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Photoshop Photography Program Now Available (UPDATE)


UPDATE: The Photoshop Photography Program is available again for a limited time. Take advantage of the offer here.


Today we’re announcing the availability of the Photoshop Photography Program. Customers who own a perpetual Photoshop CS3-CS6 license are eligible to receive all of the following for US $9.99/month with a 12-month commitment:

  • Photoshop CC
  • Lightroom 5
  • 20 GB of online storage
  • Behance ProSite
  • Access to Creative Cloud Learn’s training resources
  • Ongoing upgrades and updates

Customers must sign up for the program before December 31, 2013. Take advantage of this special offer here. Visit the FAQ to learn more. We’re also excited to share additional news from David Wadhwani on his recent announcements today. Lightroom 5.2 and Adobe Camera Raw 8.2 are now available as a free update to Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CS6/CC customers, respectively.

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Could be a good offer if the currency exchange rates were those that prevail in the real world and not the usual rip off conversions. $9.99 is about €8 so why is the price shown as €12.29 or £9.75P instead of £6.70p???

Does this sound like double robbery for a service?

    What ever about the $10=€8=£6.70 bit.. it’s an EX VAT price. A VAT registered business merely claims it back.

      With VAT that makes it £8.04….. not £9.75. We are used to being screwed in the UK by unjustifiable exchange rate conversions by large corporations.

      A fatuous comment Sean. There are many, many Lightroom users who ‘merely’ are not VAT registered.

So someone who hasn’t been a customer of Adobe since April 2007 can get more than twice as much product for half the price, perpetually, compared to those of use who have been CS6 subscribers?

Ps for $20 a month seemed like a good deal compared to a purchase of a product that would need to be repurchased at regular intervals for $700+. Ps for $20 a month compared to Ps, Lr, 20GB storage, Behance, and CC training at $10 a month seems like I’m getting ripped off.

Lightroom just came off of my upgrade schedule. Lr 4 will be just fine, perpetually.

I’m glad Adobe has released this product, but leaving it only available to people who have bought Ps and not available to those of us who subscribe (and who don’t own a previous copy) is just switching from ticking off old customers who weren’t interested in spending money to ticking off us new customers who were.

I’m not sure we’re the better crowd to tick off.

still expensive if we have over 720000 subscribers at 10.00 per month. That is 86,400,000 per year that is great income.

Will the price inrease after the first or 2nd year for German customers only?

I feel a bit irritated that the FAQs say something different in English than in German.

German FAQ say price may increase
US FAQ say price will be fix until cancellation

Why is there a different policy???

    Hi Norman, $9.99 (and whatever the price translate to in Euros) is *the ongoing price* – It’s not a first year only promo offer. We can’t say it won’t ever go up (e.g. inflation, etc)

Question, what is the real truth?

The “Terms” state this:
After the first 12 months, we will automatically renew your contract based on the current price of the offering.

The FAQ states this:

Customers who sign up by December 31, 2013 will be able to continue their membership. This price is not a special introductory price for your first year only; it is the standard price for this level of membership. But if you cancel your membership in the future, you will not be able to re-join at this special price.

    thank you james, for pointing this out as well!

    I do not longer trust adobe with their marketing policy, since there are way too many price changes and discounts and deadlines etc. in very short time periods. I need to cancel a membership I ordered just before announcement of the photography program. now I already have a special discount I would lose with cancelation, but there is no really official way to tell if this offer here is a legitimate lifetime offer or not.

    very poor product policy and even worse marketing!
    what happened to this company???

    $9.99 is *the ongoing price* (It’s not a first year only promo offer), We can’t say it won’t ever go up (e.g. inflation, etc)

      Then why the “must sign up by year end to take advantage”???? Adobe marketing dept. needs to take a marketing class. Your wishy washy promotions are just adding more suspicion of bait & switch to your rank and file user base, people! Also, assuming one does sign up for CC, is usage of PS restricted to 2 active uses as when bought boxed or does it become unlimited – as in one can load and activate PS on 3 or more computers?

        Hi John,

        With Creative Cloud you can install on as many or your personal systems as you like, however you can only sign-in and use up two of the systems at a time.

What about long time loyal Canadian customers? Do we not get the same deal?
Adobe, your are sure not making this an easy sell.

If you really wanted to keep and get customers, you would make it much more attractive, with pricing and benefits.

How about for $10 a month, we get EVERYTHING. not just PS CC.

Today I spoke to a direct sales rep, and he told me that I was not eligible because I chose to get the full CS6 suite through the creative cloud in 2012 and that my educational discount versions (CS4 and CS5) don’t qualify me since with none of these options did I purchase a full retail “license” – I purchased a discounted version or “membership”. Not only that since my current Photoshop CC single-app is also a “membership” that does not qualify me for the addition of Lightroom, even if I continue to pay $19.99/mo

I also pointed out that I have paid for a licensed copy of every version Lightroom from day one and four different versions of Photoshop (CS4, CS5, CS6 and now CC) but that didn’t seem to matter. Even if I can’t get the $9.99/mo rate I think I should be able to get both Photoshop and Lightroom in the single-app bundle for $19.99/mo.

To add insult to injury, a friend of mine, who didn’t have any CC “memberships” was able to take advantage of the program using his “educational” CS6 Suite. Go figure.

    Hi there, I had the almost exact situation as you. Because I already bought CS6 as a suite, not the standalone Photoshop, I can’t sign up for the photography program.

    But how did your friend get this deal with his education version CS6? I’m really curious…

    Hi George & Xiaoning,

    This current offer is a loyalty offer to photographers who paid full price ($700-$1000) for prior versions of Photoshop. It’s exciting to see there is a lot of interest in the program from educational license customers. I appreciate the feedback and will share that interest with management in hopes that we can put together a similar offer for folks in the education segment.

      Thanks Jeffery!

      It will be fantastic if you can make that happen!

Though, it is bit expensive but for me, its worth every dime. I am happy with the cloud products.

I have the full CC product but only really use Photoshop and Lightroom. Can I downgrade to the Photoshop and Lightroom only version of CC?

    Apparently not Simon. I enquired about doing just that this morning, and was told that I wasn’t eligible as I didn’t own any CS3-CS6 products. As far as I can tell, Adobe doesn’t have any “route” to the Photoshop Photography Program for existing CC subscribers. Which is disappointing.

      Hi Frank, This current offer is a loyalty offer to photographers who paid full price ($700-$1000) for prior versions of Photoshop. It’s exciting to see there is a lot of interest in the program. I appreciate the feedback and will share that interest with management in hopes that we can put together a similar offer for a broader segment of customers.

You send a lifeline to those amateurs who prefer perpetual licences and consider the subscription cost way too expensive and then manage to completely blow it by excluding anyone who bought it on an educational licence. Why? Are those of use who bought the full product through an educational discount somehow not proper customers?

    Thanks for your interest. This current offer is a loyalty offer to photographers who paid full price ($700-$1000) for prior versions of Photoshop. I’m hopeful that we can put together a similar offer for folks in the education segment.

I was so excited about this deal and tried to sign up immediately, only to find out that it is not available in my country (South Africa), even though when it was announced, I checked the FAQ and saw that it will be available in all countries where CC is available. My only option is to subscribe to CC for $29.99 p/m. Is there a reason why Africa is not included? And will Africa ever be included?

    Hi Carla, it looks like it should be available in South Africa, I’ll ask someone to follow up with you.

      Hi Jeffrey

      I would appreciate that, thank you. I saw that info too but it is impossible for me to actually subscribe. I get a message that it is not available in my country. I have spent most of my morning on the line with customer support and sales trying to subscribe. Eventually the sales guy tried to convince me to take the $29.99 option. Haha.
      I look forward to the response and hope that I am able to get this deal. I think it is a really great one.

        Ok. I escalated a case for you. You should hear from someone.

          Hi Jeffrey

          I have not heard from anyone yet. Any idea when I will?

          Hi Carla, my fault. I miseed part of your email address when I submitted the escalation. I’ve corrected – so someone will be in touch over the weekend or Monday.

          Hi Jeffrey
          I have still not heard from anybody at Adobe about the availabilty in South Africa?

        Hi Carla

        Did you ever hear from them. I have the same issue being in South Africa. Thanks .

          Hi Mark
          No I have heard nothing yet. I have been away so have not pursued it further. But now I am back, I am going to look into it.

This is great news!

    A bit old but great.

Im also really disappointed at this, I have an education PS CS3 licence and am locked out from this offer.

All I want is Photoshop and Lightroom, the only option I can see is to buy subscriptions to both for £35.16pm (17.58 each) which isnt a very attractive price considering the entire suite is £46.88pm.

Creative Cloud subscriptions coulb be an amazing way for young, amateurs or hobbyists to get access to great products, but pricing like this just doesn’t help.

    Hi Jordan, I agree. I personally would love to see us put together a similar offer for folks in the education segment. (I got my start on Photoshop through an educational license way back during Photoshop 2.5)

What´s happening with my current LR5-license, that I bought on your website after launch in june?
Will you cancel this deal as gesture of goodwill – also in view of the big trouble in LR for the first 7 weeks until the RC5.2?

    Hi Markus, Looks like I’m helping you currently on our Facebook page. Sent you a message.

      hi jeffrey,

      I would love to have the LR5 upgrade refunded as well if that is what’s going on here. please contact me on the email address provided here in my comments!

      thanks a lot! and thanks for your other answer above!

I was delighted to get an email telling me that LR 5 was now available as part of my single app sub for Photoshop and that the introductory price I joined up at was going to stay beyond the first year. Excellent news and thank you to Adobe for this.

I’d already bought my upgrade to LR 5 around the same time I signed up for my single app Photoshop CC sub. So what I’m now wondering is this : should I uninstall my previously bought “perpetual license” installation of LR 5 and replace it with the CC download of LR 5? Or will there be no difference at all and I might as well carry on using my already installed version until such time that LR 6 (or whatever it might be called) is released at some point in the future?

    Hi Chris,

    Just carry on. When updates show up from Creative Cloud/Lightroom you can just install them (including future versions including LR 6)

      Thanks very much for your reply Jeffrey.

I have the education CS3 version. It’s fine for me, I’m an amateur and it’s taken me 5 years to teach myself to use it. My 5 year old laptop just died, so I spent all my money on a new Windows 8 computer. My CS3 would be fine – I bought a bonafide educational discounted copy, except it’s not compatable. I was told my only options were to subscribe, or, buy CS6 alone for a mere £650. Yeah right.

Do I return my new computer and buy a new older model, so that I can continue to happily run CS3 on it? I don’t have the time or inclination to use anything else.

    CS3 should run fine on Windows 8. Are you getting some sort of error when installing?

If we sign up to this deal, what happens when Adobe decide to launch Lightroom 6 or Lightroom CC? Do we automatically receive the new Lightroom software too or will Adobe offer another ‘new promotion’ at a new price forcing us to renew again?

    Hi Mark, You get all future updates of Lightroom, and Photoshop/Bridge, as part of your membership.

      re: Jeffrey Tranberry says:

      Hi Mark, You get all future updates of Lightroom, and Photoshop/Bridge, as part of your membership.

      I would love to see something specific about Lightroom in writing as part of the deal. All of the promos talk about all of the “CC” features “plus Lightroom 5″. It’s not that I don’t WANT to believe Adobe that the Lightroom bundled in this deal is effectively “Lightroom CC” (perpetually upgrading) but jumping on board with this deal would basically be a one way trip into the cloud. By the time the average amateur photographer realized the something in the deal changed they’d be past the single-version sliding window for upgrade pricing on the boxed versions of the software they used to use.

        Hi Craig, that’s the way Creative Cloud works:

        What’s included in a single-app membership plan?
        A Single App membership plan gives you access to the latest version of one desktop app of your choice, plus updates and upgrades the moment they are released, 20GB of online storage for file sharing and collaboration, a customized online portfolio on your own URL with ProSite, and integration with Behance so you can find inspiration, showcase your work, get feedback, and gain global exposure. You also get access to the new Creative Cloud desktop app so you can keep track of your creative world in a single activity stream, and the ability to sync your settings, fonts, and colors (in select apps, with more to come soon).

If I buy the subscription now and deside not to renew it next year will I still be able to use the PS6 and Light Room 3 software that I purchased prior to the subscription?

I have been looking at all of the information on the whole CC environment. One thing I don’t see or understand is what happens to the apps if for some reason I am unable to continue to subscribe. Does it become a stand alone app or do I have to uninstall? Am I in fact just renting the apps! Also do I have to uninstall Photoshop CS5 in order to install CC? I would hate to not have Photoshop CS5 to fall back on if for some reason I could no longer subscribe.

    You do not need to uninstall CS5 to install CC, there are installed side by side. If you stop your subscription, you would no longer have access to the CC desktop apps or cloud services. You can use your CS5 to fall back on if you decide to not renew.

When I bought my copies of CS3, 4 and 5 it was on an educational license; I have a full version of LR4. I am no longer eligible for this, and understand that I need to pay full price. I only want LR and PS, so this program would be ideal (if it were available to non-previous users at a sensible price). So far as I can see, LR is only available on CC through the full cloud option, which doesn’t make economic sense for me. Is there likely to be a Photography Program available to those for whom this special price isn’t available?

    There’s been a lot of interest from edu, Lightroom, elements, and new users – which I think is great. I’ve passed this interest on to my managers in hopes that we can open a similar offer up to these customers as well.

If the subscription is cancelled, does LR disappear as PS does? It seems that in the CC version, LR 5 is included as a full download. What happens with the PPP?


      Hi Jeff,

      If you cancel your membership, yes, Lightroom should do the same as Photoshop CC.

I feel like this is like a slap in the face to those of us who already agreed to pay the normal monthly subscription fee.

The price of $9.99 a month should be offered to everyone. Some of us wanted your software and would have purchased it, but couldn’t afford to. Hence our reason for agreeing to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Stop showing favoritism and offer the same price to everyone.

    I agree completely. Instead of trying to attract more customers by providing them a way in, they are just giving this to their “loyal” customers. So people who got into photography now are not supposed to become loyal?
    I feel like I am getting ripped off with my $20 single app membership.

    Hi Chris,

    This current offer is a loyalty offer to photographers who paid full price ($700-$1000) for prior versions of Photoshop. I’m hopeful we’ll have similar offers available to more customer segments in the future.

      Excuse me, but do you realize what you’re words suggest?

      Just because I didn’t buy Photoshop it doesn’t mean I’m not a loyal customer. For your information, I purchased Lightroom and Elements. I also paid to upgrade to Lightroom 5. Furthermore, I agreed to pay for CC for an entire year at $19.99 a month.

      Now, if Adobe wants to reward people for being loyal customers, don’t you think it would be appropriate to reward all?

      It’s as though Adobe is treating people who couldn’t afford to get Photoshop at full price like they are second-class customers.

      I am amazed that you can’t see the negative implications of this promotion!

        Hi Chris, I didn’t say you weren’t a loyal customer, just not a Photoshop CS3-CS6 customer. Lightroom and Elements customers weren’t eligible for upgrade pricing for Photoshop in the past either – although we did run promos from time to time in the past that gave those customers a discount on Photoshop. Like I said, I’m hopeful we’ll have similar offers available for our Elements and Lightroom customers at some point.

          Jeffrey, I never said you said I wasn’t a loyal customer. However, this promotion certainly gives that implication. For some reason you just don’t see it.

          And to offer a deal for $9.99 a month to people who purchased Photoshop CS3-CS6 while not giving the people a break who are already paying $19.99 a month for the same service, is unfair.

          Hi Chris,

          I empathize with you, but also consider a customer who paid a $1000 for Photoshop. Would it seem unfair if someone who recently started paying $19.99 got the same offer as someone who paid $1000? Personally, I wish this particular offer was available to everyone. Believe me, I’m trying my best to make offers like this available more broadly and simple to communicate.

I have stand-alone Photoshop CS6 on my desktop, with registered serial numbers, but I don’t have installation disks. I’ve downloaded the trial version of CS6 to my laptop, but I want to make that stand-alone, too. How do I got about that?

can we get also Adobe Bridge with this offer?

Jeffrey, I have to respond to you with a new comment because the reply option isn’t showing.

You obviously didn’t listen to me. I already informed you that I paid for two pieces of software from Adobe, including an upgrade. So I didn’t just start off paying $19.99 a month. I am already hundreds of dollars into this! And $19.99 a month comes out to $239.88 more (for the year). These expenses may not amount to $1000.00, but they aren’t too far from it.

And how do you know all the people who can benefit from this offer purchased Photoshop at $1000.00? How do you know they didn’t claim their purchase as a business expense for a tax break? How do you know they didn’t already get a discount via a coupon or through a special promotion? How do you know they aren’t professionals who made a lot of money as a result of using the software? There are a lot of things to consider here, which I don’t believe you are looking at. That $1000.00 you think they paid might actually amount to what I paid.

The bottom line is Adobe is not being fair. The $9.99 should have been offered from the beginning. That would have been the right thing to do.

    Hi Chris, I am listening. Please re-read my last post. I agreed with you.

      Jeffrey, if you agreed with me, then there would have been no point in asking me the following question: “Would it seem unfair if someone who recently started paying $19.99 got the same offer as someone who paid $1000?”

      Again, you don’t know for sure that the people who qualify to partake in this deal actually paid $1000.00. There are a lot of things to consider, some of which I already mentioned.

      And if you truly empathize with me, then do something about it. Work towards making the offer available to all people for $9.99 a month (on a permanent basis). Do that, and I believe it will produce greater results in terms of getting sales and keeping customers.

As a Lightroom 4, 5 & 5.2 (from yesterday) user is their a deal to “rent” Photoshop only or “rent” Lr & Ps now & forever. I don’t want, need nor can afford Ai, Dw++. I have just watched Thomas Knoll’s interview on Luminous Landscape & it was the the best sales pitch I have ever heard on behalf of photographers. I wanted to give Adobe $9.95 pm forever & ever & to have Lr 5.3++ immediately when available forever & ever while exploring some of Ps’ utility but my price seems to be $49.95 pm forever. As a keen amateur photographer am I missing something?

Hi Jeffrey,
I would like your assistance as well. I plan to purchase this plan, and think Adobe is offering great products at a great price.

However, as a loyal upgrader to LR5, I would like some type of prorated refund. Otherwise it feels a little like a bait and switch and I threw money away.

Thanks in advance! Keep up the great customer service…good to see your active replies up here.

    Hi ChrisW,

    I looked up your account and there are qualifying products for the offer, so go ahead and sign up. Let me know if you have any trouble.

      Thanks for the quick reply and confirming I qualify based on past CS 5/6 purchases. What I’m saying is that I would like to know if there’s some prorated refund for my previously paid Lightroom 5 upgrade since it is now included in the $9.99 program. It’s like double paying.

      Also, one more question: if I don’t renew this program, will the .psd or .tiff files I create in CC work in my CS6 license?

      Thanks again

Hi Jeffry, I own registered copies of both cs6 ext and lr 5 plus previous versions of both. I am a hobbiest photographer and have consistently supported Adobe with relevant updates. I tried to subscribe to the $9.99 Photoshop Photography Program online and was effectively rejected by the South African store. I have tried engaging with the the purchase support chat service which basically indicated that there is no support in the SA store and can not provide any useful information regarding the current or future status. What options does Adobe propose or is our market to be written off? Look forward to some feedback, thanks

Adobe is very good at making excellent products and until recently pricing them appropriately. However, they do not seem to think out their marketing strategy very well. Why on earth would the monthly $9.95 cost for PS & LR only be good “if you sign up by year end”? If one waits until the new year, what is the cost? This deal stinks of “As seen on TV”…. you know, “Must call today for this unbelievable deal!” commercials that do on perpetually. Sheesh!

Wanted to note that I already own Lightroom 5 and I’m waiting for a better pricing scheme to add photoshop to my list. I’m not eligible for your offer but wanted to let you know that if you do something similar for those of us newly getting into PS, do not include Lightroom please.

Is the offer available for customers who have a transferred photoshop licence (the software was bought used)?

I don’t understand why there are so many restrictions to this offer! Why make things so difficult?

Why can’t an educational Photoshop license be eligible? This doesn’t make any sense at all. These are licenses bought by people who don’t have an income by selling their images. These are the people who don’t have a business that will finance expensive licenses. These kind of licenses are often used by amateur photographers. Why on earth would Adobe want to exclude these customers?

Two questions: I just accepted the offer; Photoshop CC and Lightroom 5 for $9.99, (for owners of Photoshop CS 3 or newer) but in my profile in Creative Cloud, only photoshop is listed? Not Lightroom…How come? I have downloaded Lightroom 5, and it works… Second; how can I change the interface language in Photoshop from Norwegian to English? English is not an option in “preferences”, only Norwegian.

The calm manner in which you respond to all these many and varied ‘comments’ should put you in the running for sainthood Jeffery! Well done.

    John, people are raising legitimate concerns here, people who have invested money into this software . . . a lot of money. Your comment seems to suggest (by implication) that we are just a bunch of whining children who deserve a cold “Take it or leave it!” response.

    Customer feedback is necessary for business growth. The “Take it or leave it!” mentality is not only self-centered, but foolish, as it eventually results in losing customers, and possibly even the business itself.

    If you want to add something of value to the discussion, then feel free to do so, but condescending remarks such as yours are not necessary, nor appropriate.

I’ve heard that the Photoshop Photography Program subscription includes a perpetual license to Lightroom, though not to Photoshop. Is this true?

    Hi Michael,

    That is not true. The Photographer’s program doesn’t include a perpetual license for Lightroom. Lightroom is included as part of your membership, and you will receive future updates to Lightroom as part of your ongoing membership.

I am curious about what I can do with my pictures if and when I decide not to pay into CC in ten years time, all the PSD files I will have I suspect will just be clutter and unreadable without continuing my subscription, is that a fair assumption?
I know the $9.99 sounds good even though I will be robbed on any exchange rate to £ but still if I am paying that for the rest of my life it could amount to something similar to a small nations national debt yet I will own nothing as soon as I stop paying into it.
You say that the price may go up with inflation, am I to take from that you would never put the price up above the US rate of inflation? I don’t want to find out in 5 years that Adobe inflation is running at 25% and suddenly my CC licence is going up in price year on year because there is no alternative any more and I, like all the others are a captive subscriber.
I am really struggling to see any advantage in joining the cloud unless I am willing to be part of it for ever. I suspect because of that I will probably end up going over to another software vendor instead, as I feel others will up their game because of the desire for people to actually own what they are paying for.
A shame really as I love PS.
With luck lightroom will stay as a real program with a perpetual licence.

I’m finding myself understanding the raging frustration many have expressed with the new Creative Cloud and the limitations of its pricing system. It appears to make little sense to any of us how these options are priced, and now seeing requirements applied to this particular deal that allows only people who have purchased an individual copy of Photoshop vs those people who opted to pay more for the entire suite. Charging $30-40 for the entire CC suite vs $20 for just a single app from within that suite seems extremely disproportionately priced. Also, there is no middle ground options available for those of us that don’t need every program… no web design suite exists for those of us who don’t need the latest InDesign, Lightroom, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Audition, Encore, etc… I understand Adobe needs to make monetize on their products, but the way they are currently going about it is coming off harsh to freelancers like myself who rely on their products for our livelihood. Because this is mine and many others livelihood, also because Adobe has essentially monopolized what we consider the industry standard deeming it a necessity, and with the new CC/Pricing, there’s this feeling that this is almost extortionary to the community that has relied on Adobe. This is something that really needs to be addressed more openly and reconsidered by Adobe’s management.

I’ve an educational version of Photoshop (CS4 EXT) I’ve been using for awhile. I’d like to get in on this program. So here’s my question:

If I purchase an unopened, unregistered upgrade (CS4, CS5, CS6) from someone – assuming one can upgrade an educational version to a stand-alone version – will I then qualify for the program?

Just wondering if there is any news as yet on if a similar offer will be avaliable for those with educational licenses of PS?

I have a lot of the same concerns as many of the people in this thread regarding the Photoshop Photographer’s Program.
I have been a loyal user of Adobe Photoshop products from old Photoshop 3, through Photoshop 7, and currently CS3. My problem, as are many here, is that when I got CS3 it was a student version (the earlier versions were full retail), which is now preventing me from being able to take advantage of the special pricing.

I would definitely be willing to go with a “New user” pricing version of the PS/LR/Bridge bundle package if it were available at a reasonable price (less than the full CC app suite, and less than the products at single app pricing)
A price of $29.99-$39.99 seems reasonable to me.

I think many of the issues could be resolved if Adobe adopted a tiered pricing structure as they have with the complete Creative Cloud suite.
Purchasers of the full CC suite have three pricing options:
New Users – Monthly, cancelable, no commitment: $79.99/mo
New Users – Monthly, annual commitment: $49.99/mo
Users with qualifying products – Monthly, annual commitment: $29.99/mo

The single application price: $19.99/mo

With the Photographer’s Program, the only available option is:
Users with qualifying products – Monthly, annual commitment: $9.99/mo

Why isn’t there a similar structure for this application bundle to that which is used for the full CC application suite?

I think there should be a pricing tier for:
New users – Monthly, annual commitment (Perhaps $29.99/mo ?)
New users – Monthly, no commitment (Perhaps $39.99/mo ?)

Many people, myself included, would jump at an offer like that if it were available for the Photoshop/Lightroom/Bridge application bundle. I’d be buying it right now instead of agonizing over what product mix I can fit into my budget.

There needs to be a middle ground between having to get all applications (most of which the majority of us will never use) and having to piecemeal multiple single applications together for people only interested in the Photography-related applications.

Is there any plan for Adobe to offer the “Photographer’s” bundle as a normal option, and not just at the special price for people with qualifying products?
If not, could this idea be passed along to the people who make these decisions to let them know that there would probably be huge interest in such an option?

I’ve signed up for the program, and I’m in without any problem.

If I later add other Adobe services will that affect my pricing in the photoshop program? And similarly if I drop those other services at a later date, will that also affect my photoshop program and pricing?

    If you add services on top of keeping your $9.99 membership, you maintain the ongoing price. If you cancel and restart at a later date the ongoing price goes away.

Hi. i am an amateur photographer and have Elements 11. Am I eligible for any of the CC offers?

Still no progress in offering those of us who have shelled $$$$ even it was educational licenses [it doesn’t take a genius to work out that 2 or 3 educational licenses over a few generations of CS are no less than if not more $ than a single CS6 does it???

Hi Jeffrey,
I have a crazy question here: I own CS2, so that makes me ineligible for this photoshop photography program promo. So looks like I have to pay the full package, which is $49.99 per month. This is too much for me considering it is a long term. Since CS6 is still for sale, do you actually think it is better for me to purchase a CS6 first in order to be eligible for this promo? I know I have to spend $700 first, but at least from now on, it is a good price; and I will break even after just 1.5year. Do you think this makes sense or sounds crazy? Looking forward to your response. Thanks in advance!!

    Hi Summersky,

    I’ve looked at your account and will send you an email shortly.

Hi, can I purchase a used copy of Photoshop CS3 that has been de-activated by the previous owner and then qualify for the $9.99 subscription?

Jeff. I have elements 10. Am I eligible for any of the cc offers? i am most interested in the correction of camera shake . Thank you. carol

For what it’s worth, please pass along another voice of disappointment over the new pricing structure. Having bought PS7 in 2003, upgrading every second version or so has been the limit of what’s affordable. $10/month is about 50% more than that and, having begun with the educational license, even that’s not an option. $20/month for Photoshop is out of the question. Obviously our demographic is too small to matter from a business standpoint. It’s just hard to believe that Adobe wants to throw away all future revenue from us.

I now have a Creative Cloud subscription, that costs me US$19.99 a month. I only use PSCC, Lightroom, Acrobat, Illustrator, and InDesign. The new price is $49.99.

Question: Because I don’t use these apps that much, except for PSCC, do you have a price for say five apps instead of all apps? – hopefully for US$19.99 or so.

If this is not possible I will sign up for the Photoshop Photography PS and LR – I don’t need the BehanceProSite or the 20GB Cloud Storage.

    While it’s possible to select PS, LR, AI, ID and Acrobat separately, it is far more expensive to get individual memberships than doing Creative Cloud complete. If you sign up for the Photographer’s program, you get Behance Prosite and 20BG with that package.

When this program was first announced, I thought “Wow! I am SO going to buy into that! All I need is to already have Photoshop. I use Lightroom, and Photoshop CS4… which just isn’t keeping up with the Camera Raw capabilities of Lightroom. I was considering upgrading to LR5 anyway, and I no longer use the other tools in the web design suite, so I want that NOW!”

I tried but wasn’t able to get it immediately… it wasn’t available when it was announced… bad form.

Finally it was released … and the announced ‘Own photoshop’ was amended to ‘Own photoshop (suites excluded)’

Wha… What? WHY? Why did Adobe decide to further compound the already crippling atrocity that was the creative suite upgrade ‘path’? CS, then CS2, then CS3, then CS4… My hobby finances finally gave out. Lightroom was a godsend… updated to 2, 3 and 4. I was planning on LR5 when this was announced.

Now, ‘all it takes’ is spending 6 times the subscription price… PLUS the subscription price… to get into this ‘deal’ which originally was implied to be open to anyone who had a licensed copy of Photoshop CS3 or newer. I have two that fit into the CS3 and above category. Unfortunately, they are part of the CS3 Design Premium and CS4 Web Premium.

Rather than enabling all interested photoshop users to to join the service at a highly attractive price… Adobe limits it to an exclusive and restricted set of individual retail license users.

End result: I join the crowd of highly disappointed (and upset) users who find the ‘deal’ fails to be the deal it appears to be on the surface.

Please tell me this restriction will be corrected back to the ‘Own Photoshop’ without the ‘Suites excluded’ clause. I will be happy to sign on to the photography program then.

    Thank you, Jeffrey, for your email response. I am now subscribed and enjoying the benefits of the Photography Program.

Exactly, I would say that $10 is a bit expensive. I know it doesn’t sound much, but If I have to pay for more than 8 PC programs per month that’s $80 per month. That’s a lot just for software.

Hi there!

I was so excited about the photographer’s bundle you are offering for just photoshop and lightroom, but was really disappointed when I tried to sign up for it with the version of CS5 I own since it’s a student version :(. Is there anything you can do for those of us who have purchased the student version and would like to do the photographer’s bundle for 9.99? Thanks so much for your help!


I have a student version and I have to say that I am very dissappointed to find out that I am not eligible for this $9.99/month offer. I do not upgrade every year, and so wouldn’t it make more sense for Adobe to offer it to those with student versions? You will make more $ from me.


    Hi Katie, I’ll send you an email so we can look at your upgrade options.

      Hi Jeffrey,

      I commented with basically the same question/remark right above…will you be sending me an email to discuss as well? Thanks!


        Hi Sara, Yes. Someone from my team will be in touch.

          Hi Jeffrey,

          I own the student versions of CS6 Mac/Win, Acrobat XI Mac/Win, as well as a separate copy of Photoshop CS6. Can I take advantage of this offer as well? I’d really like to sign up for this program. Thank you!

      Hi – if Adobe is going to honor this offer to those of us who have spent $$$ over the years on Photoshop are you intending on making this offer public or do we ‘have to email you’ to lift the secrecy ?????

        Like I’ve said in prior replies – I’ve been pushing to open this up to more customers across the board. I’m still hopeful this will happen so stay tuned.

        BTW – did you get my email or my support staff’s messages?

          Have received no communication, only responses from chat agents that my academic licenses are ineligible for the programme.

I agree with a few of the recent posts. I am also interested in the $9.99 subscription but have the student version and was also disappointment that I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of this price.

I am retired and photography is my hobby. I have been a Photoshop user since CS2 and having bought the upgrades as they became available I am now on CS6. I also bought Lightroom 4 more recently. I would like to participate in the $9.99 deal for photographers. I live near Cape Town in South Africa and I have been trying in vain to find out how I sign up for this deal. I am pulling my hair out in exasperation! I appear to qualify for the $9.99 photographers’ deal. How do I sign up? Please, can you provide me with a simple practical answer so that I can sign up?

I got CS4 Design Premium (Student) and LR 2 (Student), LR 3 (Student), 4 and 5. I only need PS and LR. Is there any upgrade path for me?

Apologies for the long post but I would like to share my experience, so everybody will know where they are getting their selves into, if they go with the subscription service, the level of the customer service and Adobe’s attitude in regards to customer’s money.

The last 5 days i have been trying to change my payment info (my card was lost and I have got a replacement one) with no luck.
The Edit payment Info page returns a message:
“We’re sorry,
something seems to be wrong on our end. Please try
again later.”

Please read below last night’s chat log with one of the CS representative:

Rukhaya: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.
Chat Window
1 of 3 11/11/2013 22:01

Stelios: Hi

Rukhaya: Hi Stelios.

Stelios: I am trying to update my card info the last four

Rukhaya: I understand you are unable to update your
credit card information?

Stelios: That is correct
Stelios: I always get the following message:We’re sorry,
something seems to be wrong on our end. Please try
again later.

Rukhaya: Thank you for the confirmation, though I am
sorry to hear that.

Rukhaya: I will be glad to help you with this.

Stelios: Thanks

Rukhaya: You are welcome.
Rukhaya: Please stay online for 2 to 3 minutes while I
check this information for you.

Stelios: Of course

Rukhaya: Thank you.
Rukhaya: Thank you for your patience.
Rukhaya: I will provide you the steps to update the credit
card details. 1. Sign in to Creative Cloud. Click My
Account. 2. Under Plan Information, click Edit Payment
Info.3. Enter your password, click Verify, and then enter
the new payment information.

Stelios: I will try it immediately

Rukhaya: Please go ahead.

Stelios: This is what I have been trying to do all these

Rukhaya: I request you to please follow the same
process with a different browser.

Stelios: I’ll give it a go with Safari
Rukhaya: Yes please.
Stelios: It shows my Edit Payment Info….it doesn’t ask
for a password….and it doesn’t let me update anything,
they are all grayed out

Rukhaya: Stelios, in this case I can arrange a phone call
to you, may I please have your current contact number?

Stelios: +44 xxxxxxxxxxxx

Rukhaya: Thank you for the phone number.
Rukhaya: May I please know your preferable time?

Stelios: When should I expect a call? Today, tomorrow?

Rukhaya: You can expect it by tomorrow.

Stelios: Will there be an issue with the subscription if it
will not be fixed by tomorrow? Because the new payment
is on the 13th….What will happen if it is not fixed?

Rukhaya: Stelios, your subscription might get suspended
in that case.

Stelios: Why do you (Adobe i mean) put the problem on
my side? Is it my fault your system is not working properly
and you will suspend my account????????

Rukhaya: If you want you can be contacted today only.

(Earlier today I tried with Windows Explorer…same issue)

Nobody has called melast night….nobody has called me until now…
Tonight the transaction will be declined and my account WILL BE SUSPENDED, EVEN THOUGH THE PROBLEM IS ADOBE’S to solve…

Adobe should make sure my account is valid until they solve their software problem…end of story…

What more can I say, except that you ADOBE don’t have any respect towards your customers at all…You don’t care and take responsibility for anything… You are in for the money and the money only.

I’ll make sure my story is spread, as much as I can. I am that frustrated after 5 days….

Hi! I was wondering if there had been any progress re: student editions of Photoshop, and our ability to participate in the photography program. I saw in the comments that you (Jeffrey) were kindly offering to email people with possible solutions to this problem, and I was wondering if I could also receive an email explaining my options. I am a teacher with a student edition, and therefore have never really had enough income to purchase a commercial edition of the program, but continue to need current versions so that I can continue to teach the software.


Talk about being stuck i own photoshop cs2 and have not upgraded due to loss of job back then. so when adobe offered CC at a 29.95 month for a year i jump on the wagon and now its going to renew at 49.95 a mounth i dont need the full CC apps i just need Photoshop and lightroon but it seems there is no way i can get it does being a present CC member close you out and trying to find a liget copy of cs3 upgrade is impossible can anybody help

Bit of an issue that perhaps Jeffrey can help with. I manage three licenses in the Photography department of a small museum. I have been told that I can’t use the three licenses to sign up for three $9.99 subscriptions. Instead I have to try to transfer licenses to other email addresses. One credit card is paying for all of them and the email addresses will be all in the same department. I can see assigning emails to each subscription, but why do I have to fill out a form, sign it, scan it and submit it when I will be paying for them all anyway?

    Hi Gord, I’ll have someone contact you to help out.

Adobe is neglecting its photography students–who, like me, are frequently poor. By shutting students out of the $9.99 PPP offer (and about doubling the student price of CS6 over previous versions), students like me are in a quandary. I can’t afford CS6 and I can’t afford $19.99 a month, but I want to remain a student of Photoshop. Students are Adobe’s next generation of Photoshop users–why not give us a break now in anticipation of long-term loyalty?

I read through this blog and then began the purchase process for the $9.99 offer. I understood that the $9.99 pricing wasn’t just promotional. However, clearly written on the sign-up page is the following statement:

The price is valid for a full 12 months. After that, we’ll renew your contract automatically, at the ten-current price of the offering, unless you cancel. The price is subject to change, but we will always notify you beforehand.

Jeffrey, can you please clarify for me what the pricing structure will be in twelve months? How do I know if this is program is something I can afford to do if I don’t know what the cost will be in twelve months.

Because, there is nothing to tell me what the price will be when I need to renew this scares me. Adobe is in the business of making money. No doubt that they provided this special offer because registrations were lower than they wanted. My fear is that once they have us signed up, we are locked in. It won’t be easy to undo and reinstall our old software. We will be tricked into paying whatever Adobe decides because we aren’t likely to give up digital photography.

Thank you,

    $9.99 is the price, not a first year promo. We can’t say the price won’t ever go up sometime in the future to account for things like inflation. We also can’t say the price won’t go down in the future either. For example, Lightroom’s price was cut in half between Lightroom 3 and 4 – and Photoshop’s price has gone both up and down over its 23 year history.

Hi Jeffrey, I appreciate your response and that you clearly stated that it isn’t a promotion but, if that is the case why does the sign-up page clearly state that $9.99 is a one year price after which the renewal will occur at the then current price of the offering? That sign-up page becomes my contract and the terms that will apply upon my renewal. If Adobe’s then current price of the offering is $24.95/month, Adobe will be able to say that the website clearly stated we would be subject to current rates. I could easily accept a small increase but I am concerned about Adobe’s lack of clarity on their sign-up page – the place that it really matters. I use Photoshop a lot and would like to upgrade to the current version. I accept that pricing could reasonably increase in 12 months but given Adobe’s normally excessive prices, I am reluctant to commit to a pricing structure I may not be able to sustain. How do we get Adobe to be more upfront and clear about how much of an increase we could expect.

I am a long time and loyal Adobe customer but I also know that Adobe isn’t known for their low prices.

    Hi Jocelyn, Again, $9.99 is the price, not a first year promo. The price won’t go up to $24.99 after a year. The terms are there account for the fact that we can’t say the price won’t ever go up sometime in the future to account for things like inflation. We also can’t say the price won’t go down in the future either – as they have in the case of this offer, and cutting the price of Lightroom in half in recent years.

Bernard, same here. Its a bit confusing as the full could is available in South Africa but this photography edition gives an error.

So with my name, userID and password part of an on-line crossword puzzle, why would I want to sign-up for a rental service which requires a current credit card on file which Adobe has demonstrated they are not able to protect? Why can’t I purchase products and just use them? This is totally enough to drive me and my company away from Adobe products forever. Thank you for promoting the Open Source community through this policy.

Hi there. I purchased a perpetual license for Lightroom in June. Having joined the Photography Programme, I am entitled to sell/transfer my perpetual license to another user/PC?

Hi, Also for South Africa and trying to PS & LR bundle for $9.99 (until 2 Dec)… but

Creative Cloud Membership isn’t currently offered in your country or region, but if you like, we can notify you when it becomes available. If you no longer live in this country or region, login to update your account or create a new Adobe ID for your current country of residence. For a list of countries in which Creative Cloud is available, please visit our Tech specs and Language availability page.

Which is no true, since our office already has the full $50 CC bundle… Can anyone help?

Appreciate it for helping out, good info.

HI ! Does this deal include Bridge?

Hello Jeffery, i am Wondering if you have found out anything more about availability in South Africa?

    Hi Edwin, it’s unfortunately not currently available in S. Africa. Sorry.

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I received the email about this program back in August. At the time, the FAQs said that those with a single app membership (I am one of these for Photoshop CC) would receive further information about changing over the plan – or something similar to that – I expected that my $19.99 monthly CC bill would be reduced to $9.99, but nothing has happened. When I go into the FAQs now, the information which was previously there about current single app members is gone. I am currently locked into paying $19.99 for a single app membership, and had already upgraded Lightroom 5 a couple of months back. Tried contacting customer service a couple of months ago to find out how to switch over but gave up after waiting an eternity. Can I swap over to the $9.99 offer? It seems totally unfair if I can’t since my situation seemed to be one of the scenarios originally contemplated

Jeffrey: This is a long blog so my apologies if you have answered these questions before and I skimmed over them. I purchased a Photoshop CC subscription and shortly thereafter purchased an upgrade to Lightroom 5. (I am current with Lightroom 5.3.) Subsequently I was offered the Photographer’s bundle adding Lightoom 5 as a free add on to my current subscription, which I thought I accepted, but Adobe customer service denies this. I understand that a $9.99 bundle (plus tax) is available to me through 2/28 which includes Lightroom based on my prior purchases of Photoshop CS4, CS5 and CS6. The price is roughly the same as my Photoshop CC license, but I am informed that my existing subscription will terminate and I will have to go into a new subscription. My question is, what are the pros and cons of this? What are the reasons that make taking this offer make sense? I understand that I would not have to buy an upgrade to LR 6 whenever that happens, but am I losing any favorable terms from the Photoshop CC license I am in already? If I take the bundle, do I have a cholce not to install the Lightroom download that comes with it and/or should I continue to use my standalone LR 5.3 version? Are there any differences between the Lightroom version that is downloaded via the subscription versus the one that I already have?

    Hi Brian,

    Let me look up your account info. I’ll send you an email shortly.

Thanks for discuss… It’s really helpful…

Hi, I’m trying to purchase adobe creative cloud photoshop + lightroom (Photoshop Photography Program) the special plan which ends at March 31st. But when I’m going to fill the form to make the payment, at the credit card info, the page only allows U.S. billing addresses and cities. How can I purchase this membership if I’m from outside the United States? (I live in Colombia, South-America).

Thank you very much, I hope you can help me.

    Are you choosing “Columbia Peso” from the pop-up near the price (if it’s set to US Dollar (US$)). If it’s not letting you signup with “Columbia Peso”, double-check what country your Adobe ID is associated with. Your Adobe ID and payment bank needs to match the country you are purchasing in. If it doesn’t, create a new Adobe ID account for the country you are in. ^J

I purchased the Photoshop Photography Program for $9.99/month, but it is only covering Ps not Lr. I’ve downloaded the Lr trial, and entered my credit card # for the PPP but it will not convert the Lr trial to become part of the Program. The Lr trial says I only have 7 days left on it, how can I convert it to be part of the Program before the trial ends?

    Hi Kay, you need to uninstall the Lightroom trial and install it using the Creative Cloud application to license it correctly.

Hello. I am new to Photoshop and I have a question. I just purchased the $9.99/mo Photoshop and Lightroom package. While on Creative Cloud I noticed that some of the other apps have an “Install” button as opposed to a “Try” button. Being as they are marked “Install”, I am wondering if these come with my subscription. The apps that say “Install” are:

Bridge CC

Edge Code CC (Preview)

Edge Inspect CC

Edge Reflow CC (Preview)

Exchange Panel (for CS6 Apps)

Extendscript Toolkit CC

Extension Manager CC

Gaming SDK 1.3

Scout CC

Touch App Plug-ins

Thank you!

    Bridge, Exchange Panel, Extendscript Toolkit, Extension Manager, Touch App plug-ins do come with your membership. The Edge apps use a different installer technology and are licensed separately when they are downloaded. These are not part of the PS & LR plan.

And this is what I’ve been trying to address here, that the $9.99 a month subscription should not be exclusive, but ought to be a standard price for all. Not only will more people likely sign up, Adobe will keep loyal customers, and make a lot more money in the process.

As for finding another product as good as Photoshop and Lightroom, it’s not likely to happen. These products are excellent, especially when used together.

Adobe, you undoubtedly have great products! Please enhance that greatness by making the $9.99 a month subscription available to everyone . . . and keep it that way. Is that really too much to ask? Surely you can do this, and you would likely be better off for doing so.

It’s no longer exclusive. As of this morning, anyone, whether you own an Adobe product or not, can sign up for this program until December 2nd.

Chris, would you please clarify how will Adobe deal with those who have signed up previously, with the higher monthly subscription for the same products (Photoshop & Lightroom)?
Will Adobe revert these accounts automatically to the new lower price?

Thank you in advance,

Hi Jeffrey – it unfortunately seems that not anyone can apply. I live in South Africa and when trying to sign up for this program, it informs me that it is not available in my country, despite the full Creative Cloud package being available here. I see other earlier comments remarking on the same situation, but with no solution provided. Can you provide any clarification?


Despite what your update at the top of the page says, it seems the offer is only available to customers who already own a CS3 and higher product. Could you please clarify this?

best regards
Jan Darski

I’ll have someone contact you to help with your options.

Hi Stelios, I just posted a similar question – did Adobe readjust the monthly payments? I am currently paying for Photoshop as a single app?

Unfortunately, it’s not available in South Africa, yet… I know other plans besides CC complete are rolling out in new countries. Let me see if I can find some details.

All sorted after a CS agent called me today.

Thank you very much, Jeffrey. Very much appreciated.

Best Regards,

Great. Thanks Stelios.

Hi Jan,

The offer is open to everyone until December 31st.

Hi Kerin, someone will be in touch to assist you with your options.




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