop workflows and features into a naturally intuitive touch environment. We’ve also sought to provide a solution that helps people achieve great results quickly. So we’ve recently focused on creating individual mobile apps that each perform core tasks, rather than provide all-in-one solutions that mirror the desktop versions of our applications.

Photoshop Mix demonstrates how we laser-focused on a traditionally complex workflow in the name of making it available to a broader group of people. With Mix, you can quickly merge multiple photos into one. What’s more, using Mix means tapping into the power of Photoshop and Adobe’s digital imaging technologies wherever you are. When you use “Auto” to adjust an image, for example, you’re leaning on Lightroom’s powerful processing engine, and when you use “Auto” in cut-out, you’re leveraging next-generation technology from our labs. And of course, you can access your files in Photoshop Mix from Creative Cloud and get the work you created with Mix back into Photoshop on your desktop, where it remains fully editable.

Photoshop Sketch was a natural for a touch-driven app as a sketching tool, but we wanted to deliver much more than a me-too illustration tool, which again, uses powerful Photoshop technology, offers access to your files, and integrates well back with Photoshop. Want to trace over a photo or translate beautiful strokes from clunky, fingertip scribbling? We’ve got you covered.

As for the access I’ve mentioned? Both Mix and Sketch stand strong on their own as tools you can use to create on your mobile devices, but opportunities increase exponentially when they communicate with their desktop partners and you can take that work further on the desktop. So Photoshop Mix passes full resolution, layered and masked PSD files to Photoshop CC and Sketch can also send PSDs to Photoshop CC or rich, scalable vectors to Illustrator CC.

One thing missing from our initial mobile offerings was a real solution for designers, especially those needing to work with type. We solved this in April with Adobe Comp CC, which couples intuitive gestures, powerful fonts from Typekit, and access to assets stored in Creative Cloud to provide an unrivaled mobile brainstorming and layout work surface. If you have Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC or InDesign CC on the desktop, Comp can send full resolution, native files to those.

We’ve also created apps we refer to as “capture apps.” These apps extend your Photoshop desktop experience by helping you capture inspiration wherever you are and easily bring it into Adobe desktop apps.

Adobe Shape CC, for example, is fast becoming one of my favorite apps. Whether you want to convert a napkin sketch into a rich illustration, a found object into a logo, or just reimagine an existing photo – it’s as easy as pressing a button.

Adobe Brush CC converts captured content into one-of-a-kind custom brushes and Adobe Color CC extracts colors themes from anything you point it at. And thanks to some new technology we cooked up, all of this content is immediately available to you on the desktop. Even better, your one-of-a-kind brush captures appear in Photoshop Sketch as soon as you capture them.

But this is only a fraction of what we’re doing when it comes to mobile. We certainly aren’t sitting still, and there are many more workflows that we still want to bring to mobile. As just one example, I’m proud to announce that we’re actively pursuing a serious retouching solution for mobile, it’s called Project Rigel and is expected to be available in late 2015.



Helping you find success quickly means giving you the right tools for the job and the very best technology and access. When we introduced Photoshop Touch several years ago, it was an all-in-one solution that mirrored the desktop version of Photoshop. But today, we believe that our new mobile solutions, when connected together and to the desktop, vastly expand creative possibilities.

Sometimes building for the future means we need to make hard choices and today I am also announcing that we are discontinuing Photoshop Touch. For those of you who have been using Photoshop Touch, thank you and please continue creating amazing work with it; while it will no longer be available in stores as of May 28th and we won’t ship further updates, it will remain completely functional on your devices for the foreseeable future. For further information on how this change could impact your workflow, please visit here.

Photoshop Touch was available across platforms and so I’d like to leave all of you on Android with some good news – we’re actively developing new mobile applications for Android and will share those with you very soon.

I couldn’t be more excited for current Creative Cloud members as well as those who are just discovering what Creative Cloud and our mobile apps can help you create. You now have more ways than ever to be creative, and your creativity is no longer tied to a desk. With a comprehensive collection of free, cloud-connected applications at your disposal, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

But don’t take my word for it; try them for yourself.

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  • By Matt O'Brien - 9:53 AM on May 21, 2015  

    Great …. but …. why can we not get some of the simple stuff that we can use every day.

    I have no plans to use a tablet for editing my images, but I sure could use a tablet to review my image and edit my main metadata fields (Title, Caption, Location, Keywords).

    This has been on the feature request list for years.

    • By Warunicorn - 10:11 AM on May 21, 2015  

      Cnet mentioned they asked Hughes about organizational tools (presumably on mobile) and Hughes response was that there’s a renewed focus on Bridge. (That would be awesome, to be honest, as I’m a Bridge guy myself.)

    • By mohanedsor - 5:20 AM on July 27, 2016  

      I think Photoshop for mobiles is very good for designers, its simple and clear.
      you can use it for a lot of things as: fixing, mixing and editing.

  • By Warunicorn - 10:09 AM on May 21, 2015  

    This sounds great. Cnet reports this new app will be free for Creative Cloud subscribers (also great), much like how Lightroom Mobile works.

    However, I have a few questions:

    Cnet reported this new app will (probably) not have compositing tools, deferring to Photoshop Mix for that task. However, as I recall, Photoshop Mix had like 2 layers max to work with. I work with more than that in Photoshop Touch (which can support more than 2 layers depending on dimensions of the project). Will PS Mix eventually expand on the number of layers available?

    You close with encouraging news for Android users but it almost sounds as if the news of Project Rigel wasn’t applied to Android. Is this true?

    To be honest, all this is not a big deal to me in the end. I’m looking at a Surface Pro as my next tablet but since I’m an Adobe MVP I want to be updated as to the options available to users.

  • By Paul - 12:20 PM on May 21, 2015  

    So, you’re going to continue charging users (who may not be aware you’re discontinuing the product) for these apps for the next few days with no plans to update or support the software.

    I’m sorry, but if you’re going to do that, then you should either drop them immediately, or you should offer them free until they are removed from the store. Personally I’m a little irritated that software I purchased will lose support (and who knows if it will work on future releases of Apple iOS), but I understand sometimes software packages don’t last forever. However, if I bought either of these tomorrow and then found out they were no longer supported, I’d be very annoyed with Adobe.

    • By joan - 9:00 AM on October 13, 2015  

      me too. I’m very happy with photoshop touch (and I payed for that) and I was waiting an upgrade, but no…And photoshop Fix ihasn´t layers, selections, masks,..This is not a serious desktop alternative.Only works for amateurish photographers. It’s a joke adobe: this is the new photoshop for ipad pro???

  • By Nick Robinson - 12:55 PM on May 21, 2015  

    This pretty much sucks tbh.

    The other apps are great, but none are as useful as Photoshop Touch.
    Thankfully the rather nice Pixelmator for iPad is coming to iPhone in the very near future, so at least I can switch to that.

    Shame really because as a creative cloud member it would be nice to stick with the suite for all platforms, but sadly I don’t find the recent creative apps for iPad as useful as photoshop touch was.

    • By Digital_Utopia - 7:46 AM on September 2, 2015  

      Agreed. It’s almost as if they’re going backwards. Tablets are getting higher resolutions (and performance) every day, and some are even coming with actual pen support. Instead of taking advantage of this, by evolving Photoshop Touch into something even closer to the desktop, they’re splitting it up into two apps that seem to be designed for the lowest common denominator (i.e. phones)

      I think it would be a far better solution to continue developing Photoshop Touch specifically for tablets, while adding more features found in the desktop version, and keep those idea/specialty apps for phones.

      Or, I guess – since who knows when they’ll get around to making an Android version, maybe it would be better to just wait and see if Microsoft will release an ARM version of Windows 10. Then I could just use the normal Photoshop.

  • By Jeff - 5:00 PM on May 21, 2015  

    The one statement that is conspicuous by its absence is a clarification on whether the Photoshop Touch replacement (Rigel?) will require a Creative Cloud subscription or not.

    If it does, it becomes useless to me.

    If Adobe were truly supporting the iOS platform, I’d have expected to see more discussion about implementing Action support, so that I can use Rigel to edit an image from any application, not be constrained to the Adobe Cloud.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 1:05 PM on May 24, 2015  

      It requires an Adobe ID and free Creative Cloud account (which gives you 2GB of storage for free).

  • By lore_rock - 1:12 AM on May 22, 2015  

    is expected a version of this application for Windows?

  • By Ian - 9:51 PM on May 22, 2015  

    Just purchased Touch via the App Store last week……not impressed as this was obviously already a legacy app at the point of purchase with no future. they should be giving it away not charging. Any one buying in the last month should be reimbursed via the method of purchase.

    • By Darin - 5:01 AM on May 24, 2015  

      Check your iTunes account online, not sure how many days, but should be able to return and get a refund for any app that doesn’t meet your requirements

  • By André - 3:14 AM on May 23, 2015  

    I hope that you Adobe enables accessing directly from external flash/usb and most importantly add the Image processer for batch processing. Without that it will just not be a practical alternative for processing my wedding photos…

  • By Ian - 1:18 PM on May 28, 2015  

    Losing support to PS touch is both a tragedy & an opportunity. I don’t like this game Adobe is playing. I need to be able to do serious editing on my tablet where I have more control & portability. Samsung’s Galaxy Note tablets are the perfect example of why this is needed. Because I can do a lot more with a stylus than with a mouse. I’d rather you put out a serious tool you’ll maintain at a $29.99 pricepoint than a $9.99 “convenience ” app that dissapears again. Do it right this time and support up to at least 24 megapixel images instead of a corny 12 MP.

  • By Kees - 1:10 AM on May 29, 2015  

    great all this cloud functionality but how about data budgets? Everything syncs via the cloud costing data. With 20GB/month this is (data) costly.

    I do not need to update my iPad etc on the go, I do not want it “in the clouds”

    A function where I could sync via my LAN/WiFi without going on-line would solve a lot but I do not hear anything (or anybody for that matter) about this. Am I mising something (other then data 🙂 )?

  • By Events Panda - 2:40 AM on May 29, 2015  

    I hope that you Adobe enables accessing directly from external flash/usb and most importantly add the Image processer for batch processing. Without that it will just not be a practical alternative for processing my wedding photos. Thanks for the nice article Dude!

  • By Michele Cucci - 12:06 PM on June 10, 2015  

    I can’t believe that you have stopped making Photoshop Touch available. I think it was the best thing for editing photos. Not sure why you would get rid of it, despite the ten page explanation you have offered here. I need to know asap, what I can use on any of the available apps that would replace the Clone tool. That’s what I use most and I need it right away. Can you please let me know asap. Thanks.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 12:22 PM on June 11, 2015  

      You can continue to use Photoshop Touch if it’s working well for you. Project Rigel is the retouch app with content aware cloning tool that will be available later this year.

  • By What? - 8:08 PM on June 13, 2015  

    I’m really, really disappointed that you’ve taken PS touch off the App Store, and it seems everyone else is too. Will there be a new app just like it that I can use? Not happy at all. Photoshop Touch is the most useful of all these apps.

  • By Macbook Blog - 8:40 PM on July 29, 2015  

    I prefer Photoshop Touch app, it is very beneficial for me when I use the iPhone, iPad

  • By Pids - 2:07 PM on August 10, 2015  

    Please take Photoshop Touch back to App store for iPhone, i will buy the app , Even the cost da 20€ . Pleaseeeeee !

  • By Mark - 8:10 AM on August 18, 2015  

    I caught this news late, and it’s disappointing to say the least. Adobe have dropped the ball with this one, and going by the feedback Photoshop Mix (only being able to work with two layers?) is nowhere near as functional as Touch. Having to open & close multiple apps for complex edits isn’t for me. Throw in a monthly subscription fee for the privilege of what I do now – no thanks. If Rigel is a one-off payment app, and I’ll pay good money for a more powerful (and useable) upgrade on Touch.

    I’m fortunate to have bought it, because the image manipulation tools were powerful and overall the app was highly functional if you’re into serious editing. There is a learning curve but for multi-step editing, with one app, it was a good device representation of Photoshop’s base elements & tools.

    Adobe had better not play similar games with Aviary, now that it’s under their umbrella, because I spent quite a bit of money for many of their packs.

    • By Jeffrey Tranberry - 1:58 PM on August 27, 2015  

      Mix is free. We’re constantly improving Mix to make it more powerful. Stay tuned.

  • By donald loggins - 12:40 PM on August 18, 2015  

    Is there a soft due date for Project Rigel? With touch being retired there is a need for a replacement app soon. Also, on the iOS side there is a need for a good WYSIWYG web editor, any plans for a dreamweaver lite for my ipad air?

  • By Biju - 3:12 AM on September 15, 2015  

    I just want to know about Photoshop Fix. I heard this is the new app for Apple iPad Pro. Actually I didn’t find any new logo on it without Photoshop logo. Could you say something, please?

  • By JJ - 10:58 AM on September 17, 2015  

    Absolutely L-O-V-E ADOBE PHOTOSHOP TOUCH– now that I finally really know how to use it– it took me awhile to learn it— super sad it’s leaving the App Store..! Pretty hard to believe how they are not wanting to develop continual technology for the tablet with this great idea & app they had. If they don’t want to continue this amazing App– would someone out in technology-world-land please take over the idea of ADOBE PHOTOSHOP TOUCH– and develop it more and more for the iPad/Tablets? I am a novice at graphics and I work on my iPad to create graphics for a website or for Facebook — and will never ever move onto all these new ideas they have with multiple professional apps(?)– and desktop creative-clouds accounts (or whatever) — it’s super sad they can’t cater and continue to help people like myself that were really having a great time learning graphics on my iPad through Adobe Photoshop Touch… It was a one-stop-Photoshop. :'( I guarantee MANY people like myself would be willing to pay for a new more powerful upgrade of this Phtoshop Touch– which was a one-stop-Photoshop app by adobe– by why phase it out!??? Why???!!! I know– it’s all about money. PLEASE PLEASE BRING PHOTOSHOP TOUCH BACK—- PLLLLLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSEEE!!!

  • By Carlos - 12:36 PM on September 22, 2015  

    Regarding Photoshop Touch, here’s what happened to me. Two days ago (9/20/15) my Photoshop Touch stopped working. My Photoshop Touch files started showing up as gray squares with an X in the center, and would not load. I tried closing and reopening the app without success. Even after restarting my iPad the app wouldn’t function. And then – all of my Photoshop Touch documents disappeared – close to 60 multilayered files of photo-collage artwork that I had spent many hours creating, suddenly gone from my iPad!

    Attempting to reinstall the app, I deleted it and then logged onto the App Store to restore my purchased copy of Photoshop Touch. It is nowhere to be found in the App Store! I did a quick search on the web and found an article mentioning that Adobe has discontinued the Photoshop Touch app – without informing the the owners/users. In my case, it appears that my copy of the app was ‘terminated’, and along with it, all the Photoshop Touch files of my artwork on my iPad!

    Had I known that the product was going to be discontinued and removed from the app store I could have taken measures to salvage the individual elements of the files in order to reconstruct them in another program.

    Why has Adobe decided that we can’t continue to use the app we purchased, even if it is discontinued? What happened to all my P. Touch documents? Since I’ve yet to find a direct way of contacting Adobe to discuss this issue, so I’m reaching out to you, Brian O’neil Hughes and Jeffrey Tranberry. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • By Nasrin - 3:12 PM on October 6, 2015  

    Great news it’s very usable, I’m feeling fantastic.

  • By sua quat - 2:46 AM on October 27, 2015  

    I just want to know about Photoshop Fix.

  • By Tev31 - 2:49 AM on February 6, 2016  

    I really want photo shop touch back. I spent hours making photos. I use my S Pen and love the experience a great deal.

  • By Eric - 5:49 PM on April 23, 2016  

    So sad… I’ve tried, but the new mobile apps do not function nearly as well as PS Touch did and now I can’t even get the old app onto my new device.

    My (not so loved ipad) died and (now apparently) along with it my (very beloved) PS Touch App.

    The replacement tablet will be android (not IOS) based. Is there any way for me to be able to get the old PS touch app back on my current device? I’d even buy the program license again just to be able to access it on my droid device, but it is no longer for sale in the play store.

    I am NOT a fan of the many multiple small partial mobile apps currently offered (its like I’ve had my favorite app broken down into a ton of separate partial apps that don’t function nearly as well).

  • By Hurd Bar - 5:02 AM on May 8, 2016  

    Great post . I’m inspire to see this post .

  • By Maria Rose - 6:49 AM on May 12, 2016  

    I am totally shocked at reading the announcement that Photoshop Touch has been discontinued. Good grief! Management said it was a difficult decision. More like stupid! And to make matters worse, these difficult decisions are being made by executives that are looking after themselves, not the company, and even more amazing, their clients!. I am so fed up with raw greed. I know companies need to make a profit to flourish
    but this unlimited greed is disgraceful. Shame on you Adobe.

    • By RaiRai - 3:39 AM on June 9, 2016  

      That’s what I’m saying. It’s like could they nit have had a small fee or yearly renewal.

  • By Vong Chong - 2:31 AM on May 25, 2016  

    Hey guys , I’m adore this post .

  • By RaiRai - 3:37 AM on June 9, 2016  

    This has got to be a joke. That app was very expensive. I did not want to spend the money I rarely buy apps but I wanted to pursue a dream in photography. I told all my friends to get this app that it was worth the money. I have had countless apps that are not even close to as good as photoshop touch. I downloaded all those other features and could not figure none of it out plus it to much work to go from one app to another. I’m so disappointed and upset because this is the way company’s treat the customer. Buy this, buy that, oh you don’t need that anymore. So well get rid of it and give you new options. Screw if you’ve spent a lot of money, money you could of used somewhere else, on our product. I am never going to purchase another app from this company again. It appears that you have robbed alot of people. My guess is once the app was purchased overtime people stop buying and to bring cash flow back in now your making it better than ever. Which it was fine like it was. I’m guessing charging a small yearly fee of $5 was to much to ask. Of those who paid for a app that we can no longer use. If only you had spoke up sooner. People may have been more eager to keep the app around. It’s a shame. I will not hesitate to speak on this to my friends. Obviously if you do it once you will do it again when put in the same situation. Judging by the lack of response to each of these post. You clearly are aware of the people you robbed and have no answers for why you’d rather loose business than increase buisness. Go ahead and make your new app. I cannot wait to make people aware of how this company works. A nice jester would be to refund people their money or offer the new photoshop free to previous users with the former app purchased. Like I said a small fee a month would of been to kind. smh

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  • By cách sử dụng yen sao - 11:28 PM on August 1, 2016  

    It appears that you have robbed alot of people. My guess is once the app was purchased overtime people stop buying and to bring cash flow

  • By tổ yến sào - 12:14 AM on August 2, 2016  

    I will not hesitate to speak on this to my friends. Obviously if you do it once you will do it again when put in the same situation.

  • By vinhomes golden river - 12:18 AM on August 2, 2016  

    m this company again. It appears that you have robbed alot of people. My guess is once the app was purchased overtime people stop buying and to bring cash flow back in now your making it better than ever. Which it was fine like it was. I’m guessing charging a small yearly fee of $5 was to much to ask

  • By bộ nồi bếp từ - 12:33 AM on August 2, 2016  

    People may have been more eager to keep the app around. It’s a shame. I will not hesitate to speak on this to my friends. Obviously if you do it once you will do it again when put in the same situation.

  • By bộ nồi inox - 12:35 AM on August 2, 2016  

    Of those who paid for a app that we can no longer use. If only you had spoke up sooner

  • By cách sử dụng yến sào - 12:39 AM on August 2, 2016  

    I really want photo shop touch back. I spent hours making photos. I use my S Pen and love the experience a great deal.

  • By xi grand court - 8:11 PM on August 4, 2016  

    I will not hesitate to speak on this to my friends. Obviously if you do it once you will do it again when put in the same situation.

  • By العربي نت - 1:40 PM on August 6, 2016  

    i’m ready want to the photoshop touches back .

  • By - 2:05 AM on August 16, 2016  
  • By Masha Winget - 8:36 AM on November 2, 2016  

    In truth, this app is an extremely watered-down version of Adobe Photoshop.