August 28, 2013

Step-by-Step: How do I publish my Presenter Course to My Learning Management System

How to publish Adobe Presenter Projects to your Moodle LMS (this will work for many other LMS’ too.)
1. Create a PowerPoint Project
2. Integrate any kind of Quiz
3. Feel free to include the new Collaboration features in Adobe Presenter 9
4. Once you are done with the project, press the Quiz: Manage Button.


5. The Quiz Manager Dialog Opens


6. Select the Reporting tab (third to the right)
7. Set the properties of the tab as illustrated below – you might want some settings done differently if you are assessing something different than a standard quiz.


8. Click the Manifest button on the right side top of this panel to reveal the IMS Manifest settings for the course. (You don’t have to set up anything special here, but it might be helpful to make the naming more appropriate.)
9. Fill out the fields to make the names and descriptions relevant to your course. It’s helpful to use a numbering convention like unit 1 or chapter 1 and then lesson 1,2,3 etc. to help you keep easy track of which lesson you are uploading and working with.
10. If you are using a recent version of SCORM, (2004) you can select the more recent version, but if you are using an older LMS, you may need to choose SCORM 1.2. The advantage of 2004 is that you get better reporting (verbose reporting) including info about the quiz questions and specific answers. Your LMS provider should be able to tell you if you need the older version. However, Moodle for example only supports 1.2 natively. There are plugins (Rustici for example) that can be added to Moodle, to make it fully 2004 compliant.


11. Once you finished, press Okay on the Manifest Dialog, and then press OK on the Quiz manager dialog.
12. Finally Press the Publish button as in the illustration below.


13. The publish dialog will open.


14. Be certain to check the box to Zip your file. (SCO files – scorm object files are generally given to your LMS as a single file – sometimes called a pif. This is essentially an archive *.zip file. It’s also a lot easier to zip all of your files into a single published archive file.)
15. Be sure you give the published file a unique name. Save each version with a new version number. It’s good practice in case you have some changes in a version, and it protects you from accidentally destroying data.
16. Your file will publish when you press the publish button.


17. Be sure to remember where you saved / published your file.
18. Open your LMS.
19. You’ll probably have to login to your LMS as shown above.
20. Now you’ll want to add your module to your LMS. In Moodle it generally looks like the image below and will be found under the ‘Add Activity’ menu in the Course Outline.
21. Looking to learn more about SCORM or other LMS support in Moodle?


22. Your course will now include the module, and it will be available in the subsection that you added it, similar to any other element in the course.

(Use the comments and questions below to let me know how this works for you, leave tips, add thoughts etc.)

Posted by Allen Partridge9:10 PM