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Examining Robust HLS and HDS Video Playback with Adobe Media Server 5

Adobe Media Server 5, a core com­po­nent of Adobe’s Project Prime­time, helps pre­mium con­tent pub­lish­ers deliver HD qual­ity video across plat­forms, includ­ing iOS and Android devices, to the largest pos­si­ble audi­ence with a stream­lined work­flow. We’re rev­o­lu­tion­iz­ing media deliv­ery with sup­port for con­sis­tent, pro­tected stream­ing across any Inter­net-con­nect device — tablets, smart­phones, con­nected TVs, and desk­tops.

With our video solu­tions like Adobe Media Server 5, we’re focused on enabling an opti­mal online video play­back expe­ri­ence where the con­sumer gets what they want – when and how they want it. Related to this topic, we’ve pub­lished a tech­ni­cal arti­cle for video con­tent pub­lish­ers around HTTP Dynamic Stream­ing (HDS) and HTTP Live Stream­ing (HLS). The arti­cle exam­i­nes today’s video play­back archi­tec­ture and server-side chal­lenges, includ­ing back-end redun­dancy issues such as live-ness, where a pack­ager adver­tises a stale view of live, and dropout, where a pack­ager has gaps in its frag­ment list. We also provide users with a step-by-step guide to writ­ing a basic var­nish con­fig­u­ra­tion script to con­fig­ure a Var­nish proxy for the failover solu­tion. (Var­nish Cache is a web appli­ca­tion accel­er­a­tor, occa­sion­ally referred to as a HTTP accel­er­a­tor or a reverse HTTP proxy, that will sig­nif­i­cantly enhance your web per­for­mance).

Check out the arti­cle and let us know what you think!



CES: TV Everywhere Becoming a Reality in 2013

As we embark on a new year, we’re excited to see more and more “TV Every­where” expe­ri­ences com­ing online. With Adobe Pass, our Emmy Engi­neer­ing award-win­ning authen­ti­ca­tion ser­vice and a key com­po­nent of Adobe‘s Project Prime­time, we are work­ing closely with our part­ners to make it eas­ier for mil­lions of con­sumers to access their pay TV con­tent across devices.

Adobe Pass is now sup­ported by more than 150 pay TV oper­a­tors cov­er­ing nearly 98 per­cent of all pay TV house­holds in the U.S. Given the cur­rent adop­tion rate, we antic­i­pate all major TV shows will be avail­able through a TV Every­where expe­ri­ence in the next two years.

We’re thrilled that A+E Net­works just launched its first iPad apps, pow­ered by Adobe Pass, for three of its net­works: A&E, HISTORY and Life­time. These three net­works bring to iPad users their broad­cast con­tent, includ­ing pop­u­lar TV shows like Stor­age Wars (A&E), Pawn Stars (HISTORY) and Project Run­way (Life­time). Addi­tion­ally, Com­cast cus­tomers can access exclu­sive con­tent across all three apps. With three new A+E apps now live, more than 55 sites and mobile apps are now pow­ered by Adobe’s authen­ti­ca­tion ser­vice. TV pro­gram­mers work­ing with Adobe include NBC, Fox, Dis­ney, ESPN, Car­toon Net­work, MTV, TNT, CNN, Scripps, Pac12, NFL Net­work, The Hall­mark Chan­nel, Uni­vi­sion, and many oth­ers.

We’re excited about the pipeline of new TV Every­where apps com­ing online in 2013 – bring­ing con­sumers a dig­i­tal liv­ing room expe­ri­ence on the go. Stay tuned for some major updates between now and The NAB Show.