Adobe Primetime’s Audience-Based Selling Advantage

Audience-based selling is one of the next logical steps for broadcasters, cable networks, and pay-TV providers that are delivering TV across IP-connected screens. To empower audience-based selling, we’re continuously expanding Adobe Primetime’s capabilities in this area and strengthening its integration with other Adobe Marketing Cloud products including Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Analytics

Here’s a recap of some of our latest product developments:

Audience-based forecasting, targeting and reporting — Adobe Primetime helps TV providers expand beyond using content as a proxy for audience with an audience-centric approach to ad monetization. Our latest features make it easy to forecast, target and report on any combination of audience segment, device, key value, content, site, time, and more. These capabilities, which no other solution can match, help TV providers increase the value of their inventory.

Integration with audience creation and audience management tools — The Adobe Marketing Cloud is empowering TV providers to define and sell the audiences that advertisers want to buy. TV providers can manage their audiences in any Adobe Marketing Cloud product like Adobe Audience Manager or Adobe Analytics. From there, they can seamlessly import and use their audiences in Adobe Primetime. Adobe Audience Manager offers full data management capabilities, including buying data from third parties and ingesting audiences, all of which can be part of the audience selling processes through Adobe Primetime.

Cross-device frequency capping for authenticated streams - When a TV providers’ viewers use the same login credentials across devices, Adobe Primetime can identify them as unique and use this information to improve the viewer experience with device-level and user-level frequency capping of ads and ad experiences. TV providers can use these frequency capping options to reduce the risk of viewer burnout and increase viewer engagement.

Measure de-duplicated unique users and reach across unique devices - Adobe Primetime uses census-based data to help TV providers understand the number of devices and de-duplicated unique users exposed to any given campaign or slice of inventory. This gives TV providers the option to share these insights with advertisers.

These product developments give broadcasters, cable networks, and pay-TV providers the foundation they need for audience-based selling.


Written by Atul Shrivastava, Adobe Primetime Product Manager, Ad Decisioning

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