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YOUR Release: Photoshop CS6 Inspired by Customers

It’s a lot of fun watching downloads of the Photoshop CS6 beta skyrocket to nearly one million in just a few weeks! We’re also enjoying seeing what’s been powered by the Photoshop CS6 beta from Facebook fans like David Drummond and today, Stewart Wood, whose images have been selected as our Facebook cover art .

Tonight, Adobe has officially unveiled the Adobe Creative Suite 6 product line and Adobe Creative Cloud, which means Photoshop will be available in the next 30-days.

Listening to the Community

As Chief Customer Advocate, it’s a priority for myself and every engineer and product manager on the team to build meaningful relationships with our customers.

This release of Photoshop doesn’t just belong to us as a product team. It’s really your release, with over 65 user inspired enhancements that were added to Photoshop CS6 as a result of feedback and input (more than double the 30 that we added to Photoshop CS5).

During the development of Photoshop CS6 or any new release, we engage in intensive user studies – visiting customers of all types at their homes, offices and studios to observe how they use specific features, paying close attention to how many times they have to click the mouse, which tools are used most frequently and all the steps they take to create.

In addition, the team actively participates in user group eventsuser to user communitiesFacebook and Twitter, answering questions and harvesting requests.

We also wanted to create a single place we could more effectively gather user feedback, allow people to submit ideas and requests and enable voting and commenting on those ideas. One year ago on March 30th, 2011, we opened our doors to the community with the launch of our feedback site on Nearly 35 ideas from that feedback site alone have become a reality in Photoshop CS6.

In that time, over 125 employees from our digital imaging teams have engaged directly with customers on the site. And we’re happy to see the community interacting with each other, helping answer questions and sharing tips. I’ve personally posted 3,600 replies and enjoy the interaction.

As you can see, there are many ways we try to stay connected and each one is equally as valuable to our overall development process.

Answering Your Upgrade Questions

In my interactions with customers I’ve also noticed there are a few questions that have come up recently, now that Photoshop CS6 is available for pre-order. Thought it would be helpful to address them here:

Question: Can I upgrade to CS6?

Yes. Owners of a CS5 or CS5.5 qualify for upgrade pricing to CS6.

There is a special offer – good through the end of the year- which allows CS3 & CS4 owners an opportunity to upgrade to CS6.

Owners of CS2 have one last chance if they purchase CS5 from a reseller by May 6th (to receive a free upgrade to CS6).

Question: I just bought CS5 (CS5.5) – Do I qualify for a free upgrade?

If you purchased through on or after March 26, 2012, you are qualified to receive an upgrade to the equivalent Creative Suite 6 version of your product at no additional cost when CS6 ships. A one-time coupon will be sent to the email address associated with your order approximately 10 days after CS6 becomes publicly available.

If you purchased an eligible Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 or a Creative Suite 5.5 component through an Adobe authorized reseller on or after March 26, 2012, you are qualified to receive an upgrade to an equivalent Creative Suite 6 version of your product at no additional cost when CS6 ships. Details and instructions for submitting your claim.

Additional Info: Upgrade policy after product announcement

Please Note: This upgrade policy is in line with our 30-day return policy – which is in line or better than most retailers in terms of returns, refunds and price matching guarantees.

This morning, there will be a live webcast about Adobe Creative Suite 6 and the Creative Cloud beginnning at 10 a.m. PT at and will be available there as a continuous rebroadcast from 11 a.m. – 4 p.m. PT on April 23. An on-demand version will be available at beginning April 24.

Feel free to leave more questions here in the comments and I’ll do my best to address them. On behalf of the product team, thanks for collaborating with us on this new release! We learn a lot from this community and are grateful for the opportunity to deliver what you need, along with a good dose of Photoshop magic.


Product Manager – Chief Customer Advocate – Digital Imaging
@jtranber on Twitter


The link with the special offer is only for CS3 and CS4 owners, not for CS5orCS5.5 owners. And when I follow the upgrade link via Adobes homepage, there isn’t an option for CS5.5 master collection. I hope this gets resolved soon?


    I’ve updated the links to information about CS5/CS5.5 owners in addition to the special offer until the end of the year for CS3 and CS4 users.

Does this include the awesome camera shake removal shown at MAX? I didn’t see it in the beta and was really looking forward to trying it out.

    The plug-in for camera movement blur is not currently in CS6.

I have CS5 on a subscription. Can I switch to CS6?

    Yes. If you are already enrolled for a subscription, you will be able to move to CS6 once it’s available.

I have Photoshop 5.5. I’m a little perturbed that I pay the same upgrade cost to CS 6 as owners of other CS products.

Where’s the value in that?

    Photoshop 5.5 was released in February 1999 – and is not a qualified product for upgrading to Photoshop CS6. If you are referring to Photosohop CS5.5 – there is no such product.

    It’s true that Photoshop CS5, CS4 and CS3 users get the same flat, upgrade discount price of $199.

    If, however, you own a full Creative Suite for CS 5.5, then there is a progressive upgrade price:

    Creative Suite Design Premium CS5.5 users pay jut $375 for , CS5 users pay $749, CS3 & CS4 users $949,

Can someone confirm that a CS6 Design & Web Premium upgrade from CS5.5 web premium is only $399 but a single CS5 extended to CS6 extended upgrade is shown as $399?

That doesn’t seem right, especially since Design and Web premium now includes Indesign.

If it is right I’ll just upgrade my 2nd PS extended license to plain ‘ol PS for $199 and save the $200. I imagine I’m not the only one.

I’ll just say I don’t understand this at all and leave it at that. . . .

    Honestly, Extended is a better deal as part of a Suite. If you don’t use 3D, then definitely go with the standard version over the Extended version.

I currently own CS5. What is the price if I want to upgrade to CS6 Extended?

    $399usd to upgrade to Extended. $199usd if you want to just the standard version of Photoshop CS5.

I’m still trying to understand the marketing logic. I own CS5 Extended, yet the upgrade cost is the same as if I only had regular CS5. Why not have a tier so that those with Extended don’t get nailed for the extra $200 Every time?

    I’m not sure why it’s that way, but that’s been the pricing since Extended was introduced with CS3. Are you a heavy user of Extended features like 3D?

      I use 3d mostly for fonts, occasionally for imaging. Been using it since it was introduced. Thanks.

Can we still skip upgrades as before? In other words, if I don’t upgrade from CS5 (which I have) to CS6 , will I be able to upgrade from CS5 to CS7 or CS8 at some point in the future? Or will Adobe then force me to buy a whole new license?

My school (NESOP) purchased the upgrade plan for both Lightroom and Photoshop. But We have not yet received the coupon (or serial numbers) for Lightroom 4 and it is becoming a problem as students are using it at home and cannot work with their catalogs at school. Last time for LR3 it was an automatic notification from Adobe but this time we have not heard a thing. How soon will Lightroom licensing be available to upgrade? We are anxiously waiting!
Sue Anne

    Hi Sue,

    I’ll sen you an email and get you in touch with the right folks.

      Hi Jeff,
      The Lightroom serial numbers magically appeared on my CLP account the next morning. And I also got a follow up email from someone you contacted so thanks. Unfortunately I didn’t keep his contact info.

      We now have the same problem with Photoshop CS6. We had also purchased the upgrade insurance for CS6. It seems Adobe is good at selling it but doesn’t have a good plan for actually activating the plan. We have no serial numbers yet and would like to start teaching CS6.

      I would appreciate any help again. Sorry to be a bother, I find it hard to believe other schools aren’t asking, we can’t be the only school who purchased the upgrade plan can we?

      Thanks for your help again!
      Sue Anne

        Sue, shoot me an email at jtranber at adobe dot com and I can assist you.

Hi. I live in M’sia and don’t want to purchase it online due to my slow internet connection speed. When will it availabe at the local store?

    Yes. You can still purchase Photoshop or Creative Suite as you always have. If you purchased a perpetual license with a boxed copy, you will still be able to do that with CS6 as you always have. Creative Cloud, subscriptions and digital download are just options that customers now have.


I see you’ve responded to someone who asked a question after I asked mine. Mine is a serious question, I cannot find an answer anywhere on the Adobe site.

Here is the question again:

Can we still skip upgrades as before? In other words, if I don’t upgrade from CS5 (which I have) to CS6 , will I be able to upgrade from CS5 to CS7 or CS8 at some point in the future? Or will Adobe then force me to buy a whole new license?

Please respond.

    Hi David,

    Sorry, I only have official word on current upgrade policies at this time. I don’t personally know what future upgrade policies will be. I would hope that we would have a similar policy that we do now.

Well, that’s encouraging. There seems to be a lot of information floating around on the web saying that the “three versions back” upgrade policy dies with CS6.

Are you saying that it continues? That would be very good news.

    One can hope, but from what we’ve heard, the offer for CS3/CS4 customers to get upgrade pricing to CS6 is good through the end of 2012, after which it would move to “one version back.”

    Also from what we’re told, CS6 upgrade versions will only be available direct from Adobe in most major geos.

I recently recently purchased CS5.5 for my classes. Do I qualify for an upgrade or is the educational version considered Not For Retail and therefore doesn’t qualify. Thanks

    Sandra, if you purchased your student version on or after March 26, 2012, you are qualified. It doesn’t matter if it’s student or commercial version.

The CS6 is easy to use with more feature then CS5 ?

I purchased Photoshop CS5 last year in May and I want to get the CS6 Extended for the 3D capabilities. What are my options? Thanks.

When the ‘one version back’ policy was introduced last year, I purchased a Photoshop CS5.x upgrade from Photoshop CS4 – I had intended to wait to upgrade from CS4 to CS6 this time round. Subsequently the change to the policy came in for users of CS3 and CS4 which reverted (albeit for a limited time) to allow upgrades to CS6. You can imagine, as a UK customer, another £190 (c.$285) on top of the £154(c.$231)late last year, means this upgrade will be costly to say the least, plus leaving a bad taste in the mouth with the flip flopping of the upgrade policy.

It would be nice if something could be done about this.

I currently have CS5 Extended and subscribed to Premiere Pro December 29 2011.

I signed up for a subscription to the Creative Cloud today an it seems unclear if that process will automatically encompass my Premiere Pro subscription. It is also not exactly clear what happens when I load CS6 Photoshop Extended over my previous version of CS5 PS Extended which I own.

I’m probably not the only one with those questions.

Thanks for any light you can shed on this situation. Dave

    Photoshop CS6 is a completely separate install from previous versions of Photoshop, so if you have Photoshop CS5 on your system, it will continue be run as a separate application after you install Photoshop CS6.

    You will need to contact support to discontinue your previous subscription to Premiere CS5.

Its a pity that Adobe don’t have consistency of pricing across its product lines for UK users. Lightroom’s upgrade pricing is fair and honest – being directly comparable to the US pricing (before taxes) ie a direct exchange rate has been applied. Regretably, for Photoshop (and other CS products/packages for that matter) Adobe are again charging a premium to non-US users. Difficult to see how this diaparity if justified, particularly for the English lanhuage speaking country versions. If the cost in in the preparation of country specific eula’s then your paying your lawyers too much! The Lightroom team have clearly figured out a way to be fair to all users – why not Photoshop and the CS project team…???

    With apologies for the typo’s…! – Should have proof read it first. :-)

Is there a stand alone subscription to photoshop cs6 extended like one can get for photoshop cs6 standard? (not creative cloud, but just photoshop cs6 extened)


I have student versions of PS 4 Extended and Lightroom 2. Are these eligible for upgrade to PS 6 Extended and Lightroom 4? If so, at what price?

    Yes. Both are available for upgrades. Price depends upon region. In the US the upgrade to Photoshop CS6 is $199 USD, and Lightroom 4 is $79 USD.

I purchased Photoshop CS 5 on March 5, 2012.

Is it possible to get a tiered price to upgrade to Photoshop CS 6?

Having to pay $199 for buying 21 days early feels like a high price to me.

I recently got the Adobe Master Collection Cs5.5 through my school on April 26th, 2012. Will I be eligible for a free upgrade? Or will I have to pay also?

I have the eLearning Suite 2.0 with Photoshop CS5.0 and Captivate 5.0. I see that the upgrade to eLearning Suite 2.5 gets you Captivate 5.5 but still lists Photoshop CS5.0.

Will there by an update eLearning Suite that includes a Photoshop upgrade?

YOUR Release: Photoshop CS6 Inspired by Customers | PHOTOSHOP.COM BLOG Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I’ve truly enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. After all I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again very soon!

I have upgraded from PS3 to PS4 to PS5 and now to PS6 estended. Last month I had to replace the drive on my lap top. Now when I try to install PS6 on my lap top i get the message “no acceptable Adobe product” I bought each upgrade through Adobe direct. Is there a way to make this work.

    When you install Photoshop it will ask for your previous version serial number. The previous version does not need to be installed in order to install the upgrade. If you need help with install, work with a chat agent here:

    Learning a ton from these neat aretlcis.

Nice weblog you have! Iff you still post more stuff like these I’ll folow your site even more…

Cool blog you have! Iff you still post more articles like these I’ll folow your weblog even more…

I’m looking at buying a new tablet,I normally get WACOM and wanted the new wireless tablet,
But I’m wondering if I bought the newest I pad and did the creative cloud along with my already owned ps4 and light room3 if the creative cloud would allow me to do the same extensive photo editing I would normally do on my wacom tablets? so I guess my question is can the new ipad plus creative cloud get me all full functions of my ps for photo editing? can these items replace my wacom tablet with the same outcome? Hope I’m getting across what I’m trying to ask, I could use advice asap because I wanted to buy like right now lol.
Any advice would be great.

I have a licensed version of CS5 Design Premium Student Edition purchased in 2010. Since then, I have left the education establishment. So in moving to Photoshop CS6, can I purchase the “normal” U$199 Upgrade, Photoshop CS5 Extended, applicable for individual and Home use? I would like to confirm this will work for me before I place the order through


    Yes. You can use your student license of Photoshop CS3, CS4, or CS5 as a qualifying product for the upgrade version of Photoshop CS6.

I purchased Design Suite 4 Extended which has Photoshop CS4 extended with the 3D features. They are not a common feature of my home use but I’ve paid for them under CS4 extended and I don’t want to loose them by upgrading to CS6 or pay the $900+ dollars to keep them. Can CS4 Ex and CS6 be installed and users have the option of both products?

    Yes. You can have both versions installed. The new version doesn’t overwrite any previously installed versions of the product.

I am still in the dark ages with PS CS can I still upgrade for the price of $199? thanks

    Unfortunately, no. You’d have to buy a full version license again, or look at moving to the subscription version.

All the above comments are great. Having been referred by your technical staff, it appears that although your have “upgrades”, your staff keeps referring me to PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS UPGRADE. I HAVE REPEATEDLY ATTEMPTED TO GET AN ANSWER AS TO WHY YOUR PHOTOSHOP ALBUM STARTER EDITION 3.2 WILL NOT OPEN NOW THAT I HAVE UPGRADED TO MICROSOFT 7. As usual, it appears that you are not interested OR DO NOT COMPREHEND the difference between the PHOTOSHOP ALBUM STARTER EDITION 3.2 and PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS 6.0.

I purchased the PHOTOSHOP ALBUM EDITION 3.2 serveral years ago. I then purchased the PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS and have been COMPLETELY disapointed and reverted back to PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS EDITION3.2. I now have pictures going back to 1940 on my WESTERN DIGITAL HARD DRIVE that I can not access since upgrading my PC to WINDOWS 7.



Kenneth Johnson

    Hi Kenneth,

    Sorry to hear of the frustration.
    Album 3.2 SE was out about a year prior to the release of Windows 7.

    Photoshop Album Starter Edition has reached the end of it’s production life. is its replacement as a free image organizer and editor.
    Photoshop Elements and Lightroom are its paid upgrades. < -- this is likely why you were referred to Elements for an ugprade, so you can use it in Windows 7.

    For full details, including how to migrate your work out of Photoshop Album, please review cpsid_87065.

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Hi, I just bought a new Mac Mini with OS 10.8.3 (Mountain Lion). I’ll need to update my creative suite. Will creative suite 5.5 work with 10.8.3? Does anyone have personal experience using these two together?




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