Adobe Partners are Ready for Adobe Primetime

When you start some­thing new in life be it a com­pany, a project or some­thing per­sonal — it is excit­ing.

Today, we announced Adobe Prime­time — a com­plete multi-screen video solu­tion that enables broad­cast pro­gram­mers and pay TV ser­vice providers to cap­i­tal­ize broad­cast video across every con­nected screen.

Many times, you find your­self dream­ing about suc­cess and how you might change the world – and if you’re smart, you will build on strong and solid foun­da­tions from your his­tory that accel­er­ate your suc­cess – and that is just what we did with Adobe Prime­time.

Adobe has devel­oped very strong and trusted tech­nol­ogy part­ner­ships in the video deliv­ery ecosys­tem that drive many of the videos watched online today. It is these part­ner­ships and tech­nolo­gies that make up the ecosys­tem that enables the future of multi-screen video with Adobe Prime­time.

While our name is new, Adobe Prime­time is built on a strong foun­da­tion of encod­ing, deliv­ery, play­back and pro­tec­tion ecosys­tem.  Adobe Inno­va­tions such as RTMP, H.264, and Adap­tive bitrate have enabled the world to engage with video in new ways devel­oped by our cus­tomers that chal­lenged how we con­sumed video.

Look around in your home, at your kids in your office and notice – the world con­sumes video dif­fer­ently today than five years ago and behind the sce­nes, Adobe inno­va­tion is there and that is the basis of Adobe Prime­time.

Over the past 10+ years of video inno­va­tion, Adobe has part­nered with the early vision­ar­ies and inno­va­tors in video prepa­ra­tion and deliv­ery. As a result, Exabyte’s of video is deliv­ered or pre­pared every month and con­sumed using Adobe tech­nolo­gies that are inte­grated into net­work, hard­ware, soft­ware and cloud solu­tions.

From video ingest and encod­ing using RTMP, to HTTP out­put and H.264 across every device – Adobe tech­nolo­gies are inte­grated into the very core of vir­tu­ally every com­po­nent in the video work­flow.

Adobe Prime­time was built from the ground up com­bin­ing many dif­fer­ent tech­nolo­gies into one and lever­age exist­ing part­ner solu­tions so that broad­cast­ers can deliver a robust, rich live stream­ing or HD video on-demand expe­ri­ence to global audi­ences. The video indus­try is under­go­ing a shift towards stan­dard­iza­tion and inter­op­er­abil­ity, and it is that inter­op­er­abil­ity that will cat­a­pult the vol­ume of video avail­able to con­sumers.

This week in Las Vegas, the NAB Show is a per­fect exam­ple of the evo­lu­tion of video. In nearly every booth, video inno­va­tions are demon­strated on devices of many shapes, sizes and con­nect­ed­ness.

Okay – let’s look at the ecosys­tem (from our eyes), and how Adobe Prime­time cus­tomers can lever­age their exist­ing hard­ware and ser­vices con­tracts to quickly address the screens of now and the future.

ENCODERS: There are two classes of encoders – those that enable live stream­ing and those that enable VOD stream­ing. Encoders can live at a broad­caster data cen­ter or in the cloud. Encoders are where video starts its jour­ney to the device. These pow­er­ful work­horses con­sume one video stream or file and in real-time out­put 20–40 dif­fer­ent ver­sions at var­i­ous shapes and sizes opti­mized for devices. Encoders also con­vert embed­ded video sig­nals for adver­tis­ing, closed cap­tion­ing and enti­tle­ment then trans­port it to Adobe Prime­time-enabled play­ers. Encoders also pack­age con­tent into HDS or HLS for­mat (both sup­ported by Adobe Prime­time) and also apply DRM and Pro­tected Stream­ing using Adobe Prime­time DRM (for­mally Adobe Access). Many encod­ing com­pa­nies are also inno­vat­ing smart origin and pack­ag­ing ser­vices to provide addi­tional scale to meet the com­ing demand.

Cisco_Elemental1Vision­ary com­pa­nies like Cisco and Ele­men­tal have led the way with inno­v­a­tive live stream­ing tech­nolo­gies that are quickly lever­ag­ing cloud infra­struc­ture to meet the scale and capac­ity required to quickly pro­duce the qual­ity and mul­ti­ple for­mat require­ments. These indus­try-lead­ing com­pa­nies are present in many broad­cast­ers’ data cen­ters today. Adobe has also part­nered with Envivio, Har­monic, and RGB Net­works – whose devices and ser­vices are ready for Adobe Prime­time today. We are work­ing to enable all of our encoder part­ners with Adobe Prime­time tech­nolo­gies.

DRM & PROTECTION SERVICES: DRM pro­tec­tion is extremely com­plex tech­nol­ogy to deploy due to secu­rity and robust­ness require­ments. When cou­pled with the var­i­ous sup­port across devices, con­nected TV’s, game con­soles and PCs, DRM adds a lot of bar­ri­ers to multi-screen video stream­ing. DRM ser­vice providers make it eas­ier to imple­ment license deliv­ery, sub­scrip­tion enti­tle­ment and event trans­ac­tional ser­vices for rental or pay-per-view ser­vices. DRM ser­vice providers oper­ate Adobe Prime­time DRM license ser­vices, and can eas­ily inte­grate into encod­ing work­flows to encrypt video con­tent. Adobe Prime­time Player uses a sin­gle DRM across desk­tops, Android, iOS and con­nected TVs – with full sup­port for indus­try stan­dard Ultra­vi­o­let Com­mon Encryp­tion.


Com­pa­nies like Ird­eto have gladly taken the respon­si­bil­ity of host­ing Adobe Prime­time DRM license servers so it doesn’t have to be man­aged by broad­cast­ers or dis­trib­u­tors. They provide an inno­v­a­tive and robust pro­tec­tion ser­vice that can reduce the com­plex­ity for pro­tect­ing con­tent stream­ing to Adobe Prime­time-enabled video play­ers. Adobe has also part­nered with Vualto, Authen­tec, CSG and other pop­u­lar DRM ser­vices. Con­tent encryp­tion can be done when video is encoded through encod­ing part­ners, or dynam­i­cally using cloud ser­vice providers such as Lev­el3 or Aka­mai.

CONTENT DELIVERY NETWORKS (CDN): Think of CDNs as the 21st century’s video antenna. With­out them, we lit­er­ally would not have the abil­ity to deliver HD video across such a wide array of net­works, like mobile, WiFi, office or home Inter­net con­nec­tions. CDNs provide the trans­port and caching tech­nolo­gies vital to video deliv­ery. CDNs are expand­ing what they can do by oper­at­ing encoders, live ingest, encryp­tion and other ser­vices to make video pub­lish­ing eas­ier.


Com­pa­nies like Aka­mai, Ama­zon Web Ser­vices and Lev­el3 provide the global scale and reach required to bring video expe­ri­ences to con­sumer devices that are unin­ter­rupted by net­work buffer­ing. Nearly every top broad­caster glob­ally makes use of one or many of our deliv­ery net­work part­ners. Adobe Prime­time is an HTTP-stream­ing based solu­tion sup­ported by the HDS and HLS stream­ing for­mats which can pass and scale through CDNs eas­ily. These CDNs can also dynam­i­cally pre­pare videos that can be watched within an Adobe Prime­time-enabled video player.   Adobe part­ners with more than 25 CDNs glob­ally, and we are work­ing to cer­tify them all to sup­port Adobe Prime­time cus­tomers.

LIVE EVENT SERVICES: Today there are more Live events and 24x7 lin­ear stream­ing being watched than video on-demand. Web­cast­ing is not what it used to be and Adobe’s part­ners have made per­fect­ing pro­fes­sional live video stream­ing their busi­ness. From satel­lite, fiber or IP sig­nal acqui­si­tion, these pro­fes­sional ser­vices com­pa­nies bring the world’s major events such as the Olympics, Super Bowl, World Cup and more to every screen imag­in­able. By deploy­ing the world’s most advanced live and lin­ear facil­i­ties along with oper­at­ing encoders, tele­ports, pay­ment sys­tems and large data cen­ters – con­sumers now expe­ri­ence full HD live events that do not fail – and are enhanced with live high­light clip­ping and advanced per­for­mance teleme­try.


Com­pa­nies like iStream­Planet, AEG Dig­i­tal Media, Delta­tre, ATOS Origin, Origin Dig­i­tal and NeuLion all part­ner with Adobe to enable Adobe Prime­time cus­tomers with inte­grated sig­nal acqui­si­tion, pro­tec­tion and engag­ing video player expe­ri­ences that drive extremely high vol­umes and adver­tis­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties. By com­bin­ing Adobe Prime­time ad inser­tion tech­nol­ogy into their work­flows, our cus­tomers can mon­e­tize their con­tent through adver­tis­ing and authen­ti­ca­tion. This is hard work, and it requires a mas­ter­ful hand to make sure events are suc­cess­ful because as a friend of mine often reminds me, “If you are deliv­er­ing an Inter­net-only stream, and it fails…you don’t have an event!”

Adobe Prime­time may be new, but we have been work­ing to pre-enable an ecosys­tem of tech­nolo­gies to provide a pre­mier broad­cast video expe­ri­ence across screens and more inno­va­tion is on the way!


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  1. FIDM says:

    How excit­ing 🙂 We’ve just started our dig­i­tal media major so we’ve been fol­low­ing your blog for some time. Online video is def­i­nitely the way of the future..

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