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Introducing New Features in Photoshop CC (14.2)

Today we’re announcing the immediate availability of new Photoshop CC features for Creative Cloud members. This update to Photoshop CC (version 14.2) includes many new features, including Perspective Warp for manipulating multiple perspectives in an image, and linked Smart Objects for easier reuse of design elements. We are also delighted to deliver support for 3D printing in Photoshop CC. Now you can design, edit and print in 3D using the world’s best imaging tool.

We want everyone to have a chance to try out these new features, as well as other features like Adobe Generator, which was introduced last September with the release of Photoshop CC version 14.1, and those released in the first version of Photoshop CC (version 14). We are excited to announce that we are resetting the trial clock for everyone today. Even if you have previously tried Photoshop CC and your trial has expired, now you can try the latest version of Photoshop CC for an additional 30 days and test-drive these awesome new features.

For a quick overview of the new features, take a look at the videos below:

Perspective Warp

Perspective Warp makes it easy to manipulate multiple perspectives in your image while keeping the rest of the image intact. You can correct complex distortions that can’t be fixed with other tools, turn a telephoto-lens shot into a wide-angle shot (and vice-versa), or even change the viewpoint from which the object is seen. Perspective Warp is also fantastic for seamlessly combining multiple images together that have different vanishing points.

Linked Smart Objects

Smart Objects just got a lot more useful in Photoshop CC. Similar to Illustrator and InDesign, linked Smart Objects allow you to use the same object in multiple documents, change it once, and have that change flow through to each and every Photoshop document, saving tons of time and improving team collaboration. This works with Illustrator files, PDFs, and even raw photos from Lightroom. Using linked Smart Objects can also reduce the size of your Photoshop files, saving hard disk space.

3D Printing

Bring your 3D designs into the real world now that you can easily refine, preview and then print them to a 3D printer—all directly from within Photoshop CC. This is especially useful for those who want to use familiar Photoshop tools to edit existing models, including those made in other 3D modeling tools. Get a successful print every time with automatic mesh repair, and automatic generation of support structures. And if you don’t have a 3D printer, use the 3D printing service from Shapeways and get your high-quality printed item shipped directly to you.

For more details about Photoshop and 3D printing, check out our blog post, “Photoshop CC Gets Physical: 3D Printing in Just One Click.

Additional improvements
This update also includes many other improvements to Photoshop CC, including improvements and enhancements to Scripted Patterns and fills, performance boosts for Smart Sharpen using the Mercury Graphics Engine, Adobe Generator improvements for rescaling Smart Objects and adding padding, and improved font transformations and shape selections. This release also includes seven features that were coded live at Photoshop World plus additional JDIs and bug fixes. For a detailed list of these and other performance, OS and hardware compatibility improvements (including new Mac Pro), go here.

Illustrator, InDesign and Muse
Today we are also releasing updates to Illustrator CC and InDesign CC, and we recently released updates to Adobe Muse CC as well. Check here for information about those releases.

How to get the Update
1. Look for the update in the Creative Cloud application and click “Update”. If it doesn’t appear, you may need to quit and re-launch the Creative Cloud application.
2. If you don’t have the Creative Cloud application running, start Photoshop and choose Help > Updates.
3. The Adobe Application Manager will launch. Select Adobe Photoshop CC and choose Update.

How to confirm that the Update worked
1. In Photoshop, choose Help > About Photoshop (Win), or Photoshop > About Photoshop (Mac)
2. The version at the top should be Version: 14.2

How to learn more about this latest Photoshop CC update:
1. See What’s New in Photoshop CC in Help
2. Visit the Photoshop forum 
3. Watch this Overview video
4. Visit
5. Watch online video tutorials from Photoshop evangelist Julieanne Kost 

A great way to get started or try some of the new features in Photoshop CC is to use the new CC Learn step-by-step tutorials.

Give us feedback!
Once you’ve updated to the newest version of Photoshop CC, don’t forget to leave us feedback about your experiences. Photoshop wouldn’t be what it is today without the loyal community of regular customers who help us find and fix common issues. If you keep talking to us, we’ll keep listening.

Here are a few ways that you can send us feedback:

    • Give feedback on
    • Give feedback on the Photoshop User to User forums

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Interested in subscribing to CC. I mainly use Photoshop. What Mac system is recommended?

Still doesn’t finish the plethora of “Event ID 80 SideBySide” errors as detailed on your forums unfortunately.

    I did a search for “Event ID 80 SideBySide” on our forums and turned up no results. Can you post a link to the issue you’re referring to?

When will you guys fix high DPI support for screens on the desktop in Windows 8? Stoked to try out these new features.

    It’s on our roadmap to support HiDPI for windows. Can’t offer an ETA at this time, but the team is definitely working it.

      I am very disappointed, you guys don’t seem to be taking this seriously. I have an $1800 laptop I cant use. Some of my staff cannot work from their laptops. Might as well be a brick. ETA at least!!

      “It’s on our roadmap to support HiDPI for windows. Can’t offer an ETA at this time, but the team is definitely working it.”

      Can we please have an ETA? Not being able to use this really hurts workflow.

      YES! ETA at least!?

      OK, this crazy. How did you guys not catch this issue? We need an ETA for the fix. We’ve got staff at a standstill because of your product!

      I’m pretty much stuck high and dry until a fix comes out for high DPI screen support.

      Wow you guys really missed the mark on this. I find it hard to believe that you don’t have an expected ETA. Can I beta test for you? cmon guys! We need something asap

They should rather finally focus on redesigning obsolete interface for all filters with full preview screen and enchance them . Most of this work i do using….After Effects…which is not for image editing..paradox.

Save for Web is now greyed out (RGB, 8bit) – I can’t save as a PNG any longer.

    Save for web is grayed out for me also. This is a serious issue for me. Any work arounds?

      Could you please share the information below to us?

      1. Your Update Path for PS CC.
      2. Your Sytem Info(Photoshop > Help > System info)
      3. Your Steps when you encountered this issue.

      Please send it to

      Could you please send your installer log files (Log files location: /Library/Logs/Adobe/Installers/) to

    What platform are you on?

    Same here, need a solution ASAP!

      Yeah… I noticed this option disappeared for me last week when I updated. Not sure what happened. I am a web designer and really need this functionality back, like today! What’s going on Adobe?

      Could you please send your installer log files (Log files location: /Library/Logs/Adobe/Installers/) to

    Could you please share the information below to us?

    1. Your Update Path for PS CC.
    2. Your Sytem Info(Photoshop > Help > System info)
    3. Your Steps when you encountered this issue.

    Please send it to

    Could you please send your installer log files (Log files location: /Library/Logs/Adobe/Installers/) to

Does Perspective Warp require a higher spec graphics card than the other (non-3D) features? It is grayed out in my Image menu despite having enabled “Use Graphics Processor to Accelerate Computation” in Preferences. I have only 256 gb. vram.

    Which OS/card do you have?

      Mac OS 10.9 with ATI Radeon HD 4670 256 MB. Not upgradeable, unfortunately, but other than 3D, everything seems to work fine.

        Jeff – To add some information to this. If I send the image from LR5 to PS 14.2 using “Edit In”, Perspective Warp is NOT available. If I instead use the Open command from within PS 14.2, then Perspective Warp IS available. Something seems not right here. I’ve tested only with a .cr2 file.

          Jeff – After more exploring, it seems that Perspective Warp is only available on 8 bit images. Is this expected?

          That’s correct. Graphics Cards/GPUs with 256MB VRAM will still support Perspective Warp for 8-bit documents, and 512MB of VRAM or higher is required for 16 and 32-bit support.

Finally linked objects, although I would have personally appreciated an option to bypass some of the saving process.

What if I want to place two linked files (let’s call them “versions”) in my main psd and both of the two versions are in turn a psd made out of the same linked images, only modified differently (assume layer comps aren’t an option here).

If I edit the original linked images, I still have to open, update and save the psd of the two versions separately and only then they will appear updated on my main psd.

I’d like an option that allows me to save a linked object and automatically update each file where an instance of that object is present.

    That should work if you make sure they retain their relationship by duplicating the smart object normally. If you use Layer>Smart Object>New Smart Object Via Copy… it will break the relationship (symbol like behavior)

      I don’t think this is the case, as I haven’t made a new smart object via copy.

      Here’s the step by step, (and no worries If you have seen in Inception this should be piece of cake :D)

      Made versionA.psd by pasting as a link image1.psd in a new document (thus creating a linked smart object), applied a X modification to it and saved.
      Made versionB.psd by pasting as a link image1.psd in a new document, applied a Y modification to it and saved

      Made my main.psd by pasting as a link version a.psd and version b.psd in a new document and saved.

      Let’s say I decide to edit image1. I open it, modify it and save.
      The change does happen both in versionA and versionB (if they are open, otherwise I will have to update) because they have instances of the same image 1 file into them, not new smart objects via a copy.
      But for the change to happen in my main.psd, I still have to open both versionA.psd and versionB.psd, make sure the update has occurred and save them.
      Only then main.psd sees the modification in the objects versionA and VersionB.

      I should need a function that when saving image1, also let’s me automatically update and save all closed files where instances of the file are stored.

      Is it more clear?

        You are right Ale – when you nest A in B and B in C, then updating A will not automatically show the change in C. Document C only updates when file B changes on disk, which requires you to open and save B.

        Unfortunately, trying to locate and find un-opened parents of a changed file is not practical. Also, automatically saving an opened file because one of its smart objects changed may not be desirable in many cases.

        Theoretically, we could enable a “update all smart objects including nested smart objects” command for the top parent (C), where it would drill down through all the nested children and update anything that was out of date, but we do not have that functionality right now. We can take it under consideration if you think it would be helpful for your workflow?

        PS Engineering

          Ale/Tai, gotcha. I wasn’t following the nesting. What Tai said. Files that are nested won’t update until they’re cracked open. We’d have to add a command to drill down – but it wouldn’t be a free operation (it may take some time iterate and to update all the files).

I can not even OPEN PNG-Files anymore… what??

    Okay that was too fast… Cloud-Updater failed so Photoshop was kind of corrupted. Works fine now.

I hope this fixes the bugginess with photoshop cc and wacom tablets that have been widely reported. i’ve had countless 3rd party software crashes since CC, white menus, etc…

I updated Photoshop and now i can’t do a right click on the free trasfomation field do change the unit e.g. from percent to cm? is it now possible anymore or it there a setting do enable it again?

    What OS version are you on?

      i’m on windows 7 x64 Version.

    I am also having this issue on win7 x64.

also thanks :)

I’m on a 2009 MacBook Pro, OS 10.9.1, no problem using 3D. Perspective Warp is grayed out and I can’t figure out why. Suggestions?

    Check your GPU Preferences. In the Peformance preferences, make sure that “Use Graphics Processor” is checked, and under Advanced Settings, make sure that “Use Graphics Processor to Accelerate Computation” is checked.


    If Tai’s suggestion doesn’t work, make sure your image is 8 bit. Perspective Warp is not available (for me anyway) unless I convert 16-bit images to 8 bit.

Version 14.2 installed 2014 01 16 this AM. I cannot open any files, raw or jpg.

    Have you restarted PS and or the computer after the update?

      Yes, I restarted the computer after the upgrade. I am on Windows 8.1. Before the patch, I had normal operation of Photoshop. If I cannot get it to work soon, I will uninstall the patch.

I keep checking, but CC is saying that I’m up to date, but I’m on 14.0. Is the new version still rolling out?

Thanks for this (linked Smart Objects) needed and useful update!

I am running a Mac OS 10.6.8 Processor 2.8 GHz Quad-Dore Intel Xeon. I’ve downloaded the new Photoshop CC and it will not launch, it gets stuck when “starting-up plug-ins…Extensis” Do I not have the correct OS?

Any chance on being able to group paths in the future?
It would make it much easier to move a late number of paths from one file to the next.


    Make sure you submit your ideas to You can also vote on ideas that others have posted.

Saved for Web is grayed out for me.
I also can not open or save . PNG files.

Please help.

Why is perspective warp photoshop greyed out?
mac OS 10.9.1
GeForce GT 120 512 MB

    Unfortunately, the nVidia GeForce GT 120 video card isn’t one we fully support.

      hope in future the NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 512MB will be supported

      Best regards

I just installed this update and my right click stopped working suddenly. (trying to make a work path)
Where can I go for help on this issue?

Thanks in advance

    Are you on Windows? If so, it’s a known issue we’re working on.

    Sounds like you’re on windows. We’re aware of the issue and looking into it.

Yes. Is there another way to make a work path (for custom shape)?
Is there anyway I can “uninstall the update”? – I need to make work path for work project deadline

    Are you trying to make a work path from a selection? You can do this from the Paths panel. (Middle button on the panel or from path panel menu)

New update won’t allow me to copy an image to Photoshop from Illustrator as a path while maintaining my clipboard size. In other words when I paste a path into Photoshop the canvas size isn’t big enough for my path even if the window is pulled out to fit the full screen.

    Having the exact same issue. It seems to be constantly assuming a 72 pixel workspace. Right now, the workaround that’s has been consistently doable (but still annoying) is to set your resolution for 72 pixels, then the art comes in at the correct size (100%). Paste as a smart object and bump up to your desired resolution.

Having the issue of Perspective Warp continuously grayed out. No matter what I try. Suggestion above says to try 8-bit. Have no idea where that menu would be, but have looked under Edit.

Thanks for the help,


Not very fond of this upgrade. Affecting client work.

Cannot do a Save As, now different tools are not responding.

Same error:

Cannot complete, Program Error.

Please address.

I also have a problem I try to use the new FILL function scripted patterns but the only answer I get are

Error: Error in Symmetry initialization
Script: line 43: Variable name expected

Thats the first time I try to use it after starting PS if I try to use it again PS crash with EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV)

I see that there are a lot of damaged installs maybe I also have a damaged install what do you think.
Have fun

    Are you on Mac or Windows? What version of the OS>

      On a Mac 10.9.1

        I forgot to write that I also checked the installation logg and it have reached a normal end

        Successfully installed 2 components:
        01/16/14 14:28:28:211 | [INFO] | | OOBE | DE | | | | 583101 | – Adobe Photoshop CC Core_14.2_AdobePhotoshop14-Core
        01/16/14 14:28:28:211 | [INFO] | | OOBE | DE | | | | 583101 | – Adobe Photoshop CC Support_14.2_AdobePhotoshop14-Support
        Have fun


I also have the same problem with thi fonction….
It’s ok at 1st lauch of PS and for the 1st image, it work well, but for the 2d error box line 43…, next lauch this function PS crash.

Imac 27′ end 2009 8 Go DDR OSx10.9.1 idem on MBA mid 2011 18 Gz I7 4 Go DDR

I have uninstaled all CC on the 2 Mac reboot, rinstall, not ad my custom, relauch,PS 1st ok, 2d error line 43 3d crash PS…. no proble with other new fuctions else some are slow

Bien de la joie, OS et CC french versions !

Please Adobe, provide saturation & luminosity alpha channels in the channels palette to create luminosity and saturation mask automatically. In lightroom it would be great to to apply adjustment with a saturation or luminosity mask (something you click if you want to apply the “whites” or “shadows” adjustment only to the most most saturated marts of the image

Excellent program and excellent service

Can anyone redirect me to learn photoshop basics!!!

CC Updates & Backout – it’s always good practice to be able to revert to a previous version, so if I want to back-out an update (e.g. if I have a problem with 14.2 & I want to go back to 14.1), what is the recommended method (Windows 8.1) ? Thanks . . .

With this update you have removed the option to rightclick on the top bar of an image-window.
I use this feature like maybe a hundred times a day to:
– change the image size
– change the canvas size
– duplicate the image

PLEASE PUT THIS OPTION BACK IN PHOTHOSOP with the next update, because it’s driving me nuts. I have been using this rightclick for 10 years and can not help myself rightclicking the topbar but nothing happens when I do this now!!

    Hi Manu, We’re investigating this issue.

      Ajuda estoun tendo o mesmo problema do Manu..

      Com esta atualização você removeu a opção de rightclick na barra superior de uma janela de imagem.
      eu usar esse recurso como talvez uma centena de vezes por dia para:
      – alterar o tamanho da imagem
      – alterar o tamanho da tela
      – duplicar a imagem

      Por favor, coloque ESTA OPÇÃO PARA TRÁS NO PHOTHOSOP com a próxima atualização, pois isso está me deixando louco. Tenho vindo a utilizar este rightclick por 10 anos e não posso deixar de me rightclicking o topbar mas nada acontece quando eu faço isso agora!

      esse problema vai ser resolvido no próxima actualização ou terei de instalar a versão anterior..


        Este é um problema conhecido que irá corrigir em uma atualização em um futuro muito próximo.

Jeffrey T. Can you send me an e-mail. I would like to discuss getting Photoshop CC 3D printing connected. I am close, I just have a few questions.

Hi,I just updated Photoshop CC and some of my shortcommands dont work anymore, Polygon Lasso tool – when i mark with that tool, i can no longer zoom in or out on with ( + and – ) and i cant even undo the markings by pressing ( DEL ) and if i want to remove all markings i have to spamm ( ESC ) maybe 5 times. almost every mark spot becomes some kind of small triangle. Is that some kind of bug or just the way its ment to be ? first time i have problem with this, i have used Photoshop over 8 years and i have Always used theese commandos that dont work now. Please help, Thank you.

      Hi again, i am on windows, i have tried to reintall, even format my hhr, still same thing. it happened after the update. but i will try your way now.

        No go, still same thing

          I found how to zoom in and out while i mark the Picture with Polygon Lasso tool. but its not on “+” and “-“, its on “?” and “_” is there a way to go back to previous verison of PS ?

        i did a Clean format of my HDDR *

          Which video card are you working with Petar? I’d maybe see if there is an updated driver available on your video card manufacturer’s website.

          Next time it happens, would you be able to take a screenshot of what it looks like and share it with us?


          Hi, I have Nvidia GTX 590. it started after patch, I use Photoshop all the time for work, that tool wont work how its supposed.

          When i start to mark, I cant undo any marks as its allways worked Before with “Delete”, and i cant zoom while marking with “+” and “-”.
          I cant release the marker with “Esc”. all of this worked for me Before this patch, I even formated my main Harddrive. So it has to be the Patch.

          Heres a print of how it sometimes mark when i mark Little faster. I work really fast with Photoshop but theese things never happend Before. with any patch or Photoshop.

          I can confirm that the issue ony accures on the latest patch, becouse i just tried the patch Before this one and it works fine.

Hi, I have Nvidia GTX 590. it started after patch, I use Photoshop all the time for work, that tool wont work how its supposed.

When i start to mark, I cant undo any marks as its allways worked Before with “Delete”, and i cant zoom while marking with “+” and “-“.
I cant release the marker with “Esc”. all of this worked for me Before this patch, I even formated my main Harddrive. So it has to be the Patch.

Heres a print of how it sometimes mark when i mark Little faster. I work really fast with Photoshop but theese things never happend Before. with any patch or Photoshop.

    Thanks for the screenshot. That is strange behavior.

    Are you using a tablet, Wacom or other stylus?

Update to 14.1 and then to 14.2 killed my ability to use Custom Shape Tool. After selecting a shape, mouse down but before I can even hold and drag dialog comes up indicating a program error (no error #). I’m on an iMac running OS 10.6.8

this issue is preventing me from working on my new laptop which I cant return

new FILL function scripted patterns but the only answer I get are

Error: Error in Symmetry initialization
Script: line 43: Variable name expecte

Hello, pour info, NikCollection pas encore compatible avec PS CC 14.2, fonctionnait avec PS CC 14.1 version française

Hello, for info, not yet compatible with PS CC 14.2 NikCollection, worked with PS CC 14.1 French version


    Do you have the latest NIK plug-ins?

    Version 1.110 (January 21/2014) is the latest:

    Fixed crashes and other issues with Intel GMA GPUs on Windows and Mac OS

    You can find out the version you have installed by launching Photoshop:

    On Mac: Select Photoshop>About Plug-in>Analog Efex Pro… (or any other NIK Plug-in)

    On Windows: Select Help>About Plug-in>Analog Efex Pro… (or any other NIK Plug-in)

    I also have a problem with the new FILL function scripted patterns, answer I get are
    Error: Error in Symmetry initialization
    Script: line 43: Variable name expected
    I have restored settings but it did not help, does anyone have any solution?

I cannot use it properly because my system stuck when I used it on my Apple laptop. However I can use it on HP. IS there any issue with Mac OS?

    What do you mean by “my system stuck”? Photoshop 14.2 should be fine on Mac OS

Great! I’m excited to try this!

Interested to subscribe. Please let me know the details.

Gosh, I missed this information!! Can’t wait testing it!
Best, Johannes

cant believe i missed it too!

I have Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC installed in two systems : a Win7 x64 bit Desktop PC and a Win7 x32bit Laptop. I’m working on a Photoshop file which contains multiple vector objects (as ‘File>Place..’). All these vector files are stored in the same folder. I copied this folder from the laptop’s hard-drive to the desktop PC.But whenever I open the psd file in Desktop PC, I’m get this warning :
“This document contains unknown data which will be discarded to keep layers editable. To preserve the original appearance instead, choose Flatten to load composite data as a flattened image. followed by 3 choices > keep layers, cancel, flatten.”

If I choose ‘Keep Layers’, all layers are visible, however the placed ‘.ai’ files no longer appear as smart objects, but only as normal layers and are non-editable in illustrator. Please HELP !!

    Sounds like the computer you’re getting the “Unknown data” error on isn’t up-to-date. Choose Help>Updates… to make sure 14.2 is the latest update installed on both systems:

I got great Adobe Certified training from an ACI online in two days from ThinkB!G in Photoshop CC. They send you the Adobe book and course files. It has really increased my productivity! Thanks Adobe!

I also have a problem with the new FILL function scripted patterns, answer I get are
Error: Error in Symmetry initialization
Script: line 43: Variable name expected
I have restored settings but it did not help, does anyone have any solution?

Is there any indication how long it will take adobe to fix the backspace issue of the polgonal lasso tool? It is taken way to long and a clear indication that Adobe CC needs a roll-back functionality ASAP.

    @Marc.. I agree with it. Polygonal lasso tool need to have the backspace delete option ASAP.

I agree with @ Manu De Mey
The latest update has completely removed the the option to rightclick on the top bar of an image-window / document-window
=> to change the image size
=> change the canvas size
=> duplicate the document


These options need to be put back IMMEDIATELY. This is very important because they help resizing and duplicating of the document faster.

How come this latest update MISSES such a an important option that’s been there for years?????

I’ve only been using the CC version for a short while. But used earlier versions for a couple of years with no major problems. Ever since the last update I am constantly getting an error “Photoshop shop has encountered an error and must close down”
There’s no prompt to report the error code. it just force closes and all unsaved data is lost.
Sometimes there’s a little recovery document, but most of the time there’s nothing.
Any other reports on this? I didn’t encounter this problem until the last update and it can happen anywhere from once to ten,

Any suggestions?

Hello Stephen. I think there’s a problem with the “Rectangular Marquee Tool” in Ps 14.2. More details on:

I also have some issues after update.

At x64 version: Save for Web greyed out.
At x32 version: Can’t delete clicked points by delete or backspace button while using “polygonal lasso tool”.

That’s all I found for now.


    The save for web issue is likely caused by install/update error. I would uninstall/reinstall to fix that.

    The ‘can’t delete points with Polygonal lasso” is a known issue. It will be fixed in a 14.2.1 update that will be out very soon.

      Thank you Jeff.

      I reinstalled Photoshop and all of the problems are fixed.

      Have a nice day…

It’s no longer possible to create a circular selection with the marquee tool by dragging while holding the shift key down. Is this a bug or intended behavior?

To create/release a Clipping Mask, you could alt-click ‘between’ layers in the Layers Tab. It still shows a different pointer indicating that functionality, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore.

Create/Release Clipping Mask still does work with the menu shown when you right click the layer, but that’s slower, so I would like to see the alt-click way.

How do I select multiple layers in the Layers tab in this new version?

    Shift + Click should work. It sounds like something is off with your set-up. What OS/version are you on?Are you on Mac or Win?

      Restart of my MacBook fixed it. Could’ve been a problem with my bluetooth keyboard. Sorry for overreacting, it’s working.

Is there a way to downgrade to 14.1?

PS trial clock did not reset. Creative Cloud app says it’s up to date, but when I try to launch it, it tells me that my trial has expired. Quitting the Cloud or restart didn’t help. ???

I want complete system requirements for Adobe Photoshop CC 14.2. Please tell in Mail or in the post whatever you like.
With Regards,
Sugam Bhusal

I would like to buy a year or montly subscription for adobe photoshop cc and adobe bridge. if my country is not listed in the list provided for currency, can I choose USD or Euro to buy it? do I need to live in the USA in order to buy a montly subscription in USD? I did not know where to post this question, so I posted it here.

    I’ll have someone contact you to get more info and answer your question.

I want the new CC 14 upgrade (Windows) but Photoshop says my program is up to date. What now?

Darned Cloud auto-updates. This is the 3nd (or 4th, maybe the 5th, I’m losing track)time that an update to PS CC and CS6 has caused problems with Extensions not being able to load. The app was working fine until…

Attempting to open any/all Extension from the Window menu produces an error:

Cannot complete command because the extension cannot be loaded.

Please don’t tell me to uninstall & reinstall PS !! That’s a way of saying “I don’t really know how to fix it”

And another thing…

Auto-Downloads periodically crash my system. When I uninstall & reinstall Adobe Cloud, the problem goes away for a while.

Having downloaded Adobe CC14 ‘update’ as prompted, I expected improvements. Like others in my studio, we’re reverting to the previous version as Photoshop in particular is slow and interruptive. Font / Typekit integration in particular is responsible for a lot of lag.
Photoshop CC14 is overloaded with interruptive prompts and complications. The font selection tool is slow and most irritatingly, I’m getting cursor delay or lag on only medium size files. For my subscription and professional equipment, I expected an update to = improvement.

Is there a way to downgrade to 14.1?

photoshop is really amazing to work with thanks

i love photoshop cc 14.2 alot thanks adobe and i always follow your software and i hope continue always be a first

Techloo and its workers are very greatful to adobe for providing its services which is helping us a lot in our field

Lovely features, I think this release is going to be a spectacular one, with many innovative improvements, thus making the operation with images a pleasant experience!

Really amazing to work with Photoshop with this great new features.

i love adobe

photoshop is one of the best photo editing tool i have ever used.
Really interesting and powerful.

Photoshop is very popular in our work space recently we have purchase various adobe pscs6 for our team. thanks photoshop




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