January 24, 2013

Update available for Presenter Mobile App!

updatePacked with multiple quizzing enhancements, an update for Presenter Mobile App is now available in the App Store. We’ve also revamped the user interface for the application and added a couple of new icons to improve your experience with the app. Here are the details about the features supported for Presenter Mobile App:

Quizzing Enhancements:

  • Multiple quizzes and multiple attempts: Presenter courses with multiple quizzes and multiple attempts are now supported on Adobe Presenter Mobile App. If you take a look at the course I have shared, it has quizzes for Physics, Biology, and Geography subjects.
    The Physics Quiz has the “Answer All” setting enabled, so that the learneris not allowed to skip any question. The Biology Quiz has the “Pass Required” setting enabled, so that the learner has to answer all questions correctly to move further. This quiz also allows multiple attempts so that the learners can take the quiz any number of times to get it right. Geography Quiz has the “Required” settingwhich makes it compulsory for the learners to answer at least one question from the quiz.
  • Question Groups: Now Presenter Mobile App also supports quizzes with Question Groups. It is possible to randomly pick any number of questions from the group of questions. In this course, I have created a group for Biology quiz, where two questions are randomly picked from a set of five questions.
  • Match Question Type: In addition to Multiple Choice and True/False questions, nowthe app supports the Matching type questions as well. In this course, I have included a Matching type question in Physics quiz.

 Usability Enhancements:

  1. URL History Component is integrated in the app so that most visited URLs are saved as part of the history to avoid retyping of locations every time.
  2. In addition to two-finger pinching to access the Table of Contents, now we can click on the icon in the top menu bar.
  3. If you upload your Presenter course to an LMS and access it on your iPad, the course will be launched in Presenter Mobile App. In case, you don’t have the app installed, you will be directed to the AppStore.

Here’s the URL to access the course in Presenter Mobile App, please leave a comment here to let us know your thoughts.

Posted by Vish7:19 AM