July 9, 2013

Brace Yourself; eLearning Just Got Social

PVX LogoIn case you missed the news last week, Adobe has just released another in a long series of serious innovations in eLearning. Adobe publishes two of the most significant applications in the eLearning authoring space, Adobe Captivate – the long time leader in eLearning authoring, and Adobe Presenter 9, a simple to use PowerPoint plugin that turns PowerPoint into an eLearning Authoring tool – complete with quizzing & no-programming-required interactivity.

Unemployed woman searching online for jobBut one longstanding problem in eLearning has been the isolation learners face when taking courses alone in front of a computer. People have long lamented that the collaboration and social aspects of learning are absent in eLearning and many have suggested that it is a serious disadvantage for online learning. Last week Adobe changed the rules for eLearning. Their newest offering, Adobe Presenter 9 not only re-introduces a social life to the classroom, it makes it easier than ever for trainers and teachers to clearly see the whole picture of a student’s participation and progress in a course, and even provides tools to help educators intervene easily when students are falling behind.

Check out this video from my colleague, Dr. Pooja Jaisingh, which describes and demonstrates these sensational new learning intervention and collaboration tools.

I’ll be talking in detail about these new features in Adobe Presenter 9 at my weekly Adobe eLearning eSeminar, this Wednesday at 10:00 AM US Pacific time. Register HERE: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/event/index.cfm?event=detail&id=2241173&loc=en_us for this free eSeminar.

Here’s the description of the session: Tracking your quiz results is wonderful, but what about the role of real, live, important and thought provoking discussion. Why should conversation be missing from our eLearning? It doesn’t need to be. Join Dr. Allen Partridge as he demonstrates simple methods that you can use to integrate effective and immediate learner communication, questions, conversations and even track those contributions as the instructor using Adobe eLearning tools. You won’t want to miss this amazing session. Register for Free today!

Lachende Männer beim StudiumThe implications here are fairly obvious. Now you can chat with your students, and they can talk with one another right inside the course. They can ask and answer questions, and can even evolve deep discussions about the course content. You can now manage both the traditional quiz interactions that the students have within the course, AND the discussions that they are having with one another and the instructor. Both can easily be factored into grading and you can easily discover which students are struggling and which are succeeding. The application makes it effortless to reach out to groups of students who need additional assistance and email them with tips, alerts and even visual summaries of their progress – or lack thereof.

With Adobe Presenter 9, Adobe is putting the people back into eLearning. Learn how it all works and how you can leverage these groundbreaking new eLearning tools at this week’s eSeminar.

Hope to see you there. Register HERE: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/event/index.cfm?event=detail&id=2241173&loc=en_us for this free eSeminar.

Posted by Allen Partridge3:52 AM