June 23, 2014

Adobe Presenter 10 Enables on-Demand eLearning

PnMnemonicAdobe Presenter 10 is an eLearning authoring toolkit that helps you create show and tell video lessons for classroom teaching, distance learning, flipped learning and MOOC sessions. Using Adobe Presenter 10 you can simultaneously capture your screen content and your webcam video.

On Windows, Adobe Presenter 10 acts as a plugin to Microsoft PowerPoint. The simple added ribbon will allow you to

turn your PowerPoint slides into interactive eLearning with out-of-the-box assets and eye-catching quizzes. It provides a simple solution for adding sound, video, images, quizzes and interactivity to your PowerPoint slides. Because the content is authored right inside Microsoft PowerPoint, the tools and interface are familiar to most educators and trainers.

Publish in HTML5 for Tablets
One of the most exciting enhancements in Adobe Presenter 10 is that now you can easily publish your learning content for tablets. In addition, Adobe has provided a simple solution to allow you to track content consumption and learner performance with the built-in analytics dashboard or through integration with leading LMSs.

Easily Create Pro Quality Videos for Flipped Learning and Training
Both the Windows and Mac versions of Adobe Presenter 10 include a video creation tool called Adobe Presenter Video Express. This is the ideal way for students and teachers, trainers and trainees to create and share mobile and web friendly videos.



Check out the video demo above to learn how easily you can create videos with Adobe Presenter 10.

For Teachers & Learners
If you’re an educator who has considered flipping the classroom or just supplementing your in-class lessons with online materials, this is the perfect tool. You can quickly create HD video lectures to use in your distance and classroom learning, MOOC sessions or flipped learning modules. It provides a simple solution for rapidly creating videos that feature you and anything that you have on your computer screen. Likewise it is an amazing solution for students to develop 21st century media literacy skills – and is so easy to master that educators won’t have to sacrifice time reserved for content in order to help students use the video creation tools. Learners can easily create simple reports, interview classroom guests and even create interactive learning materials for their classmates.

For Trainers & Trainees
Adobe Presenter 10 is a huge time and money saver for training professionals too. Why spend thousands creating show-and-tell demos in a studio when you can do it all in just a few minutes from the comfort of your own desk. Capture your screen content along with your audio or video, right from your desktop, without investing in expensive studio equipment. Use a simple 3-button interface to easily edit and publish your videos.

Transform slides into interactive eLearning
The core of Adobe Presenter 10 is a plugin that adds functionality to Microsoft PowerPoint. It gives you an additional ribbon within PowerPoint so that you can easily convert your PowerPoint presentations into engaging eLearning content.


Using Adobe Presenter you can add quizzes, scenarios, and out-of-the-box assets, and publish as HTML5 for access using desktop and mobile browsers. Create high-impact training videos. You can also track learner performance using leading Learning Management Systems. The tool is perfect for adding voice-over recordings to your PowerPoint slides, or adding quizzes and eLearning interactions.

Use analytics for learner intervention
Another exciting and ongoing enhancement to Adobe Presenter is the Learner Analytics Dashboard. Included with your copy of Adobe Presenter 10, this is one of the first comprehensive tools to support social learning along with learner tracking and intervention.

Social Learning
Now you can add a conversation thread to any Adobe Presenter 10 project. The social learning option allows you to get students started discussion an issue or idea from the course and to track each student’s contributions. The system will automatically store and share the teacher and learner comments, and it will even assign a grade based on participation if you like. The solution also includes a moderator dashboard. Using the new moderation dashboard, you can delete, rate and respond to the comments participants share.

Learner Analytics
In addition to providing a platform for social learning, Adobe Presenter 10 also includes the Adobe Learning Dashboard. This convenient dashboard gives you a quick peek into the success and failure of learners in a given course based on their quiz performance, discussion participation and time invested. While you can still report all standard data to LMS’ using SCORM, TinCan (xAPI) or AICC, the Learner Dashboard will provide you with a convenient, easy to interpret graphical representation of learner progress and a common place to moderate the social aspects of the course. In other words, you can still use learner dashboard with your courses, even if you host your courses inside a Learning management system.


Adobe Presenter 10 allows you to evaluate learner understanding with eye-catching quizzes, now also delivered to tablets. Use built-in analytics to identify learners who need course correction early. You’ll be able to leverage the Learner Dashboard to track learner performance, and report key performance metrics without having to invest in an LMS.


Whether you are an educator, a student, a trainer or eLearning developer, do yourself a favor and check out the sensational features in Adobe Presenter 10. You can download a free 30 day Trial from this link. Adobe Presenter 10. As always, I love hearing your thoughts and ideas – please don’t hesitate to share your reactions in the comments section below.

Posted by Allen Partridge11:11 AM


  • By johnweis - 3:35 PM on July 4, 2014  

    Allen, has this bug been fixed in Presenter 10? http://1drv.ms/1xqvf7g

    • By Allen Partridge - 7:09 PM on September 9, 2014  

      Hi John, I’m unable to see the link. Which bug?


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