How Industry Consortiums CTAM and OATC are Working to Boost TV Everywhere Success

Attracting more pay-TV subscribers to TV Everywhere (TVE) has always been an exciting challenge, which involves continually improving the user experience and the way it is marketed. We’re big fans and contributors to the work of two industry consortiums, Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing (CTAM) and Open Authentication Technology Committee (OATC), that are bringing industry players together to help increase TV Everywhere usage.

TV Everywhere success benchmarks

We believe that benchmarks for TVE’s success can be pushed higher. To understand current TVE adoption levels, a study conducted by Hub Entertainment Research in October 2014 indicated that just 49% of cable subscribers have used TVE to view TV content at least once over the past six months. To improve this benchmark and others, we support CTAM’s 2015 goals to:

  • Increase TVE usage among cable customers to 65%
  • Increase aided awareness of TVE among cable customers to 75%
  • Increase adoption of CTAM’s UX and messaging recommendations among member companies offering TVE to 80%
  • Achieve 85% member support of CTAM’s summer industry-wide tent-pole marketing communications initiative

This infographic by CTAM suggests three things pay-TV providers can do to help:

Home-based authentication will create frictionless TVE accessibility

OATC is also addressing the user experience challenges of TVE. The focus of an OATC meeting in early May was home-based authentication. It is the ability to automatically recognize pay-TV subscribers and grant them access to programming without sign in. Home-based authentication, which CTAM may position to consumers as Instant Access, would overcome a major hurdle to TVE usage because many pay-TV subscribers feel that signing in with a username and password is an extra step that they don’t want to take. Subscribers are already used to viewing cable or satellite TV without having to sign in, so they want this same frictionless experience for TVE. In response to this consumer demand, OATC members are working on the technical implementation of home-based authentication and ensuring compatibility with features like parental controls.

We’ll be sure to point you to the new documents from OATC on home-based authentication as they develop. In the meantime, pay-TV providers can benefit from the OATC’s existing work by accessing their recommended best practices and working with their standards.

Adobe Primetime is proud to be a contributing member to CTAM and OATC to ensure that viewers get the best IPTV viewing experience, no matter what device they are viewing from. You can follow the work of the two industry consortiums at and


Horia Galatanu

About Horia Galatanu

Horia Galatanu is Senior Product Manager for Adobe Primetime entitlement where he leads the strategic vision, product roadmap, priorities and key industry partnerships for Adobe’s TV Everywhere efforts. He has led the team from idea to eventual position as the industry’s leading solution for TV-E. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences including OATC, CTAM, Streaming Media and TVOT and has spoken at TEDx about how easy it is to dismiss great ideas that don’t fit your viewpoint. Horia is a computer scientist by background and in the past, has led technical teams on online video. He has a bachelor’s and master's degree in computer science from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest.

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